20 Free Crochet Shawl Patterns for Every Season

by craftyclub

The world of crochet gives you so much creative freedom. You can make impressive creations or keep it simple. Somewhere in the middle of impressive and simple is a crochet shawl.

A crochet shawl can be made in so many ways. It can take many shapes, but it can also be as simple as an oversized scarf. Beginners can make one just as well as an advanced crocheter.

With these free crochet shawl patterns, anyone can get their hands on a hook and make a beautiful shawl to throw on or give as a gift.

1. Wrapped in Diamonds Shawl

Wrapped in Diamonds Shawl
Wrapped in Diamonds Shawl (by Torun Johansson)

Easy, pattern only

This free shawl download is a great place to start for an impressive but simple-to-follow pattern. Don’t be intimidated by the diamond pattern.

The pattern clearly explains the process in a visual format, and the absolute only stitches you need to know are double crochet and chain. That’s it!

2. Sabrina Pocket Shawl

Sabrina Pocket Wrap – Free Crochet Pattern
Sabrina Pocket Wrap – Free Crochet Pattern (via Lulo stitch co)

Easy, pattern only

Another fairly simple crochet shawl pattern, but this one has pockets.

This pattern calls for several types of stitches, but all that are still fairly easy to understand and execute. It turns into a fairly straightforward design that’s transformed into something better with fringe and pockets.

What’s not to love?

3. Mobius Shawl

How to Crochet the Mobius Shawl Wrap
How to Crochet the Mobius Shawl Wrap (via Naztazia)

Easy, with tutorial

This free crochet shawl pattern is a simple design with a twist.

The pattern is available for you to follow along, but if you’re a true beginner and need a little extra guidance, the tutorial will walk you through the process. It differs a little from other shawls since it works in the round.

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Try it out! You’ll see it’s not as hard as you think.

4. Corona Shawl

Corona Shawl
Corona Shawl (via Universal Yarn)

Intermediate, pattern only

In spanish, corona means “crown.” Just one look at this shawl and you’ll see why it earns this name.

Single, double, and triple stitches interspersed with spaces create a delicate, lacy look that slips elegantly over anything you wear. It will certainly look more expensive than it was, and your friends will be so impressed that it was handmade by you!

5. Wrapture Shawl

Red Heart Wrap-ture Crocheted Shawl
Red Heart Wrap-ture Crocheted Shawl (via Yarnspirations)

Easy, pattern only

This free crochet shawl pattern is a great project for beginners.

The pattern uses a simple chain, single, and double crochet only, so you can work on perfecting these stitches and create a beautiful piece to wrap yourself in or gift.

6. Cedar Creek Shawl

Cedar Creek Easy Crochet Shawl Pattern
Cedar Creek Easy Crochet Shawl Pattern (via Stitching Together)

Easy, Pattern only

No reason to be nervous about this crochet shawl.

If you know the chain stitch, half double crochet, and how to half double crochet two into the same stitch, then that’s really all you need to complete this free pattern.

The end result is a beautiful and snug shawl that you’ll love to slip into.

7. Amore

The Amore Shawl Free Crochet Pattern
The Amore Shawl Free Crochet Pattern (via Desert Blossom Crafts)

Easy, pattern only

Love will be in the air once you finish this shawl crochet project. The free pattern walks you through the steps of single and double crochets in the round to create the little hearts throughout the pattern.

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8. Bobble Ripple

Bobble Ripple Shawl – Free Crochet Pattern
Bobble Ripple Shawl – Free Crochet Pattern (via Truly Crochet)

Easy, pattern only

If you want to learn a new stitch or you already are familiar with the beauty of the bobble stitch, then you’ll love this free crochet pattern. The bobble stitch adds some exciting texture to the shawl. Once you nail the stitch, the pattern is repetitive. This makes it ultra-flexible for you to make it as short or long as you like it.

Even if you’ve never done it, it’s very easy to do, and the practice will make you feel like a pro in no time.

9. Summertide Wrap

Light Crochet Shawl – Summertide Wrap Pattern
Light Crochet Shawl – Summertide Wrap Pattern (via Mama In A Stitch)

Easy, pattern only

Looking for something with a little more variety? This Summertide wrap brings a bunch of exciting patterns and textures to your project.

This light and breezy shawl drapes beautifully, wears well in any weather, and gives you a chance to practice a few different types of stitches.

10. Easy Crochet Wrap

Easy Crochet Wrap For Spring! Free Pattern
Easy Crochet Wrap For Spring! Free Pattern (via For The Frills)

Easy, pattern with video

If you’re in love with the other patterns on this list but aren’t quite sure of your own skill, start here.

This easy crochet wrap makes a beautiful project that will give you confidence to do any other project you’d like. A guided video comes with this pattern, so you can get some visual support to get you started. You’ll be bumped up to intermediate patterns in no time.

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11. Intricate Summer Shawl

Magnificent Marge Shawl
Magnificent Marge Shawl (by Colleen O’Neill)

Intermediate, pattern only

Confident crocheters won’t be able to resist picking up this free shawl pattern.

The intricate summer shawl also called “Magnificent Marge” is delicate, intricate, and textured for an exciting end result. It would be great in summer, but we have a feeling that a chunkier yarn would also make for a beautiful winter wrap.

12. Wren Sideways Shawl

Wren Sideways Shawl – Free Crochet Pattern
Wren Sideways Shawl – Free Crochet Pattern (via Truly Crochet)

Easy, pattern only

Shawls often evoke a sense of simple elegance, and the Wren Sideways Shawl embodies this.

The stitches are very straightforward for the most part, but you’ll also get the chance to learn to puff stitch. It’s very simple to do, and once you get it once you’ll continue repetitively until you complete this impressive crochet shawl.

13. One Skein Lace Shawl

Little Fictions – Free Crochet Pattern for a One Skein Shawl
Little Fictions – Free Crochet Pattern for a One Skein Shawl (via Annie Design Crochet)

Easy, pattern only

Low on supplies? Look no further than this one skein lace shawl crochet pattern.

Spreading out the stitches helps to create this fun lace look that takes just one skein of yarn. Even if you don’t have one full skein, you can get funky with it and use the extras you have lying around for a rainbow effect. No matter what you choose, the end result is delicate and dazzling.

14. Lost in Time Shawl

Lost in Time shawl pattern
Lost in Time shawl pattern (via Mijo Crochet)

Intermediate, pattern only

If you love to get lost in the art of crochet, then this is a beautiful crochet shawl pattern to explore.

There are simple stitches combined with more advanced level practices, like the picot and popcorn stitches. It’s all topped-off with tassels that will truly make you feel like you’re wearing an exotic handmade piece.

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15. Yes Yes Shawl

Yes Yes Shawl (smaller)
Yes Yes Shawl (smaller) (by Bernat Design Studio)

Intermediate, pattern only

Summer shawls are the perfect warm-weather accessory, especially when they’re this beautiful.

The Yes Yes Shawl is a somewhat intermediate pattern, just so you can really nail the more intricate stitches. When you see the finished result, you’ll know why they call it the “yes yes” – there’s no way you can deny its beauty.

16. Gardenia Shawl

Aunt Lydia's Gardenia Shawl
Aunt Lydia’s Gardenia Shawl (via Yarnspirations)

Intermediate, pattern only

This Gardenia Shawl is undeniably beautiful. It’s a delicate pattern that has a true vintage feel to it.

It can be worn in spring or summertime, as it’s very light and airy. It’s made even more masterful with a beautifully unique edging, and the way it tapers off gives you plenty of freedom to daintily tie it up or let it hang loose.

17. Caron Fan Shells

Caron Fan Shells Crochet Shawl
Caron Fan Shells Crochet Shawl (via Yarnspirations)

Easy, pattern only

Want to look like a pro while you’re still practicing? This is the free crochet pattern for you.

This shawl is very accommodating for beginners who are still perfecting their work. The shell design looks far more complex than it is. When the shawl is complete, you’ll have yourself a beautiful result that looks like masterwork–but really was very simple to do!

18. Midnight Walk

Midnight Walk Shawl
Midnight Walk Shawl (via Pysselofix)

Intermediate, pattern only

A stroll under the stars makes for the perfectly relaxed chance to wrap yourself in a handmade shawl. This one has a very classic triangular look to it, topped off with a fringed edge for a little excitement.

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While there isn’t a video to help you along, there are very informative photos in the pattern so you can double-check you’re on the right track for a perfect Midnight Walk.

19. In the Garden

In The Garden Shawl
In The Garden Shawl (by Cheryl Chow)

Easy, pattern only

If you can do the shell stitch and a picot, then you are at the right level to be able to complete the In the Garden shawl.

The helpful free pattern walks you through the step in stages, from beginning to increasing and carrying on with the middle and edging.

Beginners can do it, but it would be best to have a little bit of experience with crochet to feel comfortable and enjoy the process.

20. Meandering Prints

Meandering Paw Prints MEGA Scarf FREE crochet pattern
Meandering Paw Prints MEGA Scarf (via Amy B Stitched)

Easy, pattern only

Animal lovers will adore this unique free crochet shawl pattern.

The pattern gives you a few tips and tricks for really making a successful paw print pattern throughout. Though it might seem a little tricky for beginners at first, the repetition of it all will give you the practice you need to master it by the end.

There is also an included video tutorial to help guide you through making the paw prints, so you can make sure you’re doing it right.

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