14 Adorable Homemade Baby Shower Gift Ideas

by craftyclub

When you get an invitation to a baby shower, you have one of two options: pick up a pack of the usual mundane baby clothes or get creative and make something memorable.

A handmade gift can be something that will be a huge surprise for a new mom and bring continuous joy when the baby arrives.

Getting exciting news of a bundle of joy on the way inspires lots of ideas, and we’ve put together some of the most useful, innovative, and cute concepts to impress an expectant mother on the day of her shower.

1. Diaper Babies

How To Make Diaper Babies
How To Make Diaper Babies (via Best Baby Gifts)

Not to be confused with plain old baby diapers, these creative little play things are actually excited to wrap up a dangerous baby bottom.

It does still involve you picking up a pack of diapers, but also some newborn socks, washcloths, ribbon, and maybe even some googly eyes.

The end result is not only adorable, but three necessary commodities for new mommies.

2. Mommy Survival Kit

Mommy Survival Kit in a Jar
Mommy Survival Kit in a Jar (via Classy Clutter)

The shower is the exciting part, and after that new moms are in for a whirlwind.

This mommy survival kit is a great thing to add to her pile of gifts that are handmade specifically for her. It involves essentials, like energy drink power, Advil, wet wipes and even a little piece of chocolate.

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It’s a very flexible idea that you can customize your own way to make it all the more special.

3. Personalized Growth Tracker

DIY Baby Shower Gift – Personalized Growth Ruler
DIY Baby Shower Gift – Personalized Growth Ruler (via The Little Frugal House)

Because the baby arriving isn’t the end of the road, a Personal Growth Tracker is a great gift for expectant moms. They can prop it up in the nursery, where it will be ready to note the height of their little one at their very first step.

4. Diaper Sushi Platter

Diaper Sushi Platter
Diaper Sushi Platter (via Pinterest)

If you’re going to bring onesies, the best thing you can do is make them look appetizing.

Both quirky and cute, this sushi platter is a fresh take on the old staple. Onesies, wash clothes, and fishy teething toys help make this dish come to life.

The colors are up to you, but we recommend white onesies to get that recognizable sticky-rice look.

5. Baby Bouquet

Baby Bouquet
Baby Bouquet (via Pinterest)

Maybe the new mama is a vegetarian or just not that into sushi. Who can say no to flowers, though?

This baby bouquet bundles up the same essentials–onesies, washcloths, and teething toys – and wraps them in a baby blanket.

It’s all about the presentation, and you can get that long-stemmed rose feel with a few simply chopsticks, pipe cleaners, or anything else you can think of!

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6. Tag Blanket

DIY Baby Tag Blanket Tutorial
DIY Baby Tag Blanket Tutorial (via Sisters What)

The tag blanket is a simple idea that retails for big bucks that there’s really no need to spend. It’s easy to do it yourself, and your friend and her baby will love the result of your loving and caring effort.

7. Handmade Crib Mobile

Yo Yo Crib Mobile
Yo Yo Crib Mobile (via Domestic Charm)

Crib mobiles are a wildly popular baby accessory. They’re great for entertaining, distracting, or soothing babies in their bassinet.

The styles they come in are seemingly limitless, making it the perfect opportunity to put your own spin on a solid gift.

8. Baby Shower Gift Basket

Baby Shower Gift Basket
Baby Shower Gift Basket (via Life Anchored)

9. Nursery Alphabet

Nursery Alphabet
Handmade Baby Shower Gifts (via Yellow Suitcase Studios)

It’s never too early to lay the foundation for a love of reading. These nursery alphabet letters don’t have to lie dormant until a child starts to learn their letters.

They can be hung up along the nursery walls for decoration, and come down to play when school starts. It’s a gift for moms so they don’t have to worry about the transition to learning; they already have the tools before the baby is born!

10. Best Baby Shower Gift Ever

Best Baby Shower Gift Ever
Best Baby Shower Gift Ever (via Paging Fun Mums)

11. Washcloth Hand puppet

Washcloth Hand Puppet (via 30 Minute Crafts)

With the help of a simple pattern, washcloths come to life as homemade hand puppets. It’s pretty easy to do once you’ve settled on the fabric and animal you want to make.

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Lots of love, laughter, and lather are the result of this do-it-yourself design, and it makes a perfect baby shower gift.

12. Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas for the Second Time Mom

Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas for the Second Time Mom
Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas for the Second Time Mom (via A Crafty Spoonful)

13. Reversible Baby Sling Pouch

Pouch Baby Sling
Pouch Baby Sling (via Sew Much Ado)

Especially for tiny babies, a sling is a great way to keep them safe while you’re on the go. A sturdy, handmade sling will assure any new momma that their bundle of joy is safe and tight, close to their heart.

It will always inspire them to remember the great friend that took the time to make this personalized yet necessary accessory. Baby will be glad, too!

14. Baby Shower Gift For The Frazzled New Mom

Baby Shower Gift For The Frazzled New Mom
Baby Shower Gift For The Frazzled New Mom (via One Dog Woof)

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Diaper showers, in fact, are growing in popularity as an alternative to the traditional baby shower. Keep it simple by asking baby shower guests to bring only diaper gifts! 


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