22 Beginner Wood-Burning Ideas To Try Right Now

by craftyclub

The smell of burning wood is something that is oddly really calming. It feels like a warm fire in a small cabin, waiting for the first snowflake of the season to fall.

To experience this feeling while using your creative side to craft something that is both memorable and beautiful is a win-win situation.

If you’re interested in learning how to wood burn, you’ve come to the right place!

There are so many simple and easy beginner wood-burning tutorials out there that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to get started.

Don’t fear, we have come to the rescue!

We’ve compiled a list of our favorites to help get you started on your wood-burning journey.

1. Craft a Simple Stenciled Design

Wood-Burning with Stencil, Stamp and Hand-lettering
Wood-Burning with Stencil, Stamp and Hand-lettering (via Helen G Designs)

We are kicking off our list of tutorials with a simple wood-burning craft that anyone can learn to do.

This simple D.I.Y asks you to use hand lettering to create your own stencil that will then be used to aid in wood-burning text onto your surface.

You can use any quote you want to make this your own.

This is so simple and makes for a perfect minimalistic decoration for any space.

2. Perfectly Patterned Wood Spoons

The Perfect Gift: Etched Wooden Spoons
The Perfect Gift: Etched Wooden Spoons (via Design Mom)

Want to start off with something even easier?

These patterned kitchen utensils make for the perfect beginner project.

Try your hand at different designs and really get a feel for wood-burning while creating gorgeous utensils for your kitchen!

It’s so easy and the results are gorgeous, you’ll be making these things all day long.

3. Mini Fridge Magnet Mania

Make Mini Fridge Magnets (Beginner Wood Burn Craft)
Make Mini Fridge Magnets (Beginner Wood Burn Craft) (via Empress of Dirt)

Looking to add a little color?

Use your creative side to craft these cute little mini fridge magnets!

Simply wood burn the outlines of your figures and then color in the rest. These are so cute and tiny that you’ll never grow tired of making them.

They also make a fun D.I.Y project to do with the kids. You can preserve their little artwork forever and have it to look at even when they get older.

4. Wood-Burn Your Own Block Town

wood burned blocks
Wood Burned Blocks (via Alisa Burke)

Have some spare blocks or pieces of wood sitting around? Use them to create your own cozy little town wood-burned town!

These make the perfect simplistic decoration and can really be customized to fit any kind of decor.

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Set them up on your mantle and wrap them in string lights to evoke a hygge vibe.

5. Craft Rustic Coasters

Rustic Wood Burned Coasters | Tutorial + Free Patterns!
Rustic Wood Burned Coasters | Tutorial + Free Patterns! (via Marching North)

Need some practice wood-burning?

You can find a pack of these cute rustic coasters at any craft store or you can learn to cut your own.

Once you’ve got some blank coasters, use them to practice your designs and decorate your home!

These make for the perfect custom gift and can be personalized to fit so many different decor styles.

There are even free patterns that you can use to get started!

6. Create Simple Heart Keychains

Beginner Wood Burning Keychain Tutorial
Beginner Wood Burning Keychain Tutorial (via Darice)

One of the trickiest things about wood-burning is learning how to get the pressure just right.

These simple keychains allow you to practice while creating the cutest keepsakes for you and your loved ones!

We love the minimalistic yet cozy and quaint look of these. Add your initials into the heart and give it to a parent or partner for a heartfelt gift.

7. Wood-Burn Your Own Greeting Cards

DIY greeting card made of balsa wood
DIY greeting card made of balsa wood (via Johannarundel)

If you’re like us, you’re tired of giving and receiving the same generic greeting cards.

For the next birthday party you get invited to, grab a piece of balsa wood to create a card that they’ll never forget!

The possibilities are truly endless with this so go ahead and let your creative juices flow. This is something that they’ll truly cherish.

8. Game of Thrones Fan? Create a Cutting Board!

Diy Game Of Thrones Cutting Board
Diy Game Of Thrones Cutting Board (via Do It Your Freaking Self)

Your inner nerd is calling, and they want this cutting board!

This is such a simple D.I.Y that is sure to impress all of your friends and fellow fans. We love how subtle yet awesome the reference is!

Throw some cheese and meat on this board and let the Game of Thrones marathon begin!

9. D.I.Y a Custom Yet Elegant Serving Tray

DIY Serving Tray
DIY Serving Tray (via Amber Oliver)

Looking to add something special to your boring and plain serving tray?

Wood-burn some words or even a name into it to add something special.

You can use your newfound wood-burning skills to really add elegance into your home! It’s easy yet so effective.

10. Customize Cute Wooden Spoons

How to Make Wood Burned Spoons
How to Make Wood Burned Spoons (via The Crafty Blog Stalker)

Want another wooden spoon idea?

Add a name or even just a simple word onto the handles to make them really personal!

This D.I.Y is so simple that you can make extras and gift them to all of your friends.

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Feel free to thank us later.

11. Create Your Own Wall Art

DIY Color Block Wall Art Quote With Mud Cloth Style Details
DIY Color Block Wall Art Quote With Mud Cloth Style Details (via Design Fixation)

Wall art is so unnecessarily expensive, why not make your own?

Grab some blank letters from a craft store and wood-burn details onto them.

Adding a pattern creates much depth and is sure to make your project look like it came from the store! These blocks can be used to decorate any room and will add that creative edge you’ve been looking for.

12. D.I.Y Recipe Box That’ll Turn into an Heirloom

Custom Recipe Box using Wood Branding Letters
Custom Recipe Box using Wood Branding Letters (via Sometimes Homemade)

Looking for something to store your family recipes in?

By wood burning this cute yet simple box, you are creating something that can be passed down for generations.

This craft will truly last the test of time. The great thing about wood burning is that it lasts forever. Your memories and yummy cooking will too!

13. Create Custom Scrabble Blocks

DIY Scrabble Blocks
DIY Scrabble Blocks (via Ribbons & Glue)

Are you looking for a creative and out of the box way to display a name? These wood-burned Scrabble blocks make for the perfect decoration and solution!

Hang them up in your living room or use them as a focal point in a nursery. The possibilities are endless with this simple craft!

14. Keep Solicitors at Bay and Away with This D.I.Y

DIY Woodburned Sign
DIY Woodburned Sign (via Bergangrisham)

Tired of people ringing the doorbell and making the dogs bark? Let solicitors know that you aren’t interested with this simple wood-burned sign!

The design is so easy that it can be customized to fit your other porch signs and will blend right in! No more interruptions enjoy your day in peace.

15. Create a Rustic Centerpiece

Personalized vase - Wood centerpiece wedding
Personalized vase – Wood centerpiece wedding (by TheLittleRusticFarm)

Looking to add an easy yet personal touch to your wedding that will make the guests feel immersed in love?

These personalized centerpieces scream simplistic and rustic. Transport your guests back to your first date walking through the park.

We’re not crying, you are!

16. Wood-Burn a Classic Cutting Board

Wine and Grapes cutting board
Wine and Grapes cutting board (via Pinterest)

If you’re looking for a way to show off your art skills, you’ve found it!

This image can be easily replicated but will look like a million bucks in your kitchen. It reminds us of Italy and great food.

It’s almost too pretty to use!

17. Customize a Cottage Core Bookmark

Wooden Bookmark
Wooden Bookmark (by ArmoniaIvancica)

Aim for a cozy vibe with these cute and simple bookmarks.

They’ll last forever because they’re wood and you’ll make a million of them because they’re so easy!

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These also make for a great last-minute gift for friends, family, or teachers. Pour yourself some tea and get to crafting!

18. Turn a Boring Wood Frame into Artwork

Altered Picture Frames
Altered Picture Frames (via Alisa Burke)

Want to spice up your simple wooden frames with a cute floral design?

Wood-burning intricate designs to hang around your pictures can make all the difference in your decor!

Let your crafty side out and really let loose with this one. There are so many ways that you can make this your own, so get in there!

19. Craft a Custom Cutting Board for Your Loved Ones

Make-It-Yourself Gifts: Wood Burnt Cutting Boards
Make-It-Yourself Gifts: Wood Burnt Cutting Boards (via East Coast Creative Blog)

In search of a gift that fits your budget but is truly heartfelt?

Let the people in your life know that you put thought into your gift with this D.I.Y cutting board!

It can be customized with their favorite quote, their name, or even a special date. This gift will mean the world and it is something they’ll keep forever.

20. Design Your Own Keepsake Box

Wood Burned Keepsake Box
Wood Burned Keepsake Box (via Crafts Unleashed)

Are you a deeply sentimental personal that keeps all of the notes people write you?

Do you still have all of the movie ticket stubs from when you and your husband started dating? You need a customized keepsake box to keep them safe and make them easier to access!

Wood-burning a simple design on really makes it stand out and adds the personal touch that you’re looking for.

21. Make an Adorable Hedgehog Keychain for You or Your Partner

Hedgehog Couple Keychain, Wooden Keychain
Hedgehog Couple Keychain, Wooden Keychain (by LadyDryad)

Okay, how super cute is this? Whether you’re single or taken, I think we can all agree that hedgehogs in love are top tier and will never get old.

This D.I.Y takes minutes and will differentiate your keys from all the rest, in the best way possible. Alternatively, craft one and give it as a gift to let them know you’re thinking about them.

22. Wood-Burn Custom Coasters for Your Cabin

Diy Card Suits Woodburned Sketch Coasters
Diy Card Suits Woodburned Sketch Coasters (via Crafting Fingers)

Remember that cozy cabin we talked about in the beginning of the article?

These are definitely the coasters that we imagine being there. This simplistic tree design transports us to simple snowy days drinking hot chocolate by the fire.

Craft these coasters to add a rustic and cozy feel to any space.

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