10 DIY Pallet Projects for Your Home and Garden

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10 DIY Pallet Projects for Your Home and Garden

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Even discarded or beat up tools can take on new life if under the right elements. Look at something the right way and the possibilities present themselves.

Wood pallets are popular in the DIY community because of their versatility. A wood pallet can transform from an industrial staple to a beautiful handmade creation that will wow. Some people have taken to get extra creative with this DIY staple and the results are sure to impress. The best part is, so much of it is so easy that you can make these projects come to life in your own yard.

From bed frames to coffee tables and everything in between, here are some of the best projects to create strictly from some wooden pallets.

1. Wood Pallet Garden

 How to Create a Wood Pallet Garden
How to Create a Wood Pallet Garden (via One Hundred Dollars A Month)

One of the most practical ways to repurpose an old wooden pallet is to reunite that wood with the earth.

Creating a wood pallet garden is easy, practical, and helps keep your crop organized. Just place it where your dirt is most fertile, plant your seeds and wait for them to sprout.

2. Standing Wood Pallet Garden

DIY Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter
DIY Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter (via Mom Spark)

As above, so below. Creating a verticle wood pallet garden is a great way to show off the prettiest herbs and place them where they’ll get the most attention.

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It’s as simple as adding an extra layer of sheeting, stapled to each layer, and choosing how you want the garden to unfold.

3. Wood Pallet Bedframe

Wood pallet bedframe
Wood pallet bedframe (via Pallet Tips)

Nothing better than a long day of working and then getting to curl up in your hard-earned handiwork.

Making your very own wood pallet bedframe is possible with a few wood pallets. This requires little additional equipment than nails and a hammer. The option for fairy lights is good to consider after it’s safely put together.

4. Pallet Couch

Pallet couch
Pallet couch (via Easy Pallet Ideas)

The bed comes together pretty easily, as does the couch. A pallet couch can be an addition to your living room or your patio area.

Some light sawing down of panels could be called for if you’re trying to make an armrest, but the rest of it can very simply fall into place if correctly arranged.

5. Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet coffee table
Pallet coffee table (via Fru Andersen)

Top off the room or patio with a matching coffee table.

A pallet coffee table is perhaps the easiest of the three to make, and can have in it some added bonuses. Secure the layers, but make sure there’s still enough room to slide into the gaps.

Voila! You have storage for books, coasters, or even a bottle of your finest liquor.

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6. Pallet Blanket Ladder

DIY Blanket Ladder Free Plans
DIY Blanket Ladder Free Plans (via Cherished Bliss)

Repurposing pallets make for great storage opportunities. Just take a look at this blanket holder.

A good coat of paint to prevent snags and you can drape plenty of your decorative or out-of-use blankets in one spot.

7. Pallet Hanging Shelves

Pallet hanging shelves
Pallet hanging shelves (via Hobby Is My Life)

Maybe you don’t have a lot of blankets, but there are other things you want to see showcased in one spot.

Mounting a pallet on the wall is a great way to make space without taking up more space. It’s out of the way, and the many crevices it has offer ample space to stick all the necessary knicks and knacks.

8. Pallet Bookcase

Pallet Bookcase
Pallet Bookcase (via Kitchen Fun)

Wood pallets are notoriously quite heavy, as are books.

If you just can’t part with your book collection and are ready to take it out of some boxes, try out a handmade bookcase. It may require some added support under each layer, but books will be happy to have found a sturdy new home.

9. Pallet Plank Wall

Pallet plank wall
Pallet plank wall (via Wood Pallets Furniture)

Some people may opt to tear apart their extra wood pallets. Even in its deconstructed state, it can be a great refresher to a home.

Sand, prime, paint, or stain the individual wood pallets and pick a wall. It becomes a one-of-a-kind decorative display that falls seamlessly into the background of your home.

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10. Rustic Pallet Bathtub Tray

Reclaimed Wood Bath Tray
Reclaimed Wood Bath Tray (via Pinterest)

Times are trying, and nothing is quite as relaxing as taking a book and a glass of wine into the bath with you. Keep it high and dry with a handmade bathtub tray.

Remove some pallets and pick the best ones. You can put a personal spin on it, from wonderful painted messages of relaxation to rope handles that make for easy lifting. Sink into the tub and revel in another perfect piece of work.

Final Thoughts

Recycling things that are already available bring a real sensation of doing something good. You’re creating less waste and bringing new life to your space. Any of these simple DIY pallet creations can bring a sense of ease and warmth to your home and garden with very minimal cost. You can put in some hard work knowing that, once they’re complete, you’ll get admire your hard work time and time again.

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