20 Gorgeous Diy Tutorials To Make The Perfect Wind Chimes

by craftyclub

Few things are as delightful as a refreshing gust of wind on your face – so why not make it even more relaxing by adding a musical sound effect in the background?

Wind chimes are a beautiful decorative item. And the best part is that you can make your own at home.

Follow these marvelous DIY tutorials to make the ideal wind chime with materials you already own at home, and in no time!

1. Driftwood Wind Chime for a Rustic Look

Diy Driftwood Wind Chime
DIY Driftwood Wind Chime (via Bonnie Christine)

Nothing better than driftwood to give your home that charming, ocean-like vibe we associate with the ocean.

This rustic wind chime tutorial is easy to make and virtually inexpensive. Follow it step by step, and in a matter of minutes, you will have the most appealing of driftwood decorations.

2. Pink Felt Roses and Pearls for the Romantics

How to Make Pink Felt Rose Wind Chime With Pearl Dangles for House Decoration
How to Make Pink Felt Rose Wind Chime With Pearl Dangles for House Decoration (via Instructables)

Some seek wind chimes that convey aesthetical beauty and delicacy – and what better for this than pink roses and pearls?

The pink felt roses have a design that is easy to make – so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use it for many different DIY projects. Finally, the hanging pearls add a touch of elegant and feminine beauty.

3. A Wind Chime Made out of Heart-Shaped Melted Beads

Melted Bead Craft – Valentine’s Day Wind Chimes
Melted Bead Craft – Valentine’s Day Wind Chimes (via No Time for Flash Cards)

Another one for the romantics – have you considered making use of melted beads? This tutorial has, and it came up with a spectacular wind chime.

All you need is a bunch of beads, a silicon mold, an oven, and lots of creativity – you can even pick any shape you’d prefer!

4. A Shabby Chic Wind Chime with Keys and Pearls

Shabby Chic Chandelier/Wind Chime
Shabby Chic Chandelier/Wind Chime (via Can Can Dancer)

Aged items are very fashionable, and shabby chic is not going anywhere.

If you prefer your wind chime to have a worn style try this insightful tutorial – the yarn and the antique keys give it the vintage vibe, while the pearl garlands add that touch of chic that makes the difference.

5. Repurpose a Children’s Xylophone into a Charming Wind Chime

Xylophone Windchime From a Children's Toy
Xylophone Windchime from a Children’s Toy (via Ryan McFarland)

Most children have played with that classic, multicolor xylophone. If yours has outgrown it and you don’t know what to do with it – why not turn it into a wind chime?

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You can customize the colors as you see fit, and within hours you’ll enjoy the angelic noise of a xylophone played by the wind.

06. Repurpose Old Metal to make a Vintage Wind Chime

Junk Windchime
Junk Windchime (via Life, By Hand)

Metal can last multiple lifetimes – odds are you or your family have antique keys, padlocks, or other items.

Gather your favorite pieces, add in a couple of crystals, and follow the steps of this tutorial. The result? A magical, vintage wind chime that will give a new life to long-forgotten items.

7. Flowerpot Wind Chimes for the Garden

Flowerpot Wind Chime
Flowerpot Wind Chime (via Let’s Explore)

Flowerpot wind chimes are perfect for the garden – not only it’s a classic décor choice, but it also makes use of forgotten clay pots!

This tutorial is as easy as they come. You need some pots, acrylic paint, rope, beads, time, and endless love for crafts – all things you already own.

8. Classic Clay Shapes and Driftwood for a Traditional Wind Chime

How to Make a Wind Chime
How to Make a Wind Chime (via Garden Therapy)

Simplicity is the key to balance, and the classics never let us down.

Using spare clay pendants or pieces is ideal, but you can also make your own from scratch—match them with some extra matching beads, set them under a driftwood base, and you are done!

Tip: Add some seashells for an extra delicate touch.

9. Use a Strainer to Make a Planter Wind Chime

How to Make a Strainer Planter Wind Chime
How to Make a Strainer Planter Wind Chime (via Color Me Thrifty)

Strainers make for beautiful and creative planters – but the unexpected benefit is that its holes are perfect to hang items.

So, why not turn it into a creative wind chime?

This tutorial makes use of items you can find in any thrift store, or long forgotten at home. The result? A new garden decoration, and a charming sound each time the wind blows.

10. A Beautiful Copper Hanging Wind Chime

Low Cost Hardware Store Hanging Wind Chime
Low Cost Hardware Store Hanging Wind Chime (via Instructables)

For those that prefer a more refined look, this copper wind chime tutorial is the solution. It’s low-cost and makes use of items you can find in any hardware store.

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The beautiful swirls of the wire, as well as the hanging bells, make for an aesthetically pleasant decoration item that will turn with each gust of wind.

11. Get Artsy with this Bamboo Wind Chime Project

Tutorial: Summer Time Chime
Tutorial: Summer Time Chime (via Michele Made Me)

Metallic sounds are not for everyone – some prefer the natural noises of the woods.

Bamboo is unusually good for this.

The best part of this tutorial is how much it allows your creativity to roam free – paint each bamboo piece in the colors that display your style and awe everyone with your talent.

12. Sea Glass Pebbles for an Oceanic-Inspired Wind Chime

Seaglass Pebbles
Seaglass Pebbles (via Home Sweet Homemade)

Even if you don’t live in a house by the beach, you can bring the oceanic charm to your outdoor spaces with this wind chime.

Make use of the most colorful sea pebbles available to create a rainbow of aquatic jewels that clink softly against one another. For thematic harmony, match them with rustic driftwood!

13. Repurpose a Mason Jar Within Hours

How to Make Mason Jar Chimes
How to Make Mason Jar Chimes (via Saved by Love Creations)

Don’t be intimidated by the requirement of a bottle cutter, this project is rather easy – and it gives a creative use to any spare mason jars you may have at home.

Mason jars have a glass design and a sturdy structure that makes them ideal for wind chimes. Add a couple of beads or crystals, and in no time you’ll enjoy the clinking noises of glass at your outdoor spaces.

14. Make a Beach-Themed Wind Chime with Sea Glass.

Sea Glass DIY Wind Chimes

Pebbles are not the only viable form of sea glass – regular crystal cuts make gorgeous wind chimes as well.

Whether you collected them at the beach or bought them in a store, it doesn’t matter – all it takes is some sea glass, embroidery hoops, poly strings, and a vision of how you’d like your wind chime to look.

15. Make Use of Glass Mosaics for Beautiful Wind Chimes

Glass Mosaic Wind Chime Garden Decor
Glass Mosaic Wind Chime – Garden Decor (via New House New Home)

Forget sea glass – glass mosaic tiles can also assist you in making the most incredible wind chime ever seen! Not only are they colorful, but they also produce a lovely tinkling sound and are easy to find.

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The best part about this project is how easy it is to make – pick a branch, get some fishing line, and that’s it!

16. Design a Steampunk Wind Chime

Steampunk Wind Chime
Steampunk Wind Chime (via Urban Threads)

If you enjoy retro-futuristic designs, odds are you are a steampunk enthusiast – and the good news is that your wind chime can also reflect your aesthetic preferences.

Vintage fashion, lace, and metal trinkets make for the perfect Victorian combination.

Tip: add some old keys and gears for an extra steampunk touch.

17. Make your own Wind Chime from Scratch with Clay

DIY Clay Wind Charm
DIY Clay Wind Charm (via Design Sponge)

If you love DIY projects, odds are you are familiar with air-dry clay – it has multiple purposes, and it’s a quintessential item in arts and crafts.

However, if you have never worked with clay before, worry not – this tutorial explains, step by step, how to make simple yet elegant shapes for your wind chime, made from scratch.

18. Embrace Another Culture with this Japanese-Inspired Wind Chime

DIY Japanese Inspired Wind Chimes
DIY Japanese Inspired Wind Chimes (via Eclectic Trends)

Glass domes for votives are beautiful to look at, but could also be the perfect item to design a wind chime from scratch, and add melodious sounds to your outdoor spaces.

Add a wood bead, and the result is a minimalistic, elegant wind chime with a powerful Eastern inspiration!

19. Make a Miniature Wind Chime for your Fairy Garden

Make Your Own Fairy Wind Chimes – Easy DIY
Make Your Own Fairy Wind Chimes — Easy DIY (via A Crafty Mix)

Fairies need pretty wind chimes, too.

Fairy gardens are growing in popularity, as well as decorating it by any available means. It turns out a tiny wind chime might be the final touch needed for your masterpiece.

The best part? It works! All you need are a couple of beads, jewelry hire, and a few extra hours.

20. Get a Sugar Rush with Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts Wind Chime (and Ornaments)
Candy Hearts Wind Chime (and Ornaments) (via Make Your Mark! With Mark Montano)

Whether you want to add an extra touch on Valentine’s Day, or you are romantic all year long, this tutorial is tailor-made for those seeking to celebrate love.

These candy heart decorations look good enough to eat, and all you need is heart mold, plaster of Paris, ribbons, and chalky finish paint.

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