20 Cheap And Easy Diy Headboard Ideas For A Dreamy Bedroom

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Diy King Farmhouse Headboard

Feeling comfortable in our beds relates to the quality of the and the aesthetic beauty of the mattress itself. Having a gorgeous headboard can be the critical difference between a lackluster room and an Insta-worthy masterpiece worth bragging about.

But if the idea of transforming your headboard seems strenuous, then worry not. It turns out that with the right ideas, tools, and tutorials, you can get a brand-new headboard within a few hours – right at home.

How so? Check these 20 cheap and easy DIY headboard ideas.

1. Go for the Tufted Style with this DIY Headboard Idea for King Beds.

Brady’s DIY Channel Tufted Headboard
Brady’s DIY Channel Tufted Headboard (via Emily Henderson)

Few things scream “LUXURY!” as boldly and loudly as a gorgeous tufted headboard. For that reason, purchasing the right one of your bed frame is sometimes an expensive and tiresome affair.

Not anymore.

This DIY headboard tutorial is the perfect blend between elegance and simplicity. Follow each of the steps and change the way your bedroom looks within a weekend.

2. Achieve Country-Chic Glory with this Geometric Wood Headboard Design

My Diy Geometric Wood Headboard

Country-chic could be a perfect style – a mixture of minimalist class and rustic charm. Add to it a geometric design, and you may have the key to upgrade your bedroom to a magazine-worthy sight.

Plywood, wood glue, a miter saw, a spring clamp, and casing are the secret ingredients for this gorgeous yet simple DIY headboard idea. Interested? Check the step by step tutorial, tailor-made for king-sized beds!

3. A Faux Brass Headboard is the Easiest Way to get a Luxurious Room in no Time

Diy Faux Brass Headboard
Diy Faux Brass Headboard (via Sugar & Cloth)

Do you already have a dull, plain headboard that you wish to upgrade? If so, you’re in luck – this tutorial will teach you how to transform it into a faux brass delight.

The secret? Metallic gold adhesive vinyl. While it seems too good to be true, this cheap and easy DIY headboard idea is as easy as using a sticker.

4. Make from Scratch Your own Elegant Mid-century Modern DIY Wood Headboard

Mid Century Modern DIY Wood Headboard
Mid Century Modern DIY Wood Headboard (via DIY Candy)

Few styles are as All-American as mid-century modern, and designing your headboard around the trend is a guaranteed way to add a touch of suburban charm to your chambers.

The project requires different types and sizes of wood and a fair share of woodworking. However, if you’re ready to take upon the challenge, the final result may be undistinguishable from commercial products.

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5. No Headboard? No Problem! Paint a Faux One with this Simple DIY Headboard Idea

A Clever Diy Headboard Idea That Will Only Take One Hour To Complete
A Clever DIY Headboard Idea That Will Only Take One Hour to Complete (via Paper & Stitch)

Sometimes, the best headboard is no headboard at all.

A faux design might be the best DIY headboard idea you could go for if you prefer the minimalistic approach. Follow the basic instructions of this tutorial, and let your creativity take the wheel.

You might be surprised by the results!

6. Repurpose a Vintage Screen for a Stylish, Boho-chic Headboard

DIY Boho Headboard from a Vintage Screen
DIY Boho Headboard from a Vintage Screen (via The DIY Mommy)

If you’re a regular at your local antique store – or if you keep your granny’s relics – odds are you’ve got one or two vintage screens lying around.

If so, have you considered what stunning headboards they’d make?

Minimal retouching and endless creativity are all you need to turn your room into a boho-chic paradise.

7. Be Practical and Stylish with a Union Jack Pegboard Headboard.

Diy – Union Jack Pegboard Headboard
Diy – Union Jack Pegboard Headboard (via Our Sixth House)

If you are a retro fashion enthusiast – or just really passionate about the United Kingdom – the Union Jack is bound to be a fantastic addition to your bedroom aesthetics.

Our Sixth House brings us a simple DIY headboard idea that mixes style with functionality, by turning a regular pegboard into the centerpiece of your room.

Vintage, industrial-chic, and practical.

8. A Shabby Chic Room is Possible with this DIY Headboard Tutorial.

Rustic Yet Chic Wood Headboard
Rustic Yet Chic Wood Headboard (via Cynthia Winward and Anna White at HGTV)

Strategically distressed items are the signature of the shabby-chic style, and this wood headboard promises that and more.

While this project requires some skills with woodwork, by following the steps and dimensions explained in this tutorial, you’ll have a rustic, colorful headboard within a weekend.

Just be mindful – the dimensions are for a queen-sized bed!

9. Use 3D Panels for a Playful, LEGO-like DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard | Children’s Bedroom
DIY Headboard | Children’s Bedroom (via Sweet Parrish Place)

Don’t let the name fool you – LEGO is never just for kids, and the aesthetic appeal of this project is the definite proof.

3D panels are the main stars of this cheap and easy DIY headboard idea, transforming a regular bedroom into a creative and whimsical display of joy. For extra charm, make sure to paint it in a bright color, making it stand out to the eye.

10. Give Your Room a Beach Cottage Touch with this Headboard Tutorial

Coastal Cottage-Style Shutter Headboard
Coastal Cottage-Style Shutter Headboard (via Layla Palmer at HGTV)

If you don’t live near the beach, revamping your headboard is a creative way to bring a little bit of that delightful tropical breeze right to your room.

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Repurposing shutter doors into a headboard adds a particular type of coastal charm to your room, with the right amounts of cottage aesthetics to make it undeniably beautiful.

11. Go Rustic with this Farmhouse-inspired DIY Headboard Idea for a King-sized Bed

Diy King Farmhouse Headboard
DIY King Farmhouse Headboard (via Deeply Distressed)

For those of you longing for the beauty of the countryside and farmhouses, we’ve got your back.

While this wood headboard was designed with the farmhouse aesthetic in mind, its versatility makes it an exceptional addition to many other decoration styles, including boho-chic and even mid-century modern.

Fair warning, though – the tutorial is tailored for headboards of king-sized beds.

12. Classic and Elegant Style within your Reach with this Diamond Tufted Headboard Tutorial

How To Make A Diamond Tufted Headboard
How to Make a Diamond Tufted Headboard (via Home Made by Carmona)

The style and elegance of a diamond tufted headboard are hard to beat. Minimalistic in its beauty, it has become a staple in interior design for decades.

And it also tends to be a bit on the expensive side.

Luckily, this cheap and easy DIY headboard idea turns something luxurious into an affordable project you can complete within a single weekend.

13. A Shabby-chic Pop of Color May be just what You need for Your DIY Headboard

Project Headboard DIY Headboard
Project Headboard [DIY Headboard] (via Little Bit Funky)

Shabby chic remains the go-to style for many of us, and it’s not hard to see why – the colorful aesthetics and strategically distressed touches make for an aged yet fashionable decoration.

This creative yet simple DIY headboard tutorial creates a woven effect with wood, adding a pseudo-knit effect that can turn any room into a cozy, welcoming environment.

14. This Upholstered Delight can Make a Difference in Your Bedroom’s Headboard

DIY Upholstered Headboard
DIY Upholstered Headboard (via Somewhat Simple)

Good news – we have the perfect headboard idea for you. Upholstered, simple, quick to make, customizable, and no sewing needed!

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s certainly not. Plywood, painter’s tape, foam, buttons, and your preferred fabric are all you need to turn your headboard into the centerpiece of your bedroom.

15. Enjoy a Bright Moroccan-styled Headboard with this Elegant yet Simple DIY Headboard Idea

Our 20 dollars Moroccan Style Headboard
Our $20 Moroccan Style Headboard (via Shining on Design by Sam Regan)

It turns out that a decorative laser cut panel makes for an exquisite headboard.

Affordable and creative it allows for the display of innovative designs and hollow decorations with a minimalistic yet elegant touch. While it may not be a real headboard, it fulfills its aesthetic purpose just fine.

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And for way cheaper, too!

16. Repurpose an old Frame into a Brand-new Headboard within a Few Hours

How to Upcycle a Frame into a Headboard
How to Upcycle a Frame into a Headboard (via The DIY Dreamer)

If you like to visit vintage and antique stores, odds are you’ve seen a fair share of old frames. Be it for paintings or mirrors, they are usually too pretty to throw out but lack purpose.

At least until they turn into a headboard.

This simple DIY headboard idea makes use of an old frame, and a couple discarded canvases. Then, it transforms them into a regal-looking headboard that seems almost timeless in its beauty.

17. Struggling for Space? Get a Headboard with Storage by Following this Tutorial

How to Make a Headboard With Storage
How to Make a Headboard with Storage (via Chip Wade)

Historically, headboards were meant to insulate you and keep you warm. Nowadays, however, they’re virtually purposeless – just pretty decorations for your room.

But if you want, you can make them useful again.

Chip Wade created a headboard project that merges its beauty with functionality by adding a storage function to it. Perfect for bed readers and those that are struggling with space!

18. Add a Whimsical and Colorful Charm to Your Room through this Adorable DIY Headboard Tutorial

DIY Rainbow Headboard
DIY Rainbow Headboard (via Deanne Revel and Jill Tennant)

A pop of color always lights up the mood of a room – and what’s better to add color than a rainbow?

This whimsical, quirky headboard idea is must-try for children and children-at-heart, turning any space into a lively and fun environment that brings a smile to your face.

19. Repurpose an Old Window into an Antique Headboard Full of Personality

Diy Antique Window Headboard
DIY Antique Window Headboard (via Liz Marie Blog)

For those obsessed with DIY projects and home improvement, there always seems to be one-too-many window frames lying around.

It turns out that you can repurpose them into vintage-looking headboards with little to no effort. The best part, however, is the versatility of the project, which can easily fit a shabby chic or boho-chic aesthetic with your preferred painting technique.

20. Rope and Plumbing Pieces make for an Industrial yet Chic Headboard

DIY Rope Headboard
DIY Rope Headboard (via Better Homes & Gardens)

Put your weaving skills to the test with this cheap and easy DIY headboard idea. Innovative and straightforward, all you need to achieve this unique aesthetic are spare plumbing parts you may have around and rope. Lots of rope.

The result is a rustic-chic headboard that mixes in equal amounts that country charm we all love, and the highly sought-after industrial appeal.

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