23 DIY Embroidery Ideas That You Will Adore

by craftyclub

Do you enjoy using thread when it comes to your DIY creations? If that is the case, then you will love to try some DIY embroidery creations if you really want to create something brand new. You can create shoes with embroidery as well as bags, and tap into your creativity while doing so.

You will be proud of those creations and you are going to impress others as well based on the fact that they will be wowed based on how amazing your craft skills are. Here is another hint as well! If you become excellent at making these DIY embroidered creations, you can open up an Etsy store and start making some money! Let’s go over 23 of the best DIY embroidery ideas that you are going to adore right now.

1. DIY Large Picnic Blanket

Diy Giant Embroidery Picnic Blanket
Diy Giant Embroidery Picnic Blanket (via Lovely Indeed)

Do you enjoy going on picnics? if so, who says you need to bring a boring old blanket along? You can make your own by using this cool DIY embroidery idea which involves you creating your own large picnic blanket that is embroidered.

What you will need is a large striped blanket, some yarn, colored chalk, scissors, and a large sewing needle as you will be knitting. Allow yourself 2 hours as well, and follow the instructions on this website. Have fun with it!

2. Embroidered White Canvas Sneakers

Embroider White Canvas Sneakers for Spring
Embroider White Canvas Sneakers for Spring (via Brit+Co)

If you want to make a cool fashion statement, then you will absolutely adore the DIY embroidery idea of making your own cool sneakers. Firstly you need to get a pair of white canvas sneakers, as well as embroidery floss and beads. Don’t forget about the scissors that you will need to cut the floss and the embroidery needle which is what is the main tool for this creation.

Let your imagination run wild and the instructions are simple to follow so you can make this happen!

3. DIY Embroidered Jeans

DIY Denim Embroidery
DIY Denim Embroidery (via Honestly wtf)

You have already learned that you can make a fashion statement with your sneaker creation. You can do the same with denim. And you can use jeans or any type of denim for this and this DIY embroidery idea will turn out to be quite cool.

What you will need is pre-washed denim whether it is a pair of jeans or a jacket. You will need a printer, pins, water-soluble fabric stabilizer, pins, embroidery floss, embroidery needle, and a hoop if you want. And go crazy and have fun with it!

4. Photo Art

Embroidered Photo Art
Embroidered Photo Art (via A Beautiful Mess)

Have you ever thought you could have some embroidered photo art? Yes, you can and you can make one heck of a cool creation with it. What you will need is a printed photo of your choice as well as cardstock.

Once you have that, you will need to have the other supplies such as embroidery thread and needle as well as some spray adhesive. And, you can make something amazing with it. The instructions are easy to follow as you need to only go to this website to do so.

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5. DIY Embroidered Pencil Holder

Embroidered Pencil Holder DIY for the Crafty Desk
Embroidered Pencil Holder DIY for the Crafty Desk (via Eryn With A Y)

Why settle for a boring old pencil holder when you can have a DIY embroidered one that is stylish and cool? For under $30 and for one day of commitment, you can create a cool pencil holder that represents the best of your imagination!

What you will need is embroidery thread in different colors, as well as an embroidery needle, 6 cardboard tubes, a drill, a ruler, and paper, as well as scissors and a pen. Go and make yourself the coolest pencil holders imaginable.

6. DIY Hand Embroidered Magnets

Pretty Floral Diy Magnets With Hand Embroidery
Pretty Floral Diy Magnets With Hand Embroidery (via Diy Candy)

If you like putting magnets on your fridge, then why not add some style to them as you can become creative by utilizing this DIY embroidery idea.

Go on to the craft store and get yourself magnets, a 1 and 1/8 inch cover button kit and cover buttons that are the same size, flower embroidery patterns, embroidery hoop, pliers, cotton or linen woven fabric, embroidery floss and needle, carbon paper, and strong glue. And follow the simple instructions and have fun making those magnets.

7. DIY Embroidered Pillow Case

Embroider a Pillowcase with an Iron-On Transfer
Embroider a Pillowcase with an Iron-On Transfer (via Molly And Mama)

Do you want to let your imagination go wild when you are wanting to create some cool pillowcases? Well, you can with this DIY embroidered pillowcase idea.

You will need a plain pillowcase, an iron-on transfer pen, an iron and ironing board, embroidery floss, and a needle and scissors. You are going to need your computer, a printer, and scissors as well. This is an easy DIY project and enjoy jazzing up your pillowcases.

8. Ribbon Embroidery

How To Make Ribbon Embroidery Design by Hand
How To Make Ribbon Embroidery Design by Hand (via HandiWorks)

If you like embroidery floss or thread, then why not try using ribbon as ribbon can help make some gorgeous crafts with regardless of what you would want to make.

You will need to follow this tutorial on YouTube in order to learn how to use ribbon for your embroidery craft projects. Because the end result will be absolutely gorgeous.

9. DIY Embroidered Pouch Kit

3 Ways to Embroider Your Travel Pouch
3 Ways to Embroider Your Travel Pouch (via Brit+Co)

If you are traveling you will want to do so in style which is why you will love this DIY embroidered idea, which is the travel kit. Go on to the craft store and go get a fabric pouch, a 3- inch embroidery hoop as well as a needle, thread, practice fabric, a ruler, a pencil, and scissors.

It is easy to make but you will want to make sure that you follow these instructions to create the ultimate masterpiece.

10. DIY Heart Embroidery

Diy: Heart Embroidery Sampler (For Beginners) (via Adventures In Making)

If you want to create some beautiful heart-shaped embroidered crafts to hang up on your wall, then you will love the embroidered heart-shape sampler.

You will need an 8-inch diameter embroidery hoop, a needle, 7 different colors of thread, 12 inch by 12 inch square of fabric, scissors, washi tape, iron and iron board, ruler, nonpermanent fabric marking pen, and be sure to make sure you have everything that you need for this project. It is easy to do and can keep you busy on a day that you have to yourself.

11. Pretty Cute Greeting Card

Pretty Cute Greeting Card
You’re My Lucky Charm (via Gimme Some Oven)

12. Embroidered Notebook

DIY: Embroidered Notebooks
DIY: Embroidered Notebooks (via Knits And Brew)

Do you like having a journal that is decorated in the front, or any type of notebook for any purpose? Then you are going to like this DIY embroidery idea. You can embroider a notebook.

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All you need is to get yourself a notebook, the design you want, embroidery thread, Wasi tape, sewing needle, scissors, and a needle threader only if you want. And go and have fun making this cool notebook!

13. Embroidered Bouquet

Embroidered Bouquet Tutorial
Embroidered Bouquet Tutorial (via Down Grapevine Lane)

A great way to jazz up any room in your house is by putting up an embroidered bouquet wall decoration. What you will need in order to make this masterpiece is an 8-inch square background fabric as well as a 4-inch embroidery hoop.

You will also need embroidery floss in a variety of colors, and the pattern you will want to use is downloadable from this link. And then go and follow these easy instructions and go and create something beautiful.

14. Easy DIY Embroidery Hoop Fabric Wall Art

Easy DIY Embroidery Hoop Fabric Wall Art
Easy DIY Embroidery Hoop Fabric Wall Art (via Lovely Crafty Home)

15. DIY Embroidered Instagrams

Diy Embroidered Instagrams
Diy Embroidered Instagrams (via Lovely Indeed)

Embroidered Instagrams? What? Well, you can do that and have some fun with it. All you need to do is have some Instagram pictures printed. And go and get yourself an embroidery needle and some thread, a pencil, scissors, and a thimble if you want.

Go and choose the pictures that you want to have embroidered and you can have some serious fun with this craft. It is also very easy to do and this is a great activity to do in a day.

16. Ice Cream Sneakers

Diy Ice Cream Sneakers
Diy Ice Cream Sneakers (via Studio Diy)

You already learned about one DIY embroidery sneaker idea. How about one that involves you turning your pair of sneakers into ‘ice cream’. Doesn’t that sound fun and neat? You will create a cone if you like, as well as sprinkles, and anything else that is ice cream related.

You will need a pair of plain white sneakers, and embroidery thread, specifically the pearl cotton size 5 Skeins embroidery thread. You will also need a tapestry wool yarn, a needle, and scissors. And go and turn your sneakers into some delicious ice cream!

17. Cactus Embroidery

Can’t Touch This – Cactus Embroidery
Can’t Touch This – Cactus Embroidery (via Flamingo Toes)

Here is another DIY embroidery wall decoration idea for you. It is a cactus embroidery that has the text Can’t Touch This, just like the MC Hammer song title. It will be a cute piece of decoration and all you need is an 8-inch embroidery hoop, a 10-inch by 10-inch light fabric or white linen, embroidery floss of a variety of colors, disappearing ink pen, hot glue, and the Can’t Touch This Cactus Embroidery Pattern.

Then follow the directions on how to create this beauty.

18. DIY Embroidered Eggs

Embroidered Eggs
Embroidered Eggs (via Kollabora)

Embroidered eggs? Is that a new type of delicacy? I’d say not. But it is a new DIY craft idea that you will find appealing. They are exactly what you think they are – genuine eggshells that are embroidered.

You will need to get a Dremel tool with a disc cutter in order to cut each of the egg’s backing to wash it out completely. And with the small drill bit, be sure to drill holes in the shells because you will need to have the threads go through easily. With that said, you will need an embroidery needle and floss to create your magic. Go and enjoy it.

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19. Cheap Art

Beginner Embroidery- Cheap Art Week
Beginner Embroidery- Cheap Art Week (via Fynes Designs)

This is perfect for those who are brand new at embroidery and are getting a head start on it. That is because the idea ideas may be somewhat advanced if you have never been in the embroidery craft world.

The best thing to do is to follow this cheap art embroidery guide in order to get you started. You can create cool wall decorative pieces, and you will know which tools to have in place before you start your creations. Of course for those who love cheap art designs will like this idea too, but this one is really good for newbies.

20. DIY Stitch Text Tote Bag Embroidery

Diy Stitched Text Tote Bag
Diy Stitched Text Tote Bag (via The Homesteady)

This is a really cool idea! A DIY embroidery text tote bag idea that is which means you can carry around a large tote bag with some black lettering that will spell the words of your choice.

What you will need for this project is a canvas or cotton tote bag, large letter stickers, and obviously embroidery thread and needle. So go and plan out what you will want to be said on your tote bag, and have fun showing that off.

21. Stitched Card

DIY Printable ‘Girl Crush’ Stitched Valentine’s Day Card
DIY Printable ‘Girl Crush’ Stitched Valentine’s Day Card (via Dream Green DIY)

This stitched card embroidery idea was originally created by the Girl Crush card one but you can use it for anything you wish. What you will need is a sheet of white cardstock that measures by 8.5 inches to 11 inches.

Of course, you will need a printer, needle, scissors, and the color of cording of your choice depending on what the purpose is! But you can have an enjoyable time creating this.

22. Embroidered Snowflake

Embroidery Snowflake Patterns
Embroidery Snowflake Patterns (via Thirty Handmade Days)

Why not get prepared early on for the holidays which also depends on when you see this DIY embroidery idea by making snowflakes!

You will love this holiday idea as you will need hoops as well as red and turquoise paint, glitter, and of course the same color of thread and a needle if you choose that is. Here is the great DIY embroidered snowflake idea and it will add the holiday touch that you will want!

23. Gentleness & Self-control – Free Embroidery Patterns!

Gentleness & Self-control – Free Embroidery Patterns!
Gentleness & Self-control – Free Embroidery Patterns! (via Simply Vintagegirl)

Final Thoughts

Now that you have these 23 DIY embroidery ideas, the million dollar question you will be wondering which one is the best one to go with? Well, the good news is that you can go with all of these ideas if you really are into crafting. Or, you could just choose one.

It all depends on your passions, your time that is available, and what really resonates with you. Remember one thing as well. Once you really get into doing these, you can always create a small business by selling embroidered crafts on Etsy. The sky is the limit but if not, you can most definitely choose any or all of these ideas for your enjoyment.

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