20 Exceptionally Creative T-Shirt Cutting Ideas

by craftyclub

We all have old T-shirts stored somewhere in our wardrobe, forgotten for years and waiting to be thrown away.

However, don’t get rid of them just yet – help the environment (and your pocket!) by customizing them into fantastic clothing items.

Turn those T-shirts into your next grand DIY project by checking these 20 incredible ideas.

1. Get Ready for Halloween with this Spider Web T-Shirt

Spiderweb Shirt, DIY
Spiderweb Shirt, DIY (via Wobisobi)

Whether you enjoy the intentionally spooky aesthetic or you want to get ready for the approaching Halloween, the truth is that this spider web cut will transform any old T-shirt into an innovative statement.

You can draw the pattern yourself or download it online for further accuracy. Pair it up with the perfect accessories, and you’re ready to go!

2. Try this Gucci-inspired T-Shirt Cut

Gucci Inspired Cut-Out T-Shirt DIY
Gucci Inspired Cut-Out T-Shirt DIY (Via Love Maegan)

Purchasing a Gucci look is a tad bit outside most people’s budgets. However, when fashion calls, there is no stopping it – and it turns out you can imitate an iconic Gucci look, right at the comfort of your home!

All you need is a black T-shirt, scissors, and this tutorial – take a look!

3. Turn T-shirts Into off the Shoulder Tops without Effort

Diy Tight Off The Shoulder Top
DIY Tight Off the Shoulder Top (via The Sorry Girls)

Every girl’s wardrobe has a set of basic items, and off the shoulder tops are one of them. They are fun, easy to match, and essential during summer.

Turns out, you can make one with t-shirts in more than just one way! This tutorial instructs you on how to design one from old shirts in two different styles, as well as how to make one from scratch.

4. Design a Tank Top with an Intricate Weaved Back

Weaved Back Tank, DIY
Weaved Back Tank, DIY (via Wobisobi)

Some projects look so sophisticated once completed, that they look far more complex to execute than they really are. Such is the case with this weaved back tank top.

The delicate design in the back can bring a new life to any forgotten t-shirt, and the effort is virtually inexistent, as long as you follow the required steps carefully.

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5. Bring the Choker Back with this DIY Tutorial

Diy Choker Cutout T-shirt
DIY Choker Cutout T-Shirt (via Revenge Bakery)

Chokers are a truly unique fashion statement. Equal parts delicate and edgy, they can bring forward both sophistication and rebellion, depending on your personal style.

Likewise, depending on the T-shirt you pick for this project, the final look could be either charged of rock energy, or a timeless classic for your wardrobe. Take a look and give it a go!

6. Learn How to Make a Gorgeous Heart-shaped Cut-out

Okay, maybe cross designs are not your thing – what about a beautiful heart-shaped hole in the back?

Equal parts delicate and sexy, following the steps explained in the website can turn an average T-shirt into the ideal clothing item for summer, and an excellent layering item for any other occasion.

7. Make a Cross-Shaped Design on the Back of Your T-Shirt

DIY~ Cross Cut Out T-Shirt
DIY~ Cross Cut Out T-Shirt (via The Daile Lele)

Sometimes, the only thing an old T-shirt needs to stand out above the rest is a small detail.

What about a daring, cross-shaped cut in the back?

Designing, drawing, and cutting this pattern is a piece of cake, not to mention the mosaic-like style will elevate your design to a different level. In less than three hours, you’ll see the change!

8. Make a Statement with this Original Heart-shaped Cut

Heart Cut-out Tee: Re-post
Heart Cut-out Tee: Re-post (via Wobisobi)

We already shared a tutorial on heart-shaped cuts, so now it’s time to raise the stakes.

How so? By making a heart-shaped cut with elongated oval shapes instead! Wobisobi instructs how to design this creative take on hearts, for those who seek originality.

Best part? Imperfection is welcomed – don’t worry about making mistakes!

9. Turn an Old T-Shirt into a Fashionable Fringe Top

Barely There Fringe Top
Barely There Fringe Top (via Allriot)

Fringe tops have a characteristic boho-chic air we just can’t get enough of, and the best part is they are easy to make at home!

Allriot brings you a visual tutorial that is easy to follow – you can be careful and measure each cut you make, or go wild and improvise.

10. Go for an Illusion V-Neck

Diy Slashed Tee // How To Make An Iillusion V-neck – Tutorial
DIY Slashed Tee // How To Make An Iillusion V-Neck – Tutorial (via Love Maegan)

Sometimes, all a T-shirt needs to look its best is a redesign of the neckline – an extra detail that enhances the basic design and improves the fit of the original piece.

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It turns out that an illusion V neck is the perfect solution.

All you need is a rotary cutter, a ruler, a steady hand, and a creative mind.

11. Make a Delicate Bow-back

No-Sew DIY Bow-Back Tank Top
No-Sew DIY Bow-Back Tank Top (via Creating Laura)

Shirts with bow designs are peculiar – regardless of style, they always manage to look dainty. In particular, this tutorial will make your old T-shirts look nothing short of store-bought.

Granted, bringing this design to life requires you to follow the steps strictly, but the cuteness of the final result is worth it.

12. Transform a Boring T-shirt into a Unique Scarf

Diy Multi-strand Scarf
DIY Multi-Strand Scarf (via Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth)

So far all we’ve seen are tutorials turning T-shirts into… other types of shirts. It’s great, but we can go one step beyond.

What about transforming a T-shirt into a scarf?

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds – all you need is a pair of scissors and ten minutes, no sewing required!

13. Cut an Average T-shirt and Make it a Side-tied Piece

Side Tied, Triangle Tee: DIY
Side Tied, Triangle Tee: DIY (via Wobisobi)

Summer is all about the heat, and the best weapons to fight it are exposed shoulders and the sleeveless look.

Better make sure to look cute while at it.

The advantages of this side tied shirt are endless – it takes 15 minutes to make, it doesn’t require outstanding skill, and it’s just stunning to look at!

14. Make a Super-feminine Ruffled Tube Top at Home

Ruffled Tube Top Diy
Ruffled Tube Top DIY (via Trinkets in Bloom)

If you are a girly girl, odds are you love ruffles on your clothing – they add volume, style, and that feminine touch that is both simple and exquisite at the same time.

Luckily, ruffled tube tops are easy to make at home!

Unfortunately, this tutorial needs a sewing machine alongside the scissors, but don’t hesitate to give it a go if you can.

15. Turn that oversized T-shirt into a gorgeous strapless dress

Neon Tshirt Reconstruction
Neon Tshirt Reconstruction (via Can Can Dancer)

We all have an extra big T-shirt that we have turned into cozy pajamas. However, if you wish to, you can give them a new life as a striking strapless dress in under 20 minutes!

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Cutting of the sleeves will turn the discarded pieces into the perfect top for your dress, so all you’ll need is to ensemble it together.

16. Design Some Stunning Angel Wings on an Old T-shirt

Angel Wings Cut Out Tee
Angel Wings Cut Out Tee (via Cut Out + Keep)

Cutting the back of an old T-shirt is a popular form of customization – so what if we make it more original by shaping and styling it like angel wings?

This tutorial is best on jersey and cotton, but almost any fabric works. Just remember not to cut the outline!

17. Add Cute Little Bows to Your Sleeves

No-Sew T-Shirt Bow Sleeves
No-Sew T-Shirt Bow Sleeves (via Creating Laura)

Grand transformations are incredible to look at, but sometimes, all your T-shirt requires is a tiny touch – small customizations can go a long way.

For example, including a couple of cute bow sleeves. Best part? No sewing required!

Make a couple of strategic cuts alongside the sleeves, apply some glue, and you’re set! Your shirt is now a delicate, girly version of its past self.

18. Say Goodbye to that Old Big Shirt and Transform it into a Kimono

DIY Kimono From a T-Shirt (No-Sew Option)
DIY Kimono From a T-Shirt (No-Sew Option) (via Celia Agnes)

Kimonos – Western version, not the traditional Japanese clothing – seem pretty simple to do, right? Luckily, they are!

Better yet, you can make your own at home, with a budget of $2, without sewing, and within a couple hours, no fairy godmother required!

Pick up any oversized T-shirt you own and unleash your creativity.

19. Brink Punk Back with this Skull-themed T-shirt

Skull Cut Out Tee
Skull Cut Out Tee (via Wobisobi)

Punk isn’t dead, just sleeping for a while – but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the fashion back!

This skull design is original, creative, and incredibly simple to make, yet it looks so good that no one will guess it’s a DIY project.

20. Make an Off the Shoulder T-shirt

Diy – Off The Shoulder T Shirt
DIY – Off The Shoulder T Shirt (via Cut Out and Keep)

The off the shoulder cut is one of the few ones that look good on everyone – even if you think you don’t!

However, the best news is that this neckline is extremely easy to do and even easier to implement on old T-shirts. A perfect project for newcomers to the world of clothing customization.

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