Increase Your Home Value With These Fun and Simple DIY Projects

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Increase Your Home Value With These Fun and Simple DIY Projects

A good home is made better through good craftsmanship. The option to purchase from the store to furnish your home is an appropriate start, but customization makes things pop.

If you anticipate selling your home at some stage, a touch of impressive personalization can go a long way in improving your home’s value. These items become unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that turn passive viewers into eager buyers.

How can you make your house go from hopeful to the height of hip? Take a look at some of these easy-enough projects. Save a weekend to get your hands dirty and you’ll have standout pieces to make your home sparkle!

1. Crown Molding

Crown molding ads an aspect to your home that sharpens it. The experience of walking into a room becomes heightened when the archways and walls that reveal themselves as artwork.

Crown moldings and door moldings can be be shaped, painted, and perfected to match the style of your house. With easy-to-follow instructions readily available and very frugal out-of-pocket expense, this small touch is essential for improving the value of your home.

2. Chalkboard Wall

When considering projects to improve home value, you want them to POP! Something useful and attractive is bound to make potential buyers excited about your house and willing to take the next steps.

A chalkboard wall is easy to do and easy to customize into something unique. Play with the ideas of framing, shaping, and placement of your chalk wall and watch the good impressions soar!

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3. Decking Area

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck
How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck (via Hoosier Homemade)

Home is where the heart is. It’s where you return to relax and kick your feet up. Especially if you’re in a rural setting, buyers will want to see that there is a chance to enjoy the house on the inside and on the outside.

Installing a decking area is a fabulous way to improve the worth of your property. This can be as easy as laying some wood palettes in the yard or adding a full deck to your house!

Throw some furnishings on your self-made oasis and buyers will be clamoring for their ticket to unwind in peace.

4. Kitchen Cabinets

Every home (hopefully!) has kitchen cabinets. It’s a given, and as such it sometimes becomes an oversight. Taking some extra care to spruce up your kitchen cabinets can make for a statement when someone views the house that they won’t get in neighboring homes.

There are a few easy options for giving your kitchen cabinet a makeover

  • A fresh coat of paint can liven even the most outdated cabinets. Choose a solid color that pops or an artistic approach like sponging or stenciling. Make sure it matches the kitchen!
  • Changing the panels gives you some added freedom to input pizazz. Try stained glass, thrifted tin, or wire mesh. They all provide a unique, refreshed look at these often unsightly staples of a home.
  • Cabinet handles can be the center of concentration considering they’re the place you look when you need to access your pantry. Switch these up to match the style of the home!
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5. Storage Space

Hidden Fridge Gap Slide-Out Pantry
Hidden Fridge Gap Slide-Out Pantry (via Instructables)

People are inherently lazy. They don’t want to have to consider how they’re going to make their things work in a house with limited storage.

It’s easy to add some storage opportunity to your home that will entice potential buyers to increase their asking price. Hanging pots in the kitchen.

Increase Your Home Value With These Fun and Simple DIY Projects
Image by Pinterest

Elevating your laundry room, or just sliding some more shelving behind the fridge can give a sense of purpose and ease to all spaces.

6. Add Mirrors

DIY RH French Window Pane Oversized Mirror
DIY RH French Window Pane Oversized Mirror (via The Rozy Home)

Mirrors give space dimension. If you have a smaller house or some rooms seem cluttered, a beautiful mirror can come in handy. It becomes a DIY project if you try some shapes or making it look like a window.

Rearranging and crafting the right layout is a unique approach visually expanding any room! It’s also easy to make it uniquely your own by adding accents around the frame.

7. Walkway Lights

Solar Glowing Lanterns by the Path
Solar Glowing Lanterns by the Path (via
Christopher Sherwin)

Curb appeal is a major aspect of the home-selling process. You want your house to look good from all angles. First impressions matter, and what the potential buyer sees from the street can have a major bearing on their potential offer.

This involves a little bit of landscaping. Walkway lights come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to create the right look for your home. Simple points along the path, handmade lanterns, or softly-lit trees can create a welcoming evening for guests and buyers alike.

8. Rain-Gutter Waterfall

Rain-Gutter Waterfall

Curb appeal is a multi-faceted conception. Another great way to dazzle guests is to beautify the otherwise unsightly necessities of your house.

The rain gutter is a quick and easy start. Choosing slate or rocks that can be built into an appealing design beneath the gutter will create a flow of water that’s easy on the eyes.

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9. Flower Boxes

Easy Flower Window Box DIY
Easy Flower Window Box DIY (via Katusha Henderson)

The cherry on top for outdoor landscaping: flowers. You can simply plant some flowers in an appealing way, or you can take it a step further with some flower boxes.

A well-maintained flower box or garden ats vibrant life to any property! Try ones that are free-standing or easy hanging boxes to showcase your flora.

10. Tree Ring

 Quick and easy tree ring
Quick and easy tree ring (via Sweetcs Designs)

While you’re maintaining the plant-life, don’t forget the elders. A tree in the front yard is nice but can be made a real statement piece with the right accessory.

Ringing your tree with bricks, flowers, or both is a perfect addition to the natural landscape. It makes the tree more of a purposeful accent that can set the vibe of your house apart.

11. Somewhere to Sit

Diy $40 Farmhouse Porch Swing
Diy $40 Farmhouse Porch Swing (via Shanty 2 chic)

Even when the house looks beautiful from the outside, you’ll need a place to enjoy your handy-work. This can be a porch-swing, a lawn bench, or even a hammock!

Diy Hammock Stand
Diy Hammock Stand (via Here Comes The Sun Blog)

12. Welcome Post

DIY Welcome Post
DIY Welcome Post (via Optimum Garden)

If you’re having guests, you want them to feel the warmth of your home. Nothing is easier and more warming than a nice welcome post. If you made it yourself, it helps to add that little extra friendliness!

A welcome post is an easy and accessible addition for any home. The sleek and simple design offers a plethora of room for personalization. You can choose color and shape of the post all while adding a unique hook and sign to top it off.

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