8 DIY Toy Storage Ideas

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8 DIY Toy Storage Ideas

Kids can be a joy in small doses but can begin to take over your life and your home when they run amuck. It’s easy to tell when people have kids since there are generally toys splayed all over the home.

Taking care to organize your children’s toys can be helpful in keeping things clean, tidy, and happy. There are many ways to implement easy DIY toy storage into your home. It could even be a fun activity for the little tikes!

1. Curtain-covered Bookcase

The Big Cover Up: Hidden Game + Toy Storage
The Big Cover Up: Hidden Game + Toy Storage (via Plumberry Pie)

A bookcase could give height to your storage, which saves plenty on floor space.

An even more useful hack: a curtain. Drawing the blinds over a bookcase stuffed with toys is a great way to store and conceal your child’s bursting toy collection when guests are around.

2. Under Couch Drawers

Under Couch Lego Storage Drawer
Under Couch Lego Storage Drawer (via Smart Girls Diy)

As the bookcase works to reach high for storage, the under couch drawers reach low.

This very simple DIY hack uses the otherwise empty (or very dusty) space below the couch the stash the toys. Since it’s low enough for little ones to duck, they also won’t need to ask for helping hands to reach and help teach them to clean up on their own.

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3. Wall Flower Planters

Stuffed Animals
Stuffed Animals (via Organize It Challenge)

Flower planters go beyond their call of duty when they’re mounted in a child’s bedroom.

In a flash, they can be put to use for collecting all types of toys that would end up on the floor or tucked into bedding. A pleasant and necessary addition to any children’s room!

4. Bath Toy Bins

Bathtub toy storage from Dollar Tree
Bathtub toy storage from Dollar Tree (via Pinterest)

Similar to the wall flowers planters, plastic bins can be mounted in the bathroom for bath time toys.

The key is to ensure the material is sturdy enough to withstand rusting and have holes to allow for water drainage. It helps keep the toys high, dry, and always available for bath time!

5. Hanging Hoop Bin

DIY | Make Your Own Hanging Laundry Hamper
DIY | Make Your Own Hanging Laundry Hamper (via Making Nice In The Midwest)

Hanging options for toy storage are really popular for a reason. They’re easy to implement and can accommodate any of the mess that might be on the floor, including laundry and toys.

You can use an embroidery hoop or just a hula hoop and fabric of your choosing. Hang it up high and make it a fun game of hoop-shooting cleanup for your kids!

6. Stuffed Animal Cage

Stuffed Animal Corner Cage
Stuffed Animal Corner Cage (via Down Redbud Drive)

Sometimes even called a zoo, this option is a clever and entertaining way to get your kids animals off the floor.

Some string or twine and an empty corner of your house can immediately turn into a zoo cage that the animals can be slipped in and out of with ease.

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7. Toy Hammock

 DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock
DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock (via Little Mager House)

If the cage seems to constrict, try the hammock.

It’s another clever opportunity to put things above and away from the precious floor or sitting space. The hammock can be cut from any cloth or blanket, adding an easy way to decorate while you store toys.

8. Parking Garage

Diy Wooden Crate Storage And Display For Hot Wheels Cars
Diy Wooden Crate Storage And Display For Hot Wheels Cars (via Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls)

An adorable way to store the oodles of pesky toy cars that so often end up underfoot.

There are a few easy DIY storage options for cars, including the pipe-made parking garage. Stack a couple up and secure them together, then watch as the little ones enjoy backing their toy cars into the free parking spaces.

Kids toys are great for occupying the imagination of your kids. With a little bit of adult imagination and engineering, messes of toys can be quite manageable. These DIY storage ideas are easy and fun-loving, so you and your child can enjoy a good cleanup session!

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