8 DIY Sandbox Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

by craftyclub

Summer is fast approaching and that means your kids are going to need to be kept busy, which even includes those that are going to camp.

That is because it is not possible to keep your kids busy at camp 24/7 and you likely cannot afford to send them to those expensive overnight camps regardless. Or, many of them may be too young. This is why you will want to look into ways that will keep your kids busy for hours! And a sandbox will be the thing that will take care of that problem.

A sandbox is a great thing for kids because it helps promote their overall development which includes their fine and gross motor skills. And, it is also great for kids under the autism spectrum because it provides them the stimulation they need.

1. Boat Sandbox

Boat Sandbox
Boat Sandpit (via Ana White)

Your kids will absolutely love a boat sandbox. And you can make them happy by making them one.

All you have to do is get your shopping list together which includes Elmer’s wood max glue, an exterior rope, 50 of the 2.5 inches self-tapping deck screws, as well as 3 yards of exterior fabric that are 45 inches wide. When you make the box sandbox, you will need to get your drill, safety glasses, pencils, circular saw, drill bit set, and a tape measure ready. And you will need to start making the creation.

It is very easy to do as all you need to do is follow the boat sandbox instructions, and your kids will be thrilled with this fun creation for the summer!

2. Sandbox Creation With A Tire

Make A Sandbox With A Tire
Make A Sandbox With A Tire (via I Heart Naptime)

Another DIY sandbox idea that will get the kids excited is the one that is made with a tire. They can play in the sandbox that the tire is holding. And, it is super easy to make as well.

What you will need, however, to make it is the following – an old and used tractor tire, one and a half pool noodles, and old cloth or sheet, glue, 1 quart of exterior paint, a reciprocating saw, and plywood to cut in a circle to keep the sandbox covered.

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The color of paint is up to your kids, and let them paint the tire on the outside, and they can decorate it as well in any way they wish. Then be sure to cut the pool noodles so that the jagged edges of the tire are covered. Then find where you will place the tire in the backyard. Then put the cloth over that area so that weeds don’t end up growing inside which would not be a good thing. And, pour the sand inside! You have your tire sandbox that the kids are going to love.

Cover the sandbox with the plywood when it is it not being used. You don’t want pests going inside.

3. DIY Wood Sandbox Tutorial for Backyard

DIY Wood Sandbox Tutorial for Backyard
DIY Wood Sandbox Tutorial for Backyard (via Kenarry)

4. A Simple DIY Sandbox

Lessons from the Sandbox
Lessons from the Sandbox (via Creating My Happiness)

This one is self-explanatory as it is a simple DIY sandbox because that is what it is.

But even with the simplicity, this one is a huge kid with the kids! What you will need is some 4 pieces of plywood, outdoor paint, and you will want to get a canvas tarp to put over the sandbox because you will not want any water to be seeping through it which will be a breeding ground for mold.

You will need glue to attach the pieces of wood together. Learn more about the simple DIY sandbox creation right here.

5. A $25 DIY Sandbox That You Can Build in 15 Minutes

A $25 DIY Sandbox That You Can Build In 15 Minutes
A $25 DIY Sandbox That You Can Build In 15 Minutes (via Stuff Parents Need)

How can frugal parents who are always in a hurry go wrong with this? This one is cheap, easy, and quick to build.

All that you need are a storage bin that you put under the bed with a bin that is mobile. You also will need toys for the kids to play in the sand with, as well as several bags of sand. That is it! All you need to do then is to find the location of where your kids will want to play and pour the sand, and then the toys! And voila, that really easy $25 DIY sandbox that you can build in 15 minutes has been created.

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If your kids want to play on the front porch, then get an umbrella to give them shade so that they are protected from the sun’s UV rays.

6. Kids Picnic Table and Sandbox Combo

How to build a kids picnic table and sandbox combo
How to build a kids picnic table and sandbox combo (via Ideas2live4)

This DIY sandbox idea will be a huge hit for your kids! Especially if you don’t have enough room at home to hold a sandbox.

Your kids will be thrilled to have the picnic table as a sandbox. If you don’t have a picnic table, you can go and get one for the sake of making your kids so happy. However, you will need to do a lot of work with it. What you will need is plywood, timber, both wood glue and screws, and an outdoor lacquer. Don’t forget about the nail gun, the wood clamps, the measuring tape, the cordless drill, and the table saw.

Also, remember that there are a variety of styles of the picnic table and sandbox combo that you and your kids can choose before working on it. You are going to want to learn about that in this picnic table and sandbox tutorial as you will see the variety of styles as well as learn how to make this masterpiece. Just be aware though, this DIY sandbox idea will take some time and will cost a little extra.

But your kids will absolutely love it and when they are happy then so are you!

7. Color Block Sandbox From a Bookcase

Color Block Sandbox From A Bookcase
Color-block Sandbox (via The Homes I Have Made)

If you want to get super creative with some furniture that you already have such as a bookcase and create a sandbox out of it, then the good news is that you can! Or you can go and get an inexpensive bookcase to use as the sandbox if you don’t have one already.

But this will thrill your kids. It is better if it is not assembled because you will need to work with the pieces, or you will need to disassemble it. And be sure to get the paint color that your kids will love because you will need to paint the pieces, and be sure to have the glue, the screws, and any other adhesive that you will need to put the bookcase together. Don’t forget all of the sand as well!

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This unique color block sandbox from a bookcase tutorial is right here, and it is so easy to follow as well. Like most of the DIY sandbox ideas, it will take some time and patience to build. However, you will have a masterpiece created before you know it after following this, and your kids will be so unbelievably happy!

The novelty of it will not wear off.

8. Deluxe DIY Sandbox That Your Kids Will Love

Deluxe DIY Sandbox Tutorial
Deluxe DIY Sandbox Tutorial (via Small Friendly)

This DIY sandbox idea will take some time and patience, even more so than the others. However, if you are ready to build the sandbox for your kids of their dreams, then this is the perfect one to build!

What you will need to do is head over to the hardware store and get 8 of 2 inch x 4 inch x 8 inch pieces of wood, 2 of the 2 inch x 6 inch x 8 inch pieces of wood, a piece of plywood for the bottom, a box of 2 and a half inch screws, and 3 to 4 stainless steel door hinges. Don’t forget the exterior paint, sandpaper, and plenty of beach sand.

The tools you will need for creating this masterpiece is a power saw and drill, a sander, and a paintbrush. The instructions to create this masterpiece is easy to follow but there are many steps. Be sure to go to the deluxe DIY sandbox tutorial right here to follow the directions as there are videos, downloads, and other material to help you follow along so you don’t miss out on any important steps.

Final Thoughts

With these 7 DIY sandbox ideas, you never have to worry about running out of ideas to keep your kids occupied during the summer again. Sure enough, you and your kids will fall in love with one of them, and if you are short on time and money, some of these ideas will be just right for that. Until then, happy building and have a great summer!

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