19 DIY Earring Holders that are Easy to Make

by craftyclub

Earrings can completely change your image: they can favorably emphasize your outfit, make you more noticeable, and, through them, you can easily and visibly express your style.

With earrings, one can easily go from classy, simple, and elegant to sexy and extravagant in a few seconds.

These are just a few reasons why girls are head over heels in love with earrings.

Well… loving earrings is one thing, but keeping them neatly organized, clean and beautiful is a completely different story, one that we would love to discuss and help you with, today!

Keeping your earrings collection in one place, organized is not only convenient and practical but additionally, it prevents your earrings from rusting and getting greenish/dusty.

Moreover, having earring storage is also time-saving and stress-reducing, because, whenever you need one specific pair of earrings you will effortlessly just go to your earring holder and grab them, without having to jump erratically around the house, huffing and puffing over where you last saw them.

Here we will show you how you can make earring holders effortlessly and painlessly; we will go over various DIY earring holder ideas that hopefully will inspire and motivate the DIY goddess in you to stand up and create amazing earring holders for herself!

1. The Beauty in Simplicity: Modern DIY Earring Holder

DIY Modern Earring Holder
DIY Modern Earring Holder (via Mikyla Creates)

Minimal, simple, and quite lovely, the DIY earring holder that you see in this picture is made in just under one hour.

The instructions provided by Mikyla Creates are fool-proof as they are shown in a detailed, useful video, and can basically be summed up to making holes in an 8” x 8” piece of wood with a drill bit (1/16 & 3/16) and painting it according to your wishes!

2. Dazzling DIY Earring Organizer That doesn’t Require Any Power-tools!

Easy DIY Earring Holder using no Power Tools
Easy DIY Earring Holder using no Power Tools (via Houseful Of Handmade)

If you are not that handy or simply not able to use tools, this DIY earring organizer is just what you were looking for!

Consisting of metal sheets (Houseful of handmade used 2 different kinds but you can use what you got), card stock, and plate this earring organizer is super easy to make and to use, which makes it ideal for tween and teens too!

3. Decorative DIY Earring Holder to be Put on Display

Easy DIY Earring Holder
Easy DIY Earring Holder (via Easy Crafts 101)

Who needs decorations when you can have a decorative DIY earring holder that will put all of your earrings on display?

Ideal for storing big earrings, you can experiment with this one and make it monochrome or colorful; regardless of your choice, it won’t take much of your time to make it!

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4. Absolutely Brilliant Boho DIY Earring Holder

DIY Earring Holder You Can Make Yourself
DIY Earring Holder You Can Make Yourself (via Yarnhookneedles)

Ridiculously affordable, this DIY holder can cost you under $10!

You can make your own crochet following the instructions provided by Yarnhookkneedles and make one as you see in the picture, or you can use the crochet you had made previously.

If you are not big on crochets or feel like you can’t handle it, don’t worry, below it there is an additional, non-crochet version of this DIY earring holder which is as beautiful as this one!

5. Old Picture Frame evolving into Cool, Vintage DIY Jewelry Display

Upcycle a Picture Frame Into This Cool Jewelry Organizer
Upcycle a Picture Frame Into This Cool Jewelry Organizer (via Popsugar)

Let’s recycle and reuse and put all of your jewelry on display!

With the help of scrap paper, burlap, and some spray paint and eye hook hangers you can give the old wooden frame her Cinderella moment and transform it into a cool, vintage jewelry organizer worthy of display! Use the old, wooden frame you have at home, or you can buy one from secondhand stores for less than $5!

6. DIY Dream Catcher Earring Holder that will Catch Everyone’s Eyes!

Dream catcher earring holder crochet pattern
Dream catcher earring holder crochet pattern (via Unique Yarns Co)

Unique and pretty, we just can’t take our eyes off this remarkable DIY dream catcher earring holder!

Made by Unique Yarns Co, it doubles as a decorative dream catcher and earring organizer. It may look tricky to make, but the maker swears it is super simple! Time to take out the hooks and yarn and get to work to bring the extra boho vibes in your home!

7. Lovely, flower-shaped DIY Chipboard Earring Organizer

DIY Chipboard Earring Organizer
DIY Chipboard Earring Organizer (via Sunshine And Munchkins)

Just what you would expect a blog called Sunshine & Munchkins to inspire you to make for your girls!

Lovely and trouble-free, you can have your girls participate in the process of making this effortless DIY earring organizer.

If you are not keen on its flower shape, the good this is that you can make it in whatever shape and color/pattern you like!

8. All-in-one DIY Stud Earrings and Rings Storage

Diy Earring And Ring Storage
Diy Earring And Ring Storage (via Homemade By Cheryl)

If you want multifunctional storage that will nicely organize your rings and stud earrings, then you need to check out these ideas!

Homemade by Cheryl gives the ultimate guide to creating vibrant, colorful jewelry storage boxes. Along with it, you will further find several variations that will inspire you to create your own unique storage!

9. Super-easy, Super-fast, & Super-cheap TOLSBY Earrings Display

TOLSBY hack – A cheap and easy earring display
TOLSBY hack – A cheap and easy earring display (via IKEAhackers)

Made in under 5 minutes, this DIY is a no brainer!

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To make it, you need 3 things: TOLSBY Frame (or similar if you don’t have IKEA nearby), plastic cross-stitch canvas which is the same size as the frame, and some scissors and measuring tape.

Just measure and cut the canvas so that it can slide into the frame, and voila! You have a simple, little earrings display which you can now fill with your favorite earrings!

10. Teeny-tiny Earring Holders that Fit Anywhere!

Mini Earring Holder
Mini Earring Holder (by AeonLeatherStudio)

We genuinely find them irresistible!

Who wouldn’t want to have them in any possible color? You can purchase these mini earring holders for $7.50, or if you want you can use leather, awl, some scissors, and rope and just make your own version of the mini earring holders.

Just be careful with the awl, we do not want you to get yourself stabbed!

11. The Rustic Spin of the Wood DIY Earring Holder

Wood DIY Earring Holder
Wood DIY Earring Holder (via Saws On Skates)

This spin-off or version of the classical wooden earring holders done by the Saws on Skates is ideal for anyone who wants to portray and display their earrings neatly organized in a classical wooden frame.

It requires more time and precision than some of our previous ideas, but if you are looking for that perfect, classical earring holder that will give off some rustic vibes on your vanity, then this one is ideal for you!

12. Wonderful DIY Earring Holder that is a Perfect Gift!

Easy Diy Gift: Earring Holder
Easy Diy Gift: Earring Holder (via Ugly Duckling House)

Does your loved one have issues organizing their earring collection and you find them all over the house? The worst thing would be accidentally stepping on and breaking lovely earrings and hurting your foot?

Well, if this is a story you heard or your friend told you they experienced, you can create this wonderful DIY earring holder that will be an ideal gift for their birthdays or any other special occasion.

Better yet, make two, and keep one for yourself!

13. Impeccable DIY Acrylic Earring Holder that will Fit Right-in!

Acrylic Earring Holder Diy
Acrylic Earring Holder Diy (via A Beautiful Mess)

No more piles of intertwined, tangled earrings at the bottom of the drawer/box! This Acrylic Earring Holder is everything!

First of all, it systematically organizes your earrings; second, it fits nicely and neatly within any interior, and is a perfect match to any acrylic makeup storage you may already have on your vanity!

Most importantly, it is easy to make, just follow the step-by-step guide provided by A Beautiful Mess! We might just make one for ourselves!

14. Use the Walls! DIY Wall Earring Holder

DIY wall earring holder
DIY wall earring holder (via Ohoh Deco)

For everyone who says “the earring organizers are all nice, but my earrings collection is too big, it will literally fill an entire wall”, well, we got you covered, let’s fill the walls with earrings. Because, why not?

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Ohoh Deco created this minimal, DIY wall earring holder which is super simple to make and can easily be adjusted to the size of your collection!

No more excuses!

15. Traditional DIY Earring Stand Like the One You Admire at Stores

Diy Earring Stand
Diy Earring Stand (via The Merry Thought)

Just like in the store! For all of you who admire the lovely stud earrings that so casually and prettily hand in the stores, we have the perfect gift for you.

The Merry Thought offers us this lovely, minimal earring stand which is ideal for organizing and displaying all of your stud earrings and can be done effortlessly in a few simple steps!

16. Bring It with You! Travel-friendly DIY Earring Holder

Earring Travel Book
Earring Travel Book (via Simple And Soft)

Keeping your earrings organized on your travels is as much important as keeping them organized at your home.

Simple and Soft offers us this, well, simple and soft (and absolutely adorable) DIY earring holder in book-shape which you can bring with you on your travels.

Quite handy!

17. Let’s Not Forget The All-Time Classic Cactus Jewelry Stand/Display

How to Make a Modern Cactus Jewelry Stand
How to Make a Modern Cactus Jewelry Stand (via Pneumatic Addict)

We would not dare to forget and not include the timeless Cactus Jewelry Stand! Albeit it is mostly used for storing necklaces and bracelets, and less for earrings, if your collection is versatile in type, but not in quantity this idea is ideal for you!

It does require a bit more patience, concentration, and skills compared to others, but we believe you will love it and forget about the troubles once it is done!

18. Transform Candle Holders into Earring Holders! Because, why not?

Candle Holder Turned Earring Holder Tutorial
Candle Holder Turned Earring Holder Tutorial (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

Edgy and eco-friendly, this idea is another of our favorites. Craftaholics Anonymous (we can relate!) shared their 2-steps creative transformation of a $2 candle holder into an edgy earring holder.

What are your thoughts on it?

19. Timeless & Gorgeous DIY Wooden Jewelry Box

Diy Wooden Jewelry Box
Diy Wooden Jewelry Box (via The Beauty Dojo)

Transform the boring, wooden box into a modern, timeless DIY Jewelry box for your earrings!

The Beauty Dojo uses some sponges, paint, felt, foam brushes, and glue to improve the simple, wooden box and transform it into a modern jewelry storage unit!

It’s simply amazing how few, simple upgrades can make something more useful and organized!

Final Thoughts

Did you like our ideas? Let us know which one you will try on!

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