7 Of The Best DIY Backyard Design Ideas

by craftyclub

If you live in the high part of the northern hemisphere or if you live in the lower part of the southern hemisphere, then you are going to be dealing with snow during the winter months.

And once spring arrives regardless of where you live, that is the time to start looking into how to beautify your backyard. And, if you live in warmer climates, then you can use the tips to make your backyard beautiful at any time of the year.

However, regardless of where you live, it is always a good idea to hire a landscaper to clean up the yard before you start working on it. Because other than a spring or fall clean-up, landscaping costs can be quite high. That means you will need to learn some powerful DIY backyard design ideas to make your yard attractive.

Here are 7 of the best DIY backyard design ideas that you will love:

1. Mosaic Flower Pots

Mosaic Flower Pots
Mosaic Flower Pots (via Happinessisa Butterfly)

These DIY flower pots will add so much appeal to your yard.

You can get plain flower pots at any craft store, as well as the glue you will need, any paints, and other materials such as stones and rocks to decorate the pots. And once you apply your creativity by making the best-looking mosaic flower pots, then you can decorate your backyard by putting them in different areas.

Be sure to add flowers and plants in there and don’t forget to nourish them daily. This is not only a fun arts and crafts project but this DIY idea to beautify your backyard is an easy and inexpensive one to utilize.

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2. A Firepit For The Backyard

A Firepit For The Backyard
DIY Backyard Fire Pit (via Instructables)

Backyard fire pits are most definitely popular as there is a good chance you know several people who have them, and they love them! That is because not only are they cool and appealing, but they are useful for doing some cooking or for roasting marshmallows to enjoy a Smores snack.

And, don’t spend your hard-earned cash on a backyard fire pit. Think DIY instead, and it may sound overwhelmingly difficult to create but it really is not! Be sure to have an old or new recycled bed frame and an old washing machine that no longer works. All you have to do is gut the old washing machine and learn more about the project here.

It will only take you about 5 hours to do, which means you will need to square out that time in a day that you don’t have a lot to do and concentrate on working on your DIY backyard firepit. That is because you will be glad that you did.

It is an accessory that everyone would love to have in their backyard during the warmer months.

3. Mini Water Garden

How To Set Up Mini Water Gardens On Your Deck
How To Set Up Mini Water Gardens On Your Deck (via Whats Ur Home Story)

This DIY backyard idea is a great and easy one. You can enjoy having a mini water garden in your backyard and it is so easy to DIY.

You can create your own little pond in your yard with this DIY mini water garden idea and it is perfect for smaller yards because it adds a lot of jazz to it. A little oasis that you had crafted will be extremely appealing to those who see your yard. And most of all, you will love how the mini garden you made by yourself appears as well.

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This little oasis will be one of the best conversation pieces that will get you and your visitors talking.

4. Tic Tac Toe For The Outdoors

Tic Tac Toe For The Outdoors
Tic Tac Toe For The Outdoors (via Hometalk)

A cool DIY tic tac toe game table for the backyard is a nice little accessory that will fit perfectly in your backyard.

You will need to get to the craft store to get paints, wired baskets, a set of curved benches, as well as a wooden table. You can collect stones from the outside or you can get them from the craft store as well. However, you will want to paint ladybugs and bees on the stones or anything that is relevant for the outdoors that appeals to you.

This DIY backyard idea will be appealing to you and your kids, as well as any visitors to your property.

5. Cupcake Lights

Cupcake Flower Lights
Cupcake Flower Lights (via Oh Happy Day)

This DIY backyard idea sounds more complicated it is because you are probably asking how is it possible to make lights that look like cupcakes?

Actually, this is one of the easiest DIY backyard projects around because all you need are some string lights as well as pretty cupcake holders. Just put each light through a cupcake holder and wrap it around your trees, your deck or anywhere else that you think of in your backyard.

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This will be a great decorative idea for when you are hosting a barbeque as well which will get everyone talking.

6. Grill Set Holder

Grill Set Holder
Grill Set Holder (via Lil Luna)

If you are an avid BBQ-er, then you will love this DIY backyard idea because firstly, it is so easy and it will look quite cool!

All you need to get is a sign from a craft store, as well as a stencil, markers, and paint, Be sure to get holders for BBQ tools as well and screw them into the sign after you had finished preparing it. Paint the sign any color you want, and use the stencil to write with the marker anything you wish.

Place the holders underneath the lettering and you have a DIY fancy grill set holder!

7. Tea Pot Fountain

 Tea Pot Fountain
Tea Pot Fountain (via Hometalk)

This DIY backyard idea is a beautiful one and all you need to go is head over to the craft store to get a wood tub a gold pan, as well as a teapot if you don’t have any of those on hand.

The instructions for creating this DIY tea pot fountain are easy and will not take up a lot of time. This will really beautify your backyard.

Final Thoughts

These 7 DIY backyard design ideas are great for those who are into DIY and who want to save money where they can since landscaping can be costly. If you have any backyard ideas, please share them because we would love to know more!

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