20 Easy And Unique Tv Stand Ideas For Your Next Project

by craftyclub

Audiovisual entertainment is a huge part of our lives. Whether you enjoy binge – watching your favorite series, playing your favorite game, or bonding with your peers with a terrible movie, odds are you spend some time in front of your TV.

So naturally, you want it to look at its best – enter TV stands.

Ensuring your furniture matches your tastes is important, and the best way to guarantee you get what you want is apparent.

Just make it yourself!

No need to be intimidated – these projects are more accessible than you think! Take a look at twenty easy and unique TV stand ideas for your ideal home.

1. Make a TV Stand within Five Minutes with Crates

DIY Crate TV Stand
DIY Crate TV Stand (via Cashmere & Plaid)

If we told you that you could have an incredible TV stand done in the time it takes to cook dinner, would you believe us?

You better do, because this gorgeous TV console is made out of crates and requires little-to-no effort, or expenses! Plus, who doesn’t like that rustic touch?

2. Go Minimalistic with this DIY TV Easel

DIY: TV Display Easel on Wheels
DIY: TV Display Easel on Wheels (via Remodelista)

Sometimes we don’t have enough space for grand TV stands, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go all out. Example? This TV display easel. Follow the step-by-step of this tutorial to achieve a simple yet fashionable TV stand that doesn’t require much room.

Minimalistic, chic, and incredibly inexpensive – give it a go!

3. Pallets and Hairpin Legs make Incredible TV Stands

DIY Pallet TV Stand
DIY Pallet TV Stand (via Preparing For Peanut(s))

Pallets are all-time favorites of DIY enthusiasts, and not without reason – they are affordable, multipurpose, and allow you to unleash your creativity.

And, as it turns out, they also make fantastic TV stands.

Rustic and charming, this tutorial explains how to have a rustic TV stand made out of pallets and hairpin legs within a week.

4. Repurpose an old dresser into a TV stand

How To Turn A Dresser Into A Tv Stand
How to Turn a Dresser into a TV Stand (via Two Twenty One)

The vintage aesthetic is here to stay, so forget about throwing away that old dresser you have lying around.

With minimal tools and endless creativity, you can transform it into a gorgeous TV stand that turns the age of your furniture into its fashionable strength.

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Best part? You have the freedom to customize it to your heart’s content!

5. Classics Never Fail with this Wood and Industrial Pipe TV Stand

Reclaimed Wood and Industrial Pipe TV Stand
DIY- Reclaimed Wood Industrial Pipe TV Stand (via Steemit)

Reclaimed wood’s versatility matches the clean, sleek look of industrial pipe, so it makes sense they both make a truly unmatched TV stand.

This weekend project will bring to life a gorgeous piece that matches any decoration style or space – make sure to check it out!

6. Go Industrial with a Wheeled TV Stand

DIY Industrial Style Media Stand With Wheels
DIY Industrial Style Media Stand With Wheels (via H2O Bungalow)

TV stands with wheels are clearly superior – they’re charming, practical, and so effortless to rearrange, even with back issues.

If you’re a fan of the industrial aesthetic, you should inspire yourself by this tutorial. Minimalistic yet fashionable, this project looks far more complicated to execute than it really is.

7. Go for a DIY Floating TV Stand

DIY Floating Wall Project – Build Your Own Bachelor Pad TV Stand
DIY Floating Wall Project – Build Your Own Bachelor Pad TV Stand (via Nex Luxury)

The elegance of floating furniture makes them seem expensive and complicated. However, they happen to be affordable projects that you can tackle within a weekend.

Example? This floating TV stand. Its elegance outweighs plenty of store-bought ones, with the added satisfaction of knowing you made it from scratch.

8. Looking for a TV Stand? Consider a Full DIY Wooden Media Wall!

DIY Wooden Media Wall / TV Panel
DIY Wooden Media Wall / TV Panel (via DIY & Crafts)

Some of us just have a lot of media. Beyond the TV, we have DVDs, CDs, gaming consoles, and a plethora of other devices.

What to do? Easy – get a wooden media wall! It’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Inspire yourself with this project made out of recycled wood, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

9. Add Extra Sophistication with this Curved Pallet TV Stand

DIY Wood Pallet TV Stand Plan
DIY Wood Pallet TV Stand Plan (via Pallet Ideas)

We already saw a gorgeous pallet TV stand project, but if you prefer a softer approach to this rustic aesthetic, then you must try this curved TV stand tutorial.

Granted, the project is lengthy and requires some commitment, but the results are worth it – a gorgeous piece of furniture that looks sophisticated and high-end.

10. A Corner TV Stand Might be what you Need

Creating an Inexpensive Playroom
Creating an Inexpensive Playroom (via Style With Cents)

Anyone familiar with decoration knows this – making smart use of the corners helps you save space. If so, why not design a gorgeous corner TV stand?

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Its original positioning adds an extra layer of dynamism to the spaces, not to mention it creates the illusion of depth and, best of all, it’s incredibly simple to pull off!

11. Go Rustic with a Barn Door TV Stand

Grandy Barn Door Console
Grandy Barn Door Console (via Ana White)

Barn doors are rustic yet comforting – they bring the warmth of the countryside straight home.

If so, why not use them to design a TV stand from scratch?

This project offers you a complete, detailed tutorial. Ranging from dimensions to instructions and graphics, it walks you on the step-by-step process of designing your dream TV stand.

12. X-Legged TV Stands are Gorgeous and Easy to Make

Diy X-leg Tv Stand
DIY X-Leg TV Stand (via Home Made by Carmona)

The best way to make your homemade TV stand look completely store-bought is by adding X-legs. They are a decoration that simply elevates the design of your piece.

With detailed plans and instructions, Home Made by Carmona helps you make this idea a reality. And hey, if you prefer it without the X legs, you can keep them out of the final design!

13. Repurpose an Old Door into a TV Console

Make a Repurposed Door TV Console
Make a Repurposed Door TV Console (via Saved by Love Creations)

So, you changed your doors. Planning on throwing away the old to make way for the new?

Think again.

That old, forgotten door can be repurposed into a brand-new TV console if you have the tools and creativity to make it happen. An inexpensive and eco-friendly way to give your living room the makeover it deserves!

14. Design a Charming Farmhouse-style TV Stand from Scratch

Build A Farmhouse Style Tv Console/sideboard
Build a Farmhouse Style TV Console/Sideboard (via Remodelaholic)

The farmhouse aesthetic won’t go out of fashion any sooner – luckily for us!

It’s because of this that Remodelaholic and The Gritty Porch teamed up to bring us the ultimate design and plans to make an elegant-yet-rustic piece.

Not convinced? It’s multipurpose – style it as a TV stand, a side table, and more!

15. Pick a Minimalistic Industrial Look with Concrete Blocks

Diy Tv Stand
DIY TV Stand (via Sofia Clara)

Can you make a sophisticated TV stand out of concrete blocks? Believe it or not, yes!

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Tailor-made for those that enjoy the industrial, minimalistic aesthetic of grey cement, this project is a simple, yet effective way to enhance the look of your entertainment area – give it a go!

16. Make a Chic, Elegant Stripped TV Stand.

Diy Tv Stand (You Can Build In A Weekend!)
DIY TV Stand (You Can Build In A Weekend) (via Grillo Designs)

Some things never go out of fashion. For example, stripes.

Create a timeless, chic TV stand within a weekend by following this tutorial. The project is tailor-made for beginners, as it requires minimal experience, is relatively affordable, and it won’t take much time.

Yet the result is gorgeous.

17. Customize an IKEA Stand into Your Ideal Version

5 easy ways to create a unique KALLAX TV Stand
5 easy ways to create a unique KALLAX TV Stand (via IKEA Hackers)

Not all DIY projects have to be made from scratch. Sometimes all we need is a couple of tips on how to customize what we already own.

For example, IKEA stands.

KALLAX units are some of the most popular items sold by the company, yet you can add your own personal touch to them according to your resources and creativity. Take a look at these inspirational ideas!

18. Design a Mid Century Modern TV stand

Mid Century Modern Media Console
Mid Century Modern Media Console (via Rogue Engineer)

The clean lines and minimalistic beauty of Mid-century modern designs make them an all-time favorite for every decoration enthusiast. Thus, a TV stand inspired by this style is bound to be a hit within your home.

The elegant, angled design of the stand’s legs genuinely makes it stand out as an original piece of art, fit for any living room.

19. Repurpose a Window Frame into an Original TV Console

Diy Tv Console

Old window frames are no longer disposable junk – they are a valuable treasure! In fact, they are excellent starting points for the design of your brand new TV console.

Don’t believe us? Check Two Feet First’s tutorial. You’ll be surprised to see how simple it is to turn it into a perfect media center.

20. Build a Gorgeous, Shabby Chic TV Stand

Tall Corner Media Console
Tall Corner Media Console (via Ana White)

We are in love with the imperfect beauty of the shabby chic style. Incorporate it to your TV stand by designing this tall media console.

Its height enhances your viewing experience, while the distressed paint finish gives it that flawed touch we can’t get enough of!

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