24 Free Crochet Owl Patterns for Anyone Who Loves Owls

by craftyclub

The allure of owls is seemingly endless. It’s a common theme among baby clothes and toys just as much as it’s a popular tattoo for both men and women around the globe. These night-life loving birds represent sage wisdom, and you need only crochet your own to bring it’s knowing presence into your life.

If you love the look, the symbolism, or just the fun of creating amigurumi, check out these free crochet owl patterns that come in all shapes, sizes, and uses.

1. Owl Dish Scrubbie

Owl Dish Scrubbie
Owl Dish Scrubbie (via String With Style)


This particular owl pattern is undeniable. When you want to crochet, but you also want to make something practical, this is a great free crochet pattern to try. Making your own kitchen tools, like this dish scrubbie, means you can spend your leisure time making useful items that will be able to help you out later.

2. Owl Container

Red Heart It's A Hoot Owl Container
Red Heart It’s A Hoot Owl Container (via Yarnspirations)


Don’t be fooled by the professional look of this project. This free pattern is suitable for anyone with a crochet hook! It’s the ultimate in practicality, and can be used as anything from a laundry basket to storage for your yarn. The cute owl face in the front will keep an eye on your home for you, reminding you to keep things neat and tidy.

3. Owl Coin Purse

Owl coin purse patern
Owl coin purse patern (via Maggie Makes Stuff)


Super cute details make this owl shape pop into a coin-holding pal. The pattern is pretty straight forward for anyone who’s familiar, but there are some slight technicalities that could be tricky for beginners.

4. Little Owl Purse

Red Heart Little Owl Purse
Red Heart Little Owl Purse (via Yarnspirations)


For beginners who love crochet items that have uses other than just looking cute, try this free pattern. The easy instructions walk you through the steps to create a small change purse with the face of an owl in no time.

Only additional things you need are a snap enclosure, and you’ll have your very own hand-made little owl change purse.

5. Vibrant Party Owls

Little Guy Stuffed Owl Cuddly
Little Guy Stuffed Owl Cuddly (via Cre8tion Crochet)


These party owls are meant to be very easy going and great for those looking to make amigurumi and have some fun with it. It’s well-suited for beginners to try their hand at crochet owls, and learn from their mistakes as they make a whole bunch to join in the party.

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6. Cute Owl Cozy

Crochet Owl Apple Cozy Pattern
Crochet Owl Apple Cozy Pattern (via Petals to Picots)


This lovable crochet owl will be any child’s new best friend. It starts off with a magic ring and moves through the motions until you get this oversized owl amigurumi that is made for cuddling.

7. Olga Owls Crochet Coasters

Olga Owls Crochet Coasters
Olga This Week (via Divine Debris)


Coasters are a great project for anyone new to the craft. Show off your new hobby at your next gathering with these wonderful owl crochet coasters. The free pattern is very easy to follow, and it’s so easy to make you will be motivated to make a whole set.

8. Owl Toy with Legs

Owl Toy Crochet Pattern
Owl Toy Crochet Pattern (via Daisy Cottage Designs)


If you think that crochet is all about being snuggled up and making cozy crafts, then you’re absolutely right. This owl toy with legs is one of those projects that comes together quickly and creates something incredibly cuddly, so you can enjoy a rest with the end result.

9. Cute Crochet Owl

Crochet Owl Toy
Crochet Owl Toy (by Bernat Design Studio)


Owl cuddle buddies come in all shapes and sizes, and this is yet another free crochet pattern to try. It creates a nice big plump body great for anyone of all ages to cuddle with. It could be a great gift or perfect addition to your couch or guest bed alongside other throw pillows.

10. Patchy

Owl Pattern
Owl Pattern (via Amidorable Crochet)


Cute and a little quirky, this free crochet pattern creates a super unique take on owl amigurumi. Whether you prop it on your bed or your mantelpiece, you’ll definitely want to make sure you show it off.

11. Mr. Murusaki

Owl Amigurumi – Mr Murasaki
Owl Amigurumi – Mr Murasaki (via Craft Passion)


This free crochet pattern comes with helpful images so you can make your own adorable owl. While beginners will definitely be able to pull it off (with a few quick lessons), it will be easiest for those who know how to do some slightly advanced methods, like invisible decrease and 2 single crochet together.

12. Baby Owl Amigurumi

Baby Owl Free Pattern
Baby Owl Free Pattern (via Little Muggles)


With a striped belly and big eyes, you’ll absolutely love the end result of this free crochet owl pattern! This helpful pattern is accessible even for beginners, so don’t be shy to try this project.

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13. Sleep Owl Amigurumi

Owl Amigurumi Pattern “Dreamland”
Owl Amigurumi Pattern “Dreamland” (via Ami Amour)

Beginner, with video tutorial

You’ll find plenty of help for creating your very own mini owl amigurumi with this free pattern. The stitches are relatively simple, making this a very beginner-friendly pattern. Plus, the video tutorial gives you the added help you need. The end result are these adorable little sleepy owls!

14. Colorful Night Owl Amigurumi

Red Heart Nite Owl
Red Heart Nite Owl (via Yarnspirations)


With wings ready for flight, this is a very special amigurumi owl pattern. While it’s very beginner-friendly, there is no added video tutorial, so you should be familiar with how to read from a pattern. Even if you’re not, this is a great place to learn, and you’ll love the end result.

15. Snowy Owl Crochet Hat

Caron Snowy Owl Crochet Hat
Caron Snowy Owl Crochet Hat (via Yarnspirations)


There’s something so lovely about a snowy owl. With this free pattern, you can crochet the wonderful snowy owl into a hat.

We recommend advanced beginners or intermediate crocheters, as you’ll need to know how to single crochet two together and work on the wrong side. The helpful part about this pattern is that it walks you through making both child and adult sizes.

16. Huggable Owl Crochet Pillow

Whimsical Owl Pillow
Whimsical Owl Pillow (via Yarnspirations)


Up for a challenge? This is a very rewarding project that you can make with a free crochet pattern. While the pattern describes it as “easy” there are a few methods that you might need to look up as a beginner, and you’ll need to be very careful with counting stitches. Pay a bit of attention, and you’ll be pleased with the end result!

17. Bouncing Owl Family

crochet owl family amigurumi pattern
Crochet owl family amigurumi pattern (via Repeat Crafter Me)


These tiny little night owls will really be a hoot to make (had to throw that joke in at least once!) They’re very small and come together simply, but the detail is what really matters. The end result is tiny hand-sized owls. Make as many as you like and enjoy a whole family of them!

18. Wise Owl Mini Amigurumi

Wise Owl Ornament
Wise Owl Ornament (via Yarnspirations)


This wise little owl makes for a fun and quick crochet project. He’s nice and cozy in his little scarf and happy to hang out wherever you decide to place him.

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19. Owl Baby Cocoon

Owl Baby Cocoon
Owl Baby Cocoon (via Amidorable Crochet)


This pattern takes an owl crochet project to the next level. Babies will love to snuggle up in this cocoon and transform into this wise winged bird.

While it’s great for snuggling, it could also be a great Halloween costume. Given how many sleepless nights babies end up causing, this owl design is perfectly suited for a new bundle of joy.

20. Owl Granny Square

Owl granny square crochet pattern
Owl granny square crochet pattern (via Repeat Crafter Me)


Granny squares are a staple of any crocheters skillset. This free pattern takes you to the next level with a cute owl in the center. Once you learn this project, you can get really creative. The author makes a garland with hers, but you can get creative with blankets, pillows, scarves, and plenty more.

21. Barn Owl

Soren the Barn Owl
Soren the Barn Owl (via Great Grey Crochet)


If you aren’t into cartoonish patterns, this project is for you. This free crochet pattern creates an almost realistic-looking barn owl. The pattern can become a little tricky if you’re just learning your way around a hook, but with patience and practice the end result is stunning.

22. Night Owl Hexagon Crochet Blanket

The Night Owl Hexagon Blanket
The Night Owl Hexagon Blanket (via Nana’s Crafty Home)


Here’s an interesting spin on a crochet classic. This pattern uses simple crochet hexagons to assemble a large night owl on a blanket. The end result is impressive, but beginners will be able to achieve this pattern once they learn the simple process of creating hexagons.

23. Owl Baby Booties

Owl Baby Booties Crochet Pattern
Owl Baby Booties Crochet Pattern (via Hopeful Honey)


The owl is a great way to welcome a new baby, boy or girl. These baby booties make for a perfect gift, or a project for an expectant mother. Best of all, they’re very easy to make!

24. Owl Applique

Pineapple Owl Ornament or Bookmark
Pineapple Owl Ornament or Bookmark (via Bella Crochet)


The wonderful thing about crochet is how versatile it is. If you don’t know exactly what sort of project you want to make, this owl applique can be created and saved for when inspiration strikes.

Create garland, attach it to a pillow, or frame it up as it is. There’s plenty of ways to use this lovable owl.

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