The 20 Best Creative Ways to Make Your Computer Desk a Work of Art

by craftyclub

In our modern society, having a space for your computer is just as important as having a bed for your dog. Whether you have a whole room for it or a small corner, there are plenty of ways that you can create a DIY computer desk on your own.

We gathered a few of the best and brightest designs to help turn various materials, including glass, metal, and wood, into a state-of-the-art computer desk. The world has also come along way since desktop computers, so all of these desks will be well-fitted to suit your laptop needs.

Whether it’s decor inspiration, hard and fast building, or just reorganizing, these DIY Computer Desks Ideas will have you excited to get to work.

1. Our DIY Computer Desk Reveal

Our DIY Computer Desk Reveal
Our DIY Computer Desk Reveal (via Love Create Celebrate)

One slab of wood, two file cabinets, and a back wall for shelving; those are the only components you need to create this computer desk. The shelves are hung so they look like they’re floating, and the matching desk top ties it all together into an elegant set up.

2. Suspended Wooden Desk

Wall Mount Computer Desk with Wire
Wall Mount Computer Desk with Wire (via Pinterest)

This simplistic look makes this computer desk one that’s chic, timeless, and unique all together. The delicate touch of hanging plants behind it helps to create a calming environment, perfect for when you need to log in to a call or get started working from home!

3. Wooden Pallet Computer Desk

diy pallet computer desk
Diy Pallet Computer Desk (via Pinterest)

Wooden pallets make for amazing DIY opportunities, and that includes the computer desk. In this design, the pallet becomes the backdrop, and it’s the suspended desk (like the one above) that you’ll actually set up on. It’s easy and minimalist!

4. Pallet Table Desk

Pallet Table Desk
Pallet Table Desk (via Homedit)

You thought we could stop at just one? Not when it comes to wooden pallets! This DIY computer desk puts the pallets firmly on the ground and stacked (and secured!), created a desk out of an assortment of them. It’s easy to set up, and a perfect way to create additional space without getting too crafty.

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5. Curved Computer Desk

Curved Computer Desk
Curved Computer Desk (via Pinterest)

This computer desk is a simple design that adds a touch of handmade allure to your space. It uses the tried and true base desk with file cabinet beneath a floating shelf, but adds a smooth, curved surface for added space so you can swivel from side to side and stay focused.

6. Simple Pallet Desk

Simple Pallet Desk
Simple Pallet Desk (via Pinterest)

Here we go again! The pallet seems to be an ace in the hole for DIY tasks, and this third desk is another example of its flexibility. Presumably sliced in half and then placed vertically, connected by a board, this DIY desk is a great way to utilize a small space.

7. Ladder Desk

Ladder Desk
Ladder Desk (via Pinterest)

Moving up and beyond the pallet desks is the ladder desk. This statement-making DIY desk is not only stunning, it’s incredibly easy. The ladder style makes it a no brainer to use the bottom rung as your workspace with shelving overhead.

8. Desk with Wicker Drawers

DIY Desk Ideas (via Pinterest)

Both quaint and useful, this white-stained desk has an antique feel to it with plenty of space to store your important documents. It also offers a great chance to flex your creativity. Easily swap out the drawers for other designs when you like or change the colors with the seasons.

9. Door Desk

Desk DIY Recycle old door into new desk
Desk DIY Recycle old door into new desk (via Handy Father)

Repurposed wood is a fabulous way to find yourself with a lovely new spin on a unique computer desk… all while getting to upcycle old goods. The door acts as the desk itself, layed over two other supports. Adding a sheet of glass creates the smooth surface you would want with the rustic surprise interior.

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10. Rounded Corner Desk

Rounded Corner Desk
Rounded Corner Desk (via Pinterest)

A perfect fit for tight corners, this DIY desk arches like a rainbow. It’s a simple design that requires some very specific measurements to fit your personal space, but can be a great way to position yourself near bright windows in a cool breeze. Add shelves on top if it suits your style or let this be the main event.

11. Slotted Corner Computer Desk

Slotted Corner Computer Desk
Slotted Corner Computer Desk (via Pinterest)

Making the most of your space is a key factor in deciding to make a desk. Corner desks allow for flexibility, but this desk allows you to take your important corner space to the next level. It swivels into an existing storage area as just another one of the drawers. Pull up a chair and get to work when you need to, close it up and let it all blend in after hours. A great way to forget about work while you’re relaxing at home!

12. Simple desk with shelving

Simple desk with shelving
Simple desk with shelving (via Pinterest)

Corners and shelves are the ideal way to save and create space, especially in kids’ rooms or small apartments. This corner desk keeps it very simple, and stacks everything you need upwards to maximize the storage.

13. Rustic Kitchen Desk

Rustic Kitchen Desk
Rustic Kitchen Desk (via Pinterest)

This kitchen desk is great when you’re providing a rustic feel to your home. With a pair of sturdy bearings and a sleek table design, it comes to life quickly and easily. You have full flexibility to paint it or design it however you like.

14. Rope Desk

Rope Desk
Pair or Single Tall Plug-In Sconces (via Style Of Ages)

For those with a taste for the nautical vibe, this rope desk is an awesome way to set up shop for business or homework. It attaches a board right to the wall with a pair of ropes. Somewhat like a swing, but more sturdy, a desk becomes fully functional in the blink of an eye.

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15. Pipe Desk

Study desk ideas for kids room
Study desk ideas for kids room (via Pinterest)

Pipes give off that industrial feel, and they become a very useful element in DIY crafts. It’s this desk that uses the hearty piping material to make it something you can rely on to hold your assignments.

16. Pallet/2×4 Desk

Pallet/2x4 Desk
Pallet/2×4 Desk (via Pinterest)

What’s a DIY list without a 2×4? This desk combines the best of two fan-favorite DIY items: the 2×4 and the pallet. If those two things are sturdy you can count on having a trusted desk underneath you with multi-layers on top. Maximal productivity, minimal money spent.

17. Apothecary Desk

Diy Floating Desk With Storage
Diy Floating Desk With Storage (via Shanty 2 Chic)

Like for putting potions, but better. This desk is mounted right on the wall and features built in storage. Just lift the top and stash your essentials–even your laptop. When you’re done for the day you can put it all away to keep clutter at bay.

18. Wooden Horse Desk

Diy Concrete Desk
Diy Concrete Desk (via The Merrythought)

With a concrete slab on the top and two white painted wooden horses to support it, this desk is absolutely easy to do. It’s also sturdy enough to rely on for the long haul, making it a time investment that is well-worth it.

19. Piped Shelf Desk

Piped Shelf Desk
Piped Shelf Desk (via Pinterest)

Using piping for desk is easy and it can go as far as you want it to. In this case, that means two extra levels of shelf storage made exceedingly easy to access. The legs here are also made from pipes, tying it all together and revealing an industrial-chic computer desk.

20. DIY Gaming Desk

DIY to the Max: Custom Desk and Monitor/Speaker Stand
DIY to the Max: Custom Desk and Monitor/Speaker Stand (via Imgur)

Computers aren’t just for work. Sometimes, they’re for play. We couldn’t even fathom leaving out an option for a DIY gaming desk. Keep all of your essential items within reach by mounting them to the desk. Now your focus can remain on the controller, keyboard, or mousepad, but most importantly, the high score.

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