20 Diy Ideas For Stunning Coasters

by craftyclub

Are you thinking about renewing your old, generic, worn-down coasters?

Worry not – instead of rushing to purchase beautiful, yet expensive replacements, consider making your own at home.

If you don’t know where to start, check the following 20 ideas for the most original coasters you can make.

1. Fashionable Geometric Coasters

Dollar Store Hack: DIY Painted Geometric Cork Coasters
Dollar Store Hack: DIY Painted Geometric Cork Coasters (via Token & Bliss)

What if we told you there is an easy way to turn cheap, average cork coasters into authentic, original masterpieces?

With some tape, acrylic paint, and a paintbrush you can flex those creative muscles and get to work – brand-new coasters in a couple of hours fit, ideal for even the most strict of budgets!

2. Eye-catching Marble Coasters with a Galaxy Theme

Make It – Galaxy Color Blocked Marble Coasters
Make it – Galaxy Color Blocked Marble Coasters (via A Kailo Chic Life)

Transform the most simple of marble coasters into the Andromeda Galaxy with this tutorial, and within minutes!

Despite looking complex, it’s nothing further from the truth – all you need is alcohol inks in the most nebulae-like shades you can imagine, and some tape to prevent staining.

The best part? No two coasters will ever look the same!

3. Beautiful Coasters Made with Epoxy and Flowers

Epoxy & Flower Coasters
Epoxy & Flower Coasters (via HomeTalk)

Silicone molds, epoxy, dried flowers or wood, and this helpful tutorial are all you need to design some original, ethereal-looking coasters. The transparent, delicate aesthetic of these will match any home style.

Be careful, though – they require some time to dry, and you have to look for bubbles forming on the surface!

4. Enjoy the Cottage Style with these Floral Wood Coasters

How-to Make Botanical Wood Slices
How-to Make Botanical Wood Slices (via Tidbits)

The perfect blend of nymph-like outdoorsy appeal and cottage charm, these coasters boast of a rustic beauty that makes them eye-catching to any vintage enthusiast.

Wood slices make the perfect coasters, and all you require is some charming botanical prints, wax paper, and a reliable printer.

You can also get creative and customize the design you want!

5. Use a Turk’s Head Knot to Make a Dreamy Coaster

DIY Coasters & Trivets using Turk’s Head Knot
DIY Coasters & Trivets using Turk’s Head Knot (via Nourish and Nestle)

Alright, the rustic style is not your preferred pick – how about some delicate-looking coasters, made out of ply cotton rope?

This tutorial instructs how to use the Turk’s Head knot to create a simple, charming, yet visually striking coaster in a matter of minutes. Even better – you can use that knot knowledge for many other types of crafts!

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6. Make Simple and Elegant Lace Coasters

Up Your Crafting Game With These Lace Coasters
Up your Crafting Game with these Lace Coasters (via Mod Podge Rocks)

Do you have a set of scrap fabrics that you’d love to put to good use? Do you need to get new coasters as soon as possible before the guests arrive?

Worry not, we can solve both issues at the same time!

Grab that bit of lace you had stashed away and give it a new life by designing these stunning coasters in a minute.

7. Go Classic with these Stenciled Cork Coasters

Stenciled Cork Coasters
Stenciled Cork Coasters, Inspired by Anthropologie (via One Dog Woof)

A set of cheap, generic cork coasters is not just that – see it as a canvas, waiting to be transformed into something beautiful.

Art doesn’t need to be complicated to be a masterpiece. With the right stencil, those pieces of cork can turn into fun, vintage coasters – and the tutorial includes the cut file!

8. Design Adorable Doily Coasters out of Felt

Felt Doily Coasters
Felt Doily Coasters (via Cutesy Crafts)

Some may call them old-fashioned, but doily coasters are everlasting. This tutorial explains how to add an original, colorful twist to the classic white mode through die cutting – don’t miss out if you have a machine for it!

The solid color backgrounds highlight the delicacy to the lace design, giving variety to your coasters.

09. Display the Starry Sky with these Constellation-themed Coasters

Diy Constellation Coasters
DIY Constellation Coasters (via Almost Makes Perfect)

White ceramic tiles are the perfect canvas to reflect your creativity – why not use this idea and turn average coasters into the most beautiful of starry skies?

Mod podge will be your ally – select your print out, place it on top of the tile, cover it with mod podge, add a finishing spray of shellac, and that’s it! Follow the tutorial for more detailed instructions.

10. Go Vintage with these Floral Cork Coasters

Botanical Custom Painted Cork Coasters
Botanical Custom Painted Cork Coasters (via Uncommon Designs)

As you can see, there are endless ways to customize cork coasters and transform them into something else – and painting is the most simple, yet intricate way to do it.

Unleash your creativity and paint to your heart’s content – your coasters will display your painting talents and creativity. The best part? Every guest will be able to appreciate your skill while sharing a drink.

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11. Make these Farmhouse-styled Crochet Coaster

Farmhouse Style Coasters Free Crochet Pattern
Farmhouse Style Coasters Free Crochet Pattern (via The Painted Hinge)

If you enjoy crocheting as much as I do, odds are you’ll want to put your skills to the test all the time – and luckily, crochet is perfect to design adorable, delicate coasters from scratch.

Cotton yarn is ideal for the task – it’s lovely, absorbent, and quite easy to clean! Follow the instructions as detailed in the tutorial for fast results.

12. Recycle Old CDs into Coasters

Recycled Craft Idea: Make these easy CD coasters! (via Turning the Clock Back)

Alright guys, let’s be real – the CD era is all but over. We have very few uses for them nowadays, so odds are you have a large stack of old CDs that will be, eventually, just thrown out.

Or, instead, you could repurpose them!

This ingenious tutorial teaches takes you through the journey of turning these old items into colorful and functional coasters for you and your guests.

13. Get Creative with these Steampunk-inspired Resin Coasters

Steampunk Mosaic Coasters
Steampunk Mosaic Coasters (via Running With Sisters)

The retro-futuristic aesthetic appeal of steampunk is universal, and with this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make anachronistic coasters from scratch.

Repurpose old jar lids to make for the base of these resin coasters – paint it, fill it up with gears and keys, and pour resin over it.

In 48 hours, your masterpiece will be ready to rock.

14. Pick the Rustic Charm with Wooden Pallet Coasters

Wooden Pallet Coasters
Wooden Pallet Coasters (via One Dog Woof)

It seems like everything pallet is the latest trend in the DIY world, and there is no shame in hopping on that train.

With the use of square and rectangular dowels, you can mimic the rustic appeal of pallets and design a miniature version – perfect as a coaster.

The tutorial includes detailed instructions on size and procedure, so make sure to take a look!

15. Repurpose Scrabble Tiles into Coasters

Diy Scrabble Tile Coasters
DIY Scrabble Tile Coasters (via Simply Darrling)

Scrabble is far more than just a tabletop game to cause arguments with friends and family – it turns out the tiles are also perfect for a plethora of crafts!

Get some cork and glue, and you’re ready to go – put together the words you want on your coasters and put it all together.

It’s a charming, creative, and simple way to get unique coasters at home!

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16. Make Classy Glass Coasters

Do you have spare glass plates? Do you want to turn them from average to original, unique, and fun?

Then grab your favorite white paint pen, acquire a dreamy gold leaf pen, and get to work! Design your preferred patterns and shape—make each one unique!

By the end of the day, you’ll have the classiest and most original coasters, totally crafted by you.

17. Go for Cement Coasters with a Touch of Gold

Diy Cement Coasters: Super Easy Tutorial
DIY Cement Coasters: Super Easy Tutorial (via Homeology)

The industrial look of cement does not have to lack class – these beautiful coasters with a sprinkle of gold are all the proof you need.

Don’t be intimidated by the use of cement mix – this tutorial explains how to do it, and even provides a template for a delightful hexagonal template.

Once the cement is dry, paint to your heart’s content, attach a cork underside, and enjoy the drink you deserve after such hard work!

18. Use Pennies for a Super-original Coaster

Counting Pennies Coaster
Counting Pennies (via Seriously, I’m thrifty!)

If you have spare pennies that you are not going to use, why keep them lying around when you could put them to good use?

You can make magic with an appropriate mold and some resin – use the coins as the star of your coaster, fill it up with the resin, and wait for it to dry – the metallic surface of the coins gives an extra touch to your coaster.

19. Display the Magic of these Disney-themed Coasters

Make These Adorable Disney Coasters
Make These Adorable Disney Coasters (via Weekends in the Loft)

Whether you have children or are a child at heart, odds are you never stop loving Disney – and what better way to express your love for the House of Mouse, than designing coasters of their most iconic couple?

The tutorial teaches you how to design Mickey & Minnie icons from scratch- it may be time-consuming, but the final result is simply adorable.

20. Take Coasters to the Next Level by Making Scented Ones

How to Make a Scented Hot Pad
How to Make a Scented Hot Pad (via Suburble)

Who said coasters are only made to hold your drinks?

A scented hot pad is a coaster that works with heat – place a hot drink on top of it, and it’ll release a pleasant, relaxing aroma.

Pick your favorite essential oil, grab some rice, and check the instructions of this tutorial – you won’t regret it!

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