26 Astonishing DIY Wall Art Ideas to Brighten up Your Living Room

by craftyclub

Mundane, blunt, blank walls have no place in modern living rooms. 

While the furniture may be the “skeleton” of the room, the decorations are the ones who breathe in life and give the room a distinctive personality. Wall art is one of the main ways one can express your personal style and taste and make your living room a reflection of you.

Each living room deserves a wall-art that will define its soul. 

Regardless if you prefer a modern, contemporary art with exquisite lines and price that makes you dizzy or you are a fan of colorful, fun art that makes you burst into laughter, or you simply go for adorable DIY pieces, you must add them to your living room and create a unique, happy little heaven in which you will enjoy spending your days.

Whether you are looking forward to decorating your new apartment or you just want to refresh and give a personal touch to your already designed living room, don’t worry, we got you covered. 

Here we have amazing DIY ideas of Wall Arts for everyone’s taste and style:

1. Antique Wall Art Never Goes Out of Style

An Antique Gallery Wall
An Antique Gallery Wall (by Lost And Found Cottage)

Combining old simple frames with traditional paintings of nature, birds, fruits, sea, and animals can give you that antique look you are looking for. 

This goes really well with rustic or coastal interior design. You can also never go wrong with choosing earthy, worn-off color tones to compliment the overall look and achieve that antique vibe. 

2. Abstracted, Glamorous Wall Art to Glam up Your Walls

Gold Gilded Marble Canvas: Glam up Your Wall Art
Gold Gilded Marble Canvas: Glam up Your Wall Art (via Made In A Day)

Choose to be an abstract artist for a day and create your own glittery art piece effortlessly, at the comfort of your own home. 

Kim’s guidance from Made in a Day blog will help you design your own unique, sparkling painting that will glam up your walls.

3. The Heartwarming Effect of the Perfect Organization – Wall Art Edition

Reader Space: Honey We're An Organized Home
Reader Space: Honey We’re An Organized Home (via iHeart Organizing)

There is something special, soul-soothing, and heartwarming about a balanced, well organized and decorated interior that makes your hearts skip a bit! And this piece done by iHeart Organizing (they truly live up to their brand, don’t they?) is precisely how we feel about this wall art!

Amazing idea for anyone who wants to bring vivid, playful colors into their living room but also makes it organized and soothing. We heart it!

4. Basket Collection to Give a Feeling of Coziness and Warmth

Basket Collection
Basket Collection (via HGTV)

Although cottage style is not technically a style but derives from cottage houses which are meant to be enjoyed on vacations, the coziness they bring to our lives inspired many people to start implementing elements from it into their homes.

Since cottages typically are made from cast-offs from real homes, like worn-out, used furniture, old baskets, and decorations that are typically made from wood, the worn-out, woven, or wooden decorations became the symbols that define the cottage atmosphere and bring its well-desired warmth.

If you adore the warmth of this style, then this cottage ‘style’ basket collections used as wall art will be ideal for you.

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5. Renter-Friendly Alternative of the Birch Tree Wallpaper in Form of A DIY Wall Art

Diy Stenciled Art: Renter-friendly Spin On Birch Tree Wallpaper
Diy Stenciled Art: Renter-friendly Spin On Birch Tree Wallpaper (via Dans Le Lakehouse)

Shout out to all wallpaper enthusiasts who are not allowed to add and enjoy wallpapers in their new apartments because they go against the rules of their landlords! 

Don’t worry, we got you covered! Here we are presenting to you the perfect alternative! Dans Le Lakehouse will teach you how to create this lovely birch tree wall art that will make both you and your landlord happy. 

6. Easy, Cheap, Chevron DIY Wall Art from Wood Shims

DIY Wall Art – Cheap And Easy Wall Art Using Wood Shims
DIY Wall Art – Cheap And Easy Wall Art Using Wood Shims (via Amber Oliver)

Chevron pattern regained its popularity in recent years and we doubt that it will go away anytime soon! Perfect for giving texture to otherwise blunt, minimal styles, this chevron wall art will light up your room

It is a simple DIY project and you can make it easily, in no time, from the comfort of your own garage with 2 packs of wood shims. Just choose the paint you like and follow Aber-Oliver instructions on how to assemble it.

7. Color Block Rainbow Wall Art? Where Do We Sign for?

Diy Color Block Rainbow Wall Art
Diy Color Block Rainbow Wall Art (via @ Home With Ashley)

Gazing into the mesmerizing shades of this color-blocking rainbow wall art forces all the stress out of our bodies, pushing us into an incredible state of tranquility. Although it may seem complex, this wall art is actually surprisingly painless to make, as At Home with Ashley will explain.

The only flaw? Expect to lose your train of thoughts into its shades whenever you pass by and catch a glimpse of it!

8. Bring Nature to Your Home with the DIY Pressed Plant Frame

Diy: Pressed Plant Frame
Diy: Pressed Plant Frame (via Alana Jones-Mann)

This original idea by Alana Jones-Mann is incredibly inspiring and beautiful.

If nature makes you feel at ease, you can bring it to your home in this unique and incredibly inspiring way – with a DIY pressed plant wall art. The technique is fool-proof, and you can use whatever leaves you to find inspiring and beautiful.

9. Child-Inclusive, Fun Chalkboard Wall Art

Chalkboard Wall Art
Chalkboard Wall Art (via BHG)

Seeing fingerprints on the glass of your wall art or a fine crayon signature on your freshly painted walls is not really an art piece that many parents will admire and be thrilled to see! Unless it is part of this fun chalkboard art?

Better Homes & Gardens solves these issues by offering parents the solution of sectioning the wall portion and painting it with chalkboard paint that their young, enthusiastic, artsy children will enjoy painting on.

It truly is a great way to decorate the home and encourage and support the creativity of your children! 

10. Decorating The Walls with Wall Art in Texas-Style

Making It Work In A Bare-Bones Texas Home
Making It Work In A Bare-Bones Texas Home (via Design Sponge)

Your bare-bones walls don’t need to stay blank! 

Design Sponge breaks down the ultimate guide for Texas-style wall art. 

With so many ideas, starting from vintage posters in frames, to creative collections of edgy, vintage plates, you will actually have a difficult time choosing which one you like the most!

11. Get Inspired by this Personalized Interior & its Wall Arts

Client Bu Round Two
Client Bu Round Two (via Amber Interior Design)

This remarkable interior was created upon the client’s requests and we needed to show it to you because it will bring you back to simpler times. 

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The French rustic style that dominates here calms your mind and the natural earthy tones feed your soul. The Wall Arts here are rather simple but fit in so nicely with the overall interior. 

12. Saving The Planet and Creating Wall Art

Use Paper Scraps To Make Wall Art
Use Paper Scraps To Make Wall Art (via A Little Hut)

Are you ready to see an incredible transformation?

Watch old paper scraps evolve into colorful, delightful wall art in no time!

And if you love it as much as we do, follow the instructions of A Little Hut and create one for your own home!

13. Wall Art or Wallpaper? Perhaps A Combination of Both, Because, Why Not?

Amazing Room Wallpaper
Amazing Room Wallpaper (via Pinterest)

Why not use your own drawings and doodle art to create a one-of-a-kind wall art that spreads around the entire wall giving it a wallpaper-like effect?

We are all for it!

14. Easy, Nature-Inspired DIY Wall Art

Easy Diy Living Wall Art
Easy Diy Living Wall Art (via A Beautiful Mess)

It’s like nature made its home on your walls! 

Making this nature-inspired wall art is child’s play, and is super cheap: all you need is some canvas and artificial plants. You can even spice it up further by adding your favorite artificial flowers as well!

15. Colorful Wall Organizer that will Cost You Next to Nothing!

Diy Recycled Cardboard Tube Wall Organizer
Diy Recycled Cardboard Tube Wall Organizer (via A Kailo Chic Life)

This colorful wall organizer used as wall art will cost you next to nothing! 

Made from recycled cardboard tubes, some paint and glue, this wall art is both practical and eco-friendly.

Pretty self-explanatory, the process of making it as you have already guessed is incredibly straightforward, simple and fast. 

16. Lovely DIY Wooden Wall Art

DIY Wood Wall Decor
DIY Wood Wall Decor (via Crafted by the Hunts)

Some moments leave permanent marks on our lives and get carved in our memories and hearts. Frame your life-changing moment in this lovely wooden, decorative frame and use it as your Wall Art.

17. Modern DIY Hanging Wall Decor

DIY Hanging Wall Decor
DIY Hanging Wall Decor (by Whitehousemuddyfeet)

Why pay over $200 for a similar Wall Art when you can make one yourself for under $20? 

This was the attitude that Ashlin had when she saw similar wall decor and decided to create one of her own and share it with us! We are completely obsessed with it, and grateful that we get to share it with you!

18. When life gives You Postcards You make DIY Postcard Wall Art

DIY postcard wall art
DIY postcard wall art (via How About Orange)

You know how you get postcards from your friends and family every once in a while, and you wonder what to do with them? Well, when life gives you postcards you make DIY Postcards Wall Art!

And if you want them all cut from the same cloth, you can do what How about Orange suggests and buy boxed sets of vintage, holiday-inspired, or any other type of postcards and create one of a kind wall art. 

19. The Endless Adventures of this World on Your Walls with the Corkboard World Map

Corkboard World Map
Corkboard World Map (by Avdoeswhat)

Perfect reminder that the world is so much bigger than our everyday lives is this industrial world map used as wall art. 

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Each place you visit can be pinned and contribute as another inspiration. Follow A does What’s instructions on IGTV and  “Learn how to stencil like a BOSS.”

Mirror Gallery Wall
Mirror Gallery Wall (by Hollyaudreywilliams)

We can not talk about wall art and not mention a single one that includes mirrors! 

Put your vintage frames to good use, or visit the nearest flea market (or even garage sales) and get some frames and mirrors! Best part is that you can experiment a lot by adding all types of wall decorations and combining them into one, big, unique piece of wall art!

21. Cheerful & Vibrant DIY Boho Macrame Picture Frames

Diy Boho Macrame Picture Frames
Diy Boho Macrame Picture Frames (via A Kailo Chic Life)

Playful and vibrant, these Boho Macrame Photo frames can fit in really nicely in almost any interior. 

Bring some texture and raise the room temperature with some colors. A Kailo Chic Life promises that these are super simple and easy to make!

22. Make it Meaningful: Fabric Flag Word Art

Fabric Flag Word Art
Fabric Flag Word Art (by Francois_et_moi)

Simple, sophisticated and meaningful! 

Sometimes less if more! 

Francois et moi will teach you how you can transform a relatively ordinary item like a flag into a meaningful, inspiring piece of wall art in just a few simple steps!

23. Go Big & Frame it in Your Home: DIY Large Wall Art

DIY Large Wall Art with Wood Frame
DIY Large Wall Art with Wood Frame (via Crafted By The Hunts)

Big, bold and impossible to miss! If you want wall art that is impossible to be ignored you need to check this one! 

Framing a lovely tapestry in a big, wooden homemade frame – Crafted by the Hunts really went all in with this inexpensive DIY Large wall installment. If you are intrigued by it, visit their page, they even offer links and ideas for where to purchase your tapestry.

24. Less is more: DIY Textile Art

DIY Textile Art
DIY Textile Art (via The Coastal Oak)

This idea is meant for everyone who appreciates the beauty of simplicity and appreciates the beauty of combining different textures to evoke a feeling of warmth. 

“Less is more” – this applies not only to its overall look and style, but also to the time required to make it: this DIY project can be done in 5 minutes!

25. Oversized Felt Letter Board Diy

Oversized Felt Letter Board Diy
Oversized Felt Letter Board Diy (via A Beautiful Mess)

In the past two years, letter boards were one of the go-to choices for many announcements from bloggers and social media personnel.

If you enjoyed and loved them, then you will like this idea for sure! The oversized letter board by Beautiful Mess is a rather simple DIY project that is quite versatile. 

Best part? You can customize it with different inspirational quotes, messages or even quotes from your favorite movies and songs!

26. Don’t want to DIY? We got you covered!

Metal World Map
Metal World Map (by MetalWorldMap)

And if you do not want to do it yourself, then this last one is meant for you.

You can visit Etsy or other online stores and get amazing Wall Art pieces like this Metal World Map and decorate your living room with it.

Just make sure that you check the dimensions and the buyers before you make your purchase. 

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