19 Free Sewing Patterns for the Teddy Bears of Your Dreams

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Someone who loves and collects teddy bears is an arctophile. If you consider yourself one, then why not go for the ultimate gesture and sew your very own teddy bear? Luckily, the process is very accessible as there are plenty of free downloadable teddy bear patterns that will teach you each step in the process of sewing your own keepsake.

Here you’ll find a list of teddy bear patterns in all shapes and sizes. Classic teddy bears have a distinct look, and as such a lot of these teddies will look similar, but once you put your spin on it they’ll all have their own personality.

If it’s your first time sewing a bear, it might be helpful to start with the Teddy Bear Academy booklet – featured below. There are a handful of wonderful teddy bear patterns within.

If this isn’t your first attempt, then feel free to really explore all the delightful (and free) patterns available to sew your own teddy bear. Browse through the options here and uncover different techniques and methods that will give you the chance to find one that works best for you.

Teddy Bear Academy

If you’re new to sewing teddy bears, or new to sewing in general, you might have a few questions about the process of making a teddy bear. The Teddy Bear Academy guidebook can help. It walks you through the steps of gathering the supplies, preparing the pieces, and assembling the bear.

As an added bonus, there are a few patterns within the guide:

Sebastian Bear

Sebastian – 9” Fully Jointed Teddy Bear
Sebastian – 9” Fully Jointed Teddy Bear (via Teddy Bear Academy)

The Sebastian Bear is a cuddly, fully jointed, 9 inch teddy bear. With big lovable glass eyes and soft suede-padded paws, he’s an ultra lovable little guy that comes together with basic sewing instructions.

Candy Corn Bear

CANDY CORN – A Sweet Little 6” Bear
CANDY CORN – A Sweet Little 6” Bear (via Teddy Bear Academy)

Who says it has to be Halloween to enjoy candy corn? This miniature sewn bear pattern makes an adorable little bear that fits in the palm of your hand–just like a handful of candy corn. But he truly earns his name with his fluff. Yellow, white, and orange fur keep him on theme. You won’t be able to resist enjoying this delightfully sweet little bear all year round!

Snow Bear

Snow Bear Pattern
Snow Bear Pattern (via Teddy Bear Academy)

This bear is a little different than most. Its arms are swapped out for a pair of twigs to turn it into a snowman. It’s a great piece of decor to have around at Christmas time, and also a perfect place to practice for sewers who are new to crafting teddy bears.

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Teddy Keychain

Teddy Bear Keychain
Teddy Bear Keychain (via Teddy Bear Academy)

The free teddy keychain pattern in this guide gives you a teddy bear that stands just over 5 inches. He’s got all four limbs and a cute little snout. Once he’s complete you can add the chain to let him hangout wherever you go, or just sit him around someplace special.

Free teddy bear patterns also featured in this guide include teddy bear ornaments and a Jingle Elf bear for Christmas, boo-bears for Halloween, and even a Cadbury bunny.

Other free sew teddy bear patterns:

1. Teddi the Bear

Teddi The Bear Pattern (Free!)
Teddi The Bear Pattern (Free!) (via Zakka Art)

This classic teddy bear design is both cuddly and creative. The intent of Teddi is to use scrap fabrics to give him that patchwork look, and to give you a chance to create a keepsake. Not only do the arms and legs give good hugs, but this teddy can stand on its own (or at least propped up against something).

2. Kimberbear

Introducing the Kimberbear, A Little Stuffed Bear for Children in Need
The Kimberbear, A Little Stuffed Bear for Children in Need (via Kimberbell)

This isn’t an ordinary free teddy bear pattern. This is the Kimberbear–the result of a industry-wide project to create a lovable bear for charity. Since it was intended to donate, it has a true lovable nature to it. The pattern for the Kimberbear is available for free, so you can create one as a gift, as a donation, or to have your own.

3. Memory Bear

How to Make a Memory Bear
How to Make a Memory Bear (via Hidden Treasure Crafts)

One of the most joyous ways to make hold onto precious moments is with a memory bear. This sewing pattern is both easy to make and large enough to love. This is a perfect downloadable pattern for beginners who have a keepsake they’d like to turn into their own sewn memory bear to cherish.

4. How Joyful Bear

How to make a stuffed bear: The HowJoyful Bear
How to make a stuffed bear: The HowJoyful Bear (via How Joyful)

This classic bear is truly the perfect teddy bear pattern to sew. Because of its perfect proportions, intermediate sewers might have the best results from this pattern. Still, the patience and a little skill, anyone can craft this keepsake bear. The end result is undoubtedly impressive.

5. Wool + Liberty Teddy Bear

Wool + Liberty Teddy Bear
Wool + Liberty Teddy Bear (via Purl Soho)

This teddy bear pattern is so beautiful you’ll be surprised that it’s free! Not only does it come with a pattern, but you’ll enjoy the detailed photos that guide you through the process. This is a true classic charm, with a lovable belly and button eyes.

6. Jake Bear

Jake Teddy Bear Pattern
Jake Teddy Bear Pattern (via Planet Teddybear)

Jake is one of the bigger bear patterns available, so if you really want someone to cuddle this is the option for you! Downloadable instructions and templates come along with this free teddy bear pattern, so you are well-guided through the process. Originally, Jake is made of mohair, but if you’d like to go for a bear with less hair, try something like cotton or even satin for a sleek look.

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7. Boyish Charm

Bear Pattern: Boyish Charm
Bear Pattern: Boyish Charm (via Planet teddybear)

A teddy that isn’t always being cuddled should be able to sit up on its own. This Boyish Charm pattern makes a lovable bear that likes to lounge around and look lovingly. It’s easy enough to follow for beginners, and results in a beautiful bear for any collection.

8. Beau Bear

Bonjour, I'm Beau Bear
Bonjour, I’m Beau Bear (via Canadian Living)

Beau bear has a ready for anything appeal about him. This pattern was designed for Canadian Living magazine, and as such the character of Beau fits perfectly into a winter wonderland scene. He comes to life with a little red jacket, hat and bag, allowing him to be prepared for snowshoeing, and Max stands ready for the action at 15 inches (38 cm).

9. Folk Mohair Teddy

Free Pattern for Folk Art Mohair Teddy Bear
Free Pattern for Folk Art Mohair Teddy Bear (by Crafty Carnival)

Mohair textures create a ton of texture, which is great for making a cuddly teddy bear. This particular teddy bear sewing pattern can also be made with wool or any other soft textured textiles you like. It’s a mini style, which is great for a quick project or for beginners to get the hang of sewing.

10. Mini Angel Bear

Miniature Angel Bear
Miniature Angel Bear (via Web Of Angels)

The mini angel bear will be like the little angel on your shoulder. It’s a super mini, standing less than 3 inches tall. While you might need somewhat dexterous fingers, beginners will find this fairly forgiving to complete. It can become great home decor, or even an angel ornament around Christmas time.

11. The Jasper Classic Charm Bear

Bear Pattern: Classic Charm
Bear Pattern: Classic Charm (via Planet Teddybear)

The award-winning design of Jasper certainly makes him a standout bear. What’s different about this free pattern is in the paws. The process puts a little extra time and effort into adding a little extra character there, so you have adorable paw prints on a free-standing bear.

12. Poppy Panda

Poppy Panda
Poppy Panda (by Bromley Bears)

Panda bears are undeniably adorable, and this pattern lets you create one all your own. Templates and patterns are available to download so you know exactly how to go about the process. You’ll love the end result!

13. Warren the Charity Bear

Warren the Charity Bear – a free teddy bear pattern
Warren the Charity Bear – a free teddy bear pattern (via Shiny Happy World)

Warren was designed with good intentions. He’s more of a cushioned teddy, designed to lay flat and come together quickly. It can transform into a perfect gift or you can make a few for donation. This is very easy to do and great for beginners!

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14. Cuddly Bear

Cuddly Teddy Bear – Let’s Get Crafting
Cuddly Teddy Bear – Let’s Get Crafting (via Mollymoo)

This Lay-flat pattern, very easy to make and creates a teddy bear about the size of a piece of paper.
The best part is the personalized facial expressions that you can dream up to suit your needs. If you get the hang of it, you can even make a whole group of expressive little bears.

15. Backpack Teddy Bear

Backpack Bear Free Pattern
Backpack Bear Free Pattern (via While She Naps)

For those who love to bring teddy along anywhere, try this keychain teddy bear pattern. The end result is small enough to hang from a bag, big enough to cuddle with, and perfect as a gift or a stocking stuffer.

16. Quick Baby Bear

How To Sew Quickly A Cute Little Soft Baby Teddy Bear
How To Sew Quickly A Cute Little Soft Baby Teddy Bear (via Sew Toy)

Babies often come into the world unexpectedly. If you’re in need of a rush gift, why not try this quick sewn teddy bear pattern? The best material to make this bear is an anti-pill fleece. This fabric is super soft, making for a perfect cuddly friend for a baby.

17. Bonny Baby

Bonny Baby Teddy Bear
Bonny Baby Teddy Bear (by Wendy-Sue

Here is another free beat pattern that’s absolutely perfect as a newborn gift. As a jointed sewn bear design, Bonny can both sit and stand. She’s pretty small, standing only 4 inches (10cm) tall. The pattern calls for a soft pink tinted mohair, but she’s so adorable we’d be willing to say she’d be adorable in any color, any texture.

18. Jingle Bells Bear

Jingle Bells Bear
Jingle Bells Bear (by Wendy

If you have a Halloween bear, then you’ll definitely need a Christmas bear. The Jingle Bells Bear sewing pattern has that sorted for you. This bear was originally created for the bear masters at TCBI. Now you can make one on your own. It’s a beautiful classic look with a smiling face and jointed limbs. The Christmas touch comes together with a festive necktie. Bells and bows are involved, but if you’d prefer holly and mistletoe, then you can create whatever sort of hand sewn Christmas bear you’d like!

19. Sugar and Spice Bears

Sugar and Spice by Bele Bears
Sugar and Spice by Bele Bears (via Planet Teddybear)

If you’re looking for double the adorable bear, look no further than sugar and spice. These bears are pretty simple to make, which is good news if you want to go ahead and make the matching set. Of course, you’ll need two types of your own chosen fabric so that you can differentiate between the two. But hey, if you want to make a set of twins instead, then by all means.

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