Welcome People to Your Home with Style with these Unique House Number Ideas

by craftyclub

House number signs are a necessary addition to your home, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. With a little bit of inspiration and creativity, even your run-of-the-mill house numbers purchased at your local hardware store can get a makeover with a handful of extra crafting materials.

Creating your own house number sign is like writing your own name on a name tag. It gives you the chance to make it just right, exuding your own personality to welcome your guests. Take a look at some of the best-loved ideas. Some are easy, some require some extra muscle. All of them will help to ramp up the personality and curb appeal of your home.

1. Nailed it

Cool DIY: Create your house numbers with nails
Cool DIY: Create your house numbers with nails (via Chatelaine)

An art project, a house sign, and stress relief all rolled up into one. This fun little idea involves the simple task of finding a piece of wood and banging in handfuls of nails to create the shape of your personal numbers.

Pro Tip: draw out the number outlines ahead of time so you stay within the lines.

2. Nail art

Diy Idea: Cheap Modern House Numbers
Diy Idea: Cheap Modern House Numbers (via Paper & Stitch)

Speaking of what you can do with nails, it doesn’t all have to be hammering hundreds of nails in perfect rows. This idea uses nails just as the number outline and string (or twine) to create a fun zig-zagged netted type of look.

Add some fairy lights behind it for an even more eye-catching house number!

3. The Flower Box

Modern House Numbers
Modern House Numbers (via Pinterest)

The flower box idea is beautiful and versatile. There are several different ways you can make this idea come to life. You can use your existing hanging flower box and add numbers, or you can start from scratch and have yourself a uniquely new house number in no time.

Try adding numbers to a backboard, or putting the numbers right on the box itself.

4. On the Floor

DIY Cedar Planter Box (via Shanty-2-Chic)

A lot of house numbers are mounted, but they don’t have to be. This homemade idea involves a planter box, instead of a hanging flower box. It works the same way, just doesn’t call for any hooks or hanging. Get creative or stay classic when you paint on the numbers. A word of advice: the bigger and bolder the better.

5. The Flower Hanger

Address Numbers Post Planter
Address Numbers Post Planter (via Shanty-2-Chic)

When it comes to increasing curb appeal, there’s always room someplace for flowers. Adding a stake in the ground that supports a hanging flower basket also functions as a house number sign. This is a great choice for those who don’t like the idea of slapping numbers right on the side of their house. It also makes it easier to spot while driving past.

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6. Framed Wooden Plaque

Diy Modern House Number Sign With Wood Shims
Diy Modern House Number Sign With Wood Shims (via A Crafted Passion)

Rustic materials come together to make this popular and easy modern house number. One large piece or several large boards are all you need in order to make some black numbers pop. Put a black frame around it to create a well-tied together concept, or go out on a limb with an exotic design or color to the frame. Once you make the wooden plaque, the possibilities are endless.

7. Welcome Wreath

Front porch Sign
Front porch Sign (via Justforupersonalized)

Like the flower box, but seasonal. This house number sign can be made with slabs of wood and a fresh coat of paint. Add a touch of hospitality by writing “Welcome,” or personalize with your family name. The number is important, of course, but the wreath is what really makes it eye-catching. The best part is it gives you the chance to interchange your wreaths depending on the holiday. Tis the season!

8. Solo Numbers

House numbers made from mirror frame
House numbers made from mirror frame (via Pinterest)

For those who like to stick to the point, this homemade house number idea puts each individual number in its own display case. Keep the frames consistent or mix and match for a unique house number idea!

9. Family Initial

Family Initial House Number
Family Initial House Number (via Kimberly Smith)

You might be drawn to the idea of putting your own mark on the house, and you can do it with this Family Initial Idea. The only materials necessary are a super-sized initial (whatever yours maybe!) and some paint to mark it with your house number.

10. Wood Slice

DIY House Number Plaque with a Wood Slice
DIY House Number Plaque with a Wood Slice (via Diy Candy)

Repurposing is the first commandment of DIY. If you have some dried out wood lying around, it can easily transform into a new and unique house number. Just make sure it’s not too heavy to hang!

11. Gone Fishin’

One fish, two fish…house numbers
One fish, two fish…house numbers (via Scavenger Chic)

Get that lakeside feel with this cute hanging fish idea. Repurposed wood can be cut into a simple fish shape for a DIY activity in itself. Paint it any color, or leave it natural, but don’t forget to add the numbers when you’re all done!

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12. Ski Lodge

DIY Water Ski House Numbers
DIY Water Ski House Numbers (via The Little Lake Cottage)

If winter sports are more your thing, you can get the ski lodge vibe with this unique house number idea. Whether you get it second hand, upgrade your own, or seek one out for this sole purpose: a pair of skis or a snowboard will become an easy canvas on which to paint your house number!

13. Spell it Out

Mid Century Script Cursive House Numbers
Mid Century Script Cursive House Numbers (via GoHomeNumbers)

For the more literary-minded crafters, it’s a fun and unique idea to spell out your numbers rather than use digits. Write it on a plaque or take it to the advanced level by carving out. However you opt to spell it, just make sure you spell it right!

14. BackLit Numbers

Vertical Vine Modern House Numbers
Vertical Vine Modern House Numbers (via GlamorousFindings)

Ever visit a swanky hotel or restaurant and envy their decor? You can create the look for less than you think! Having numbers risen from a plaque or board leaves just enough space to slip dainty fairy lights behind it for that eye-catching back-lit look.

15. Add Accessories

Modern Craftsman HOUSE NUMBERS
Modern Craftsman HOUSE NUMBERS (via Georgie Girl Studios)

Let your visitors know what to expect before they enter your home by adding some personalized accessories. Maybe it’s a favorite animal, a reference to your love of cooking, or your favorite sports team. Once you make the plaque and draw on its numbers, you’ll have all the space in the world to get creative with little touches.

16. Multi-material Mosaic

How To Make Mosaic House Numbers
How To Make Mosaic House Numbers (The Easy Way) (via Kenarry)

Just moved? Changed the locks? Whatever the case may be, your old keys don’t have to be thrown right into the trash. You can use these – and pits of sea glass, shells, or any other material you like – to create a wonderful mosaic house number.

17. The Rustic Look

Rustic House Number Sign
Rustic House Number Sign (via The Honeycomb Home)

There’s something warm and inviting about a rustic-style home. You can set the scene from the curb with this easy-to-do rustic style house number. It’s a simple metal and wood composition that gives very homestyle vibes.

18. Rock’n’roll

Displaying House Numbers Creatively
Displaying House Numbers Creatively (via Paint Yourself A Smile)

This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add a new and improved house number to your property. A rogue rock on your property can transform into a useful and stylish way to reveal yourself. Paint it to match the house, to pop, or in any other creative way that adds a touch of personality.

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19. Cemented

How to Make Painted House Numbers from Cement Mix
How to Make Painted House Numbers from Cement Mix (via eHow)

This is a much more hands-on house number idea, but it’s sure to make your identity pop. Hip-high house numbers can be shaped and crafted from cement. The perks of these numbers is you know they’ll be able to weather almost any kind of storm!

20. Grassy

How to Make House Numbers Covered in Moss
How to Make House Numbers Covered in Moss (via Diy Network)

If you’re proud of your lawn or garden, why not tie the look together with some grassy house numbers? Made from easy-to-find terf, these cut-outs come to life quickly and don’t need the same time and attention your lawn will.

21. Mason Jars

Mason Jars House Number
Mason Jars House Number (via Pinterest)

The amount of DIY crafts you can do with a mason jar is seemingly limitless. Here, again, we have an example of how these humble hand-held glasswares can improve your curb appeal. Just prepare a mason jar for each number by painting it the color of your choice as the background for distinct, black numbers. You can enliven it with some flowers – real or fake, it doesn’t matter (And we won’t tell!)

22. Colorful Paint Sticks

Krylon Painted Paint Stick Address Sign
Krylon Painted Paint Stick Address Sign (via Infarrantly Creative)

Paint sticks are a great DIY material. They’re cheap, so whether you’re repurposing or buying specifically for a project like this one, you won’t break the bank. What’s nice about this house number design is you have all the creative power. Paint the sticks all colors of the rainbow, your choice color scheme, or a uniform tone. Gather them all together and place your numbers (or paint them too) in front and you have yourself an attractive new house number!

23. The Mailbox

Modern Wall-mount Mailbox Custom House Number Mailbox
Modern Wall-mount Mailbox Custom House Number Mailbox (via Etsy)

Nothing says old-time charm like a mailbox in your driveway. This cute vintage look can work double time if you add numbers to it. Choose your own style and make it pop–guests will have no trouble finding your house!

24. Seasonal House Numbers

Pumpkin House Number
Pumpkin House Number (via Pinterest)

If you’re up to the task of making several, or you want to make it a craft to look forward to, the seasonal approach gives you even more materials to work with. This harvest-themed house number calls on pumpkins. During Christmas time, maybe you can opt for a sleigh.

Really, no matter what season it is, your favorite crafts can transform into a homemade house number. You just have to trust your creativity!

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