10 Bathroom Organizing Ideas

by craftyclub

The bathroom is many things. It’s a place of relief, of solitude, and sometimes of a moment’s peace. Bathrooms can also often and easily become a messy, dirty, sometimes stinky mess that is anything but inviting.

With the right bathroom organization, it can return to that wonderful place of cleanliness and rest that it’s intended to be. It doesn’t take much to create a safe space for all of your intimate and personal belongings for the bathroom in your home.

Take a look at some of the easiest ways to tidy up and make your bathroom inviting for you and for guests.

1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves
Floating shelves (via Shades Of Blue Interiors)

Finding space to store toiletries is perhaps the hardest part of organizing the bathroom. The cabinets can easily get crowded leaving the floors littered with shampoo bottles and toilet paper.

Raise your standards by raising the storage with floating shelves. They’re very easy to install, attractive to look at and can add a ton of storage space. It’s a neat trick to help you tidy up any sized bathroom.

2. Over-Toilet Bar

leeds over the toilet rack
leeds over the toilet rack (via Pilaster Designs)

An over-toilet bar is a similar way to make bathroom storage magic happen.

They can take on all shapes and sizes, the perfect way to accommodate any size and shaped bathroom. Usually, they’re equipped with at least a few shelves, which make a great place to store towels.

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There are also other options, like cabinet doors and hooks, to help maximize space and conceal bathroom essentials that can be tucked out of sight.

3. Under-Sink Lazy Susan

Under-sink lazy susan
Under-sink lazy susan (via Pinterest)

Space can be made above and below in the bathroom.

This under-sink lazy susan is a fabulous option for organizing your cramped sink cabinet. Just like the one in your spice cabinet, it fits under the sink and spins to give you access to all of your products with a simple spin.

4. Hair Dryer Holder

Hair dryer holder
Hair dryer holder (via Pinterest)

A bulky hair dryer is bound to take up more room than it needs to in your bathroom. A good way to deal with that space-waster is giving it a permanent home of its own.

There are many ways to make a hair dryer holder. It can be as easy as a hook on the side your cabinet door or some of the more creative tools that combine a piece of wood and a mason jar. Get creative with your space and find your own way to stash this cumbersome contraption.

5. Bathroom Mason Jar Organizer

Bathroom mason jar organizer
Bathroom mason jar organizer (via Pinterest)

Mason jars can come in handy beyond just for hair dryers.

Essentially, it works in the same way. Take some old mason jars, secure them to a board and hang in on the wall. It’s perfect for toothbrushes, cotton swabs, brushes, combs, and all other bathroom essentials.

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You can decorate them as you’d like or leave them as is for a touch of country charm.

6. Wall-mounted Baskets

Wall-mounted baskets
Wall-mounted baskets (via Brit.co)

While we’re mounting things, try out mounting a basket for storing bulkier items. This can come in handy for things like toilet paper, towels, or some of the bulkier items you may have back-logged.

As with any good DIY option, it’s also completely customizable! Try it with wire, wicker, or woven baskets. The only limit is how much wall space you have!

7. Towel Hooks

 Rustic towel hooks
Rustic towel hooks (via The Frugal Homemaker)

An obvious space-saver that so many people overlook. It’s not just for towels. Hook your robe or your shower cap for handy safekeeping. Make it extra customized by hanging up hair ties or hand towels. The limit is only your imagination!

8. Curtain-rod Clips

Curtain-rod clips
Curtain-rod clips (via Our Daily Ideas)

Here’s an extra crafty way of getting some extra storage space.

Use curtain rod clips for items instead of for the curtain. You can clip all of the essential products that you use regularly and need in a flash. It makes it easy to uncap, squeeze, and put it right back where it belongs without any extra cleanup required.

9. Ladder Shelf

Over the Toilet Storage - Leaning Bathroom Ladder
Over the Toilet Storage – Leaning Bathroom Ladder (via Ana White)

Like the over toilet storage, but a little bit more DIY.

This ladder is great for over the toilet but can really be put on any extra wall in the bathroom. It’s a great place to hang towels, and you can even make one of the rungs into a shelf to put some other bathroom accessories.

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It’s easy, homey, and very useful!

10. Built-in Magazine Rack

Bathroom DIY Magazine Rack
Bathroom DIY Magazine Rack (via Four Generations One Roof)

Books and magazines in the bathroom give off a higher level of hospitality. They’re incredibly easy to built, too!

All you need is to size up the wall you want to use and make tiny slats from a few pieces of wood. Blend it in with the bathroom colors and voila!

Toilet time entertainment for you and your guests!

Final Thoughts

The bathroom is an essential part of the home, so it shouldn’t go overlooked. The decoration and design of a bathroom will be the key to making sure the entire home has a welcoming flow. When organized, it’s easy to clean and you’ll be proud to show it off to guests!

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