25 Most Amazing Crochet Cat Bed Patterns

by craftyclub

Everyone loves a bed that they can curl up on and have that ‘Ahhh’ moment.

That one place that is theirs, where they feel safe, secure and comfortable. Your pets are no different.

We have the top DIY cat crochet beds on the market today. The are all so amazing the only thing hard will be choosing which one you think your cat will like.

Your Cat Can’t DIY, But You Can With These Amazing Options!

1. A Cat Bed Pattern Via Ashweather Fibre Arts

Cat Bed Pattern
Cat Bed Pattern (via Ashweather Fibre Arts)

You know those warm scarves you use all winter to stay snuggly warm? Well here is your chance to create a cat bed for your feline that is just like that scarf!

Your cat will be warm and snug each time he or she takes a nap. Yes, basically all day, so make sure it is a great color as you DIY this cat bed. For those of you that crochet, this is a piece of cake, for all others just follow the directions and let your feline enjoy!

2. Fluffy, Soft Hand Crochet DIY Cat Bed

Crochet Cat Bed
Crochet Cat Bed (by Cosmicstringfiberarts)

Be sure to make this large enough so that you can cuddle up with your cat.

This DIY cat bed is done with a large yarn and done by finger crochet. Not only does this look super soft and ready to cuddle up in, it feels that way also. The pattern allows you to make a size that “fits” your cat.

I know, you are probably thinking, “Finger Crochet”? It is even easier to accomplish without the crochet needle. You seriously complete the pattern using your fingers.

3. DIY Easy Crochet Cat Bed With Tutorial

Easy Crochet Cat (Or Dog) Bed Tutorial & Pattern
Easy Crochet Cat (Or Dog) Bed Tutorial & Pattern (via Miss Mustard Seed)

This could be made for either your feline or a canine. The pattern is super easy to follow, even for beginners.

I prefer to use the larger mohair or any fuzzy type of yarn with this cat bed. When you DIY the Easy Crochet Cat bed, not only will your cat love it, you will feel a sense of pride every time your cat sleeps here.

These DIY cat beds are so easy, you could make one for each room in your home.

4. Cat’s Meow Crocheted Cat Tent

CroCaTent (by Lena-Marie Hoppe)

Our cats make it very obvious when they want nothing to do with us. You can spend forever trying to find the newest hiding space he is in, or you can DIY this adorable little tent for your kitty.

These DIY instructions will tell you all that you need to create this special place for your baby. With a pillow or cushion placed inside, this is the home you want for your cat.

5. Your Cat’s Very Own Fairy Style DIY Bed

Fairy house/ Cat Cocoon / Basket
Fairy house/ Cat Cocoon / Basket (by Hanneke van Dijk)

What feline would not want to spend all their time in their own fairy house style cat bed?

This crochet pattern is simple enough to complete in one day. Your cat will love laying in this sweet little cocoon all day and night, without a single fight! Be sure to purchase soft and fuzzy type yarn, for the cocoon itself and also the bed the cat will spend all it’s time on.

Of course, you could also use a felt type of material for the fairy house/cocoon. That will hold the heat in to keep it super warm.

6. Kitty Cat Crochet DIY Sofa

Crochet Kitty Couch Pattern
Crochet Kitty Couch Pattern (via The Crochet Crowd)

Are you a cat mom like me? Are you chasing the cat off the furniture seemingly all day long? Now is your chance to DIY a cute little couch with a blanket, just like yours.

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The cat may decide to avoid your furniture for all days to come. The best part is that this DIY pattern allows you the freedom to choose the colors you want. This can be made into an identical miniature of your own furniture. Fool your feisty feline into thinking that it is your couch and not the special gift you made as a DIY.

7. Fun Feline Furniture Cat Sofa

Kitty Couches Green Sofa
Kitty Couches Green Sofa (via ePatternsCentral)

This is another great DIY pattern to convince your cat that they have their own couch to curl up on. An easy to follow instruction sheet comes with this DIY pattern.

All you need to do is choose the color you like, or one that matches the decor in the room that you are putting down for your cat. Make it soft, make it furry or even extra cushiony. Anything to spoil your baby.

8. DIY Cozy Cat Bed

Crochet Cat Bed Pattern By Eilen Tein
Pesä (via Eilen Tein)

Talk about adorable!! No, not just your little fur baby, but take a look at this DIY Crochet Cat Bed. Your cat is going to love playing hide and seek when you make this for your baby.

Any color you choose, this will fit in with your decor or even in the kids playroom. After all, kids love cats and cats love kids. No doubt that your kitten is going to love you even more than she does now. This is like an adorable tiny igloo for your cat.

9. Chic DIY Comfort For Your Cat

Tabby Chic Cat Bed
Tabby Chic Cat Bed (via Yarn + Chai)

As a fashion icon yourself, you know being in style is what it takes to be someone in life. Did you know that your feline feels the same?

This simple and easy DIY Chic Cat Bed is what your cat has been asking for. No! it is not the cat food she is meowing for! Choose the color of yarn you want and have a go at creating this DIY Chic bed for your pet.

10. Whale Of A Good Time Kitty Bed

The whale cat house finished
The whale cat house finished (by Netka67)

With this DIY Whale Cat House, your feisty feline is bound to have a “Whale of a good time”. This will take a stiffer type yarn, but it will still be soft and cozy for your friend to lay himself in for a little shut-eye.

This Whale Cat House includes fins and the tail to complete the look. You can make it a great white, or maybe a killer whale or even a blue whale. Whichever tickles your fancy.

11. Cat Cave Crochet DIY Project

Crochet Cat Bed Cave Kitty Kat House
Crochet Cat Bed Cave Kitty Kat House (by BuddyRumi)

This is truly an adorable Crocheted Cat Bed Cave.

The kitty kat house can be yours for a simple DIY project. What cat would not like a little home to call their own? No fighting with the big dog over who is sleeping in the comfy place.

You kitty will be able to hide away and only show his face when it is time to eat or get cuddles from you. The cute little hide away is complete with mouth, ears and face.

12. DIY Sturdy and Comfy Kitty Cat Bed

Sturdy & Comfy Cat Bed
Sturdy & Comfy Cat Bed (via Lauren Elizabeth)

Whether it is a cat fight or your kids grab hold and start throwing it, this Sturdy and Comfy Cat bed will hold up at all times.

The feistiest of felines can attempt to tear it down and it will not happen. Your feline baby is going to absolutely love his or her new bed.

The bonus, as your cat sleeps he will not fall off the bed due to the sturdy walls surrounding the majority of the bed. The low entry point is great for even little kittens, they can get in and out without issues.

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13. DIY Cat Bed Using The Ohhio Braid

How to Make a Cat Bed With Ohhio Braid
How to Make a Cat Bed With Ohhio Braid (via Ohhio)

The instructions are complete and easy to follow when you decide to make this DIY cat bed with the OHHIO Braid.

It creates a lovely pattern and is one of the softest beds around and your baby fur baby is going to fall in love.

The problem is you may not see your fur baby very often. This is the “purrfect” size for any cat to curl up in for a nice long nap. Surrounded with high walls, there is no danger of the fur baby falling out.

14. Cozy Kitten DIY Kat Bed

Bernat Kitten Ears Crochet Pet Bed
Bernat Kitten Ears Crochet Pet Bed (via Yarnspirations)

Made with the best yarn available, the Kitten Ears Crochet Pet Bed will be the hit of the next party. We know that cat houses all end up with the cats fighting over beds.

This time your cat will claim the bed and never want to leave. The bed is lightweight enough to set down anywhere.

You can include the whiskers and rest of the face for your cat to stare at when he is not sleeping. This cute little bed will give your kitty happy dreams.

15. Crazy Cat Hideaway DIY

Crochet Cat Bed
Crochet Cat Bed (via Joann)

Here is a great little enclosed bed for your cat or any other cat you know.

Cats love to hide away when they are sleeping, so you may as well give them the place they will love. The Crochet Cat Bed has an entrance for your cat that will make them feel safe and secure while they are resting the day away.

If you have a feline that is protective of their toys, you will find that they will be hiding them away.

16. Do It Yourself Cat Cuddle Up

Chunky Tshirt Yarn Pet Cave
Chunky Tshirt Yarn Pet Cave (by Erin Black)

You will have to teach your cat that this would not be the place to play hide and seek.

The top portion of the Chunky Tshirt Yarn Pet Cave has windows so you can keep an eye on your baby, or other cats can say they found your baby. Those windows will also keep fresh air flowing in steady.

The T-shirt yarn makes for a very soft place for your kitten to lay her head upon. To make it even better, it is gorgeous to look at!

17. On The Road Again Cat House

Pet House Pattern: On the Road Pet Home
Pet House Pattern: On the Road Pet Home (via Buddy Rumi)

Talk about stunning!

This On The Road Pet Home is a great pattern for anyone who loves to create great DIY projects.

For the retired couple who will not leave their fur babies with anyone, just toss this cute little kitty home into your home on wheels and start driving.

Your cat will love that he has his own little home inside your home. His home is complete with windows and even a shade cover.

18. The Shark Takes The DIY Cat Bed

Cat home makeover: from cat to shark
Cat home makeover: from cat to shark (via Bubanana)

This is not your average Jonah and the Whale storyline.

Your furry little pet will be able to get the best of this shark each time he steps into the mouth. The DIY Cat Shark home is sturdy, comforting and safe for your baby.

This is a simple “tent” type cover that will sit anywhere, even on your furniture. This enables your cat to feel safe and comforted near you or in his own corner of the room. An adorable home for your baby.

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19. The Fruit Of Your Eye DIY Cat Bed

Mini/Mega Lemon/Lime Crochet Pet Cave/Hide/House/Bed Pattern
Mini/Mega Lemon/Lime Crochet Pet Cave/Hide/House/Bed Pattern (by FoxalopeFiberCo)

Here is a SOUR pattern that we could all fall in love with!

This pattern is called the Mini/Mega Lemon/Lime Crochet Pet Cave or House or hideaway. Do not worry though, your feline will not become a “Sour Puss” when he or she sleeps inside.

These are cute little hideaways for your baby that they will love. Bright colors and fun to look at. Definitely can be considered a silence breaker.

20. Crochet This DIY Cat Cave For Your Kitty

Crochet cat bed, Cat bed, cat cave
Crochet cat bed, Cat bed, cat cave (by IevaDesignStudio)

Nothing like turning your cat’s biggest enemy into his favorite place to rest his head after chasing mice all day.

The tail could become your cat’s favorite toy when he realizes he can drag his hiding cave into where he wants to sleep. A cute little contradiction in your cat’s life.

Aesthetically, this is an adorable little piece of furniture to look at, just like those cute mice at the pet shop.

21. Cats Love These DIY Cactus Beds

Mini/Mega Cactus Crochet Pet Cave
Mini/Mega Cactus Crochet Pet Cave (by FoxalopeFiberCo)

There are no sharp points on these cacti! Instead, your favorite little feline can crawl inside and take a daily nap.

The pattern is a DIY project that you will enjoy completing. This bed or cave, whichever your cat prefers, looks just like a cactus, complete with arms.

A cute addition for any room in your home and the most comfy place to curl up for a catnap.

22. Feel At Home Kitty Shelter Blankets DIY

Animal Shelter Kitty Blanket
Animal Shelter Kitty Blanket (by Lindsay Allercott)

Simple pattern to follow to create these DIY Animal Shelter blankets.

They are big enough to lay down on comfortably, or to just take a short rest. These can be made in whatever colors you would want to choose. They can even be made with multiple colors.

Bright colors are known to lift spirits, even those of tiny little animals like cats. They become sad too, when they have no family to love!

23. House Cat Hideaway DIY Bed

Crochet Cat Sack Hideaway
Crochet Cat Sack Hideaway (via Dream A Little Bigger)

Do you need a smile all day long? Grab the pattern for this Crochet Cat Sack Hideaway DIY project and you will become your cat’s hero!

We all know that all cats love to crawl into places they can and even some they shouldn’t. This is your chance to give them the safe place that they want. This Cat Sack Hideaway will also become their favorite place to sleep.

What more do you want for your furbaby? Colorful, cozy, soft and comfy!

24. Chunky And Cozy Cat Bed With Tutorial

Tutorial: Super Bulky Crocheted Cat Bed
Tutorial: Super Bulky Crocheted Cat Bed (via Red-handled Scissors)

No matter what size cat you have, they will fall in love with this Super Bulky Crocheted Cat bed.

Once laying inside, the cat is surrounded by super soft and chunky yarn. Not only is it soft, it feels like security to a feline.

The walls come up as if to surround the cat with one big hug, just what all cats love!

25. Round And Round Your Cat Goes DIY Cat Bed

Round Cat Bed made with Jumbo Yarn
Round Cat Bed made with Jumbo Yarn (via TL Yarn Crafts)

This DIY Round Cat Bed is made with jumbo size yarn to be cushy soft and comfortable.

With the crochet stitch used it will look like a large basket that your cat will naturally jump into and hideaway.

A gorgeous DIY design that you make fit into any room you would like. If you love the look, you know your cat will love it too!

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