23 Gorgeous Makeup Organization & Storage Ideas that will Inspire You

by craftyclub

“Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret.” – Charlotte Tilbury

Ask any makeup enthusiast and they will avow: our makeup collections are our priceless treasures. We stand behind this statement wholeheartedly because we know how valuable they are. By valuable, no, we do not only mean their financial value. Don’t get us wrong, they do cost a small fortune as anyone who uses them will tell you. But we are also referring to the time and effort invested in choosing our makeup products, the sentimental value they hold for us, and the happiness and confidence they bring to us. That’s where the true value of makeup lies.

As Beyoncé once said, “That’s one of the things I love about makeup. You can change your whole attitude by just doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently.”

Makeup helps us correct any insecurities we may have, it allows us to express ourselves and tell the world who we are without saying a single word. In simple words, it empowers us – it’s like a happy, little ritual we perform to get an instant serotonin boost. That’s what makes makeup invaluable. 

And something so close to our hearts simply needs to have its own space in our home as well.

Neatly organized vanity is crucial for a stress-free morning routine. 

To help you tame the makeup chaos and organize the ever-growing stashes of makeup into clutter-free, delightfully organized vanity, we have created the perfect list of fabulous makeup organization and storage ideas that will motivate and inspire you to turn your makeup vanity (or corner) into efficient, beautiful mini-makeup-paradise.

So many ideas! Which one (or few) will you go for?

1. New Solutions to Fix Former Fails

Makeup Organization — A New Solution to a Former Fail
Makeup Organization — A New Solution to a Former Fail (via Kelleynan)

We will start with ideas for those who already had tried to organize their makeup but failed. Kelleynan offers a great new solution for organizing your makeup and avoiding repeating previous mistakes. 

Through combining several acrylic makeup drawers and smaller organizers, she creates the ultimate acrylic makeup organizer that methodically separates different pieces of makeup where each product is easy to spot.  

2. Organizing Your Entire Vanity

Home Series: Makeup And Vanity Organization
Home Series: Makeup And Vanity Organization (via Shore Society)

If you have a vanity with drawers, you need to put those drawers to use, but with organization! And the emphasis here truly is on the organization.

Sorting and going through piles of makeup, especially when you are in a rush is a complete nightmare and creates unnecessary stress. Organizing your vanity drawers with different boxes for each type of makeup products and using an appropriate organizer for the most-used products and placing them on top is crucial. And Shore Society offers precisely this with their detailed instructions on vanity organization.

3. Fun, Leopard Print DIY Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organizer with Leopard and Decoupage
Makeup Organizer with Leopard and Decoupage (via Crafts by Courtney)

Who says makeup organizers need to be boring? If you are up for a fun, little DIY project to spice up the boring makeup organizer, this idea is for you. 

Crafts by Courtney goes with fun, glittery leopard print to create their version of makeup organizer, but truly, you can use any type of print you like to create your own, unique, personalized makeup organizer. 

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Chevron, rainbow, or perhaps vintage cherries pattern? 

The choice is entirely yours!

4. Decluttering and Organizing by Usage

How I Decluttered and Organized My Makeup Stash
How I Decluttered and Organized My Makeup Stash (via The Everygirl)

Sometimes what you need is not a new organizer, vanity, or makeup unit, but rather decluttering and reorganizing what you already have in order to get the maximum out of it.

Organizing by usage – means organizing your makeup according to how often you use it: daily, weekly, occasionally, or rarely. Danielle Moss here thoroughly explains this method of decluttering and re-organizing your makeup stash according to usage.

It’s definitely a worthy 5-min reading.

5. Straight out of a Beauty Guru’s Room: the Ultimate Makeup & Storage Organization Unit

Makeup Storage and Organization: Ikea Lack Shelf Unit & Malm dressing table
Ikea Lack Shelf Unit & Malm dressing table (via CosmeticsObsession)

This combination of makeup organization looks like it came straight out of a beauty guru’s channel! 

Cosmetics Obsession explains how using the Ikea Lack Shelf units and Malm dressing table they have created this dreamy makeup unit that takes your breath away!

If you can’t find these precise units in your local shop, don’t worry, you can see this as an inspiration and use similar dressing tables and shelves and still achieve a similar look.

6. Step-by-step Guide on Organizing Your Makeup

How to Organize your Makeup
How to Organize your Makeup (via Organized by Ellis)

If you don’t know where to start, this is the place for you!

This foolproof guide offers thorough step-by-step instructions on where to start when you are organizing your makeup; from selecting and sorting the products from your ‘beauty salad’ to cleaning, sorting out, and organizing them.

It’s amazing how much a simple reorganization can completely change the overall look of a vanity!

7. Retro DIY Makeup Storage

DIY beauty station tutorial
DIY beauty station tutorial (via BlahBlahMagazine)

If your go-to styles are retro or industrial, you will fall in love with this retro DIY makeup storage.

Getting fed up with constantly organizing and creating “complex ecosystems” for makeup (let’s be honest, we can all relate to that), this ex-beauty and makeup artist decided to go minimal with his makeup storage and created this lovely DIY makeup storage unit with few jars, piece of wood, timber and few other things you can find in your (dad’s) garage.

Simple, retro, and well organized, this idea is worth stealing!

8. Easy-breezy, Super-simple DIY Makeup Organizer

DIY Makeup Organizer
DIY Makeup Organizer (via The Spruce Crafts)

This super-simple DIY makeup organizer is proof that you do not need to spend a ton of money to stay organized; contrary, just by recycling some old cans and grabbing your art tool kit with paint, decorative papers, and a hot glue gun you can create simple, artsy organizer. 

If you like it, you can even create one for your pencils and school supplies – the recipe is the same!

9. Portable 80’s Disco-vibes DIY Ikea Makeup Vanity Chart

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity an IKEA Raskog Hack
DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity an IKEA Raskog Hack (via Polkadotchair)

Is your bathroom too small or are you sharing it with a roommate/sibling? 

Do you hate transporting makeup kits from the bedroom to the bathroom and all over again?

Well, don’t worry we have the perfect idea for you: a portable DIY makeup vanity chart that will follow you around! Not only that, but it also has fun 80’s disco-vibes decorations and a little holder for an iron or hair dryer – how cute is that?

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10. Eco-friendly, Adorable Makeup Storages made from  Coffee Cups

Makeup storage from a Coffee Cup
Makeup storage from a Coffee Cup (via Ghirlanda Di Popcorn)

For these makeup storage units, you need some previously washed coffee-cups, a washi tape (or adhesive fabric), glue stick, and strings – do you really need any more instructions on this?

Simple, easy, eco-friendly, useful, and adorable!

11. Back-to-nature DIY Makeup Brush Storage

DIY Makeup Brush Storage
DIY Makeup Brush Storage (via Organized Mom)

What do you think about blowing off some steam while creating a storage unit for your brushes?

If you want some adventure, follow Organized Mom’s advice and grab the drill and a piece of wood, and just make as big and as many holes as you have brushes. 

It just can’t get more amusing than this!

12. No space? No Problem! Let’s Hang the Organizer!

Beauty Hack: How to Make a Cute Hanging Organizer for Your Supplies
Beauty Hack: How to Make a Cute Hanging Organizer for Your Supplies (via Glamour)

Sometimes, there is simply no space left. But that is still not a valid excuse for not having your makeup organized!

This cute organized made from cutlery caddies, hanger, rope, and scissors is not only easy to make (even kids and teens can make it) but it is also super useful because you can store your hair products and cosmetics too, as well as your makeup. 

The best part? It can go anywhere! In the hall, bathroom, bedroom, wherever you like!

13. Exquisite Marble Organizer Tray

Marble 4-Part Organizer Tray
Marble 4-Part Organizer Tray (by BINO)

Sophisticated, minimal, and incredibly elegant, this 4-pieces marble organizer is ideal for those who only have a few valuable make-up and cosmetic pieces but still want them well organized and presented.

There is incredible beauty in the simplicity of the marble, and this exquisite organizer can be yours for only $20.

14. Coastal Make-up Magnet Board

Make-up Magnet Board
Make-up Magnet Board (via Laura Thoughts)

Another proof that creativity knows no limits is this coastal makeup magnet board.

Made from an old frame, some paint, metal, and magnets, this makeup magnet board by Laura Thoughts is ideal for everyone who wants to show off their eyeshadows collection.

The lovely wash-out coastal blue color of the frame, combined with the vintage pattern chosen for the background gives it a nostalgic vibe and we are totally living for it!

15. The Ultimate Dream of every Makeup Collectionner

My Makeup Installment And Organization
My Makeup Installment And Organization (via The Skinny Confidential)

Warning: if you are a perfectionist who collects makeup, this idea may give you a raised heartbeat and increased cravings for this installation.

Neatly organized, perfectly categorized, this makeup installment and organization from The Skinny confidential is the ultimate dream of every makeup collectionner and perfectionist. 

Simply perfect!

16. The Beauty of the Acrylic Organization Systems

Best Makeup Organizers: Acrylic Organization Systems Overview
Best Makeup Organizers: Acrylic Organization Systems Overview (via Temptalia)

Peeking from the desks of every makeup artist, the acrylic organization systems are a must-have for everyone for a good reason: they fit nicely in every interior and are incredibly practical. 

Moreover, the transparency of the acrylic allows you to clearly see where each product is so you will be able to quickly grab what you need. 

Another great feature of this organizer is that you can customize it according to your own makeup collection and make it bigger or smaller depending on your makeup collection.

17. Easily Portable, Ridiculously Practical DIY Hanger Makeup Organizer

Hanging Makeup Organzier
Hanging Makeup Organzier (via A Girl and a glue gun)

This makeup organizer by A Girl and a Glue Gun screams “I do not need any special spot for me, I will stay wherever you want me”. Behind your door, in your closet, hanging on the bathroom wall? 

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Yes, yes, and yes! 

Easily portable, ridiculously practical this DIY hanger makeup organizer can be made in any color or pattern you want in a few hours!

18. Sabina’s Elegant Makeup Organizer

Sabina Makeup Organizer
Sabina Makeup Organizer (via Urban Outfitters)

Picture this: your favorite beauty products, lipstick, mascara & fluffy brush sitting pretty in this elegant, framed-in-gold makeup organizer on top of your vanity right next to the timeless flower vase and the lavender-scented candles?

Oh, where do we sign for it?

19. Show-off Your Makeup with these Makeup Organizers

Makeup Storage And Organization
Makeup Storage And Organization (via Thirteen Thoughts)

Let your makeup see the daylight, and show off your lipsticks & makeup collections on your vanity! 

By combining acrylic organizers and drawers with simple glass (or plastic) cups and boxes you will be able to display your makeup collection and declutter the drawers of your vanity! If you want to learn more, check this post by Thirteen Thoughts.

20. Glam & Chic Beauty & Office Room

Beauty & Office Room Tour Fall
Beauty & Office Room Tour Fall (via Love Charmaine)

If you are blessed with a beauty and office room like  Charmaine Dulak you should definitely check out her room tour and collect some pretty amazing ideas for makeup organization along the way. 

Bathing in shades of pink, gold, and white, the epitome of the glam & chic style these ideas will win you over in a heartbeat!

21. Makeup & Skincare Living in Harmony on Top of Your Vanity

How to Organize Your Makeup + Skincare
How to Organize Your Makeup + Skincare (via Cristin Cooper)

Nothing kills the mood like an endless search for eyeliner in a drawer filled with makeup and beauty products all over the place and your hand simply getting lost and swallowed in the piles of products!

And when your fingers touch something creamy or ashy in the process, you just know that something has been spilled all over! Oh, it’s a devastating experience! 

To avoid dealing with the drawer madness, Cristin Cooper created this useful guide on how to organize your makeup and skin products and have them coexist in harmony on the top of your vanity.

22. Making the Most Out of Small Bathroom Sinks

Organizing Small Bathroom Sinks
Organizing Small Bathroom Sinks (via Graceful Order)

You do not necessarily need a vanity to have a lovely little make-up oasis. Your small bathroom sink can do the job if you organize it properly! 

A few small shelves all meant for different products, combined with practical storage units can transform your small bathroom sink into a unique, practical beauty temple!

23. Makeup Pegboard – Where Practicality Meets Creativity!

Makeup Pegboard
Makeup Pegboard (via Pinterest)

Pegboard organizers are not only great for organizing offices and work desks, but also for organizing your makeup stash too! 

These ideas for makeup organization inspired and shared by hundreds of Pinterest teens really gained their popularity in recent years and it’s a trend that will not leave us anytime soon!

Why would it, it’s a perfect example of practicality meets creativity!

Final Thoughts

We hope our collection of ideas have provided you with the inspiration you needed! Let us know which ones are your favorite!

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