Crochet a Upcycled Denim Basket from an Old Pair of Jeans

by reragg
two crochet baskets made from recycled denim on a white background

​There is just something about denim. It could be the indigo color that with its variation, adds a unique element to each piece of fabric.  It could be the durability of this workhorse material.  Another appealing aspect is its ubiquitousness, it would be difficult to find a household in the United States that did not have in its possession at least one worn out denim garment, ready to be cut up and repurposed.  I like the fact that everyone has access to an old pair of jeans and the ability to remake them into something new.  This DIY is doable for almost anyone.

crochet denim basket on a white background
cut fabric strips from old jeans and use that to crochet your basket

When I started on this project, I intended to create a basket to store small items. Somehow in the execution, this vessel took on the look of a bowl, so I have edited the title accordingly. I have a table in my room. I use this table as a desk for myself, it is also used for my sons coronavirus  homeschooling. It gets cluttered very quickly.  I use this bowl to hold small important items, so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.  Things like my keys, my wallet, sunglasses are in it so that I never forget anything when I am running out the door.  Its especially handy to have a place to put important items. It allows you to empty your pockets without misplacing anything and feel confident that you can leave the house without forgetting anything..  A bowl or basket of this size is useful for many things.  It is a great size to keep small toys organized.  I am thinking of making some more for my son.    I like that they are indestructible, but soft.  There is virtually no way for a child to hurt themselves with a crocheted basket.

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I chose to use denim for this project because I have a lot of it and I really love the way it looks.  Because of the natural variations in the indigo color of the denim, it always has a unique appearance.  No two items will ever end up looking exactly the same.


  • healing mat
  • Denim cut into strips about ¾ of an inch to 1 ¼  wide
  • Crochet hook (I used a size P11.5mm) you may want to go up or down a size.  It depends on how tightly or loosely you crochet
  • Needle and thread to attach strips to each other
side view of handmade recycleddenim basket


This bowl was very simple to make.  this will be a very short pattern.

I did the entire bowl using only simple single crochet.

Because there is no “bad side” on which to hide your knots and ends when you make a basket, I stitch all of my strips together by hand in order to have one contiuous length of fabric for the entirety of this project.  I usually stitch together a ball of denim yarn before I begin and add to it as needed

My bowl is about 6 inches tall and 11 inches across at the top and I used 650 grams of denim 

  • begin crocheting a square 
  • when your square is the size that you want for the base of your basket, you will start working up the sides
  • you will decrease at each corner now. put your hook through like you would to begin an ordinary stitch, yarn over and pull hook to front.  DO NOT COMPLETE STITCH.  Instead put your hook through the fabric on the other side of the corner, as if you were doing the next stitch and yarn over.  bring hook to the front of fabric.  Yarn over and draw your yarn through the loops from both stitches on your hook.
  • do that at every corner  
  • it helps to position your work as you go so that you are crocheting on top of the previous row
  • when your sides are the height that you want, tie off and with your needle and thread, hide and secure the end of the yarn

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