22 Fabulous DIY Phone Stand Tutorials

by craftyclub

Are you tired of your phone falling on your face as you try to hold it at night to watch videos?

Do you seek to keep your phone screen in sight but long for a way to be more efficient about it?  

We all know that phone stands can get pricey, but what if there was a way to fix these issues without breaking the bank? Well, you’re in luck.

Here are 22 creative ways to keep your phone upright.

1. Keep Your Phone and Accessories Together with This Rustic Stand

Diy Cell Phone Stand And Accessory Holder
Diy Cell Phone Stand And Accessory Holder (via Tidbits)

This timeless wood phone stand would go great with any decor. All you need is some wood, dowels, wood glue, and a few other basic tools! It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Want to go for a little extra razzle dazzle? Grab a can of wood stain that matches the rest of the furniture in your home. It’ll look so seamless together that guests will think it was bought as a set. We won’t tell! 

2. Need a Phone Stand on the Go? Grab Some Binder Clips!

DIY Cell Phone Camera Stand
DIY Cell Phone Camera Stand (by Dkfotog)

Where innovation meets accessible office supplies, this DIY phone stand is something that anyone can create.

 Grab some binder clips and a business card and then get ready to relax as you enjoy the easy access this design provides.

Currently screenshotting this one so that I don’t forget it!

3. Create a Fancy Desk Stand with Scrap Wood

DIY Phone Stand For Desk – Using Scrap Wood
DIY Phone Stand For Desk – Using Scrap Wood (via Anikas Diy Life)

This cute and customizable stand is so simple that it can be made with scraps from your workshop!

Displaying your phone upright allows quick and easy access throughout the day. It is also perfect for a hands free facetime as your phone charges!

The clip is the perfect touch and allows space for reminders, to do lists or motivational quotes!

Making this for a loved one? Attach a picture of you two together or a handwritten note to make it an even more special gift. 

4. Have a Bunch of Amazon Boxes Sitting Around the House? Try This!

DIY Phone or Tablet Stand
DIY Phone or Tablet Stand (via Evite)

This is such a simple yet adorable DIY phone stand option. All you need is cardboard, a ruler, scissors, and a pencil!

 The great thing about the simplicity of this design is that it can be customized however you like!

 Paint it a solid color to match your decor or let your creativity shine through with a beautiful design. 

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5. This Phone Stand Only Takes a Few Seconds to Make

IPhone Binder Clip Stand
IPhone Binder Clip Stand (via Instructables)

Have you ever found yourself sitting at lunch in the office trying to watch a video on your phone with one hand while shoveling food into your mouth with the other?

This phone stand is simple, quick, and effective!

Grab two binder clips, put one inside of the other and you’re good to go!

6. Want Something a Bit Fancier? This Wooden Stand is Perfect!

DIY Wooden Phone Stand
DIY Wooden Phone Stand (via Instructables)

If you have access to a table saw, this is a super simple yet sleek design!

Follow the instructions, cut a groove into your wood and you’ve got a low-cost phone stand that looks like you paid bucks for it.

Thank us later.

7. Looking for a Sewing Project? Look No Further Than this Phone Pillow

Diy Phone Pillow Stand / Holder Tutorial (+ Free Pattern)
Diy Phone Pillow Stand / Holder Tutorial (via Hello Sewing)

This cute little thing makes for a great rainy-day project and can probably be created with things you already have sitting around your sewing room!

Make these in bulk for your family and friends for Christmas.

We’d sure love to be gifted one!

8. Use Your Extra Office Supplies for Good with this Phone Stand!

Quick and easy way to make a DIY phone stand
Quick and easy way to make a DIY phone stand (by MR DIY)

In a pinch and need a last second phone stand? Grab some binder clips!

It’s quick, easy and allows you to call your friends or watch funny videos completely hands free!

Sit back, sip your coffee, and relax! 

9. Grab Your Cardboard and Let’s Make this Stand!

DIY Tabletop Cell Phone Stand
DIY Tabletop Cell Phone Stand (via Kl Home Inspection)

Want something that looks like wood but don’t want to actually buy any?

We’ve got you covered.

Decorate it however you like, be creative!

10. More Binder Clip Magic

DIY Table Numbers + Holders
DIY Table Numbers + Holders (via Budget Savvy Bride)

This tutorial may say it’s for table numbers, but we see it as instructions on how to make a cute binder clip phone stand!

You can customize your binder clips any way you like, which makes for a way fancier looking stand.

11. Let Your Kids Help Make a Creative and Memorable Phone Stand

How to create a smart phone holder
How to create a smart phone holder (via Bunnings)

Looking for the perfect gift for someone in your family?

Grab some clay and take the afternoon to help your child make an adorable phone stand for them. 

They’ll never get anything else quite like this! 

12. Make a Quick Trip to Ikea for this DIY stand 

IkeaPad stand
IkeaPad stand (via IkeaHackers)

Looking for a new phone stand but don’t want to construct it from scratch?

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Drive over to Ikea and pick up a bracket. It’s literally that simple.

You’ll be on your way to making a quick and easy stand in no time! 

13. Craft this Simple Phone Stand

Stylish holders for phone and tablet
Stylish holders for phone and tablet (by TreeSky)

This simple little phone stand tutorial can easily be modified to fit any size phone or tablet.

Adding this to your nightstand will be the perfect addition to your decor while turning your phone into your very own alarm clock. Who needs an old fashioned one anymore?

14. A Phone Stand for the Art Lover

Cute DIY phone stand for your desk
Cute DIY phone stand for your desk (via Pinterest)

This cute little phone stand is perfect for any lover of art.

It looks just like an easel and can be customized to match decor while also providing a decorative focal point. It’s so unique and is sure to be a great conversation starter.

15. Create an Easy Boho Chic Phone Stand

DIY Cell Phone Stand – Easy Scrap Wood Project!
DIY Cell Phone Stand – Easy Scrap Wood Project! (via Created by a Gemini)

Boho is trendy again so pull out your macrame and whicker!

This phone stand can be easily crafted with scrap wood and would make the perfect decoration for any lover of boho decor.

Keep it natural, stain the wood, or paint it. The great thing about this stand is that the sky’s the limit when it comes to all the ways you can make it your own.

16. Enact Hygge Vibes with this Adirondack Phone Stand

How To Make An Adirondack Chair Phone Stand
How To Make An Adirondack Chair Phone Stand (via Creatorvox)

Adirondack (say that three times fast) is an architectural style that aims for a rustic appearance by using log framing and elements from nature. Don’t worry, we had to google it too.

This is such a unique phone stand that helps to highlight a cozy home.

Your friends will ask you questions about the complexity of the design and you will get to sound like an interior design guru for a few minutes. It’s a win-win situation in our eyes.

17. Another Craft Project for You and the Kids

Pet Phone Stand
Pet Phone Stand (via Parents)

This DIY phone stand is sure to be something that you keep forever and show all of the boys that your daughter brings home to meet you in 10 years.

A sweet keepsake that is also fully functional, take this along to your office to remind you of home or let your child borrow it to prop up their phone while they watch silly YouTube videos.

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There’s nothing better than something that was made from the heart. 

18. Charcuterie Board or Phone Stand? The Answer May Surprise You

Diy Tablet/phone Stand
Diy Tablet/phone Stand (via My Craftily Ever After)

This adorable phone stand fits right in with your kitchen decor and can be used to prop up your phone or tablet.

It can be stained to match the cutting boards that are already in your kitchen and can be used to prop your phone or tablet up while you view recipes.

We are making cooking for the holidays easier, one phone stand at a time! 

19. Create a Phone Stand that People will Make a Stink About

How to make phone holder from toilet paper rolls
How to make phone holder from toilet paper rolls (via Krokotak)

Have a bunch of toilet paper rolls sitting around that you don’t know what to do with? Cut those things up and boom, instant phone stand.

In this day and age, recycling is so important. Why not learn to repurpose something that you already have?

Add designs with paint, markers or duct tape and make this your own unique creation.

20. Use Your Fabric Scraps to Make This DIY Phone Stand

Iphone Case Stand
Iphone Case Stand (via Made by Marzipan)

Have a bunch of fabric that you don’t know what to do with? Why not repurpose it and make something great!

This phone stand is cute and works great.

Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift to your loved ones. This is a DIY that will take a little more time, but the results will be more than worth it. The possibilities are endless with this one!

21. Can You Crochet? You’re in Luck with this DIY Phone Stand!

How To Crochet An Easy Phone Stand Wedge
How To Crochet An Easy Phone Stand Wedge (via Nickis Homemade Crafts)

This cozy phone stand requires crocheting skills so if you don’t know how, it’s the perfect time to learn!

It’s soft, it’s cute and it reminds you of warm afternoons spent at your grandmother’s house. What’s better than that?

22. Looking for a Unique Phone Stand? Look No Further!

DIY Concrete Hand Phone Stand
DIY Concrete Hand Phone Stand (via Mother Daughter Projects)

This phone stand is like a piece of art and when not in use, presents simply as a beautifully adorned hand sculpture. Add some gold specks onto it to add depth and color to the piece.

People that see it will think it’s expensive and professionally done. You’ll have a phone stand that is pretty to look at while being functional.

What’s better than functional art?

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