22 Amazing & Practical DIY Firewood Shed Designs, Ideas and Plans

by craftyclub

Who doesn’t like spending the harsh winter nights wrapped up in a blanket, cozy in front of the fireplace, indulging in a cup of tea or glass of wine while having fun with loved ones, or simply enjoying their favorite book/movie? We have yet to find a person who doesn’t like this type of blissful night! 

That’s what winter dreams are made of. 

But, they are impossible without good firewood that will ignite and kindle the fire providing us with the warmth needed to make winter nights enjoyable. 

And, let’s be honest, nothing gets under our skin like trying to start a fire all over again because the firewood was too wet and didn’t light up. Or even worse, having to run over the entire yard while freezing in the snow to get to the firewood and realize, it is all wet, and probably will not ignite easily. It’s a disaster. 

Storing and keeping the firewood dry can be quite a hassle. Tarps can still trap moisture resulting in rot, which makes them bad for wood protection, and leaving your wood out in the open with no protection whatsoever simply is not an option. 

Having a storage space, a firewood shed that will keep your wood dry is vital. It truly is a necessity, not a luxury. 

That’s why, we have compiled a list of DIY Firewood Shed designs, plans and ideas that will inspire and help you in the process of creating your own firewood shed:

1. Simple & Effective Firewood Shed

Firewood Shed
Firewood Shed (via Rogue Engineer)

If you are looking for something simple yet effective and practical, you will love our first idea. In fact, according to Rogue Engineer, that was precisely his goal when designing it: he wanted to create a practical firewood shed that will fit nicely within the camp side.

If you are not a fan of the platform structure, you can omit it, but if you want to keep it as it is, you can find everything you need, from printable PDF blueprints to video instructions on their website.

2. Lovely Firewood Shed that stores up to 3-4 Face Cords

How to Build a Firewood Shed for 3-4 Face Cords
How to Build a Firewood Shed for 3-4 Face Cords (via Great Lakes Prepping)

Store your firewood closer to the house for easier access during harsh winter days.

This lovely firewood shed by Great Lakes Prepping was specifically designed to maximize the storage space (it is roughly 8-foot by 4-foot in size). It’s relatively easy to make, and holds a lot – simply ideal!

3. Big & Small DIY Firewood Sheds Ideal for All-Size Backyards

DIY Backyard Firewood Shed
DIY Backyard Firewood Shed (via My Outdoor Plans)

My Outdoor Plans created this plain, charming firewood shed in about 8 hours.

This is one of the easier and smaller firewood sheds and is ideal for beginners; moreover, since it is relatively smaller, we are highly recommending it to those who have smaller backyards or perhaps want a shed for their decks/balconies.

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4. Well-Organized DIY Wood Shed for Your Fire Pit Area

How to Build a Wood Storage Shed
How to Build a Wood Storage Shed (via Pretty Handy Girl)

Nothing excites us more than a dressed-up fire pit area with well-organized storage where you can store all the wood and sticks you need to create an amazing fire pit party.

You can find the woodshed plans for this specific design on Pretty Handy Girl.

5. Creative, Big Pallet Firewood Shed Built with Reclaimed Materials

Simple Pallet Firewood Shed Built With Reclaimed Materials
Simple Pallet Firewood Shed Built With Reclaimed Materials (via Instructables)

Since pallets are made to support heavy objects, they truly are ideal for this project. Instructables offer us both a thorough video guide and the firewood shed plans so that we can recreate it effortlessly.

If you need plenty of space to store a load of firewood, then trust us, this Fire shed will do the job!

6. Funky DIY Outdoor Firewood Shed

How to Build an Outdoor Firewood Storage Shed
How to Build an Outdoor Firewood Storage Shed (by Emily Fazio)

This one might not be the tallest, nor the widest on our list, but it will store and protect your wood nice and warm. Made from stained fence pieces, this firewood storage shed is becoming even more beautiful over time. 

Let’s just say, it ages like a fine wine! 

Emily Fazio explains the 8 steps for building this outdoor in detail for HGTV, alongside the list of materials required to build it. Check it out!

7. Rustic Ranch, Slim, Firewood Shelter

Build a Firewood Shelter
Build a Firewood Shelter (via Black+Decker)

This design looks like it came straight out of an old, Hollywood movie, where the lead actor used to work on it in his garage; and we are living for it! It’s slim and unique, with a straightforward design. 

And if you have a big salon or living room in rustic style, you can actually move this firewood shelter inside and store your firewood in it to keep it off ground and obscured from sight. 

8. Basic DIY Firewood Shelter

Small Firewood Shelter – DIY Project
Small Firewood Shelter – DIY Project (via My Outdoor Plans)

My Outdoor Plans offer us free plans for building this easy, basic firewood shelter. Although it is not one of the most practical since their roof is unfinished (they left it for another time), it is actually pretty good for storing wood.

Besides, you can always choose to go more DIY and creative on your own and add a few more planks to finish the roof. Let’s get creative!

9. Amazing Firewood Rack

How to Build a Firewood Rack
How to Build a Firewood Rack (via DIY Projects with Pete)

Some families choose to argue during the holidays, while others get inspired, come up with excellent ideas, and head to work – we adore and appreciate the second ones a lot because they give us amazing designs like these! 

DIY Projects with Pete provide us with free plans as well as a tutorial for building this amazing firewood rack that he came up with during the holidays and built with his father. 

The rack is pretty amazing as it can fit in nicely on decks or front porches and keep your wood dry.

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10. Beautiful Cedar Shed That Hides from Sight Your Firewood & Tools

Small Cedar Shed
Small Cedar Shed (via Ana White)

As Ana White who designed this shed says, “it’s like an outdoor closet” and you can store many outdoor tools in it, from racks and lawnmowers to firewood; it will keep them all dry and out of sight. 

The plans for this wood shed may seem complex at first sight, but they are actually easy to follow. Ana used fence pickets, which further makes it more affordable. 

It’s truly one of our favorites because it not only looks great but is also incredibly practical.

11. Traditional & Simple Firewood Shack

How To Build a Firewood Shack
How To Build a Firewood Shack (via Popular Mechanics)

This classical design of the firewood shack wins over with its simplicity and size. Made from cedar slats and steel roof panels, it’s meant for everyone who needs plenty of space to store a load of firewood and keep it from getting damp.

12. Practical DIY Log Store That You Will Love!

Diy Log Store
Diy Log Store (via Little House On The Corner)

As Christine and Jan can testify, the hardest part about doing this log store is “calculating the supplies you needed”.

But luckily for you, you won’t have to worry about that because you have a “detailed downloadable tutorial with checklist, supply & cutting list and a 3D color-coded diagram to make assembling this log store as easy as possible” available on Little House on The Corner blog.

13. Cottage-Style Firewood Shed

Small Outdoor Firewood
Small Outdoor Firewood (via Jamaica Cottage Shop)

While the creators (Jamaica Cottage Shop) describe this lovely firewood shed as small, we would have to disagree on that, because it truly seems spacious and lovely. Of course, that depends on how much wood you have for storing!

Made in traditional Saltbox style this beautiful firewood shed will not only keep your firewood dry, but it will also enhance the beauty and overall aesthetic of your outdoor area.

14. Modern Firewood Shed Built with Reclaimed Materials

Firewood shed built with reclaimed materials
Firewood shed built with reclaimed materials (by Cedarcraft construction LLC)

To create this modern Firewood Shed with 2 sliding doors, Cedar Craft Construction used reclaimed materials. The design is perhaps not ideal for beginners, but those with intermediate DIY skills will sure enjoy making this project.

15. Spacious 2-in-1 Woodshed & Storage

Weeknd Project: Build a Woodshed
Weeknd Project: Build a Woodshed (via Weekndr)

This design offers plenty of space to store not only a load of firewood but also your gardening tools. 

An interesting fact about this shed is that the creator, Weekndr, kind of winged it with this project and made it according to his own ideas & napkin sketch, without any previous plans and measurements.

Nevertheless, don’t worry, he, later on, had created the plans, which you can find on their website.

16. Affordable DIY Firewood Shed Made from Reclaimed Materials

DIY Firewood Storage Shed Using Reclaimed Materials
DIY Firewood Storage Shed Using Reclaimed Materials (via Pure Living For Life)

If winter is catching up on you, or already caught you off guard, and you have to quickly come up with a shed that is cheap and simple, but would do the work, this idea is for you. The shed you see on the image was made from reclaimed materials and is quite simple, even for beginners. 

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17. 7-Foot-High Slim Log Shed Made from Euro Pallet

Euro Pallet Log Shed - 7 Foot High Approx
Euro Pallet Log Shed – 7 Foot High Approx (via Instructables)

Another idea from Instructables, this time showing you how to put those euro pallets to good use. 

With 2 doors that allow seasoned and seasoning logs to be segregated, and being 7-foot-tall so you won’t have to bend over to reach for wood, this Shed is ideal for those who have little space and few pallets and want to use them rationally. 

18. Minimal Cedar Firewood Rack 

Cedar Firewood Rack Plans
Cedar Firewood Rack Plans (via Metrobpinc)

Keeping it simple and useful, this minimal Cedar Firewood Rack is ideal because cedar doesn’t warp in the rain and can resist harsh, moist and damp conditions as well as insects like termites.

The design is rather simple and easy to make, and if you follow the instructions you will be able to recreate it in one weekend.

19. DIY Firewood Box-Shed in Farm-Style

Diy Wood Box For Firewood Storage
Diy Wood Box For Firewood Storage (via A Farm Girl In The Making)

Using a variety of free and recycled materials, A Farm Girl In Making created this rustic, farm-style box-shed that is ideal for standing near the porch; it does not store a lot of wood, so you will not be able to store all of your wood in it, far from that, but it does store enough for few days or weeks. 

20. Gigantic 12×20 Foot Vermont-made Post And Beam Shed

Rugged Vermont-made Post And Beam Shed
Rugged Vermont-made Post And Beam Shed (via Jamaica Cottage Shop)

If you are looking for a challenge, you will love this idea!

As the Jamaica Cottage shop describes it, this “sturdy, attractive and practical rugged Vermont-made post and beam shed do it all to meet your firewood and equipment storage needs”. One part is open, the other closed and they actually have alternative options and sizes so that you can choose the size that best works for you and get specifications about it.

Truly useful!

21. Vast, 8×12 Wood Storage Shed

8×12 Wood Storage Shed
8×12 Wood Storage Shed (via My Outdoor Plans)

If you need a tall storage shed that you can walk all the way in without hitting your head from the roof, and you are also a newbie to the DIY world, this design is meant for you.

The creator, Mike from My Outdoor Plans was also new to it and managed to finish it within a week.

22. Incredible, Open-Frame Firewood Storage Shed

Awesome Firewood Storage Shed
Awesome Firewood Storage Shed (by Rick Rabjohn)

This design is so beautiful and incredible and truly looks like it was made by a professional who does this for a living, and not by someone who is not an engineer or contractor.

The plans and instructions come from Rick Rabjohn who in his YouTube video explains which materials he used and which steps he took to create them. If you love what you see, check his channel!

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