20 Innovative Closet Door Ideas To Boost Your Creativity

by craftyclub

Your closet door may not be the entrance to a magical land like Narnia, but that does not mean it can’t look like it.

Instead of conforming yourself to dull standards and mass-produced doors, display your creativity and crafty skills by customizing your closet door to your heart’s content. Make it fit your individual style and change the entire look of your room in one go.

Don’t know where to start? Inspire yourself with the following closet door ideas – each one more enticing than the previous one.

1. Say oui with these French Closet Doors

DIY Interior French Doors
DIY Interior French Doors (via Woodshop Diaries)

Turn your closet door into a portal to the French countryside by following the instructions of this helpful tutorial.

Doors that open outside, a central panel, and that rustic yet charming wood finish gives it a lovely yet imperfect vibe that oozes personality and energy. Compliment it with some floral decorations for that well-rounded rural aesthetic.

2. Go Shabby Chic with a Closet Door made out of Pallets

Old pallets are transformed into the perfect closet door
Old pallets are transformed into the perfect closet door (via Island Packet)

Old, unused pallets have multiple uses in the arts and crafts world. It turns out that they also make some of the best barn doors you’ve ever seen – perfect for your wardrobe.

While you are free to paint and decorate them as you see fit, there is a certain charm in displaying the natural colors of the wood itself. Give it a go!

3. Design Whimsical Chalkboard Closet Doors

DIY Chalkboard Closet Doors
DIY Chalkboard Closet Doors (via Wispy House)

Why should you stick to a straightforward design, when you can turn a closet door into an outlet for your creativity?

Chalk paint allows you to transform a closet door into Doodle Capital – the delight of kids and artsy adults alike. You can either leave a permanent drawing design or change your masterpiece every other week.

4. Give Your Closet a Pied-à-terre Aesthetic

Turn Your Plain Closet Doors into MAJOR Style Statements
Turn Your Plain Closet Doors into MAJOR Style Statements (via One Kings Lane)

The European pied-à-terre style is a beautiful combination of vintage, countryside, and elegance – and you can bring it to your bedroom in a few steps.

The splash of mint color makes the design stand out visually, while the gorgeous faux-plaster ceiling medallion adds a delicate design touch that is hard to ignore.

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5. Use Panel Molding to give Your Closet a Fresh Makeover

Update Your Closet With This Flat Panel Door Makeover!
Update Your Closet With This Flat Panel Door Makeover! (via Driven By Décor)

Flat doors are boring. They lack depth and texture, and boring closet doors mean boring bedrooms.

Luckily, there is a fast solution for this – cheap panel molding.

It allows you to create the design you like the most and add an extra layer to your closet door. Compliment it with a minimalistic color palette that creates contrast, and you’re done!

6. Add a Faux Trim Molding Effect to Your Sliding Closet Doors

Painted Sliding Closet Doors: Faux Trim Effect
Painted Sliding Closet Doors: Faux Trim Effect (via The Sweetest Digs)

Trim molding makes everything look slightly more fancy and delicate. The Sweetest Digs puts that concept to good use and created a way to paint closet doors in a way that makes them resemble trim.

Faux trim is a simple painting technique so you can do it in only half a day, and the results are positively stunning.

7. Faux Shiplap Adds a Rustic, Chic Touch to Your Closet

Bi-fold To Faux Shiplap French Closet Doors
Bi-Fold to Faux Shiplap French Closet Doors (via Bright Green Door)

Shiplap is one of those wooden board types that translate, instantly, into that barn style so many of us go after.

Thankfully, recreating that iconic style is quite easy. Make use of plywood strips cut symmetrically to build your own faux shiplap closet door, and use chalk paint to give them that stylish, aged look.

8. Add Cork Boards for Extra Customization!

Cork Board Closet Doors: Boring, Flat Doors No More!
Cork Board Closet Doors: Boring, Flat Doors No More! (via Driven by Décor)

Having lovely closet doors is incredible, but allowing you to modify them directly according to your needs is an aspect that elevates the design to another level.

This idea incorporates cork boards to your closet doors. Not only it enhances its looks, but it also allows you to pin important messages, photos, or posters right within reach!

9. Don’t Ditch Your Bi-fold Closet Doors – Transform them!

Bi-fold Closet Doors Makeover
Bi-Fold Closet Doors Makeover (via She Holds Dearly)

Bi-fold doors are seen as unfashionable and old at this point. But instead of getting rid of them, you can always enhance them through an extreme makeover.

A clean, polished, minimalistic look with a touch of color is all you need. Thankfully, She Holds Dearly not only give you the idea – but they also uploaded a complete step-by-step guide!

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10. Got Students at Home? Help them with a Marker Board Closet Door

Markerboard Closet doors
Markerboard Closet Doors (via Houzz)

Alright, we’ll be the first to admit this – marker boards are not the most beautiful concepts for home decoration.

However, sometimes practicality trumps aesthetics, and in a student’s room, this might be an asset. Let them write, plan, and sketch to their heart’s content – it might help with classes!

11. Give Your Closet the Farmhouse Look with this Barn Door!

DIY Barn Door Under $10 in 30 Minutes
DIY Barn Door Under $10 in 30 minutes (via Gathered in the Kitchen)

Anything rustic is in – cottages, farmhouses, and barns are all the rage in home decoration lately.

Having a barn door may seem like a complicated task, but it doesn’t have to be – not when you have this tutorial at your disposition. Within 30 minutes and with a minimal budget you’ll be able to give your closet the farmhouse look you’ve always wanted.

12. Change the Bi-fold Doors and go for Curtains Instead

Replacing Bi-Fold Closet Doors with Curtains: Our Closet Makeover
Replacing Bi-Fold Closet Doors with Curtains: Our Closet Makeover (via Driven By Décor)

Sometimes, a makeover is not enough. No matter what you do, your closet doors won’t look right, so you just want to get rid of the whole thing.

Luckily, there is an easy and virtually inexpensive solution – curtains! They are practical, simple, and incredibly beautiful.

13. Give Barn Doors an Elegant, City Touch

Barn Door DIY
By TheWoodedLane (via Instagram)

While most people enjoy barn doors when they exhibit their natural wood colors and charm, there is nothing wrong with adding a touch of paint.

This slick black look brings the elegance of the city to the barn trend, creating a trendy mix of styles that enhances the color palette of the room it is in.

Imagine how nice it’d look in a closet!

14. Make Your Wardrobe Stand out with Color

Easy Accent Wall Treatment Ideas
Easy Accent Wall Treatment Ideas (via Monica Wants It)

Sometimes, you don’t really need to modify your closet door’s structure. The design is gorgeous, the style fits your aesthetics, but something is missing.

That something might just be a splash of color.

You can make use of contrasts and the color theory to make your closet door stand out against the rest of the bedroom. For example, this gorgeous shade of coral pink is impossible to ignore.

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15. Combine a Criss-Cross Design with Mirrors

Mirrors are an everlasting decoration item, and they are long-time favorites when it comes to closet doors.

However, the even surface of a mirror can become quite dull, so mixing it up with trendy criss-cross designs can add dynamism to the door’s image, not to mention a certain elegance and sophistication.

16. Go for Ruffled Draperies instead of Doors

Drapery Panels for Closet Doors
Drapery Panels for Closet Doors (via Dorsey Designs)

The best designs are the ones that you can make yourself in half an hour, and for less than $10 – like this one!

Ruffled draperies add texture and a sense of movement to an otherwise flat room. This constant flow can turn a stiff room into a more relaxed, welcoming environment.

For an extra touch, go for a colorful fabric that stands out!

17. A Asian-inspired Sliding Door with Mirrors might do the Trick

Closet Doors Stanley Mirrored
Closet Doors Stanley Mirrored (via Pinterest)

The use of mirrors and the gorgeous simplicity of Eastern Asian households combine to inspire us with this slick, minimalistic look.

The Japanese-inspired sliding doors feature multiple mirror panels that, combined with the dark wood of the structure, bring a mature charm and timeless style to your closet door.

18. Frosted Glass Gliding Doors are Innovative and Original

Frosted Glass Gliding Doors
Frosted Glass Gliding Doors (via Pinterest)

If you are interested in mirror closet doors, perhaps you should take a look at frosted glass instead.

Elegant and distinguished, the elaborate patterns on top of frosted glass doors only allow an opaque look at the inside of your closet and remain eye-catching through their delicate structure.

19. Distressed Barn Doors are made for Shabby Chic Enthusiasts

Vintage door Replica
Vintage door Replica (via Etsy)

We’ve seen many takes on the barn door aesthetic, but without a doubt the shabby chic one stands out.

Achieving this look is quite easy – paint a barn door with chalk paint and then age it strategically by distressing the top layer progressively. The result will be a vintage-looking door that will add a touch of color to any space.

20. Go for a Boho Chic Curtain!

Make Your Own Macrame Curtain
Make Your Own Macrame Curtain (via A Beautiful Mess)

The boho-chic style is all about being free—an inviting, relaxed look that disregards complications to favor a coziness and warmth.

Achieve that bohemian look with this curtain design for your wardrobe—a knitted, textured drape that reminds you of the beach and faraway places.

And very inexpensive, too!

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