20 Astoundingly Simple Diy Clothes Rack Tutorials

by craftyclub

Humanity is linked together in one simplistic way: lack of space for clothes.

Things like race, nationality, sex, or income do not matter at all – we are always, always out of space for clothes. Subsequently, this can turn our bedrooms into a disaster area in a matter of hours.

But worry not – you don’t need to invest large amounts of money into a closet makeover project. Why? Because we have a solution.

Check the following surprisingly easy DIY clothes rack tutorials.

1. Make a Beautiful (and Inexpensive!) Gold Clothing Rack

20 Astoundingly Simple Diy Clothes Rack Tutorials
DIY Gold Clothing Rack (under $30) (via Daily Dose of Charm)

Spending less than $30 on an elegant-looking clothing rack seems almost as fantastical as Narnia, but it’s far simpler than you think!

Any generic clothes rack turns into a classy piece with the help of gold spray paint. Cover every inch and corner of your clothing rack, paint some plastic hangers to match, and voila!

2. Go for the Industrial Look with this Copper and Concrete Rack

Industrial DIY Copper And Concrete Clothes Rack
Industrial DIY Copper And Concrete Clothes Rack (via Shelterness)

The industrial trend is here to stay. It’s not hard to see its appeal – minimalistic and simple, yet incredibly elegant.

Jump onto the hype by designing a clothes rack reminiscent of this style. Three copper pipes and a couple boxes of concrete mix is all you need to create a gorgeous piece for your bedroom.

3. This Chic Gilded Clothes Rack is a Fantastic Idea

DIY Clothes Rack
DIY Clothes Rack (via Style Me Pretty)

Liked our first two clothing rack tutorials? What about merging them together?

This idea creates an industrial, yet incredibly chic clothes rack, fit for most minimalistic rooms that desire to have a single feminine touch.

Granted, you require quite a lot of pipes, flanges, and elbows – but the result is incredibly eye-catching!

4. Design a Fashionable Rack out of Poplar Dowels

Diy Clothing Rack
DIY Clothing Rack (via A Beautiful Mess)

We always tend to have space issues within our bedrooms, so the best clothing rack you can have is one that you can take apart and store away whenever you don’t need it.

The following tutorial instructs you on how to build a simple yet charming clothing rack out of poplar dowels and leather cording. Simple, feminine, and incredibly practical!

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5. Organize Your Clothes in a Rack made out of Rope

Out of the Closet: How To Make a Rope Wrapped Hanging Clothes Bar
Out of the Closet: How To Make a Rope Wrapped Hanging Clothes Bar (via Apartment Therapy)

One of the most underused spaces in our homes is the aerial one. Subsequently, why don’t you try a hanging clothing rack?

For those of you that prefer the rustic or shabby chic approach, rope is the perfect solution! Using hooks connected to the ceiling and an old curtain rod, you can get a simple yet stunning clothing rack that won’t take your space.

6. Make a Simple and Practical Aerial Copper Clothing Rack

Copper Clothing Rack | Diy
DIY: Copper Clothing Rack (via SF Girl)

If you liked the aerial approach, but rope isn’t exactly your style, why don’t you consider copper?

Follow the instructions of this tutorial to create a clothing rack out of copper pipes and cotton rope. The result will be an elegant and minimalistic piece that is equal parts functional and eye-catching.

7. Go Eco-friendly with this Rustic Chic Clothing Rack

Take in Nature Indoors
Take in Nature Indoors… (via Northern Delight)

Alright, I know – this tutorial is in Swedish. But online translators are everywhere, and there’s no way we could miss this beautiful idea!

With the boho-chic and rustic chic styles taking over the world, using a branch and rope as a clothing hanger seems exceptionally fashionable and simple, on par with room decorations that opt for classic, earthy colors.

8. Put on Your Wheelies with this Rolling Garment Rack

Rolling Diy Garment Rack For Your Wardrobe
Rolling DIY Garment Rack for your Wardrobe (via Tabitha Blue)

While I’m not an expert, I’m sure rolling garment racks are slightly better than any others. Being able to take your clothes with you anywhere is a huge advantage, after all!

Luckily, Tabitha Blue shares a detailed tutorial on how to design this fancy-looking clothing rack – with space for shoes and purses included!

9. Build Your Own Clothes Rack with Pipe

Building a Simple, Stylish Clothing Rack From Pipe
Building a Simple, Stylish Clothing Rack From Pipe (via Instructables)

Most clothing racks we’ve seen so far are their own, individual structure. However, this tutorial instructs you on how to design one relies on your bedroom’s wall to save space.

Once again, pipes are your best friends, and the key to perfect clothes rack. Add a small IKEA basket at the bottom for extra room for hats and other clothing items!

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10. Maximize Space with this Minimalistic Clothing Rack

Clothing Rack, Made From Plumbing Tubes
D I Y / Clothing Rack, Made From Plumbing Tubes (via Love Aesthetics)

The tutorial provided by Love Aesthetics also makes use of your wall to save space but goes for an angled structure that gives it an angled, triangular shape.

The slight leaning of the tubes provides space for more clothes, and also adds a slightly more feminine, slick finish.

11. Go for this Charming Teepee Clothing Rack for Your Kids

DIY kids teepee clothing rack
DIY kids teepee clothing rack (via Style Curator)

Teepees are all-time favorites amongst kids, and they have also become a revolution in decoration. It also turns out, their triangular shape makes for a fantastic clothing rack.

Imitate this traditional tent with this tutorial and give your children a delightful new clothes rack. The best part? The design is so classic and gorgeous that it doesn’t even have to be just for kids!

12. Repurpose an Old Wooden Paddle into a Coat Rack

Rustic Coat Rack and Nautical Wall Decor with an Oar / Wooden Paddle
Rustic Coat Rack and Nautical Wall Decor with an Oar / Wooden Paddle (via Sadie Seasongoods)

So far we’ve focused on clothing racks made for the bedroom, but it’s time to take a break. Coat racks are also crucial for a house’s functionality and aesthetics, after all!

This tutorial repurposes old wooden paddles into a charming base for a vintage-like coat rack. The rustic, cabin-like design is bound to match any country-loving homemaker out there!

13. Mix a Shelf and a Coat Rack with this Industrial Tutorial

DIY Industrial Coat Rack
DIY Industrial Coat Rack (via Beneath My Heart)

Talking about coat racks – what if you want something less rustic and more industrial?

This tutorial is the solution!

With pipes painted black, a minimalistic design, and a wooden shelf on top, this rack provides functionality and aesthetics, allowing for cute decoration items to share space with your coats during the winter.

14. Black Iron Pipes make Gorgeous Clothing Racks!

Black Iron Pipe Garment Rack
Black Iron Pipe Garment Rack (via DIY Montreal)

But enough about small clothing racks. What about the ladies and gentlemen that have a lot of clothes, and subsequently bigger needs?

The following tutorial makes use of black iron pipes to create a clothing rack that is large and sturdy – big enough to store as much as two full wardrobes.

Not too shabby, if you ask me!

15. Repurpose a Ladder into a Brand-new Clothes Rack

DIY Ladder Wardrobe
DIY Ladder Wardrobe (via A Pair & A Spare)

Do you have any old and stained wood ladder? If so, lucky you! Everything shabby chic is in, and you can repurpose it into a fashionable clothing rack. With a budget under $10, even!

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All you need is to pull apart your ladder and make use of a pole and blanks to connect both sides. Within hours, you’ll have a gorgeous new garment rack.

16. Or You can use the Ladder to Design this Clothing Rack Instead

Red Book Diy – Garment Rack
Red Book DIY – Garment Rack (via Style by Emily Henderson)

Good news! Ladders are not only suitable for shabby chic, imperfect clothing racks – they are also ideal for feminine and super delicate rooms.

Emily Henderson instructs you how to pull apart a ladder, paint it with colors that match your personal aesthetic and put it back together into a unique and virtually inexpensive solution for your cloth storage needs.

17. Design a Feminine Copper Clothing Rack

Diy Copper Clothing Rack
DIY Copper Clothing Rack (via Darling Darleen)

Copper is a common material for clothing racks, but there is something special about this tutorial.

The final result is elegant, chic, and polished. The copper’s reddish hues and the soft square shape make this clothing rack a decorative piece as much as a functional item.

Best part? It is almost completely effortless!

18. A Wooden, Mobile, Wardrobe/clothing Rack? Yes, Please!

Modern Wooden Wardrobe Diy
Modern Wooden Wardrobe DIY (via A Beautiful Mess)

A Beautiful Mess provides the tutorial of what is nothing short of a wardrobe/clothing rack hybrid. The open nature of the piece resembles a clothing rack, yet the wooden structure is reminiscent of the basic wardrobe shape.

Subsequently, you get the best of both words – the shape of a wardrobe, and the versatility of the clothing rack.

19. Go for a Purse & Clothing Rack, all in one!

DIY Garment Rack
DIY Garment Rack (via Noodlehead)

The triangular structure of this clothing rack helps it maximize the use of the available space, while still remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Similarly, the hammock-like underside allows you to place your purses or hats at ease, without worrying about them losing shape or getting damaged- a win/win!

20. Use Wood and Pipes to make a Unique, Beautiful Garment Rack

EP31 Garment Rack
EP31 Garment Rack (via HomeMade Modern)

Slightly more complex than the previous tutorials, this garment rack has style, class, and functionality all at once.

The mixture of wood and pipes gives it a minimalistic look that matches most styles and aesthetics, making it an ideal piece for nearly every room and taste.

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