25 The Most Amazing Wall Clocks Made By You

by craftyclub

Ah, yes… the wall clock. We all need at least one clock hanging on the wall in our homes. Here we will give you many ideas for the different types of wall clock you can DIY.

Not only can you likely save a boatload of money, but you are able to put your own spin on it and make it as unique as you are.

1. DIY Mid-Century Modern Ball Clock

DIY Mid-Century Modern Ball Clock
DIY Mid-Century Modern Ball Clock (via Nalle’s House)

This is a clock for all minimalists. This Modern Mid-Century style clock features all you need in a clock.

This here is a statement piece if ever there was one. With only the bare minimum in the design, you can stain or paint. This Modern Ball Clock becomes you as you add your color scheme or leave it plain.

2. Your Own Chalkboard DIY Clock in Your Color Scheme

Diy Chalkboard Clock
Diy Chalkboard Clock (via Instructables)

If you are forgetful like I am, then this clock is the one you need hanging on your wall. Using just simple items with very little work, you create your reminder calendar as well as you wall clock in one shot.

This Chalkboard DIY clock uses chalkboard paint and your choice of chalk color. How much easier can it be to decorate your room with a DIY clock?

3. Tie Up A Rope Clock On Any Wall

diy rope clock
Diy Rope Clock (via Pinterest)

Shut up!!! Tie me up with a rope and hang me on the wall! Talk about unique! This Rope Clock looks to be an easy DIY.

Whether you enjoy the Nautical look, or maybe call it the rodeo style with a mini lasso, this DIY Rope clock will draw attention to the simplicity and beauty.

4. Vintage Farmhouse Style DIY Design

DIY Wall Clock with Vintage Farmhouse Style
DIY Wall Clock with Vintage Farmhouse Style (via Mod Podge Rocks)

Bringing back memories from childhood for all who spent time on the farms of your relatives. Some of us enjoyed the work and the smells, while others would choose to forget.

This DIY Farmhouse Vintage Design can be decorated in whatever color you like and using pictures of your choice.

Placing animal pictures would be quite smart. A rooster for the morning and sheep for night time. How appropo is this idea?

5. Simple Yet Beautiful DIY Wooden Clock

DIY Wall Clock – A Simple Wooden Project
DIY Wall Clock – A Simple Wooden Project (via Homedit)

For those of us that love simplicity, there is nothing more simple than this DIY clock. Very little work needed to make the most extravagant household item.

The stain can be your choice, light or dark. What is more pleasing to your eye?

6. Here Is The Rustic Look You Want

How To Build A Large Rustic Plank Wood Clock
How To Build A Large Rustic Plank Wood Clock (via Interior Frugalista)

When rustic is the main theme in your home, look for an ideal way to finish off the look. Here is a rustic look with Roman numerals to give it a classic touch.

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Rustic is appealing when it is old wood, or if you create a rustic look with a crackle paint finish. Either way, your clock will be the DIY project of the year.

7. The Vintage or Antique Book Look DIY  Clock

Create a DIY clock from a vintage book
Create a DIY clock from a vintage book (via One Craf Diy Girl)

All of us see some amazing antique books in our attics or at the local thrift stores. For the avid book reader, or the vintage collector, grab your favorite classic novel and turn it into your side table clock.

Trust me, you won’t have to worry about everyone having the same clock.

8. Crafty Kids Paper Plate DIY Clock

Paper Plate Clock Craft for Kids
Paper Plate Clock Craft for Kids (via The Spruce Crafts)

Are you like so many parents who are tired of their children sitting in front of the electronics everyday? Get them to use their imaginations and create a memory for a lifetime.

This is a simple DIY Paper Plate clock that most any child will enjoy creating. Set out the paints, colors and markers and let them have a go at it.

9. A Watercolor Clock you Can DIY

Diy Watercolor Clock
Diy Watercolor Clock (via Jenna Kate at home)

For the secret artist in all of us comes a clock you can paint. Grab your watercolor paints, plan what you want and have a go at it.

Creating a DIY clock should not be difficult, and this one is not. If you do not like the colors shown choose your favorites and turn it into yours!

10. Large Wall Size DIY Photo  Clock

DIY Large Photo Wall Clock Home Decorating Craft with Frames
DIY Large Photo Wall Clock Home Decorating Craft with Frames (via Art & Scrackers)

When you have favorite photographs that you want everyone to see, yet do not think that you have the room… create this DIY Photo Clock. In all actuality, you can choose the size you choose.

This Photo Wall DIY Clock comes with frames that you fill with your favorite pictures. There is enough room in the center to design your motto for life and love. 

11. Bicycle Wall DIY Clock

DIY Bicycle Clock
DIY Bicycle Clock (via Design Morsels)

Granted, on certain color walls, it would be difficult to tell that this is a rim from a bicycle tire. A rather interesting DIY clock that would not be hard to take for a spin.

The suggested numerals do not necessarily need to be used, if you choose regular numbers you can easily switch them out. My opinion, use a shiny silver rim with spokes on a dark colored wall, it will stand out well and be easy to see.

12. Keep It Green With A Recycled Box Clock

Recycled Box Clock
Recycled Box Clock (via Diy Thought)

This appears to be another enjoyable DIY craft to do with the kids. Not only does it get their creative juices flowing, you can teach them about recycling products at the same time.

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Helping the environment is a task we all should do. With a DIY recycled box clock you can design it with other recycled paper products. 

13. Nature’s Edge DIY Clock

A Natural Edge Clock
A Natural Edge Clock (via Mighty Wood)

You can get this beautiful idea of a DIY wall clock and have the rustic appearance in your cabin or chalet.

The wood is sealed to prevent those nasty critters from attacking, with slices of shim wood, the look is completed. Simple, natural and beautiful.

14. Modern Farmhouse Oversized Wall Clock

DIY Oversized Modern Farmhouse Wall Clock
DIY Oversized Modern Farmhouse Wall Clock (via Interior Frugalista)

We all know that farms and ranches are known for being large and in charge. Keep that in mind as you create this oversized farmhouse style DIY clock.

With wood that may appear to be barnwood, this design will fit in perfectly in the farmhouse dining room. Enjoy the beauty and simplicity.

15. Modern Chic DIY Plywood Clock

To Make This Modern Chic Plywood Clock
To Make This Modern Chic Plywood Clock (via Hunker)

Is there anything more basic than a wall clock? When you like minimalist design, this is the type of DIY wall clock for you.

A turn on the Modern, yet chic. Simple, plain and delightful. A DIY project that anyone can enjoy completing. 

16. Turn Your Vinyl Into a DIY Clock

DIY Clock - How to Make a Vinyl Record Into a Clock
How to Make a Vinyl Record Into a Clock (by Marcy Ferro)

Those vinyl albums that we thought were out of our lives forever have made a comeback for true music lovers.

The DIY Vinyl DIY Clock comes with easy to read directions and it may be possible to make it an abstract color scheme or paint a fitting music scene onto the vinyl.

17. Modern And Edgy DIY Wall clock

Modern DIY wall clock for less than $10
Modern DIY wall clock for less than $10 (via Ikeahackers)

Take a step back once you finish creating this DIY modern, but edgy wall clock. Plenty of spindles, a small clock base plate and a darker colored spindle within.

This is a fabulous DIY wall clock that can be completed for less than $10.00. You will be amazed at the results you achieve.

18. Easy To DIY Embroidered Basket Clock

Make a DIY Embroidered Basket Clock
Make a DIY Embroidered Basket Clock (via Fall for diy)

Come fall, everyone has their own idea for decorating. Here is your chance to show them your embroidery talents as well as your creative abilities.

Woven within the basket will be thread embroidered in. Once you put in the mechanics you are able to hang this upon your wall and show it off. 

19. An Electrical Spool DIY Wall Clock

Do It Yourself Clock From An Electrical Spool
Do It Yourself Clock From An Electrical Spool (via Clover Lane)

We see the electrical spools scattered across the lands. Some have been forgotten, some were dumped. These spools can be used to make some beautiful DIY wall clocks.

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The DIY kit will come complete with what you need or you can find your own pieces laying around. Then insert your time mechanics and hang on your wall. 

20. Wooden Clock With Metal Inlay All DIY

DIY Wooden Clock With Metal Inlay
DIY Wooden Clock With Metal Inlay (via Anikas Diy Life)

This appears to be a simple plan and easy to create as a DIY project. There is a modern appearance, with a touch of fabulous to enhance the wall clock.

What draws the attention to this wall clock would be the beautiful metal inlay pieces. A decorative contrast to the plain wood. 

21. Wood And Metal Industrial Style DIY Wall Clock

Modern Industrial Diy Wood + Metal Wall Clock
Modern Industrial Diy Wood + Metal Wall Clock (via Woodshop Diaries)

Another example of a rustic look. However this one is considered to be more of an industrial appearance. One simple slab of wood attached to a metal circle frame.

This DIY project would be completed in quick order. The Industrial wood and metal wall clock will dress up any wall it hangs on.

22. DIY Marbled Clock

Marbled Clock DIY
Marbled Clock DIY (via Hello Marilu)

More modern than vintage is the appearance of this beauty that you will be able to DIY in a very short time.

The colors can be changed to be the ones you choose. A marble look gives a touch of extravagance to any room. 

23. A DIY Book Clock

DIY Book Clock
DIY Book Clock (via Hallmark Channel)

We all know that books are the windows to the soul. Reading is a beneficial pastime.

Turning this favorite pastime into a DIY clock for your corner table or phone and plant stand will make you a proud DIYer. The project is a perfect idea for a home library, or even a study or home office.

24. Dotted DIY Wall Clock

DIY Dotted Wall Clock
DIY Dotted Wall Clock (via Design Sponge)

A classic look to a common item. The dotted DIY wall clock is an eye catcher that will have your friends envious. The simple looking clock face is making a huge comeback in the world of decor.

This is also ideal for the minimalists who love decor yet do not want much. Black and white is the standard of basic colors, why not make it part of your life with this DIY Dotted Wall Clock.

25. Antique or Vintage Bicycle Wheel Rim Wall Clock

Vintage Bicycle Wheel Clock
Vintage Bicycle Wheel Clock (via The Hankful House)

Bicycle enthusiasts worldwide will enjoy the look of the DIY bicycle wheel rim wall clock.  Finding the right wall will be the only trouble you will have with this DIY project.

Different than the Bicycle Rim Wall Clock, this precious DIY wall clock included the rubber tire on it also. This straight out tells the company you keep that you have a unique sense of decorating and enjoy the DIY Wheel Rim Wall Clock in your home.

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