26 Incredible Ideas for Stunning DIY Mirror Frames

by craftyclub

Updating your room sometimes can be as easy as adding a new, decorative piece of art. Gorgeous, artsy decorations that are just right, can give a completely different look to your room and improve its vibe.

Mirrors are one of the easiest, most creative, and practical ways to level up the interior of any room; that’s because they are not only visually pleasing and stunning but also, reflect light which makes the room look brighter and larger. Moreover, they are also practical: you can always check your hair!

Oftentimes, store-bought mirrors can cost a small fortune, and if you are on a tight budget, or in general, if you are a DIY enthusiast and creative, you would probably prefer to make one yourself that will be unique, show-stopping, and a true centerpiece for your interior.

To help you achieve your DIY mirror dreams, we have compiled a list of 26 incredibly stunning DIY mirror frames made from various materials satisfying different personal tastes!

And don’t worry, even if you are not-so-artsy, you can still try some of our fool-proof DIY ideas and make a beautiful DIY mirror frame.

1. Cheap, Fast & Easy Way to Frame Your Builder-Grade Mirror

How to Frame a Builder-Grade Mirror
How to Frame a Builder-Grade Mirror (via The Turquoise Home)

Spotted edges of bathroom mirrors can be stubbornly annoying, and if you know that fixing them, according to The Turquoise Home blog, can cost you $10 and “it’s so simple, that it seems silly to need a tutorial” you will not think twice about fixing them and restoring the beauty to your bathroom mirror!

The Turquoise Home offers a step-by-step, simple guide on how you can get this lovely mirror frame in under 2 hours, for just $10!

2. Rustic, Cedar DIY Mirror Frame

Diy Cedar Framed Mirror
Diy Cedar Framed Mirror (via Noting Grace)

Meant to last for years, this idea for a rustic mirror frame made from cedar wood comes from Noting Grace; Beautiful and ideal for all lovers of the rustic style, this mirror is going well in rustic and industrial style bathrooms and halls, giving them an extra edgy vibe.

If you wonder which steps you need to follow, just check Nothing Grace’s blog, she offers thorough instructions that will guide you in the entire process.

3. Simple Framing Makes all the Difference!

How To Frame A Bathroom Mirror
How To Frame A Bathroom Mirror (via Love Your Abode)

Sometimes, simple, small changes can make all the difference, and this idea proves precisely that point. Love Your Abode, made a simple guide on how you can easily frame your bathroom mirror, without wasting a lot of money and time.

From advice on how to know the size of the frame you need detailed guides on how to make the framing, they truly have provided a full guide! If you are eager to give your mirror a simple framing make-over, just follow the instructions and you will be done in no time!

4. Super Easy, Extra Fast and Cheap Way of Upgrading Your Builder-Grade Mirror

Easiest way to frame a mirror
Easiest way to frame a mirror (via House Mix)

If you love the framing you see above, you should know that it was done for “under $20”, and “in less than an hour” – that is according to the creators – House Mix Blog.

We do agree with them that mirrors “look so much more polished and elegant with frames”, and if you agree with us, check out their super-fast guide to recreate this idea for your home!

5. Elegant, Architrave Mirror Frame

How To Make An Architrave Mirror Frame
How To Make An Architrave Mirror Frame (via Little Terraced House)

This lovely Architrave Mirror in the stores can easily cost hundreds of dollars because it truly stands out and makes the mirror pop up! But did you know that this is actually a $15 IKEA Mirror that Little Terraced House transformed and worked their magic on?

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They chose to go with architrave style, but the style is up to you and you can choose what fits your aesthetic the most. Best part? Their guide is beginners-friendly, so anyone can make it!

6. Edgy, Wooden DIY Mirror Frame for Bathroom Mirrors

Diy Bathroom Mirror Frame
Diy Bathroom Mirror Frame (via Her Happy Home)

Wood always seems to bring warmth to a room, even if it is in a rather edgy, rougher aesthetic, combined with elements in darker shades.

In fact, the wood goes especially well with black and white aesthetics, giving them more depth. If you are looking for a pop-up element for your bathroom, something eye-catchy and edgy, then this idea by Her Happy Home is what you are looking for!

7. Farmhouse DIY Wood-Framed, Full-length Mirror

Diy Farmhouse Wood Framed Mirror
Diy Farmhouse Wood Framed Mirror (via She Gave It A Go)

She Gave It a Go, well, we agree with the blog’s name, they truly did give it a go with this idea and the final result turned out more than fine!

Simple, yet pleasing, this farmhouse DIY Mirror is full-length and can go really well in the halls or in your bedroom.

8. Lovely Builder-Grade Framed Bathroom Mirror

DIY: How to Frame A Builder-Grade Bathroom Mirror
How to Frame A Builder-Grade Bathroom Mirror (via Home And Hallow)

This entire makeover is truly stunning! Home and Hallow were not joking when they claimed that a framed builder-grade bathroom mirror can add “instant character and equity to your bathroom”.

Besides offering a detailed guide on how to frame your builder-grade bathroom mirror, they also have an amazing, incredibly inspiring, remarkable before-after DIY bathroom that truly shows us the power of paint and framing! Definitely worth checking out!

9. For DIY Beginners: On The Budget Mirror Frames

Make a Mirror Frame for the Bathroom (On a Budget!)
Make a Mirror Frame for the Bathroom (On a Budget!) (via Diy Candy)

Beginners, we got you!

This idea for a frame is an ideal project for people who have limited experience with DIY projects as it just requires a basic woodworking skill to create the frame; it is further really budget-friendly, as DIY Candy claims, it costs only “$25”.

Easy to hang and remove, and relatively simple to make, but nonetheless still capable of turning your boring mirror into a spectacular centerpiece, this idea is definitely DIY beginner’s dreams.

10. Golden Glam as Your Mirror Frame

Diy Mirror Frame | Quick and Easy Idea
Diy Mirror Frame | Quick and Easy Idea (via Sunny Side Design)

It looks so fancy, expensive, and glamorous, but actually, this mirror is quick and easy to recreate!

Sunny Side Design shares her idea of transforming 3 gold chargers from At Home, (which are cheap, $2.99 each) into glamorous, golden mirror frames! And don’t worry, if you don’t have At Home near you, you can switch them with other chargers you found in your local shop, similar designs are available in almost every store and the steps for creating the mirror frames are the same!

11. Practical, DIY Shelf/Box Frame for Your Mirror

DIY box frame mirror
DIY box frame mirror (via Ohoh Deco)

Don’t be afraid of tiny spaces, they are providing you an opportunity to test your creativity!

What we love about this design is how multifunctional it is! On one hand, this DIY Box Frame/shelf gives your mirror a unique look, and on the other hand, it is quite practical, because you can use it as a shelf as well, and add your soaps, make-up kit, beauty products to it, or simply hang a plant!

Beautiful and practical!

12. Creativity with No Boudaries: DIY Decoupage Fabric Mirror Frame

Decoupage Mirror Frame with a Pillowcase
Decoupage Mirror Frame with a Pillowcase (via Mod Podge Rocks)

Who says frames need to be made of wood, plastic, or similar materials? This design is living proof that anything can be used to create a lovely frame if you are creative enough to envision and create it.

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Made by Mod Podge Rocks, this idea is super simple and fool-proof! Don’t believe us? Check it out!

13. Let’s Go BIG! DIY Oversized Mirror Frame

DIY Oversized Mirror Frame
DIY Oversized Mirror Frame (via Fro+Fashion)

Nothing more exciting than a gigantic, oversized mirror that allows you to not only check how your entire outfit looks, but also enables you to practice your dance moves in front of it! We are living for it!

And if you are looking for ideas on how to “spice” and decorate your oversized mirror, Fro+Fashion has you covered! Check their guide for creating this amazing DIY Oversized Mirror Frame!

14. Straight out of a Fairytale: DIY Beaded-glass-framed Mirror

DIY beaded-glass-framed mirror
DIY beaded-glass-framed mirror (via CraftyNest)

We can see the Queen of Snow White or any of the Disney Princesses themselves in front of this mirror singing their famous songs!

It’s the mirrors guys, we are telling you, they are so beautiful that make anyone sing! And if you want to recreate this remarkable DIY beaded-glass-framed mirror, you will need to head to the Crafty Net blog; don’t worry, this frame is as easy to make as it is beautiful!

15. Eye-catching, far-from-boring DIY Mirror Frame

M Is For Mirror
“M” Is For Mirror (via Jaime Costiglio)

If simple, wooden frames bore you, we have something that you would love! This catchy, stunning circular mirror with wood slices all around is anything but boring!

The process of making it is really simple, albeit it may require you more time as you will have to cut and glue the small, wooden pieces on the plywood base, and if you want, you can even go a step further and color them in different colors or add small, artificial flowers between them!

The possibilities are endless!

16. Budget-friendly Frame for Builder-Grade Bathroom Mirror – Ideal for Rookies!

How to Frame a Builder Grade Bathroom Mirror for $25
How to Frame a Builder Grade Bathroom Mirror for $25 (via Centsible Chateau)

Another fun idea that is both budget-friendly and easy to make comes from Centsible Chateau; these stand up with their thorough, printable instructions which go in-depth about each step you need to take to recreate this mirror frame.

They truly left nothing to chance and covered absolutely everything, so if you are a rookie who doesn’t know where to start, you should check their post!

17. Minimalism in Vibrant Yellow: DIY Frame Full Length Mirror

DIY Framed Full Length Mirror
DIY Framed Full Length Mirror (via Addicted 2 Decorating)

There is a special beauty in simplicity. Addicted 2 Decorating created this minimal yet rich in vibrant, yellow color mirror frame for their full-length mirror, and we are loving it!

It is super easy to make, and the instructions can be applied to mirrors of all sizes! Of course, you can also choose whichever color you may like, but this vibrant yellow, in combination with the deep blues from the rest of the interior is definitely what we are living for!

18. Squiggle Your Mirror!

Diy: How To Make A Squiggle Mirror
Diy: How To Make A Squiggle Mirror (via City Chic Decor)

Since past trends are coming back to life, the squiggles are back! Fun and quirky, the squiggles on your mirror frames will truly make you smile when you look at your mirror!

Interesting and easy to make, City Chick Decor offers a complete guide on how to recreate this design, with tips under the “lazy girl hack” which is a guide on substitute materials for us, lazy to switch and use to make the process even simpler. How cool is that!

19. French Chateau Inspired, DIY Mirror Frames

How to upcycle a mirror with WoodUbend Mouldings
How to upcycle a mirror with WoodUbend Mouldings (via Woodubend)

Mirrors like the one you see on the image can easily cost few hundred bucks, but today, with WoodUbend Mouldings and some paint you can upcycle your old mirror (or buy one, the unframed mirrors are usually really cheap) and create this exceptional, French Chateau inspired mirror!

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They can truly go anywhere: in your halls over a console table, in your bathroom over the sink, horizontally flipped in your dining room or living room, or even in your garden! The choice is yours!

20. Floating Diy Bathroom Mirror

Diy Bathroom Floating Mirror Shelf
Diy Bathroom Floating Mirror Shelf (via Woodshop Diaries)

If you are not allowed to make holes on the walls of your apartment to hang your mirror, don’t worry, you can still add one. This idea is for you!

Woodshop Diaries offers you this amazing idea on how to upgrade your bathroom with a mirror, in a completely inexpensive way! There is even a video with the instructions, go check it out!

21. Our Twist on the Famous, Round Mirror Frame

How to make an easy DIY round mirror frame – Step by step instructions
How to make an easy DIY round mirror frame (via Homify)

Let’s be honest, if we got a dollar for every time we saw mirrors like these in influencers videos, oh we would be able to afford to buy one! But since we don’t, we are offering you a way on how to recreate one!

It’s super easy to make, you will need only a few materials which you probably have at home, and if you want to know more, check Homify’s post!

22. Creative DIY Wood Mirror Frame

DIY Wood Mirror Frame – Simple And Creative Project
DIY Wood Mirror Frame (via Homedit)

Sometimes, simple solutions are the best. And just because it is simple, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be creative!

As Homed showed us with this idea for a wooden mirror frame, you can make your mirror stand out easily, effortlessly, in just 5 simple steps!

23. “From Plain to Provincial”: Upcycled Mirror Frame

Upcycled Mirror Frame with Applique & Chalk Type Paint
Upcycled Mirror Frame with Applique & Chalk Type Paint (via I Restore Stuff)

DIY project that includes upcycling and upgrading? Sign us, please!

This marvelous design made by I Restore Stuff truly shows how they live up to their blog’s name, as they use an old, rather simple and as they put it themselves, “plain” mirror frame to create a new, dramatic, provincial frame.

They used applique and Chalk Type Paint, but if you want to know the details, you need to head to their post!

24. Details Matter: A 1-Step Starburst Mirror Frame

DIY Wooden Ball Mirror
DIY Wooden Ball Mirror (via Zevy Joy)

The devil is in the details! We are pretty sure that many of you will agree with us that details can make or break an interior, and this very much applies to mirrors as well.

This DIY design is super easy, made from small, wooden balls, glued on the mirror. Easy-peasy, but don’t take our word, visit Zevy Joy and see it for yourselves!

25. Power of the Crystals: Impressive Amethyst Mirror

diy amethyst mirror
diy amethyst mirror (via Design Love Fest)

One of our favorites, and we know you will love it too, this Amethyst Mirror is simply breathtaking!

Design Love Fest truly outdid herself with this idea, which, actually is simple, and when you start reading the details you will wonder how did you not thought of it sooner!

26. Copper is in Style: DIY Round, Copper Mirror

Diy Large Copper Round Mirror
Diy Large Copper Round Mirror (via A Bubbly Life)

Sheek, stylish, and blends in nicely with almost any interior, this idea is really simple to recreate.

A Bubbly Life recreates this iconic mirror once again and shares the process with us. If you too are crazy about the copper shades, this one’s for you!

Final Thoughts

Mirror Framing is an easy, fool-proof way of improving the overall look of your rooms, and adjusting it to your unique taste and lifestyle. Why stay basic when you can be fabulous? Just pick your favorite and head to your DIY corner, trust us, you will love your new mirror!

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