23 Dazzling DIY Chandeliers to Make Your Home Shine

by craftyclub

Lighting fixtures are a necessity that also present an opportunity to get creative. Depending on your own personal style, they can end up coming together from around-the-house items or built from easy-to-find materials.

Electrical wiring is the hardest part of putting together your own DIY chandelier, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of the question. There are often local regulations to be mindful of if you’re a novice, but like any lighting product, you can call in a professional to help.

The emphasis here is making a chandelier that’s unique and personalized so that it becomes a statement piece in your home. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got a few ideas that can help spark a lightbulb in your brain that will lead to one-of-a-kind lighting in your home.

1. Wood Beaded Chandelier

DIY Wood Bead Chandelier
DIY Wood Bead Chandelier (via Alice&Lois)

Beading can be a cheap craft or a true art. When it comes to a staple statement piece in your home, you want it to be the latter. That’s why, for this chandelier to truly dazzle, it needs wood beads.

Wood beads are an elegant and easy way to create a chandelier dripping with delicate demure. The light color helps to radiate a soft natural light throughout the room. It gives you the chance to use as many or as few strands as you like for harsher or softer light.

It’s also a fun DIY to do with kids. They can help thread the beads before their strung up around the light.

2. Hanging Plant Chandelier

How To Make A Cascading Indoor Plant Chandelier
How To Make A Cascading Indoor Plant Chandelier (via Homes To Love)

For another opportunity to transform a room into a woodland-themed paradise, these hanging cascading plant chandelier are straight out of a fairy tale.

Making it also calls for some extra creativity. A sturdy branch strung up with a secure chain can act as a base, and a hanging vine – especially low maintenance succulents – can be interchanged with your own version of lights.

It’s a beautiful decorative installation that is natural and unique.

3. Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason Jar Chandelier
Mason Jar Chandelier (via Instructables)

Every good craft list needs to have mason jars on it. It is one of the most popular items to incorporate into DIY projects of all different types.

A mason jar chandelier can be as big or small as you need it to be. It can also be an opportunity to explore your own creativity with plywood, rope, or paint to attach the jars and consequently, the lights to.

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No matter what you do to it, it gives off a pleasant vibe of having caught a firefly and it light your home. Very rustic and mystical.

4. Wax Paper Capiz Chandelier

How to Make a Wax Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier
How to Make a Wax Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier (via Decor Adventures)

Wax paper is a surprisingly luxurious element to add to your DIY chandelier. Cut into circles and sewn end to end, a train of these can hang together making a softly-lit cascade. A thin layer of silver spray paint creates the translucence of a seashell.

A hanging basket comes in handy here, but flipped on its head. Overturning the basket so that the wax-paper chains fall down make a wonderful cascade with beachy vibes. It’s beautiful sea-inspired addition to your home.

5. Yarn Chandelier

DIY Yarn Chandelier
DIY Yarn Chandelier (via Wedding Chicks)

This Yarn Chandelier is cute, funky, and practically fail-proof. Working with yarn is fun, easy, and familiar enough for you to be creative.

Simply drape it with color pattern you want it to look like or jazz it up! Add braids, zig-zags, knots, or whatever else you want to do to make it one of a kind and personalized.

6. Painted Paint Stick Chandelier

Weekend DIY – paint sticks
Weekend DIY – paint sticks (via Live Well Interiors)

The ultimate opportunity at creating a low-cost DIY chandelier is hiding in your garage. Paint sticks, that you can get totally for free, can become a shade for the light you can hang on the ceiling.

Paint them in a matching color or switch it up with some accent colors. Then, just line them up around a hoop for a bucket-like look the will encircle the light. The out come is a nice source of light shining through the panes, like a window catching the sunlight.

It’s a beautiful craft that’s very economical.

7. Spiral Mason Jar Chandelier

Spiral Carousel Mason Jar Chandelier
Spiral Carousel Mason Jar Chandelier (via BootsNGus)

Skip the plywood and use a wreath ring or a hoop for this mason jar chandelier variation. Much of the time, people will use them at events like weddings to do some soft, ambient lighting in a gentle atmosphere.

You can get this vibe in your home all the time with the right wreath and graduating heights of jars. Just make sure none are low enough to be at head-height and it’s a very peaceful addition to the room!

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8. Wine Bottle Pendant Chandelier

Repurposed Winbotee Bottle Pendant Chandelier
Repurposed Winbotee Bottle Pendant Chandelier (via Pinterest)

Maybe in your house wine bottles are more prominent than mason jars. In that case, you can still make a fabulous chandelier that matches your personality a little better.

If you’re at the level of having a glass-cutting kit, you can take the base off the wine bottle and string the light through the neck. Keep them in line with each other or at varying heights, all attached to a simple board or series of plywood. It’s a classy wine-cellar feel that makes all those glasses of Merlot seem like a worthwhile investment.

9. Doily Chandelier

Doily Chandelier
Doily Chandelier (via Pinterest)

Who would think that a balloon can play an integral role in a DIY chandelier?

Using a supportive glue to paste doilies around the balloon, simply let them dry and then take a pin to the balloon! Bam! You’ve got the shell of your chandelier

10. Pallet Chandelier

DIY: Handmade Reclaimed Pallet Chandelier
DIY: Handmade Reclaimed Pallet Chandelier (via !Dlights)

Pallets are an amazing product to create DIY project for around the home. Now, they’ve found their place on the ceiling.

It still has its own wine cellar feel to it, but takes all the hassle out of cutting the base off the bottle. Just secure it into place and dangle some soft lights down for a rustic approach at a DIY chandelier.

11. The Musical Record Chandelier

DIY record chandelier
DIY record chandelier (via Pinterest)

Music lovers will love this ideal chance to go vintage record shopping. Maybe you even have some at home.

Either way, They can become a wind-chime-like chandelier when you hang them alongside light bulbs. It’s a fabulous way to showcase your impressive rock knowledge.

12. Spoon Chandelier

Eat, Drink And Be Merry Chandelier
Eat, Drink And Be Merry Chandelier (via Anthropologie)

This is another cool take on a vintage item-inspired chandelier. Using spoons you’ve collected, found at a yardsale, or somehow ended up with throughout the years can be repurposed into this surprising silver centerpiece.

13. Teacup chandelier

Old  Porcelain Teacups Chandelier
Old  Porcelain Teacups Chandelier (via Pinterest)

Maybe teacups are what you collect instead of spoons. This awesome teacup chandelier design is a great way to showcase your antique teacup collection.

It also gives off very cool Mad Hatter vibes.

14. Broken Dish Chandelier

Broken Dish Chandelier
Broken Dish Chandelier (via Familjen I Uttran)

If you really want to go for the Mad Tea Party theme, save your broken dishes (or even have a few happy accidents) and string up the pieces to create this broken dish chandelier.

It gives a surprisingly classy way the avoid parting with your beautiful pieces.

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15. Paint Chip Chandelier

Paint Chip Chandelier
Paint Chip Chandelier (via Honeybear Lane)

16. Hoop Chandelier

Hula Hoop Chandelier
Hula Hoop Chandelier (via Sarah On The Blog)

The Hoop chandelier can be the base from which you hang your bits and baubles, or it can be the main event. Both ideas leave room for creativity. Wrap the hoop in ribbon and fairy lights or use icicle lights to string in a circle.

17. Wreath Chandelier

Grapevine Wreath Chandelier
Grapevine Wreath Chandelier (via Urban Cottage Living)

A wreath doesn’t only come in handy during the Holiday season! The wreath chandelier is similar to the hoop chandelier with an added woodland touch.

This looks great wrapped in twinkling fairy lights for an easy DIY chandelier that works all year round.

18. Fringe Chandelier

Diy Fringe Chandelier
Diy Fringe Chandelier (via The Sweetest Occasion)

Sometimes you just want to be bold and go for the fringe! If you don’t want to do it to your own hair, maybe just try this DIY chandelier instead.

It’s a fun flirty way to work with different colored tassels in varying tiers and gradients. Makes a wonderful closet statement piece!

19. Paper And Ribbon Chandelier

Paper And Ribbon Chandelier Tutorial
Paper And Ribbon Chandelier Tutorial (via Tatertots And Jello)

20. Make a Dollar Store Chandelier

Make a Dollar Store Chandelier
Make a Dollar Store Chandelier (via Dollar Store Crafts)

21. Birdcage Chandelier

DIY Idea: Beautiful Vintage Birdcage Chandeliers
DIY Idea: Beautiful Vintage Birdcage Chandeliers (via Treehugger)

Birdcage can be quite delicate and ornate. If you have a love for their beauty but don’t want to keep a bird caged, this chandelier is the second best option.

Choose your favorite style which can be extra large or small and simple. Chain it overhead and a lightbulb and you’re (pretty much done). Aside from lighting technicalities, this design is easy yet elegant.

22. Rose Shower Chandelier

Felt Rose Baby Mobile
Felt Rose Baby Mobile (via Tiffercolabear)

For another nature-themed chandelier idea, felt and scissors help make this cascade of roses come to life. Similar to fairy lights, you can string this from just about any harness you want.

A hoop or a wreath could do the trick, or even a pallet. All you have to do is decide how many roses you want to add and get to crafting!

23. Bicycle Chandelier

Bicycle Wheel and Chain Chandelier
Bicycle Wheel and Chain Chandelier (via Hometalk)

We’ve seen the hoop, we’ve seen the wreath. Perhaps the kookiest yet is the bicycle wheel chandelier. It’s inventive and rustic, and gives you some spokes to play with adding elements.

Final Thoughts

Getting to decorate a room in your home with a wonderful chandelier is a great delight to many people. Imagine how much more exciting it would be to know you made it yourself! DIY chandeliers are pretty easy to do. Just trust your creativity and let the lightbulb illuminate in your mind!

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