The Best 21 Eye-catching Super Easy DIY Hanging Mason Jars Lights

by craftyclub

Mason Jars are considered the queens of DIY projects. These best-loved Jars are crowned with this title for a reason – they are one of the most versatile household items, which makes them ideal DIY items as they can be used in a variety of innovative ways.

For DIY projects, this means limitless, interesting options that will bring thrill and joy to the DIY lovers’ hearts.

While some of the usages of the Mason Jars are considered quite predictable and ordinary, such as using them for storage or transforming them into adorable cups, other usages can turn out to be quite outstanding, innovative and mind-blowing to a degree that will not only leave you astonished but they will also make you admire the creative side of their inventors.

Today, we will go over 21 of these remarkable, visionary, artistic DIY Hanging Mason Jar Lights projects that will make you want to jump off your chair and run to the kitchen to grab a Mason Jar and start a project of your own.

The best part of these ideas?

They are not only ingenious but also super easy to make!

Without further ado, here are the best 21 options for DIY Mason Jar Lights:

1. The Easiest Ever Fairy Magic Mason Jar Lights

Magical Diy Hanging Mason Jar Lights (Easiest Ever!)
Magical Diy Hanging Mason Jar Lights (Easiest Ever!) (via A Piece Of Rainbow)

Beginner DIY lovers, we are starting with you. These fairy magical Mason jar lights are effortless to make, and you will be able to do them with items you already have at home, such as recycled Mason glass Jar, some wires, and/or dry cleaner’s wire hangers. For the process, you will need some needle nose pliers and wire cutters just to help you with the sharpening and cutting process. If you want to bring some fairy magic light into your backyard or balcony, just follow the steps given on the link below!

2. Going Rustic with DIY Rope Wrapped Mason Jar Lights

DIY Rope Wrapped Mason jar Lights
DIY Rope Wrapped Mason jar Lights (via Collective Gen)

Although the rustic style has been around for centuries, it feels like in recent years it got “rediscovered” once again as interior designs began falling head-over-heels in love with it once again.

The truth is, we can’t blame them. But if you don’t like to spend a ton of money on rustic lights, but you still want them in your home, you will love this DIY Rope Wrapped Mason Jar Lights. Grab your old, rusty rope, your favorite Mason Jar, a plugin light fixtures with a 25w lightbulb, skewer, and super glue and let the fun begin! (Step-by-step instructions on the link).

3. Can We go with a Rustic DIY Mason Jar Wall Lanterns?

Rustic DIY Mason Jar Wall Lanterns
Rustic DIY Mason Jar Wall Lanterns (via A Southern Fairytale)

Yes, we most certainly can! If you prefer wall lanterns over pendants, then this is the right choice for you! The process, albeit simple, might take a couple of hours, but it will be worth it! For best results, use darker wooden planks and worn-out, brushed bronze, metal 4″plant hanger hooks that will make your wall lanterns even edgier.

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4. Pump Up the Glam with the Led Mason Jar Lights

Led Mason Jar Lights
Led Mason Jar Lights (via Sarah Hearts)

The best projects always incorporate modern, up-to-date lighting with traditional styles. This is the case with these Led Mason Jar lights which are simply the best, must-have DIY lights for the upcoming summer weddings! Rustic barn or out in the open weddings, this perfect blend of rustic and tech will wow everyone for sure!

5. Modern, Industrial-like DIY Mason Jar Pendant Lights

{diy} Mason Jar Pendant Light
{DIY} Mason Jar Pendant Light (via Home Is What You Make It)

Clean, simple, and neat – these Mason Jar Pendant Lights are simple as ABC to make; due to their sleek, modern, industrial-like look, these DIY Mason Jar Pendant lights can be ideal for indoor lighting as well as outdoor. Over your kitchen island or night table, perhaps to bring light to your reading chair, or on your porch? The hardest part about these lights would be the decision on where to put them.

6. Let’s Make an Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier for $10!

Make An Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier For $10
Make An Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier For $10 (via Shanty 2 Chic)

No, we didn’t forget to add another zero, you can make an outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier for $10! Vintage and alluring, this Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier costs next to nothing to make, and even better, it is so simple and easy to make that even your kids can participate in the process. Are you up for an adventure?

7. Fun, idiot-proof Fall Mason Jar Craft Lights

Fall Mason Jar Craft
Fall Mason Jar Craft (via Sugar Bee Crafts)

Fall Mason Jar Craft lights are colorful, idiot-proof, straightforward, and most importantly fun to make. If you are looking for an ideal autumn DIY project which you can enjoy making with your kids, family, or friends, look no further! The process is not only super easy but also the varieties for these Mason Jar Craft lights are endless; if you don’t want them to be autumn leaves, just change the shape and customize it according to your taste!

8. No sweat Mason Jar Lantern Garland

Mason Jar Lantern Garland
Mason Jar Lantern Garland (via Francois Et Moi)

If you are not in the mood for wrestling with extension cords and fighting with complex tech lights, the no-sweat Mason Jar Lantern Garland is the thing you for you! Powered by battery-operated Led inserts, decorated with rustic rope and vintage Mason Jars, this Lantern Garland will turn your garden/balcony/porch into the ultimate, chill, relaxing oasis.

9. Unique DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Light

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Light
DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Light (via The Quaint Sanctuary)

If you can’t resist the simple farmhouse charm and the coziness it brings, this DIY project will warm your heart! You don’t even have to buy new light fixtures, you can search your garage and use some of the old ones and transform them into new, adorable ones that bring an edgy vibe to your bathroom. The process is effortless, like shooting fish in a barrel. Moreover, it will only take you an hour and a half max.

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10. Elegant, Blue Mason Jar Candles

DIY Blue Mason Jars Candles
DIY Blue Mason Jars Candles (via Fabulessly Frugal)

Easy as can be, the blue Mason Jar Candles are elegant and pretty, and you won’t have to break a sweat in the process of making them. It’s just amazing what one can do with some salt, food coloring, and a candle! If you are curious, and completely in love with them as much as we are, just follow the instructions bellow and light up your living room!

11. Classical Mason Jar Lights

Mason Jar Lights
Mason Jar Lights (via Cedar Hill Farmhouse)

Nothing compares with the romance that the classical Mason Jar Lights bring. With just a simple 12 gauge wire which you wrap around the lip of the good, old Mason jar, and bending it upwards to create a handle, you will be able to create these romantic, classical Mason Jar Lights in no time! Just don’t forget to make a small “s” hook to hang your lanterns on the rope!

12. Going Solar: DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

Diy Mason Jar Solar Lights
Diy Mason Jar Solar Lights (via Todays Creative Life)

The core in many DIY projects is the need to preserve, reuse, and recycle already existing items and create something new, innovative, and useful. This project goes even step further into eco-friendliness by making the Mason jar lights solar through using solar yard lights. On top of that, this DIY is quite easily done and fast.

13. Where tech meets DIY: Techno-Tiki RGB LED Torch Mason Jar Lights

Techno-Tiki RGB LED Torch
Techno-Tiki RGB LED Torch (via Adafruit)

Who is ready for a challenge? These Techno-Tiki RGB Led Torch lights bring the colorfulness and glow to an entirely new level. Contrary to what you may think, these are not hard to make; according to their creator, they are “built from around Gemma will work with the original, v2 or M0 combined with a NeoPixel strip placed inside a mason jar that’s filled with diffuse material. The jar slides right into a bamboo tiki torch and turns it into a techno-tiki torch that glows with cyber-Hawaiian ambiance.” If you are ready to challenge yourself and light up your summer parties, festivals, family/friends gatherings, then keep on reading on the link below!

14. Vintage DIY Mason Jar Vanity Light

DIY Mason Jar Vanity Light
DIY Mason Jar Vanity Light (via Bless’er House)

For less than $10, (creator’s receipt was 6$) you can create unique, breathtaking vintage DIY Mason Jar Vanity light that will give character to your room. You can choose whatever color you want, but from our experience, you can never go wrong with black!

15. Eco-friendly Mason Jar Solar Lights

Mason Jar Solar Lights
Mason Jar Solar Lights (via Garden Therapy)

Summer nights are for cocktails and beer, the smell of freshly cut grass and the sounds of laughter and your favorite song in the background. The recipe for these summers are easy, all you need is a way to keep the bugs away and little fancy light to light up space! A way to achieve this is with these eco-friendly Mason Jar solar lights. All you need is your beloved Mason Jar, stake solar light, double-sided foam tape or glue, and a little bit of your time and devotion and you will be ready for the summer. Now, you will only have to worry about the bugs.

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16. Magical Mason Jar Oil Lamp ( DIY Oil Candles In 2 Minutes! )

Magical Mason Jar Oil Lamp ( Diy Oil Candles In 2 Minutes! )
Magical Mason Jar Oil Lamp ( Diy Oil Candles In 2 Minutes! ) (via A Piece Of Rainbow)

Did you know that one of the oldest forms of light source that man is using for over 10 000 years is an oil lamp/candle? Well, this option is a modern, nature-inspired twist of these oil lambs! Made swiftly, these dramatic, conspicuous, Magical Mason Jar Oil lamps will be done in 2 minutes and will be the center of attention of everyone for sure!

17. Authentic Bird Nest Mason Jar DIY Lamp

Bird Nest Mason Jar DIY Lamp
Bird Nest Mason Jar DIY Lamp (via Consumer Crafts)

Fun to make, not so easy to break – this authentic Bird Nest Mason Jar Lamp is anything but basic! Extravagant, eye-catching, and quite creative, this lamp is not as hard to make as it may look like at first sight. With a tiny bit of imagination as well as one afternoon of your devoted attention, this authentic lamp can be part of your home too!

18. Mason Jar 6 Light Edison Hanging Lamp

Mason Jar 6 Light Edison Hanging Lamp
Mason Jar 6 Light Edison Hanging Lamp (via Instructables)

In every room, there is always this piece of furniture or décor that simply screams, “All eyes on me!” This Mason Jar 6 Light Edison Hanging Lamp is precisely that type of light. Eye-popping, rustic, innovative, this Mason Jar Hanging lamp will light up and beautify your space, and will cost you next to nothing!

19. Ombre-colored DIY Mason Jar Night Light

Mason Jar Night Light Diy
Mason Jar Night Light Diy (via Momdot)

From hair trends to pillow-case designs, ombre is just that stubborn trend that refuses to go away. It’s colorfulness simply sparks joy and happiness, so why not bring that on our night table? These ridiculously easy Ombre-colored Mason Jar Night Lights are the perfect gift for everyone, from kids to teens, even fun adults who like bringing some color into their world.

20. Adorable Firefly Mason Jar Light

Adorable Firefly Mason Jar Light
Firefly Mason Jar (via Diy Network)

Fireflies in the navy-blue summer skies for many of us are background descriptions of our fondest, childhood memories. In just a couple of minutes, you can create adorable, Firefly Mason Jar Light that will take you on a trip down memory lane! Simple, easy, and magical!

21. Spooky Mason Jar Lid Lighted Pumpkins

Spooky Mason Jar Lid Lighted Pumpkins
Mason Jar Lid Lighted Pumpkins (via Crafty Morning)

In the spirit of autumn magic, the spooky Mason Jar Lid Lighted Pumpkins are more cheerful and festive than anything else. This time, we are getting creative with the lids instead of the jar, and creating this bubbly, cinnamon-spiced, pumpkin that you just can’t take your eyes of!

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