20 Garden Edging Ideas That Will Make Your Flowers Bloom

by craftyclub

Spring is here!

Channel your talents into ensuring your outdoor spaces thrive during the green season, but without the expensive part of the deal. How to? By looking after the garden edging, of course.

Transform your garden into its best version with these simple yet amazing garden edging ideas.

1. Go back to Basics with this Tutorial for Brick Edging

Go back to Basics with this Tutorial for Brick Edging
How to Edge a Garden Bed With Brick (via This Old House)

Bricks and gardens go hand in hand since ancient times. Rustic yet elegant, brick edging is the quintessential technique in every gardener’s repertoire.

But old doesn’t have to mean out of fashion.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial to guarantee a timeless brick edging oozing class and simplicity. It’s fast, budget-friendly, and gorgeous.

2. Define the Borders of Your Garden with Stone

The Perfect Border for Your Beds: Defining a Garden's Edge With Stone
The Perfect Border for Your Beds (via Jenna Burger Design)

The best ideas don’t always have to be the hardest ones. There is a particular type of charm in simple projects, and doing your garden edging with stones is as easy as it is effective.

But even if you think you know it all about it, you can always learn a trick or two. Head over to Jenna Burger Design to take a look at their gorgeous stone edging and get inspiration.

3. Give a Unique Twist to Classic Scalloped Garden Edgers

Asy Inexpensive Cement Garden Edging For Beds & Paths
Easy Inexpensive Cement Garden Edging For Beds & Paths (via An Oregon Cottage)

If your grandma had a garden edging, odds are that it was the classic scalloped one. You’re familiar with it – vintage, yet commonplace.

Why not add a little twist to it? Turn any leftover edger you may have upside-down to give this classic a fresh appearance. An Oregon Cottage did just that, also uploading a tutorial for anyone seeking to follow their advice.

4. Go for a Beautiful and Practical Approach With an Herb Garden Edging

How To Use Herbs As Edging
How to Use Herbs As Edging (via Farm Food Family)

Edging your garden does not only have to be an aesthetic business. In fact, you can kill two birds with one stone by going for a practical approach and choose an herb edging.

Edible plants are beautiful and fulfill a function. Basil, rosemary, and thyme make for excellent edging herbs. Still, you can visit Farm Food Family to see a full list of options and alternatives.

5. Channel Your Inner Panda with Bamboo Garden Edging

Bamboo Garden Edging [How-To Guides, Tips and Pictures]
Bamboo Garden Edging [How-To Guides, Tips and Pictures] (via Garden Tabs)

Going for a bamboo garden edging is an easy and inexpensive way to add a peaceful touch to your outdoor spaces.

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Beyond providing a resemblance to the famed beauty of Asian gardens, bamboo is a resourceful material that can be used in a plethora of ways. Whether you go for an even edging, a criss-cross panel, or a woven style, your garden is bound to glow.

6. Classics Never Go Out of Fashion with Cast Iron Garden Edging

Fleur-de-lis Cast Iron Garden Fence
Fleur-de-lis Cast Iron Garden Fence (via Monticello Shop on Pinterest)

If Asian-styled gardens are not your thing, do you perhaps fancy a classic European aesthetic? Lucky for you, cast iron garden edging is a fast way to achieve a Versailles-like elegance during this spring.

Cast iron edgers, such as this beautiful one provided by Monticello Shop, come in multiple shapes and are as useful for garden landscaping as they are charming.

7. Choose a Minimalistic and Simple Approach with Stomp Edging

Ecotrend 12" x 4" Stomp Edge Slate
Ecotrend 12″ x 4″ Stomp Edge Slate (via Walmart)

All the aesthetic appeal of stone edging, but without the complications associated with it. Stomp edging is made of a rubber material that is light, easy to install, adaptable to many surfaces, and considerably budget-friendly.

It’s a fast, effective, and gorgeous way to give your garden personality without sweating too much!

8. Use Log Lights to turn Garden Edging into a Nighttime Spectacle

Home decor: Unique log lights
Home decor: Unique log lights (via Home Beautiful)

Invite pixies and gnomes to your garden by turning it into a nighttime fairytale with this original approach to repurposing logs.

Salvaged timber can play two roles in your garden at the same time – edging and illumination. Cracked log stumps that would otherwise be burnt match with LED lights to provide a unique approach to garden edging.

9. Mix Sea and Earth with this Creative Shell Garden Edging

Scallop shell edging – quite lovely
Scallop Shell Edging (via Seraph + Splendor on Pinterest)

Who doesn’t smile at the sight of a pretty shell decoration? They remind you of the fresh sea breeze, after all. As a bonus, these versatile items are some of the most quintessential elements in interior and exterior design, and also exceptional garden edgers.

Pick a few shells of your preference, like the scallops in the picture. Any garden edging making use of these gifts from the sea would look easygoing yet refreshing!

10. Make an Easy and Inexpensive Timber Edging with this DIY Tutorial

How to Install Landscape Timber Edging
How to Install Landscape Timber Edging (via The Spruce)

Working with timber seems intimidating for those without prior experience. However, don’t be nervous – it is way easier than it looks!

Follow this step-by-step tutorial from The Spruce to give your garden a simple yet incredibly natural-looking edging. Best part? It’s budget-friendly, simple to do, and you’ll be done in a single afternoon!

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11. Think Outside the Box and Turn Dry Creek Beds into the Perfect Garden Edging

DIY Dry Creek Beds
DIY Dry Creek Beds (via The Garden Glove)

Tired of the same old options for garden edging? Ditch the iron or timber and, instead, turn your garden into an elegant masterpiece with a dry creek bed edging.

How does it work? It’s simple! Follow the tutorial and enjoy the fluidity and movement of a natural creek, without the hassle of actual water features. It looks like a complicated and expensive project, but you’ll be surprised by its simplicity.

12. Repurpose Old China Plates into a Modern Garden Edging Project

China plate garden border
China Plate Garden Border (via 33 Barefoot Lane)

Do you have an old set of china plates lying around, begging to be used in a creative home project? Odds are you do!

Make a bold and unique statement by turning those pretty plates into an original garden edging decoration. They are surprisingly boho-chic, not to mention budget-friendly, and won’t make a fuss.

Sounds perfect? You bet it is!

13. Give Old Hoses a New Life in Your Garden Edging

Recycled hoses as fence
Recycled Hoses Edging (via Kara Paslay)

There’s no shame in admitting it – we all damage our plastic hoses. A lot. But what to do with them after they’ve served their useful life? Repurpose them into beautiful garden edgings, of course!

Practical, creative, affordable, and surprisingly rustic in its aesthetic. Give it a go!

14. Light the Way with Rope Lightning Edging for Your Garden

DIY Outdoor Lighting: The Secret Life of Rope Light
DIY Outdoor Lighting: The Secret Life of Rope Light (via Christmas Lights Etc)

Everyone’s gardens have a little touch of magic – why don’t you enhance it?

Rope lighting is ideal for transforming every room into an indie, magical, subdued piece of art. It does the same outdoors.

Think of it as Christmas, but all year round. Best part? There is not really any complexity behind it – get your creative juices flowing and design your ideal path!

15. Turn Old Glass Bottles into Ideal Garden Edging Decorations

Make a sparkly wine bottle garden edging
Wine Bottles Edging (via Flea Market Gardening)

Nowadays, recycling items remains a popular trend for garden decoration. Bottles, in particular, are a quirky favorite of eco-friendly designers in outdoor spaces.

Give your garden edging project a whimsical touch by using old bottles as the main star. Effective, inexpensive, eco-friendly, and certifiably peculiar!

Bonus idea: for an extra eccentric – yet playful – touch, go for colorful bottles. The brighter, the better!

16. Shape Your Garden from Scratch and Edge it with Slate Chippings

Garden Edging Ideas: Shaping A Lawn With Slate Chippings
Shaping A Lawn With Slate Chippings (via Farm Food Family)

Slate chippings are easier to handle than regular slate, mainly because you can be less rigorous while preparing your garden edging.

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However, tracing and shaping remains a delicate issue that is best approached with a tutorial. Luckily, we have just what you need. Follow the step-by-step tutorial explaining how to develop your garden to flawless perfection, and marvel at the beauty of your brand-new garden edging.

17. Go Simple and Minimalistic with Steel Garden Edging

Core Edge Flexible Steel Lawn Edging CorTen
Steel Lawn Edging (via Henderson Garden Supply)

While decadent and extravagant decorations may be the preference of many, others fancy a slick yet straightforward approach.

Steel, as always, is the best alternative for fans of the minimalistic aesthetic.

Easy to install, durable, flexible, and almost industrial in its aesthetics, steel garden edging fulfills its purpose to perfection, all while letting your lush greenery take the central stage of your outdoor spaces.

18. Give Your Garden a Lovely Cottage Aesthetic with Woven Branches Edging

DIY Raspberry Cane Garden Edging
DIY Raspberry Cane Garden Edging (via Lovely Greens)

It may surprise you, but pruned raspberry canes might be the missing detail you need to transform your garden into a rustic paradise.

If you have access to them, collect them during winter. Afterward, follow the tutorial by Lovely Greens, teaching you how to prune them and, eventually, turn them into the garden edging of your dreams.

Lengthy? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

19. Repurpose Terracotta Pots into a Dreamy Garden Edging Style

Setting Up My Terra Cotta Pot Edging
Terracota Pot Edging (via Organized Clutter)

Do you have lots of terracotta pots lying around and gathering dust? If you do, then congrats – you can transform them into a one-of-a-kind garden edging!

You can get inspiration from this picture and arrange the pots by size, but you can also explore a plethora of other possibilities. Cut them in half and form shapes with them, or place them sideways. The sky’s the limit!

20. Transform Old Tires into a Multi-purpose Garden Edging Decoration

Old Tires Edging
Old Tires Edging (via José Aroldo beta lab chula on Pinterest)

Old tires seem to be destined to become accessories in kids’ playgrounds. But if you’re creative enough, they could also be a fantastic garden accessory.

As you can see in the picture, they double as colorful garden edging decoration and a unique pot. Using this idea, you’ll be able to turn your garden edge into an herb garden of its own.

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