25 Brilliant Centerpieces to Make Your Baby Shower Beautiful

by craftyclub

Oh, baby!

If you’re looking to DIY your way into an awesome babyshower, read on! There has been a huge boom over the past ten years when it comes to babies.

Fancy gender reveals, elaborate baby showers and mom’s getting their makeup done post delivery to make sure they’re on point for the pictures are all things that have become second nature. 

And why shouldn’t they? You’re carrying that baby for 9 months and raising it for the next 18, celebrate and do things the way you want! 

BUT you can’t possibly do a cute and creative baby shower on a budget, right? WRONG! 

I’ll be your tour guide today as we sift through the jungle that is baby shower centerpieces. I’ve compiled a list of the best DIYs out there. Let’s go! 

1. Classic DIY Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Centerpiece 

Classic + Modern Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower
Classic + Modern Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower (via Hwtm)

We are kicking the list off with a classic centerpiece to match an even more classic baby shower theme. 

Winnie the Pooh is a sweet little bear that would love to help welcome your sweet little baby into the world, as he has been doing for years and years. 

You can knock out a handful of these cute centerpieces in just a few hours and with a simple array of supplies. 

2. Simple & Fast DIY Mason Jar Baby Shower Centerpiece

Quick Baby Shower Centerpiece
Quick Baby Shower Centerpiece (via Mad in Crafts)

Whether you’re reading this while scrambling for last second centerpiece ideas or you’re just not wanting to spend a ton of time or money, this is the one for you.

A jar, some flowers (real or fake), and some kind of cute little decoration for the outside and you’re done! You could get these done for relatively cheap and reuse the jars for future projects.

This one is great because it can be switched to match any theming by just changing the colors and ribbon used. 

3. Creative Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Centerpiece DIY

DIY: Up, Up and Away Baby Shower Centerpiece
DIY: Up, Up and Away Baby Shower Centerpiece (via MissPlanIt)

Your guests will be soaring high above the clouds with this super crafty centerpiece! 

This thing looks like a million bucks and is literally made out of paper straws and twine. You could’ve fooled me! I can see a shop charging big bucks for something like this but guess what? They’re not going to be charging you!  

Invite your girlfriends over and get to crafting! 

4. Colorful Rainbow DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece

Rainbow Centerpiece Diy
Rainbow Centerpiece Diy (via A Host Of Things)

Okay, this one is adorable and so simple! 

The white flowers are the perfect touch because it really makes it look like you’re in a cloud just looking at the rainbow.

Basket, flowers, pipe cleaners. Simple, cheap and so cute! 

5. DIY Sweet Diaper Baby Shower Centerpiece

Diaper Cake Baby Shower Centerpieces
Diaper Cake Baby Shower Centerpieces (via Abby Lawson)

Tons of diapers laying around? Put them to good use with this adorable centerpiece!

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This one just screams “baby shower” to me and is what I think of when I imagine a baby shower centerpiece. Change up the colors and ribbons to match your theming or color scheme. 

If you’re looking for a traditional shower centerpiece, here you go.

6. Rockin’ Rocket Ship Baby Shower DIY Centerpiece

Baby Shower Centerpiece
Baby Shower Centerpiece (via Create Craft Love)

Hold onto your diapers babies, we’re going to outer space for this fun DIY! 

For a space themed baby shower, this cute DIY is so easy and perfect! 

Your guests will think you’re out of this world!

7. Rustic Red Wagon DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece

Vintage Cowboy Baby Shower
Vintage Cowboy Baby Shower (via Pinterest)

Looking for a centerpiece that matches your farmhouse decor for your little cowboy or cowgirl?

These cute centerpieces scream about vintage country life, when the living was easy. 

I’m obsessed with the little red wagon that they put the vases in and think that it adds the perfect touch! 

You could even get a bigger wagon to be used in the future for your baby and just put it at the door as a big entryway decor item. I’m loving the possibilities with this one!

8. DIY Simple Diaper Flower Baby Shower Centerpiece

DIY Baby Shower Centerpieces Using Diapers
DIY Baby Shower Centerpieces Using Diapers (via Frugal Fanatic)

Sweet, simple and to the point. If you want something you can make a lot of quickly, this is perfect. You could easily craft tons of these in an hour or so. 

This little centerpiece is super easy, super cheap AND super cute.

If you’re looking to make something with just a couple of materials, this is for you.

9. Jumpin’ Jungle DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece

DIY Jungle Baby Shower Centerpieces
DIY Jungle Baby Shower Centerpieces (via 3 Boys And A Dog)

Go wild!

This is one of my favorite centerpieces on the list because I think it’s just so unique. This is a baby shower theme that isn’t too overdone, so it may be hard to find a centerpiece that really matches it.

So make your own! It’ll be cheaper and honestly, probably way cuter than any you’d buy at a party supply store. You may have to get a little more crafty for this one but the end result is SO worth it! 

10. Dollar Tree DIY Baby Shower Decor

DIY Boy Baby Shower Centerpiece (by TheTayraPerezProject)

On a budget? Me too, girl. But don’t worry, I got you! 

If you’re like me, Dollar Tree is your best friend. So why not go visit your infamous bestie for some help on your centerpieces?

And honestly, go ahead and knock out the rest of your decor there while you’re at it.

The guests will never know the difference and your wallet will thank you!

11. Beautiful Balloon Bear DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece

Floating Teddy Bear Centerpiece
Floating Teddy Bear Centerpiece (via Pinterest)

I’m like a bear, I always fly away.. or whatever it was that Nelly Furtado was singing in the 2000s. Admit it, you were jamming out to that song just as much as I was back in the day. 

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This is such a unique little centerpiece that really adds the cutest touch to any baby shower. 

The little teddy bear is just so gentle and cute. 

12. Sassy Succulent DIY Centerpiece for Baby Shower

Succulents Centerpiece
Succulents Centerpiece (by Skipjumpplay)

This one is for all of the plant-loving mamas out there. I see you, I hear you, and I’ve got you covered with an awesome centerpiece idea for your upcoming baby shower! 

These centerpieces are so simple and something that everyone will appreciate. 

Give them as gifts after the shower or keep them and put them around your house. We love a no waste option! 

13. DIY Basket Bassinet Baby Shower Centerpiece

DIY Baby Shower Bassinet Centerpiece
DIY Baby Shower Bassinet Centerpiece (via Kenarry)

Okay, how cute is this?? 

You could literally make it a game where people bring diapers to fill up the bassinet. You get diapers and a cute and easy centerpiece. 

The possibilities are endless! 

14. Adorable DIY Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece Baby Shower

Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece
Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece (by Lizzeeeecreates)

When I first saw this DIY I thought to myself, “man, that looks SO complicated.” 

But then I read on and realized wow, even I could make that! It’s really not difficult at all. 

This is the cutest little centerpiece and adds so much character to any table.

15. Gold Baby Carriage Baby Shower Decor & Centerpiece

Modern Blessings Baby Shower {Centerpieces & Decor}
Modern Blessings Baby Shower {Centerpieces & Decor} (via Hwtm)

Okay, wow. That’s all I can say, honestly. 

This centerpiece is GORGEOUS. I mean seriously, you could keep it as a decoration in the nursery if you wanted to. 

If you’re looking for something a little different, you could even stuff the carriage with diapers, flowers, etc. 

16. Glam Baby Bottle Vase DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece

Glamorous Pink “Tiaras & Tutus” Baby Shower
Glamorous Pink “Tiaras & Tutus” Baby Shower (via Hwtm)

Where traditional meets glam, this centerpiece is perfect for your budding pageant queen. 

Change out the colors, the crown, customize it to your heart’s desire! 

This is the perfect statement piece. 

17. Baby Dress DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece

Diy Baby Dress Centerpiece
Diy Baby Dress Centerpiece (via Reasons To Come Home)

I have a weakness when it comes to baby clothes. They’re just so tiny and cute! 

Grab some of the clothes you’ve already bought for your little guy or gal and stuff them to make the most personal and adorable centerpieces.

Imagine making centerpieces for its first birthday with pictures of the baby actually in these clothes. My heart can’t take it. 

18. Bicycle Bear DIY Centerpiece for Baby Shower

Children’s Book Themed Baby Boy Shower
Children’s Book Themed Baby Boy Shower (via Pizzazzerie)

This is another idea for a centerpiece that you could honestly use in the baby’s nursery because of how adorable it is. 

The original creator used this for a book themed shower but honestly, it fits with so many different themes.

I love how unique it is and how absolutely timeless the design is.

19. Fun Lantern and Feather DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece

Petite Garcon Rustic French Inspired Baby Shower
Petite Garcon Rustic French Inspired Baby Shower (via Project Nursery)

Looking for something simple and fun? 

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This is the cutest little centerpiece idea and comes with ideas for the rest of the baby shower decor as well.

Mix and match colors for a rainbow vibe, or simply change them to match the theme you have going already. 

20. Nostalgic & Personal Baby Shower DIY Centerpiece

My Baby Shower: Pink, White & Roses
My Baby Shower: Pink, White & Roses (via Pizzazzerie)

Be still, my heart! This may be the most heartfelt centerpiece on this list.

I love how personal it is and it is one that you can truly make your own. Add it to the nursery when you’re done, your child will cherish it for years to come. 

21. Cute & Silly Stork DIY Centerpiece for Baby Shower

Baby boy stork centerpiece
Baby boy stork centerpiece (by VioletCreationz)

Get your crafty juices flowing because this one will take a little extra glitter! 

I LOVE this idea and think it is honestly perfect for any baby shower, boy or girl. You could even change the hat to represent your town, college, etc. 

The list goes on and on and you can really make this centerpiece your own! 

22. Diaper Flower Centerpieces for Baby Boy DIY

Baby Boy Shower Flower Centerpieces
Baby Boy Shower Flower Centerpieces

Wouldn’t it be nice if diapers actually grew like this? My bank account definitely thinks so. 

This is such a cute and creative spin on a pot full of flowers and the pots could actually be used for flowers when you’re done.

I love party DIYs for decor that include materials that can be reused. 

I’d grab packs of seeds and just take the diapers out and hand them to guests as they leave! Maybe even as a little prize for your games.

23. Spring Bird Nest Baby Shower DIY Centerpiece

Spring Baby Shower
Spring Baby Shower (via At The Picket Fence)

Is your baby hatching soon? This is the perfect centerpiece for you! 

I’m honestly really in love with the yellow flowers that the original creator paired with this centerpiece and I think that they go perfectly together. 

You could even get some little fake baby chicks and hide them in the nest! 

24. Fun Girly Baby Shower Centerpiece DIY

Yellow and Pink Baby Girl Shower
Yellow and Pink Baby Girl Shower (via Project Nursery)

Ready for your girly girl to make her appearance? 

This centerpiece is so cute and so BRIGHT! I’m seriously getting serotonin from just looking at this thing.

It looks complicated but honestly, check out the post and follow the instructions because you can get this done in just a few hours. 

25. Spring Rain Boot Flower DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece

"Showered with Love" Baby Shower
“Showered with Love” Baby Shower (via Catch My Party)

I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this!

 It’s seriously so creative and PERFECT for a spring shower! And honestly, it’s so simple and easy. Borrow some rain boots from your friends and fill them up with flowers.

Make it a cute girl’s night! 

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