18 Diy Ideas To Make The Perfect Charging Station

by craftyclub

Cleaning, organizing, and rearranging your home is a daily task, meant to keep it from looking disorderly.

However, none of that matters if you neglect to take care of the cluttering mayhem of chargers and cords. It’s almost impossible to keep them in check, and even after organized, the tangled tragedy is bound to return within a couple of days.

Unless you design a charging station.

Check the best DIY ideas, select the one that suits your personal style the best, and say goodbye to tangled cords.

1. Design an Elegant Charging Station With Wood

DIY Charging Station
DIY Charging Station (via Build Something)

You can never go wrong with classics.

The timeless, sophisticated wooden design of this charging station matches any type of decoration – not to mention it is easy to make and install.

Odds are within an afternoon you’ll have a perfect charging box, fit to install in any wall and meant for the whole family.

2. Turn a Desk Organizer Into a Charging Station

How to Turn a Desk Organizer into a Charging Station
How to Turn a Desk Organizer into a Charging Station (via Pretty Handy Girl)

Nowadays, we are guaranteed to own multiple electronic devices – tablets, phones, gaming devices, and more. So odds are we need to charge various things at once.

What to do? We modify a handy desk organizer, of course!

This tutorial explains how you can get a perfect charging station within a couple hours, with things you already own at home.

3. Repurpose a Bread Box

Charger Station - Bread Box Repurposed!
Charger Station – Bread Box Repurposed! (via Gabriel’s Good Tidings.)

If you bake, time to clean up that old, forgotten bread box. If you don’t, worry not – for less than $5 you can acquire your next charging station.

It’s as easy as being creative. Decorate the box by any means you deem appropriate, drill the respective holes in the back, cut the slits to allow for the cords to peek, and you’re done!

4. Create a Hidden Computer Charging Station

Hidden Computer Charging Station
Hidden Computer Charging Station (via The DIY Playbook)

Sometimes, we have more kitchen cabinets than deemed usable for regular kitchen needs – why don’t you repurpose one to become a hidden charging station?

This incredible tutorial creates a home for all your electronics, big and small – laptops, phones, cameras, tablets, and more. It even provides an explanation on how to include additional containers, including a pull-out drawer, a basket for extra cords, and more!

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5. Design a Charming Charging Station with a Country Design

Breadbox Turned Charging Station
Breadbox Turned Charging Station (via Joyful Homemaking)

This different breadbox-turned-charging station tutorial brings forward an easy guide to make the ideal home for all your electronics.

This time, the decoration used was a simple, pretty piece of scrapbook paper – it’s all it takes to add endless charm to your newest charging station.

However, be careful – keep ventilation nearby and make sure the devices are not getting too hot in there!

6. Charge Your Electronics in a Picture Frame

Make a Counter Top Phone Charging Station & Tablet Holder from a Picture Frame
Make a Counter Top Phone Charging Station & Tablet Holder from a Picture Frame (via The DIY Mommy)

Tired of the same box-like design for charging stations? Worry not, the future is here – your electronics’ new home is shaped like a picture frame!

It’s a creative and unique way to keep your phones and tablets in one spot, away from the mess that accumulates on the countertop.

Best part? It also doubles as a tablet holder, to take a look at recipes as you cook!

7. Turn a Book Into a Phone Charging Station

DIY - 'Book It' Cell Phone Charging Station
DIY – ‘Book It’ Cell Phone Charging Station (via Caught on a Whim)

We’re not done with unusual charging stations – have you considered modifying an old book?

This tutorial teaches you how to transform a book into an aesthetically-pleasant charging station. The result? A beautiful, original decoration item that protects your phone during the process.

The only downside is that it only allows for one device at the time – but its beauty makes up for it.

8. Make a Doctor Who Themed Phone Charging Station

 Flashback: TARDIS Phone Charging Station
Flashback: TARDIS Phone Charging Station (via Makezine)

Time can be a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff, but your cords don’t have to – Doctor Who nerds, I introduce you to the TARDIS phone charging station!

The tutorial linked above provides detailed instructions and a pattern PDF, all to aid you in the process of designing your very own time-traveling police box.

We’re not sure it can take move through time, but odds are it’ll be pretty good at helping you charge your phone.

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9. Make a Delightful Vintage Charging Station with a Pallet.

Tangled? Make a Pallet Shelf Charging Station!
Tangled? Make a Pallet Shelf Charging Station! (via A Piece of Rainbow)

If you want your charging station to have a country-vintage vibe, you cannot miss this tutorial.

By making use of pallets or orchard crates, you can design a charming spot for your electronics, perfect to hang by the wall or to set on top of the counter.

As an extra customization bonus, you can also add your own vintage designs on top of the wood!

10. This Wedding Charging Station is Just what you need

Diy Charging Station For Your Wedding
DIY Wedding Charging Station (via Fun365)

If you are organizing a wedding, odds are you need to consider a charging station – guests need to take photos and videos, and that consumes battery, after all.

For such occasions, take a look at this incredible tutorial. Resembling a bouquet, this charging station mixes practicality and beauty by adding a touch of flowers.

But this doesn’t have to be only for weddings – if you like the aesthetic, give it a go!

11. Repurpose an Old Magazine Rack

Magazine Rack Turned iPad Dock – cheap and easy!
Magazine Rack Turned iPad Dock (via 100 Things 2 Do)

There are plenty of tutorials made for phones – but what about tablets and iPads?

Worry not – for them, we have magazine racks.

According to this inexpensive tutorial, all you need is an old magazine rack. Decorate it as you see fit, drill the cord’s holes in the back, and that’s it! A neat charging station for the house’s collection of tablets.

12. A Charging Station for the Whole Family

Diy Family Charging Station
DIY Family Charging Station (via Driven by Decor)

Any large family may face an issue – there are far too many devices to charge, so the house needs more than one charging station.

Or, instead, a single super-sized one.

Transform a standard electrical outlet into a 4-port USB charger, design a large box with the corresponding compartments, and enjoy never losing your phone again!

13. Make the Perfect Charging Station with just a Box

DIY Charging Station
DIY Charging Station (via Mrs. Happy Homemaker)

We have seen large projects, made out of wood and other durable items – but what if you want something simple, cheap, and quick?

You use a cute box, of course.

Be it a shoe box, a ribbon box, or any disposable one you have at home, it’s quite easy to turn any of them into the charging station of your dreams.

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14. Repurpose a Utility Cart

Sleep Better with a DIY Charging Station
Sleep Better with a DIY Charging Station (via My LIFE and Kids)

While any utility cart is perfect for this project, the tutorial specifies Ikea’s RÅSKOG Utility Cart.

With a power strip, binder clips, and some ingenuity, any regular utility cart can transform into a charging station that you can move whenever you please!

The peak advantage of this design is the large area available – ideal for laptops, and even a couple of additional decorative items.

15. Make Use of a Letter Tray

iPad Charging Station
iPad Charging Station (via Pinterest)

If you don’t want to use a magazine rack for your tablets and iPads, we offer you an alternative – letter trays.

They are already the perfect size for large electronic devices, so you do not need to do a thing. Pick the letter tray you have available – or purchase a pretty one, they’re inexpensive! – and add labels as you see fit.

16. A Lovely Wooden Charging Station

DIY Charging Station (via Lil’ Luna)

Using premade boxes and drawers is a fantastic way to save time – but what if you want to design everything from scratch?

In such cases, you follow this tutorial!

This lovely, wooden charging station comes with measures, cut-outs, and a step-by-step explanation on how to proceed. The result? A beautiful box with multiple compartments, fit for every home, office, and decoration styles.

17. His & Her Charging Stations

Create His & Her Charging Stations
Create His & Her Charging Stations (via Wayfair)

Sometimes, you don’t need a charging station for the whole family – just that special someone. For those lovely couples, we introduce the “His & Her” Charging Stations!

Doubling as a mailbox, this repurposed cabinet allows you to keep your letters and electronic devices in the same place, yet each within their own space.

18. Transform a Shadowbox Into a Charging Station

Turn a Shadowbox into a Charging Station
Turn a Shadowbox into a Charging Station (via Lookie What I Did!)

Got a spare shadowbox? Worry not! You can give it a second life.

This creative tutorial explains how to do the needed modifications, including the designing of a platform for the phones, and a stand for the iPad.

The biggest asset of this design is that it doesn’t hide its purpose, just makes the charging station look like another beautiful decoration.

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