22 DIY Vanity Table Ideas for everyone’s taste!

by craftyclub

We all know that the song goes “Diamonds are girls’ best friends”, but the part that got cut out in revision is “and vanity tables their sanctuary”. Vanity tables are much more than just another piece of furniture in girls’ rooms used for make-up and beauty routines.

No, no, no!

As the rom-com films have proven to us time and time again, vanity tables are girls’ silent companions, witnesses that could testify about the journey of their youth. In front of the vanity tables, girls are their truest selves; vanity mirrors are the place where girls see for the first time their resemblance with their moms while they are teaching them how to apply makeup. In front of them, girls laugh and gossip with their best friends, and anxiously and joyfully prepare for their first date. Vanity tables are the quiet listeners to secrets, late-night journal sessions, and place to lean on and cry after a breakup. Also, they are the first who witness the powerful changes in a girl who decides to be unstoppable.

But they are not only meant for girls. Women of all ages love them; some for the sentimentality that they bring, others for their practical function. They are perfect for storing all the makeup and beauty products you use daily, and ideal for doing make-up and hair. In fact, preparing in front of the vanity table is still part of the morning routines of many women.

All the girls and women who have vanity tables adore them, and those who don’t, well, they don’t have to worry because this post is actually meant for them!

If you are eager to create the perfect vanity table for yourself, you need to check our list! From sleek minimalism to the glamour that even Hollywood stars would envy, we have compiled a list with the best DIY vanity table ideas that cover everyone’s taste!

Don’t waste your time, choose your favorite, and let’s get down to work!

Which one is your favorite?

1. Elegant and Classy DIY Makeup Vanity

DIY Makeup Vanity
DIY Makeup Vanity (via Angela Marie Made)

For the elegant classy lady who values simplicity and timeless elegance, we offer this amazing idea by Angela Marie. The sleek lines, combined with the golden handles that bring a bit of luxury to the otherwise timeless white, simple design make this vanity ideal for the modern women who value practicality and elegance.

2. The Glamorous, eyes-on-me Vanity Table

DIY Makeup Vanity Desk
DIY Makeup Vanity Desk (via Handmade Haven)

This vanity table that looks like it came from the newest trends from Paris, this modern beauty is hard to be ignored. 

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Both glamorous and practical, this vanity table by Handmade Heaven will easily become the new central piece of your bedroom as well as your favorite piece of furniture. 

3. Easy-to-make, Teen Attic Vanity Table

Teen Attic Bedroom + an Easy Vanity
Teen Attic Bedroom + an Easy Vanity (via Beyond The Picket Fence)

Simple and easy, this design is ideal for teens! Made from 2 kitchen stools (can you believe it?) this vanity table is an ideal recycling/ DIY crafty project that you can make together with your daughter. That is what we call a double-win! 

4.  Clean, Sleek Vanity Table

Hairpin Make-up Vanity
Hairpin Make-up Vanity (via Pneumatic Addict)

If sleek, clean lines, natural materials, and modern style fill your heart with joy, then the design will make your heart leap. The best part? It is not only nifty but also quite functional: its top flips, offering you generous storage space for all of your makeup and beauty products. 

5. Vintage, Teen Vanity Table

Diy Vintage Door Vanity Desk For A Teen
Diy Vintage Door Vanity Desk For A Teen (via Finding Home Farms)

Design straight out of the tweens and teens pin-boards on Pinterest, this vintage vanity table can be another project you can joyfully create together with your daughter. Inspired by a “Thrifty under $50” makeover project, this design is not only adorable and cute but also cheap and easy to make!

6. Super Affordable, minimal Vanity Table

Easy & Affordable DIY Vanity Desk
Easy & Affordable DIY Vanity Desk (via Lavender Julep)

If you run on a tight budget and prefer simple, minimal designs anyway, then wait till you see what we have stumbled across!This vanity table is probably one of the easiest to construct, and won’t take much of your time; moreover, its simplicity makes it ideal for smaller spaces as well. 

7. Hollywood Glam Meets Practicality Vanity Table

Diy Makeup Vanity
Diy Makeup Vanity (via Jen Woodhouse)

“Lights, camera, action!”

If you are a hopeless romantic who simply gushes over those incredibly gorgeous vanity tables shown in the movies you will love this design! Jen Woodhouse offers a complete, detailed tutorial on how to create this lovely vanity table, mirror with lights included. She designed it for her daughter who chose the aqua color, but if you are not a fan of the color, we recommend going classic and choosing white, it will make the design pop up even more. 

8. Modern Vanity desk – Straight out of Brochure!

Modern Vanity Desk
Modern Vanity Desk (via 3×3 Custom)

One of my favorites, this modern Vanity desk is so beautiful and sophisticated that probably no one will guess that it was a DIY project and not a store-bought. Truth be told, building it will require more attention and craftiness, but nonetheless, it is worth the effort.

9. Industrial Vanity Table – a Perfect Fit for Small Spaces

A Small Space Beauty Station
A Small Space Beauty Station (via Rock My Style)

It is really hard to find an ideal, mini- vanity table that will fit in perfectly in the small space that you can afford for it. Usually, either the price doesn’t work or the design. But why go on an endless, tiresome shopping journey when you can actually create one at home, effortlessly and affordably?

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10. Where Glam Meets Modern

DIY Makeup Vanity Desk
DIY Makeup Vanity Desk (via Instructables)

Let us tell you something, this vanity table is simply impossible to miss! The fabulous design with the well-detailed, perfectly crafted shapes simply screams all-eyes-on-me!

In all fairness, the design can seem a bit more complex with all the details that go into it, but this should not intimidate you; the site offers a thorough list with plans that go into greater details for all the lights, so please, don’t be afraid, you can make it! 

11. Retro-vibes Vanity Table

DIY Apartment-Sized Vanity on a Budget
DIY Apartment-Sized Vanity on a Budget (via Major ShenAnniegans)

Who says you need to spend a small fortune on expensive materials? You won’t be needing them for this one! Made from recycled table and details that mostly can be found in the house (cough, basement) or bought for, under $20, this retro vanity table can be easily made in a day.

12. Timeless Dressing Table turned into a Lovely Vanity Table

Diy Makeup Vanity – Making Mornings Better
Diy Makeup Vanity – Making Mornings Better (via I Always Pick The Thimble)

The Vanity table you are seeing here is actually the Ikea Malm dressing table that got glam-up into a timeless vanity table. You do not need the Ikea Malm table, you can actually use the dressing table you have at home or buy one from garage sales and follow the instructions to glam it up as they did with this one!

13. Edgy Мanity Еable from Сombined Уlements

A Place For Your Beauty Routine
A Place For Your Beauty Routine (by Justina Blakeney)

Sometimes you don’t need to go from scratch. If you are not handy and crafty, you don’t have to worry. Creating a vanity table does not always need to be done from scratch, sometimes it is only a matter of combining the elements you may already have at your home or purchase at a garage sale. And this blog speaks precisely on this subject, offering you several ideas on how to combine elements and create a lovely, little vanity table. 

14. Astonishing, Contemporary Vanity Table

Diy Dressing Table: How To Make An Ikea Vanity Hack
Diy Dressing Table: How To Make An Ikea Vanity Hack (via Sugar & Cloth)

So simple, practical, and astonishing, this vanity table actually originated from Ikea cabinet drawers! You can be quite playful and experimental with this idea, adjusting the size according to your needs and space. Anything is possible with little inspiration and a good guide!

15. Professional Floating Vanity table

Custom Diy Ikea Hack Floating Desks
Custom Diy Ikea Hack Floating Desks (via The Sorry Girls)

From floating shelves to floating vanity tables. These are quite amazing and look like professional make-up vanity tables that you will find in make-up studios. If you want to feel special anytime you apply your make-up, this DIY project might be ideal for you!

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16. Restoring Old Desk/Vanity in Vintage, Lovely Vanity Table

Diy Vanity Makeover
Diy Vanity Makeover (via Hello Crisst)

Sometimes your old vanity/desk just needs a make-over to become a lovely vanity table. From fixing the old painting, to changing the handles, this guide offers you tutorials and guidelines on where to start and how to proceed to restore your old desk or vanity.

17. Stylish Vanity Table Made from Dresser

2 Ways to Make the Most of Styling Your Dresser
2 Ways to Make the Most of Styling Your Dresser (via The Everygirl)

We already played with the idea of transforming tables, drawers, even shelves into pretty, functional vanity tables, so why not your dresser? Here, we are offering you two different ideas on how to magically transform your dresser into a stylish vanity table. 

18. Chic Vanity from Bathroom Dresser

How To Make A Dresser Into A Vanity Tutorial
How To Make A Dresser Into A Vanity Tutorial (via An Oregon Cottage)

This one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity is so chic and gorgeous! A perfect, little, unique statement that will brighten up your entire bathroom! Moreover, it saves you money, space, and the project itself is actually easily-doable. 

19. What is Vanity without the Vanity Mirror?

DIY Vanity Mirror
DIY Vanity Mirror (via mr. Kate)

Every make-up professional, beauty guru or anyone who is part of this world will tell you that the lighting is a vital part of the applying make-up process as it is using the right products and techniques. That’s why, when creating your vanity table, you should pay attention to your vanity mirror and it’s lighting. Want to learn more? Read the ideas from the link!

20. Pretty, Practical Vanity Table

Diy Makeup Vanity Table
Diy Makeup Vanity Table (via Rain On a Tin Roof)

You will have a blast with this one! This design screams an urban girl who values her time and space! The design itself is pretty simple, but it is incredibly pretty and feminine; moreover, it is also quite practical as it offers a drawer with storage space. The Best part? You can easily build it within a day! 

21. Famous, Classical DIY Vanity Table

My Diy Dressing Table And Vanity Mirror
My Diy Dressing Table And Vanity Mirror (via Claire Baker)

You have probably seen this design in many make-up tutorials all over social media. It is the classical DIY vanity table which consists of a dressing table, storage units, and mirror. If you are someone who loves make-up and you need enough storage to neatly organize it, then this famous design is the thing you were looking for!

22. Simple, Practical Vanity Table

Flip Top Vanity
Flip Top Vanity (via Rogue Engineer)

Visually pleasing, with enough storage for all of your products. Simple, practical, this design will fit in with almost any interior design. However, don’t let this fool you! We guarantee you that you will enjoy every moment spent in front of it, despite its super simple design.

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