23 Fun And Cute Crochet DIY Dog Hats

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Your furbaby is a part of your family. Why not give your dog the same type of winter protection as you do for your human children?

When it is chilly outside, we all get cold ears and a cold head unless we wear a hat or scarf. Your pooch should be no different. They may have fur to keep them warm, however, their heads are just as susceptible to the cold and wind as ours are.

With these DIY crochet dog hats, you give your puppy or adult dog the love they deserve.

1. Adorable Beanie for Your Buddy

Small Dog/Cat Crochet Beanie
Small Dog/Cat Crochet Beanie (via TwinStarHooks)

These adorable beanies have the possibility of being made to fit any size pooch. There are ear holes so that the ears are not bent over and causing pain.

There is a handy tie to keep the hat on your puppies head. Your little one can walk the fashion walkway with an adorable beanie atop his head.

2. DIY Tassel Hat

Dog Hat Crochet Pattern
Dog Hat Crochet Pattern (via Golden Lucy Crafts)

For the pooch who loves to run with the big kids. This is one of the cutest DIY crochet hats you can make for your larger puppy.

Not only does it come with ear holes, it has a tie to keep the hat in place and you can make the addition of a cute tassel for the top. This cap will surround your loved ones head to keep him warm and toasty all winter. 

3. DIY Cowboy Style Hat

Cowboy Hat for Small Dogs - Small Dog Hat
Dog Cowboy Hat (by Posh Pooch Designs)

Who would not find this cowboy hat adorable on their pretty little pooch?

Unlike the human type of cowboy hat, your tiny cowboy will have a tie to keep the hat on when the wind blows or the bronco bucks.

This pattern allows you to choose your pups favorite color and make him or her the fashion cowboy of the year.

4. DIY Baby Yoda Dog Hat

Little Baby Yoda Pet Hat
Little Baby Yoda Pet Hat (via Instructables)

Baby Yoda has taken the world by storm, your pup likely loves the little guy too. When you are sitting there creating a DIY hat for the kids, make a DIY Baby Yoda hat for your puppy.

This hat is complete with the Yoda ears and has a handy tie so your pooch does not lose his hat when running and playing with others.

5. Christmas Time DIY Dog Caps

Cat or Small Dog Christmas Beanie Hats
Cat or Small Dog Christmas Beanie Hats (via 9Worlds)

We all love celebrating the holidays and that includes your perfect puppy sitting next to you.

DIY an adorable Christmas hat in reindeer horns or a miniature version of Santa’s cap. Your canine will win the Christmas pageant with either of these cute caps that you can DIY.

6. Large Pooch DIY Alien Style

Large dog hat, Dog Alien Child Hat, Halloween hat for dogs
Large dog hat, Dog Alien Child Hat (by CozyThingsPatterns)

When your big baby seems to be jealous of the Baby Yoda cap, make him smile with his own larger size Alien hat. This one resembles a yoda cap to the point your bigger baby will no longer be crying and begging for one.

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Grab this pattern and make an adorable alien out of your pooch. Ties are included in the pattern to ensure your pooch does not lose it when playing. Your pup can be the next Baby Yoda or just the cutest space alien.

7. The DIY Riding Hood For Any Puppy

How to Crochet a Basic Dog Snood - Tutorial
How to Crochet a Basic Dog Snood – Tutorial (via Ollie + Holly)

Remember the fairy tale about “Little Red Riding Hood”, now with a little talent, you can DIY your own hood for your canine companion.

The hood style will keep your canine’s head warm all over so the wicked winds of the west do not give him or her frozen ears or head during the winter walks. The ears could be crocheted in multiple colors to resemble fox ears, maybe bunny ears. Let your DIY mind soar with this one.

8. Goofy Hat for a Goofy Gal Canine

A Silly Hat For My Silly Dog
A Silly Hat For My Silly Dog (via Niftynnifer’s Crochet&Crafts)

Many of us humans like to be unique. We wear our own style and not follow the crowd. If you have a canine that loves to play and have fun, one that demands all the attention, then this Goofy DIY hat is perfect for that pooch.

With ear holes, handy tie strings and an adorable matching pom pom on the top of the hat, anybody who sees your pooch will want the pattern. 

9. In Style Doggie Winter Cap

Doggie Hat
Doggie Hat (by Jessie Plaskett)

This style of hat is popular in my neck of the world still, why not DIY the same style for your furbaby?

The ear holes are perfectly placed for guaranteed comfort, a braided tie hangs down each side so that Spot is in fashion, these could also be used to tie it on in case your little friend decides to run and frolic in the snow. 

10. DIY Garden Hat for Your Grumpy Pup

Spring Flowers Dog Hat
Spring Flowers Dog Hat (via Posh Pooch Designs)

Go ahead and tie on this adorable DIY flower-detailed cap. The garden alone will not be able to keep your pooch contained.

Once you adorn your puppy with this gorgeous garden hat, you will be taking walks all over town just so your pooch can smile and show off her style.

11. Your Berry Big Puppy Can Have His Own Bear Cap

Bear hat for dogs
Bear hat for dogs (via Crochet By Laura Studio)

You can DIY your very own Bear Head Cap for your big baby. This style Bear hat will encircle the whole head, including the ears.

You can tie it up under your puppies chin to ensure it stays put. The DIY Bear Hat has bear ears on the top, so be careful that your neighbors do not mistake your pretty pup for a bear!

12. DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Hat

Cat – Small Dog Turkey Hat
Small Dog Turkey Hat (via Okie Girl Blingn Things)

Time to go on a turkey trot with your hunky hound. This is a bright and colorful turkey head for your pooch to enjoy wearing.

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The ears have their own spot to hang out on the sides, there are ties to keep the Turkey hat in place on your pooch’s head. No reason to not dress up your dog for each Turkey Day now. The tie also doubles as the turkey gobbler so no mistaking what your doggie hat is. 

13. DIY Your Own Flower Dog

Crochet flower dog hat
Crochet flower dog hat (via Chewin The Yarn)

For those of us who have the darker colored pooches, this is the perfect style DIY hat to turn your pup into an adorable sunflower.

Use other colors and make your dog into your favorite flower. If you have multiple dogs, you can have a whole flower garden in all colors, the envy of the neighborhood. 

14. Make Your Dog His Own DIY Horn Hood

Red Heart Doggie Deer Snood
Red Heart Doggie Deer Snood (via Yarnspirations)

What dog does not believe they are the toughest in the neighborhood? With this horned hood, your pup will prove it to his neighborhood friends.

No more messing with the King or Queen with those horns on this gorgeous DIY hood. The pattern includes the cute floppy ears to complete the look. 

15. Your Own DIY Jack Skellington Cap

Skull Dog Hat Crochet Pattern
Skull Dog Hat Crochet Pattern (via Posh Pooch Designs)

A favorite show for many of us, the nightmare is not a nightmare when it is your pretty pooch wearing this DIY Skull Cap.

Turn your precious pet into a fierce and frightening skull for Halloween. You may be surprised how many puppy treats you collect when out trick or treating. The pattern includes ear holes and a handy tie to keep the hat in place.

16. DIY Santa’s Helper Hat

Crochet Elf Hat
Crochet Elf Hat (via Amidorable Crochet)

For that one time throughout the year, Santa needs all the help he can get. Try this DIY Santa Helper hat and turn your punky pup into an exciting elf. Let your elf run through and help Santa wrap the gifts and decorate the tree.

Your little elf can visit the kids in the neighborhood and bring their wish list back to Santa. This is a warm and pointed hat that looks just like an elf hat. Your pooch can put his ears out through the sides and enjoy the warmth.

17. Just The EarFlap Style DIY Canine Head Cover

Medium Dog Earlap Striped Dog hat
Medium Dog Earlap Striped Dog hat (via Posh Pooch Designs)

Adorned with a cute little pom on the top, this hat is just enough to keep your pups head nice and cozy warm.

There are ear holes in the earflaps and braided cords that hang down on either side. Just too Sweet!! Grahat for your pooch before the weather gets too cold. Your punchy little puppy will be the toast of the town.

18. DIY Strawberry Cap

Crochet strawberry dog hat
Crochet strawberry dog hat (via Chewin The Yarn)

Love strawberries? So do millions of us. Put a DIY strawberry hat on top of a dog and who can resist?

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The strawberry includes holes for your puppy’s ears, the green stem on the top and the cap wraps around your pup’s chine to ensure it stays in place. Talk about a cute DIY project that you could enjoy year round if you want!!

19. DIY Warm Dog Hat

Dog hat pattern
Dog hat pattern (via Everyday Happy Crafts)

Winters get cold, your pooch needs to stay warm just as we do. This DIY warm dog hat will do the trick for your pup.

This pattern comes complete with plans for a chin strap and two ties that hang on the sides. Built in ear holes for ear comfort and the cutest pom pom on the top makes this hat the perfect winter gear for your pooch.

20. Striped DIY Ear Flap Dog Hat

Large Dog Striped Earflap Dog Hat Big dog
Large Dog Striped Earflap Dog Hat Big dog (via Posh Pooch Designs)

Your puppy will be the talk of the town as he is stylin and profilin’ his warm hat you made. Any two colors make designer stripes.

Ear holes are made into the flaps and the cap is topped off with the perfect pom pom on the top. No matter how cold the weather is, the pup will stay warm and toasty in this DIY gift from you. 

21. DIY Bob Marley Style With Dreads and Beads

Rastafarian bob marley rasta dreadlocks hat with wooden beads
Rastafarian bob marley rasta dreadlocks hat (via Cat Mom Shop)

Whether you like Bob Marley or not, this cap is the cutest DIY project EVER!!!! Not only is the cap the perfect beanie, it has crocheted in dreadlocks or braids.

These also have wooden beads hanging at the ends of the braids. This cap will keep your cute canine warm and adorable. Your canine will be an adorable replica of Mr. Marley. 

22. Hoppy Easter DIY Bunny Hat

The Bunny ears dog. Fun hat, bonnet for your puppy.
The Bunny ears dog. Fun hat, bonnet for your puppy (via Dogs and Hats)

The Easter bunny is everyone’s friend because of all the treats he brings. You will not gain a single ounce with the treat you get in this cute little bunny hat.

The ears are the perfect touch and the cap ties under the chin, so as your bunny hops his hat stays on. Your cuddly pooch will be the cutest bunny out there and he is all yours.

23. DIY Santa Cap For Your Canine

Santa Dog Hat Crochet Pattern
Santa Dog Hat Crochet Pattern (via MooeyAndFriends)

An adorable beanie style cap done up in red and white to look like Santa. There is a large white pom pom nestled on the top of the hat.

The white trim around the lower part of the hat attaches the chin strap that helps keep the hat in place on the pooches head. When Santa needs a helper your pup will not need to stand in line. However, do not let the kids sit on the lap of this Santa.

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