Bring Life to your Garden with these 20 Beautiful DIY Birdbaths Ideas

by craftyclub

Having a lovely garden bursting with bird life is a wonderful way to enjoy nature. Making a bird bath doesn’t have to be a major process.

With some of these very easy household items, repurposed goods, and lawn scraps, you can make a beautiful and welcoming bird bath for your local feathered friends.

1. The Underwire Bird Bath

DIY Tomato Cage Bird Bath
DIY Tomato Cage Bird Bath (via My Life Abundant)

The planter saucer is your friend and can contribute to extremely cost-effective and no-hassle designs.  One of them is this tomato cage bird bath.

Easy to make, and hardly any associated expense, this is minimalism at its finest. You could also use a sturdy chicken wire or something similar you have on hand to form the base.

Don’t be afraid to improvise!

2. The Victorian Chair

Salvaged Chair Bird Bath
Salvaged Chair Bird Bath (via Daisy Mae Belle)

The planter saucer? We already have something else to do with it.

For another low-cost and low hassle project, you can repurpose an old wire or metal chair into a wonderful bird-bathing seat. Easy to do with a wonderful vintage style to it.

3. What Once Was a Tree

Make a Birdbath From an Old Tree Stump
Make a Birdbath From an Old Tree Stump (via HGTV)

Just as you would with household items, natural pieces in your yard can also make for perfect bird bath stands. Take this old stump, for example.

It makes for a strong base for a bird bath that maintains the natural feel of your yard or garden.

4. The Mad Tea Party

Tea Pot Bird Bath Garden Art Made from Thrifted Items
Tea Pot Bird Bath Garden Art Made from Thrifted Items (via Morena’s Corner)

This bird bath idea brings major Alice in Wonderland vibes to your garden.

With the help of an assortment of tea cups and saucers, you can make the base of a bird bath fit for the finest Mad Tea Party.

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5. Glass Castle

Making your first birdbath totem
Making your first birdbath totem (via Flea Market Gardening)

Recycled glassware can also become a  beautiful glowing bird bath.

Iced glass from old vases gives the base of these bird baths a pop of color beneath a refreshing pool of water for the birds.

6.  Step On Up

DIY Project : Make Your Own Birdbath !
DIY Project : Make Your Own Birdbath! (via Our Fairfield Home&Garden)

Many things that are hanging around the house or, perhaps, already on their last leg can get fresh life when they’re put to work as a bird bath.

This idea uses a small old step ladder to make the base. The real task here is securing the saucer or bowl on top.

Other than that, the stool is a perfectly easy tool to make a strong foundation.

7. Light the Way

A Lamp Birdbath
A Lamp Birdbath (via Second Chance To Dream)

Where do the repurposing possibilities end? Nowhere in sight. This next idea calls on a repurposed lamp.

Whether you have a Hawaiian tiki base or a beautiful art deco style lamp, if it’s no longer providing light it can be put to work bathing birds.

8. Everything But the Sink

Everything But the Sink

Redoing your bathroom? Consider donating your bathing equipment to wildlife.

This adorable bird bath uses an old sink as its basin. It’s the perfect way to upcycle after a remodel.

9. Flower Pot Power

More Backyard Inspiration Birth Bath
More Backyard Inspiration (via The Culinary Cougar)

Another low-cost bird bath can be made with other things you already have on hand.

This flower pot bird bath rearranges stacks flower pots, upside down, and puts a saucer on top. Just like you would with a right-side up flower pot, this gives you freedom to paint and decorate the outside of your bird bath any way you like.

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It’s a low cost way to keep the theme of your garden.

10. Who said you have to ditch the plants all together?

Make a Super Easy Planter Birdbath
Make a Super Easy Planter Birdbath (via HGTV)

This birdbath lets the lively flora burst through the lower level and leaves an entire saucer on top to let the birds enjoy a refreshing dip.

11. Bath in a Bowl

Hammered Copper Birdbath Bowl
Hammered Copper Birdbath Bowl

The flower pot is versatile in many ways when it comes to a bird bath.

This one uses a bowl instead of a saucer, giving more advanced swimmers a chance for the high dive.

12. Bird’s Eye Bowl

Hanging Birdbath Planter
Hanging Birdbath Planter (via Lowes)

This bird bath idea brings your project up a few notches. Just like you’d get a hanging planter, you can let your bird bath levitate.

This lovely idea brings the bath above the ground and safe from predators. It also helps cut down on the time you have to wait for them to come upon it. When it’s hung in the air, it’s easily within the bird’s eye view.

13. Fruit Loops

DIY Bird Bath
DIY Bird Bath (via Eclectic Momma)

If you like the idea of a hanging bird bath. Take a look at this fruit basket one.

It’s a more minimalist and modern look to have the black caged look.

14. Out of Tune

Creative bird bath ideas

This has to be one of the most unique, albeit potentially tricky, bird bath ideas on our list. It uses an old trumpet as the basin.

There would be some involvement to close off the opening, let alone finding a trumpet past its prime to use in this way. But there’s no doubting this is an eclectic take on garden decor.

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15. Mosaic

How To Make a Terra Cotta Pot Birdbath
How To Make a Terra Cotta Pot Birdbath

Terra cotta is a tried and true garden accessory, but you can make it something extra special with some pebbles or seaglass.

An arrangement of colorful pieces puts a one-of-a-kind, mosaic look to your bird bath.

16. Y2K Mosaic

DIY Mosaic Bird Bath Using CD’s
DIY Mosaic Bird Bath Using CD’s (via Misadventures Of Victoria)

To really get a reflective look to your bird bath basin, old CDs give that perfect rainbow shine. Break those scratched or unused CDs into pieces and create a uniquely Y2K bath for visiting birds.

17.  Twiggy Sticks

Expensive Birdbaths? Flip ’em the bird … make one for free!
Expensive Birdbaths? Flip ’em the bird … make one for free! (via The Art Of Doing Stuff)

To stay in line with that natural look, you don’t just need one stump.

You can work with smaller twigs to create a more stilted-looking bird bath, like this one made from three branches.

18. Au Naturále

DIY Pumpkin Bird Feeder and Bath
DIY Pumpkin Bird Feeder and Bath (via Hoosier Homemade)

A natural bird bath makes for an eco-friendly addition to any garden. Using gourds or pumpkins can help make this idea come to life.

19. Fountain Bath

Diy Water Fountain And Birdbath
Diy Water Fountain And Birdbath (via Three Clementines)

Nothing makes a bath more luxurious than also making it a fountain.

This idea can be created in many different ways, all with a similar spectacular running water outcome.

20. Chips and Salsa

My DIY Birdbath
My DIY Birdbath (via Andrea Wiggins)

When you have a party, a chip platter helps plenty of hands get access to the treat. It works the same way with tiny beaks.

This idea is a no-brainer way to repurpose a chip plate. Alternatively, it’s incredibly practical–not to mention cheap–to create a bird feeder with a chip plate.

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