12 Simple Yet Stunning Canvas Painting Ideas

by craftyclub

Decorating your home is a deeply personal task – it’s necessary to find the right balance between personality and style to make sure the outcome reflects who you are.

One of the best ways to achieve this result is to add an artistic touch to your walls.

Forget about Monet imitations or art gallery purchases – make sure the art displayed on each corner of your house reflects your taste and talent by creating them yourself.

Seek inspiration to explore your inner creativity by checking the following ideas for canvas painting.

1. Minimalistic Gold Canvas

Make this: As Good as Gold Canvas Art (via Craft Warehouse)

Sometimes a splash of color is all you need to bring new light to your home – so why not go all out, and make that color a sophisticated shade of gold?

This canvas idea requires almost no time nor effort, yet the result is a minimalistic yet elegant painting that will catch all the stares with its simplistic beauty.

2. Ocean Scene Painting (In Less than 15 Minutes!)

Diy Painting: 15 Minute Ocean Scene
DIY Painting: 15 Minute Ocean Scene (via Darice Blog)

Painting a paradise landscape in a canvas seems like intricate labor that requires time, talent, and effort. Lucky for us, that isn’t true – you can do it in 15 minutes or less, without significant energy investment.

This simple layering technique is the trick to designing a beautiful ocean scene, as well as any other type of gradient combination you’d like – make sure to check it out!

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3. Canvas Art Made with Wrapping Paper

Upgrade Bare Walls with DIY Canvas Art (It’s Made With Wrapping Paper!)
Upgrade Bare Walls with DIY Canvas Art (It’s Made With Wrapping Paper!) (via Average But Inspired)

One of the most creative ways to upgrade your canvas art to another level is to mix painting with other techniques and elements, to add complex textures and visuals to your masterpiece.

Follow this tutorial to make use of wrapping paper as the basis for an original and no-effort wall art that will improve the ambiance of your living room instantaneously.

4. Song Lyric Wall Art

Song Lyric Wall Art / D.i.y. Project
Song Lyric Wall Art / D.I.Y. Project (via A Beautiful Mess)

We all have that one song lyric that speaks to our soul, so it makes sense to want to make it visible for anyone who gazes upon our homes.

With this tutorial, you will transform that beautiful music into stunning wall art. All you need is a damaged painting you can remodel, letter stickers, and white paint – the result will be original, chic, and totally “you”.

5. Monogram Watercolor

Diy Monogram Watercolor Canvas
DIY Monogram Watercolor Canvas (via Positively Splendid by Amy Bell)

Letter canvases have increased in popularity nowadays, and every DIY website features tricks to create that perfect monogram. If you happen to get your hands in one, try this tutorial to design a delicate and feminine watercolor wall art.

Let your creativity flourish and create as many flowers as you’d like, featuring a plethora of your favorite colors – the techniques are simple to learn!

6. 4 Seasons Button Tree Wall Art

4 Seasons Button Tree Wall Art
4 Seasons Button Tree Wall Art (via Crafts by Amanda)

We’ve previously talked about using different elements in your canvas to add texture and creativity. The following tutorial makes use of buttons to enhance the originality of the final product.

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By using four canvas to create a single artwork, this gorgeous piece will be the perfect decoration for any room, and the buttons-as-leaves idea makes it one-of-a-kind.

7. Flower Hydrangeas made with Bubble Paint

Make Bubble Paint Flower Hydrangeas
Make Bubble Paint Flower Hydrangeas (via A Piece of Rainbow)

Painting is full of innovative techniques, but none is as fun as the one that makes use of bubbles. Grab a dish soap, mix some paint, blow bubbles, and use the whimsical patterns to create a beautiful piece of work.

For example, lovely hydrangeas – pick your favorite colors, design the core petals, and add the final touches of your stunning watercolor jewel.

8. DIY Abstract Art

DIY Abstract Art (via The Fox & She)

Abstract art has an advantage – it comes in so many shapes and styles that it’s almost impossible to have two identical pieces, so there is something fit for every taste.

This type of abstract art resembles Impressionist creations, looking almost like blurry landscapes. The varying textures will make it seem complicated to achieve – even though it’s not!

9. Pinwheel Painting

A Pinwheel Painting
A Pinwheel Painting (via Elise Blaha)

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy a blast of color whenever possible – it brightens any room, and adds a certain liveliness that can make the difference in room decor.

This lovely pinwheel painting is easy to design and requires almost no effort – painter’s tape and paint will be your allies, as long as you keep your strokes symmetrical and measured. A piece of cake!

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10. A Cosmic Galaxy

Paint A Galaxy in 30 Minutes!
Paint A Galaxy in 30 Minutes! (via A Piece of Rainbow)

Our fascination with space is not surprising. It has mystery, beauty, and a whirlwind of hypnotizing colors and possibilities.

Lucky for us, cosmic-themed art pieces are not that hard to create.

With the help of (homemade!) stencils and spray paint, you can design cloudy and soft nebulas in deep colors, alongside a plethora of stars sprinkled on top of the canvas.

11. Easy Art Blocks

Easy Art Blocks
Easy Art Blocks (via Becoming Martha)

Sometimes we want to get a beautiful canvas with minimal effort – I get it, I’m not the best at painting either.

For those that seek a different approach, look no further. Six canvases gather together to create one modern and visually appealing masterpiece – all with scrapbook paper!

Attach it to your blocks or canvas, paint the edges to give it a vintage, worn-down look – and that’s it! You get a pop of color for under $20.

12. DIY Herringbone Canvas Art

DIY Herringbone Canvas Art
DIY Herringbone Canvas Art (via I Should be Mopping the Floor)

The Herringbone pattern is an eternal favorite – it’s elegant and eye-catching without being intrusive. Best part? It’s also quite easy to design.

Make use of any old canvas you have lying around, and measure your lines carefully. Trace the edges carefully with your tape, and then get to work! Any color combination works, and that’s the advantage of this simple yet gorgeous design – the only limits are within your imagination (and resources!)

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