21 Beautiful Bench DIYs to Inspire You

by craftyclub

Benches have become a hot commodity in home decor lately. They are great for storage, a place to sit, or to simply use as a decorative piece in any space. 

If you’re like me, you’ve been eyeballing these beauties for a while but have been afraid to commit because of the crazy price tag that comes along with them. 

Fear no more! We have scuba dived through the deep dark depths of the internet to find the most stunning and affordable bench DIYs out there! 

1. DIY Budget Friendly Storage Bench

How To Build A Storage Bench For Under $100
How To Build A Storage Bench For Under $100 (via Addicted 2 Diy)

Kicking off our list is this rustic beauty that can be created for under $100! This DIY design boasts beautiful wood grain paired with matte black finishes, leaving an industrial-modern impression. 

We LOVE the fact that it has storage.

Yay for beautiful pieces that are also functional!

2. Super Simple DIY Bench

Easiest Diy Bench Ever!
Easiest Diy Bench Ever! (via Jen Woodhouse)

If you’re new to the DIY scene or are just looking for a bench that’s classic and simple, we have one for you! The step by step instructions make this so easy that it’s a great weekend project for anyone! 

This cutie can be painted to match any space and would make a beautiful addition to your home! I’m picturing it under a big window with plants on top. 

3. Chic Chevron Cedar DIY Bench

DIY Chevron Cedar Bench
DIY Chevron Cedar Bench (via Diy Huntress)

I’ve had a weird thing for furniture legs lately and let me tell you, the ones on this bench are to DIE for! 

This beautiful piece is the perfect mix of boho and modern. I’ve seen benches very similar to this retailing for hundreds of dollars so to know that you can DIY your own is a God-send! 

Can you imagine someone coming over and gushing about how beautiful this bench is and you being able to tell them that you made it with your own two hands? Step over, Bob the Builder! 

4. DIY Inexpensive Outdoor Corner Bench

DIY Outdoor Corner Bench Build, just $130
DIY Outdoor Corner Bench Build, just $130 (via Abbotts At Home)

This DIY had me reeled in as soon as I realized I could fit an entire bottle of wine on the side of it. 

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If you’ve looked at patio furniture, you know the INSANE price tag that comes along with it. No seriously, why is it so much more expensive than regular furniture? 

This DIY lets you have your moment lounging on the patio watching the sunset for only $130 in supplies. Do you know how much wine (or chocolate) you could buy with all the money you save?

5. DIY Rustic Outdoor Bench

DIY Outdoor Bench with Back
DIY Outdoor Bench with Back (via Rogue Engineer)

When I think of an outdoor bench, this is the outdoor bench I think of. It’s classic, it’s wooden, and it is a nice place to sit when you’re lounging outside. 

What I love about this design is how easily customizable it is. Want something more natural? Leave it as is and intensify the wood grain with a little stain. Looking for something brighter? Buy a can of paint on the clearance shelf and go to town!

Make it your own! 

6. Simple Indoor DIY Bench

How To Build A Diy Rustic Bench - Free Building Plans
How To Build A Diy Rustic Bench (via The Diy Mommy)

Okay, hello rustic farmhouse bench! 

I say that but honestly, this baby is so versatile it could match any sort of decor. Can you imagine how gorgeous it would look with some greenery and candles on top?

BRB, going to buy some wood as we speak!  

7. Mid-Century Modern Bench DIY 

Diy Modern Rustic Bench
Diy Modern Rustic Bench (via The Merry Thought)

Skinny modern bench meets rustic natural wood with this cutie! 

This type of bench is so in style right now with all of the boho and mid century modern designs coming into the limelight. 

I can’t help but think about how adorable this would be in a smaller studio! 

8. DIY Farmhouse Fab Storage Bench

DIY Storage Bench
DIY Storage Bench (via Burnett Bungalow)

We LOVE an option with storage and if you do too, this is the bench for you my friend! 

This farmhouse inspired bench would be great for a mudroom. 

Don’t want everyone looking at your mess? Throw some crates or storage bins inside and call it a day! We won’t tell. 

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9. Double Chair Bench DIY

How to Build a Double Chair Bench with Table – Free Plans
How to Build a Double Chair Bench with Table – Free Plans (via Diy Projects With Pete)

Unconventional yet adorable, this double chair bench has me wanting to wake up early and watch the sunrise. And that’s a lot coming from me because I am NOT a morning girl! 

This DIY comes with free plans and could not be easier. Plus, these things retail for HUNDREDS! 

Get creative! 

10. Adorable Fabric Bench DIY

Diy Bench Tutorial!
Diy Bench Tutorial! (via Our Hideaway Home)

It’s hard to make a bench look cozy but this one definitely does! 

I love this DIY because structurally, it’s easy. And if you get tired of the fabric in a few years, it’s such a simple reupholster job. 

This bench can really grow as you grow and could be something that’s used in your house for YEARS! 

11. Classic Concrete Bench DIY

Stone Cold Beautiful: How To Build a Concrete Bench
Stone Cold Beautiful: How To Build a Concrete Bench (via Popular Mechanics)

I have to give credit where credit is due and naming this DIY “stone cold beautiful” is one of the most brilliant titles I’ve ever heard of.

This concrete bench is going to be a furniture piece that outlives you and will sit in gardens for years to come. 

Put a heartfelt message or your name underneath for future generations.

12. Rustic Wooden Crate Storage DIY Bench

X-Leg Wooden Bench with Crate Storage for Under $40
X-Leg Wooden Bench with Crate Storage for Under $40 (via The Kim Six Fix)

On a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality? $40 and this cutie is yours! 

This DIY is so simple and for the price, it really can’t be beat! Get to crafting!

13. DIY Shoe Storage Fabric Bench

DIY Bench with Shoe Storage
DIY Bench with Shoe Storage (via Anikas Diy Life)

This is THE entryway bench you’re looking for. 

Get some adorable fabric and be ready to welcome guests into your home with this beautiful design. 

Bonus points for the shoe storage underneath, because no one wants dirt tracked inside!

14. DIY Modern Customizable Bench

Modern 2×4 Bench – DIY Tutorial & Plans
Modern 2×4 Bench – DIY Tutorial & Plans (via Girl Just Diy)

This DIY bench is a blank slate and if you’re a creative soul like me, you LOVE that! 

If you’re not though, no worries! Grab some wood stain that matches the rest of your furniture and you’ll be rocking and rolling. 

Simple, cute and inexpensive, what’s not to love? 

15. Amazing Outdoor Storage Bench DIY

Outdoor Storage Bench - Vertical Slat Design
Outdoor Storage Bench – Vertical Slat Design (via Ana White)

Okay, I’ve seen benches like these at other people’s houses and I’ve genuinely been so jealous. I’ve always thought that this was one of those things that only rich people have! 

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Thank you to whoever created this DIY because I have found my weekend project! 

Paint it a fun color and grab some cute pillows to put on top to make it both a great sitting place and a storage solution for your outdoor goodies

16. Innovative Concrete/Wood Outdoor Bench DIY

Modern Outdoor Diy Concrete Bench With Redwood Seat
Modern Outdoor Diy Concrete Bench With Redwood Seat (via Remodela Holic)

This DIY is beautiful, that’s all there is to it.

You don’t see wood and concrete mixed together often but I think the way that this was done is so elegant. 

This beauty is definitely a great conversation piece! 

17. Farmhouse Dining DIY Table Bench

DIY Farmhouse Bench for Dining Table
DIY Farmhouse Bench for Dining Table (via The Perfectly Imperfect Life)

All about that farmhouse life? Then I know you’ve been eyeballing a bench for your dining room table! 

Make one yourself or give your husband puppy dog eyes until he does it for you. 

Either way, you’ll really amp up your dining room decor for a fraction of the cost.

18. Simple Skinny Wooden Bench DIY

Diy Skinny Wood Bench – Under $40
Diy Skinny Wood Bench – Under $40 (via Miss Jessica Nicole)

Boho, chic, gorgeous. These are all words that describe this bench that could be yours for UNDER $40. 

Say whaaat?

19. Farmhouse Chic DIY Bench 

Simple DIY Farmhouse Bench Tutorial With Storage
Simple DIY Farmhouse Bench Tutorial With Storage (via Life Storage)

Storage storage storage, by now you know I love it! 

This farmhouse bench boasts SO much storage and makes a great seating solution for smaller spaces or outdoor areas. 

20. DIY Gorgeous Rustic Outdoor Bench

Double X Bench Plans
Double X Bench Plans (via Her Tool Belt)

Okay, wow! 

If you’re looking for something that looks antique but you don’t really have the money for an ACTUAL antique, you’re swooning over this DIY just like I am! 

The rustic touches make this thing gorgeous. I want to put all of my plants on top

21. Breathtaking DIY Chinese Bench

Diy Chinese Bench
Diy Chinese Bench (via Designed Simple)

This bench is so simple yet seriously breathtaking! 

The way that the matte black legs are paired with the wood grain makes this thing really pop. 

Put your shoes on every day in style! 

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