8 Diy Wall Decor Ideas To Revamp Your Home

by craftyclub

Decoration is, truly, a most marvelous thing. It’s impressive how even the smallest change, or the tiniest addition, can transform the energy and appearance of any room in a matter of seconds.

This leads us to the most fascinating realization of all – your house does not always need extreme makeovers. Sometimes, just a little bit can go a long away.

Wall decorations, in particular, remain one of the best alternatives for those seeking to freshen up the look of their homes without a complete redesign. It takes virtually no space and the possibilities are endless.

Don’t hesitate any longer and take charge! Transform your favorite room into your ideal version by checking the following wall decor ideas.

1. DIY Vintage Mini Bicycle

DIY Vintage Mini Bicycle
Mini Vintage Bicycle DIY Wall Art (via Crafts Unleashed)

Vintage decoration remains a staple of most designers precisely because they represent timeless beauty – aesthetically pleasant and undoubtedly stunning despite (or maybe because?) its age.

This DIY tutorial highlights one of vintage’s classics – the recognizable bicycle from ago – and turns it into an easy-to-make wall decoration. Bringing flowers and pastel tones into the mix, your home can turn into a delicate dream with barely any effort invested.

2. DIY Popsicle Stick Shelf

DIY Popsicle Stick Shelf
DIY Wall Art: Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf (via Make & Do Crew)

If you are anything like me, odds are that at some point of your life you’ve found yourself swimming in an absolutely ridiculous number of popsicle sticks. Be it because of past projects or the children, sometimes it’s frankly possible to have far more sticks than average.

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Worry not, for we have the perfect DIY tutorial to give them a fantastic use- a rustic, minimalistic, yet lovely hexagon shelf that will surely bring back to life any dull wall or space.

3 DIY Flower Wall

DIY Flower Wall
DIY Flower Wall (via Sweet Teal)

Sometimes it’s hard to resist the flower call. They are quintessential home decoration items and, when used properly, they can bring that tiny spring sparkle that is needed.

One of the best ways to achieve that spring look is a flower wall – a sweet and incredibly easy DIY decoration that will bring out the inner bohemian and add a touch of color without complexities or big investments.

4 DIY Geometric Wall Art

DIY Geometric Wall Art
Geometric DIY Art (via Sum of their Stories)

Minimalism never goes out of style – less is more, after all. Geometric shapes, in particular, add a sharp and sleek look that can turn the simplest room into the very image of sophistication.

With minimal effort and resources you can have your own masterpiece – a delicate canvas that will radically change the look of your walls. The best part? The tutorial is completely DIY and approachable, even for those that lack in artistic abilities.

5 DIY Elegant Toilet Paper Tube Art

DIY Elegant Toilet Paper Tube Art
Faux Metal Wall Art (Including Free Patterns!) (via Suzy’s Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom)

Wait, don’t skip this entry just yet! The phrase is not an oxymoron, I promise – you can make some seriously mesmerizing wall decorations out of disposable toilet paper tubes. The dreamiest mix of elegance, creativity, affordability and eco-friendliness.

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With this DIY tutorial, you will create faux metal wall art, dispose of those paper tubes and, best of all, put to practice all your creativity and design skills.

6. DIY Skyline Wall Art

DIY Skyline Wall Art
Washi Skyline Wall Art (via I Spy DIY)

Ah, New York, New York – the most famous skyline the world has ever seen. This, naturally, makes it an ideal source of inspiration for any of seeking to make a particular space look sleek and contemporary.

Follow the instructions in this easy DIY project and, with the help of some washi tape, you will create an incredibly chic pop-art decoration piece.

7. DIY Backlit Wall Art

DIY Backlit Wall Art
Lit up canvas wall decor- Elmers look for less (via Ashlee Marie)

Flowers and fairy lights are the effortless way to add a magical touch to any space within your home – minimalistic, yet delicate and enchanting on their own right.

In particular, backlit flower wall art is a tantalizing new addition, able to transform a room with its mere presence, so why not add it to your latest decoration project?

This DIY idea is meant to replicate the fancy designer look sold by Valerie Boy, but with things you surely have at hand.

8. DIY Rustic Arrow Art

DIY Rustic Arrow Art
Arrow Wall Decor – DIY Wood Arrows Wall Art (via The DIY Dreamer)

Rustic-chic decorations have been in fashion for quite some time by now, and it doesn’t seem like the popularity will stop anytime soon. So, why don’t you hope in the train hype? This delicate wood pastel decorative set should be both fashionable, interesting to make, and extremely cute.

While I certainly prefer to keep it pastel and soft, the best part is that you can paint these lovely arrows in any way you’d like – or maybe even keep the wooden structure to preserve its classic rustic qualities.

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