How to make a Patio Zone in Your Garden?

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How to make a patio zone in your garden?

The pleasure of living in a private country house is associated primarily with outdoor recreation. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that this place is well equipped.

However, do not grab onto complex and grandiose projects – a cozy patio can be decorated simply and at the same time beautifully, comfortably, harmoniously.

Without a roof over your head

An open-air area is the simplest solution for a recreation area outside the city: arranging a patio in a country house like this does not take much time and does not require large financial investments.

This option is especially good if you already have a veranda, terrace, or gazebo where you can shelter from the weather. Well, in case of a scorching sun, you can always open a large garden umbrella.

A more solid solution is to build a shed: during a sudden rain, you do not have to hide in the house.

The shelter can be monumental: with a solid roof, electrical wiring, and lighting; such a shelter is kept on solid pillars, which in a few years will be entwined with ampelous plants.

Or you can build a canopy that is less complex in execution: use simple materials for the roof, such as polyurethane, corrugated board, or even waterproof fabrics.

A more reliable and expensive option is a gazebo or, as they say now, a pavilion. When planning such a building, try not to leave the patio idea – that is, a kind of open-air room.

Keep the structure light – use more glass. The largest windows, and ideally sliding ones, will allow you to achieve the feeling of being in the air.

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The roof is under your feet

If there is not enough space in the yard, think outside the box: find a roof suitable for relaxation and organize your own patio area on it. Impressive visibility and fast tanning are guaranteed.

I must say, personally, when I saw the patio on the roof of the forty-ton container-utility block, I was simply delighted!

Site requirements

Let’s try to find a suitable place for a recreation area. The plot should be flat – it is quite possible that a wonderful view of your entire garden will open from it. If you are not a fan of tanning, choose a shady place that will shelter you in a sultry afternoon.

Tip: The space you choose for the patio is best separated by a hedge or a small fence made of stone or wood.

The floor will be properly decorated with special materials: the coating must be both hard, easy to clean, and quick-drying.

Paving slabs come in different colors and you can lay out an interesting ornament from it. Natural wood is suitable – it is pleasant to walk on it barefoot.

You can, of course, use natural stone, but this is expensive. An aesthetically pleasing and compromise design solution is to alternate a stone with a lawn: it looks organic against the general background of the garden.


I love a patio lined with wooden furniture, but this option is only appropriate if there is a roof.

Forged furniture, as well as headsets made of artificial vine, look no less elegant. The main thing when choosing patio furniture is that the chairs, sofas, chairs, and loungers are comfortable to sit on.

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Today, manufacturers have learned to wrap garden furniture in special impregnated fabrics – they also have a soft layer of inner filler, as well as grooves for rainwater are drainaged. Therefore, the furniture will not suffer at all from the vagaries of the weather and nature: it is designed for an around-the-clock stay in the open air during the entire warm season.

To find perfect patio furniture you can go to NY furniture Outlets, which provides a wide assortment of designs and different patio furniture types.

The hearth is the heart of the patio

If space and finances permit, build an outdoor fireplace or stove so you can gather around on chilly evenings.

Can’t install a stationary hearth? Be sure to buy a mobile grill or barbecue, always appropriate for a warm family dinner.

I want to dwell separately on the bowls for the fire. This is a very effective and romantic decoration of the “street room”. You can arrange such bonfire gatherings in your garden.

The bonfire area can be built thoroughly using refractory stone. 

Campfire bowls are also portable and compact, and therefore no less beautiful. And you can also build them in the country with your own hands.

Bowls made of stone, such as granite, are popular; there are also metal and ceramic hearths.

Open-air cinema

I would like to share with you my personal “trick”: I made a real cinema in the open air with my own hands. You can’t even imagine what a stunning effect it has on my guests! But I just bought an inexpensive projector, which we connected to the receiver, and stretched a large white canvas-screen on a tripod.

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In the open-air garden, you can watch all your favorite movies and TV shows! True, the time in front of the screen also had to be planned out: it is possible to enjoy such a cinema only on those rare days when my husband’s friends do not occupy our garden cinema to watch football matches.

Final touches

Each of us has our own understanding of coziness – so let your imagination run wild, please yourself. Flowerpots (from the largest to the smallest), dwarf conifers in pots, any aromatic and spicy plants. Do not forget about decorative pillows, rollers, blankets for chairs, sun loungers, and swing sofas.

As soon as you make a patio in the country, in the garden, I assure you: you will want to spend time here not only during the day but also on warm evenings. Therefore, take care of the lighting.

This can be both regular lighting in the form of garden lamps, and hanging lanterns and garlands. In addition, floor and table candlesticks will create coziness and solemnity.

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