20 Extraordinary Diy Shoe Racks Ideas (That Will Keep Disorder At Bay)

by craftyclub

There is just something about shoes, you know?

Women love them, men love them, everyone loves them. They are such simple items, yet they can completely change the way we look.

So we hoard them like dragons hoard gold, making shoe racks a necessary part of our homes, to ensure our shoes remain in tip-top condition.

And it turns out, shoe racks are also a chance to exercise your creativity and crafting abilities. Flex those talented muscles and get ready to put your hands to work with these incredible DIY shoe rack ideas that will keep disorder at bay.

1. Add Function and Style to Your Closet with this Shoe Rack

How To Make A Diy Shoe Organizer And Rack For The Closet
How to make a DIY shoe organizer and rack for the closet (via Our House Now a Home)

When it comes to shoe racks, the most basic and quintessential design is that of a shelf. It’s functional, beautiful, and perfect for the task.

This tutorial instructs you on how to make this classic shoe rack from scratch, a shelf that is so perfect, you can even use it for many other purposes!

2. Make a Charming Rustic Shoe bin out of Fencing Wood Planks

Diy Shoe Bin
DIY Shoe Bin (via Lil’ Luna)

Got any spare fencing wood planks? If so, consider repurposing them into making a bright, delightfully charming shoe bin.

It’s bright, colorful, practical, and keeps the mess of shoes out of the way – particularly if you have children!

Perfect for outdoor areas, or any fan of the cottage, farmhouse aesthetic.

3. Go for a Chic and Minimalistic Entryway Shoe Organizer

Entryway Shoe Organizer
Customize it… Entryway Shoe Organizer (via Style by Emily Henderson)

If you are the type that goes barefoot right after walking through the front door, this one is for you!

This entryway shoe organizer is simple, minimalistic, and incredibly functional. Since it stands by the wall, it’s completely unobtrusive, and it costs less than $20.

If it sounds like a deal, it’s because it is!

4. Go for a Slick Black Look with this Wood Shoe Organizer

Garage Shoe Organizer Finished
Building a Garage Shoe Organizer (via Our Home From Scratch)

While this is designed as a garage shoe organizer, the beautiful structure and professional finish makes it ideal for any part of the house.

The tutorial is extensive and requires some tricky work, but the result is worth it – the result is nothing short of exceptional, and it provides plenty of room for many pairs of shoes at once.

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If it’s too much work for you, another option for the garage is picking up garage cabinets that will make it super easy to store all of your goods. 

5. Crown Molding Makes an Amazing Shoe Rack

Crown Molding Shoe Rack {DIY}
Crown Molding Shoe Rack DIY (via Picklee)

I bet you never thought of it, but crown molding is actually efficient as a shoe rack! Not only does it look fabulous, but it also provides the needed leverage for you to hang your heels from the wall.

You can select the moldings you’d prefer, paint them if so you desire, and set them inside your closet’s walls, or anywhere you’d like. This tutorial allows for extensive customization, so get creative!

6. Go Industrial with an Iron Pipe Shoe Rack

Iron Pipe Shoe Rack
Iron Pipe Shoe Rack (via Instructables)

If you own a lot of shoes – and I mean, a lot of shoes – you can always pick the industrial style, and make your house look like the best boutique in town.

The iron pipe and wood combination makes it look slick and professional but still allows for plenty of creativity regarding the look you want it to have.

7. Organize Your Shoes with Wooden Crates

Entryway Organization
Entryway Organization (via The Merrythought)

By now, I’m sure you must know that wooden crates are virtually everywhere in every craft blog. And it’s not surprising, considering the multiple uses they seem to have.

It turns out, they also make wonderful shoe racks.

Pick a few, organize them in a geometrically-pleasing way, add a splash of color here and there, and that’s it! You have a fantastic shoe rack with virtually no effort.

8. A Shoe Rack with Faux Leather and Pipes

PVC Shoe Rack
PVC Shoe Rack (via Instructables)

Not every shoe rack has to ooze femininity and delicacy. This Instructables tutorial teaches the step-by-step on how to make a shoe rack out of faux leather and pipes – a hardened look that matches tougher aesthetics.

Not only it is slick and beautiful to look at, but it’s also incredibly easy to design and create!

9. Ladder and Pine Wood Make an Incredible Shoe Rack

DIY Update: The Ladder Shoe Shelf
DIY Update: The Ladder Shoe Shelf (via A Pair & A Spare)

Oh, ladders! So multifunctional and so easy to customize.

Not only do they make fantastic shelves, but they are also great shoe racks! A Pair & A Spare instructs how to bring a new life to your forgotten wooden ladder with the help of some pine wood.

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Your shoes will look so good there.

10. A Floating Copper Shoe Rack might be the Solution!

Copper Shoe Rack
Copper Shoe Rack (via Fresh Crush)

Alright, the ladder shoe shelf is impressive, but let’s be real – it takes so much space. If you want something a bit more discreet and practical, this floating copper shoe rack might be just what you need.

Elegant and inconspicuous, this design is simple to make, takes little to no space, and adds a touch of sophistication.

11. Design a Geometrical Shoe Rack with Cardboard

Super Space Saving Diy Shoe Rack ( For $0 )
Super Space Saving DIY Shoe Rack (For $0) (via A Piece of Rainbow)

What is better than cheap? Free, of course!

Believe it or not, you can make eye-catching and durable shoe racks out of leftover cardboard – both the environment and your finances will thank you.

The triangular shape of this design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also makes the smartest, most effective use of the available space.

12. Go for a Small and Convenient Shoe Rack

To Make: Shoe Rack
To make: shoe rack (via Not Martha)

Simplicity never goes out of fashion – less is more, and a basic design often goes a long way.

This shoe rack is the embodiment of said belief. Made out of simple wood planks, it proves to be small, simple, and incredibly useful. Take a look at the tutorial to know the step-by-step of this convenient design.

13. Too Many Shoes? Build a Shoe Shrine!

Shoe Shrine Shelves
Shoe Shrine Shelves (via Ana White)

If you have more shoes than what you can fit in one, two, or even three of the previous shoe racks, then this is for you. The ultimate solution to your dilemma.

These shelves allow you to store as many pairs of shoes as your available space allows. It’s also perfect for purses, hats, and even as a regular shelf in the living room.

14. Use Pretty Baskets for this Bench and Shoe Storage Combo

A Bench & Shoe Storage DIY
A Bench & Shoe Storage DIY (via Trey & Lucy)

Whimsical, pretty, and oh-so-charming, Trey & Lucy created the single most fun way to store shoes by the entryway.

Label each basket with your family members and keep the shoes secured safely under a practical and multipurpose bench – disorder doesn’t exist if it can’t be seen!

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15. Hide Everything with this Secret Shoe Cabinet

Hide Everything with this Secret Shoe Cabinet
Hidden Shoe Cabinet (via Handmade Heaven)

Not everyone wants to display their shoes proudly. Some prefer discretion and pragmatism while still keeping their pairs organized and safe.

The solution to this dilemma is a hidden shoe cabinet like the one displayed by Handmade Heaven. Each drawer can store a given number of shoes, yet the furniture looks inconspicuous and discrete.

16. Old Skateboards? New Shoe Racks!

Old Skateboards? New Shoe Racks!
DIY Skateboard Shelfs (via Rachel Metz)

He was a sk8ter boi, she said “let’s use your old skateboards to build a new shoe rack”. While this is nothow Avril Lavigne’s song goes, it’s exactly what this tutorial is all about.

Make use of old, forgotten skateboards to create a practical and fun shoe rack that is as functional as it is great to look at.

17. Save Space with Hexagonal Shoe Racks

Hexagon DIY Shoe Rack
Hexagon DIY Shoe Rack (via Kaleidoscope Living)

Hexagonal cubbies are not only gorgeous, but they also help you use every space available in a smarter way. Thus, hexagonal shoe racks are both clever and aesthetically pleasing.

According to your wardrobe’s size and number of shoes, you can make as many hexagonal boxes as you need, and assemble them in any way you see convenient.

18. PVC Pipes make Incredible Shoe Racks

Build a Low-Cost Shoe Rack Using PVC Pipes
Build a Low-Cost Shoe Rack Using PVC Pipes (via MacGyverisms)

It turns out PVC pipes can make for pretty useful shoe racks.

Similar to the hexagonal shoe rack described above, PVC pipes allow you to construct a massive structure that can host as many shoe pairs as your space will enable you to.

Minimalistic, low-cost, and secure, this is clearly a solution you should consider.

19. Turn Magazine Racks into Shoe Racks

Spontan x 6 = shoe rack
Spontan x 6 = shoe rack (via Ikea Hackers)

It turns out that IKEA magazine racks can hold far more than just old catalogs.

They are flexible, inexpensive, and allow you to save space by its vertical structure. While the tutorial doesn’t explain so, this magazine rack arrangement can also be painted and customized – so give it a go!

20. An Elegant Entryway Shoe Rack that Matches Every Style

Entryway Diy Shoe Rack
Entryway DIY Shoe Rack (via Angela Marie Made)

Can you imagine this shoe rack costs less than $15?

With a design that stands out due to its class and versatility, this entryway shoe rack allows you to store your shoes, purses, and other clothing items in an organized and dignified manner.

Best part? It’s multipurpose, so you can use it as a bench or decorative furniture!

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