9 Creative Tricks To Keep Your Bedroom Organized

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9 Creative Tricks To Keep Your Bedroom Organized

How do you handle the mess in your bedroom?

Are you the type to keep a magazine-like room, spotless and organized to the core? Or perhaps you’re the type to hide the mess of clothes under the bed, and hope no one notices?

Regardless of your outlook regarding order, anyone can benefit from a little extra hand to keep the bedroom neat. And since we are so committed to making your life easier, we’re bringing you a list of nine (9) clever DIY tricks – tailor-made to keep messes at bay while exercising your creativity.

1. Stepladder Bed Stand

9 Creative Tricks To Keep Your Bedroom Organized
Stepladder Bed Stand (via Martha Stewart)

If you got a forgotten stepladder hidden in a far-away corner of your house, it’s time to bring it back. This clever trick takes advantage of the – often ignored – vertical space of your bedroom, turning it into an asset for your journey towards order.

Books, alarm clocks, and even phones and flower vases can fit on each of the rungs, and the rustic touch it provides to the area is undeniably appealing. A low effort, high-quality solution!

2. Out-the-door Box Storage

9 Creative Tricks To Keep Your Bedroom Organized
Out-the-door Box Storage (via I Spy Diy)

The trick to an organized home is to have enough spots to store your items. Designate a predetermined location for each little thing you own, and the rest comes easily.

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If you don’t have that useful little storage, then it’s time to design it from scratch!

This beautiful box storage requires some woodwork, but nothing you cannot handle. In a second, you will have at your fingertips a multipurpose area designed to keep the mess at bay, and suitable for every corner of your home.

3. Diy Charging Station

9 Creative Tricks To Keep Your Bedroom Organized
Diy Charging Station (via Mom Tails)

While current technology has made our lives easier in almost every single way, they have an unexpected downside: cord messes.

While they have become an annoying part of daily life, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

Follow this DIY tutorial and create a cute and original charging station with just a box, a box cutter, and a power strip. It won’t prevent tangled clutters, but it can surely hide them from view.

And that’s all we want.

4. Cart as a Nightstand

9 Creative Tricks To Keep Your Bedroom Organized
3 Ways To Use A Cart In The Home (via Homeyohmy)

Working with decoration is fascinating, as it gives us the ability to turn an everyday item into an essential part of the aesthetic beauty prevalent in a room.

Carts, in particular, are some of the most multiuse items there are. They also make fantastic nightstands. Much like the stepladder mentioned before, they allow you to use vertical space efficiently.

Books, glasses, alarm clocks and miscellaneous items can cohabitate in your nightstand without cluttering in one big mess.

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5. Headboard Hidden Storage

Sometimes, it seems like rooms don’t have enough space to store everything you want and need. But you only need to think outside the box and exercise your creativity. With some luck, you will be able to find hidden spots with plenty of potential for your plans.

For example, you can transform the empty space of your headboard into a hidden storage for books, boxes, and plenty more. It’s a smart way to make the best out of your available space – in a fashionable way.

6. Ikea Kallax As A Nightstand

9 Creative Tricks To Keep Your Bedroom Organized
Ikea Kallax as a NIGHTSTAND (via The Every Girl)

The second best Swedish export product – other than ABBA and pop music – is, of course, anything Ikea. For us decoration fans, it’s almost like a never-ending source of ideas.

The Kallax shelf, for example, is marvelous as a bedroom item. Both parts beautiful and practical, its minimalistic design allows it to match any decor style, while at the same time makes clever use of little space.

Best part? Chic, practical, and cheap!

7. Slide Out Storage Built into the Bed Frame

 Slide out storage built into the bed frame
Slide out storage built into the bed frame (via Jeremy Levine)

If you are like me, sometimes you have to shove all of your messy clothes underneath the bed, as a desperate attempt to hide the disarray from unexpected visitors.

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What if I told you there is a responsible, organized way to do that?

The hollow space underneath your bed has the potential to be amazing, and turning it into slide-out drawers is a clever way to transform that dead space into something productive, and even beautiful.

8. Be Shelf-ish

9 Creative Tricks To Keep Your Bedroom Organized
DIY Bed Platform (via Vanilla Joy)

…But of course, there is more than just one way to make use of the space under your bed!

If hidden slide-out drawers are not your thing and you prefer to display your bed-shelf proudly, then try this bed platform. Once your frame is structured and complete, you can make use, once again, of Ikea’s magical Kallax shelf – and that’s it!

Now you have a bed-shelf that looks quirky, practical, and better yet – zero effort!

9. Look in Unexpected Places

9 Creative Tricks To Keep Your Bedroom Organized
Look in Unexpected Places (via BHG)

Alright, so storages under the bed are not your thing, but you still lack space for shelves. Do you give up?

Of course not—you start looking for alternatives. Unexpected alternatives. For example, you can always follow this DIY tutorial and upgrade your wardrobe with style and class.

The wardrobe door has the potential to be more than that—use hooks and plastic holders to hang items you use regularly, you’ll be surprised with the outcome!

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