21 DIY Mudroom Ideas That You Will Love

by craftyclub

The classic mudroom was simply a small room where one could remove and hang jackets and kick off muddy boots. As time progressed, the mudroom fell to the wayside as many people did not feel they were necessary.

Today, however, many have decided that having such a place is the ideal solution compared to the mud and dirt all over their home. They also realize that having one area to hang jackets and coats makes more sense than just throwing them over the back of a chair. Closets are great to hide things in. A mudroom however, is like an instant spare room.

1. Renovated Farmhouse Style Mudroom

Farmhouse Mudroom Renovation
Farmhouse Mudroom Renovation (via Sugar Maple Farmhouse)

We all know that farmhouses are in general, plain with no frills and no outrageous patterns. Why is this? Likely due to the fact that farmers, and their spouses are always extremely busy. From sun-up to sun-down there is always work to be doing. The less cleaning that is needed in the home makes life all the easier.

This renovated farmhouse mudroom is simple, yet jam-packed with the storage you need. There are hooks for all your outdoor clothing, cubbies for boots, shoes, hats and mittens.

In the center, there is a small closet space, big enough to hand your umbrellas or anything else. Up top you find more cubbies to store all items you may need for outdoors.

2. Building Mudroom Lockers, Your Next DIY Project

Mudroom Lockers – How We Built Them From Scratch!
Mudroom Lockers – How We Built Them From Scratch! (via 1021home)

In order to take pride in a DIY project, you must complete it as a DIY. This will mean ensuring you have all the items you need. Begin by finding the plans for the style you want and print them out. Your next stop will be to the lumber yard or home improvement store. By this time you will have the measurements of the area, the size of the mudroom lockers you want and the tools you do not have at home and need.

The folks at a home improvement store are pretty dang smart and can help you to determine the type of wood to use and also how much you will need. They will also recommend the tools that you need, as well as nails and other fasteners. Once you have all supplies, read the plans carefully, cut the wood to sizes you need.

Remember to measure twice and cut once!

3. Making The Mudroom Customized To You

Building A Custom Mudroom
Building A Custom Mudroom (via Addicted2diy)

Keep in mind that you may not find the perfect printable plan for a mudroom that fits what you need and want. Once you have found a plan similar to your liking, you can adjust it to your needs.

If the plan has four lockers and you only need two, take two out. The extra space you now have can be used for cubbies, decorations, hooks or add a bench for seating. It is always much easier to put the boots on when you are sitting!

4. Choosing and Building Your Mudroom Lockers

How to Build Mudroom Lockers
How to Build Mudroom Lockers (via Plank & Pillow)

Only you know how much space you need in your mudroom lockers. Determine how many jackets or other gear you will want in each locker. How many people do you need room for? When you have decided, the plans you choose should have the measurements and amount of wood and lumber you need. This can be adjusted depending on the number of lockers.

The next step is to cut the wood to the proper measurements and proceed to attach it to your wall. Be sure to use the proper size of nails, whether you use a nail gun or use a hammer, nail size must be accurate to hold the wood pieces together.

Once the lockers are put together, you can add trim and paint or stain the wood to your liking.

5. Make A Closet Into A Mudroom

How To Turn A Closet Into A Mudroom
How To Turn A Closet Into A Mudroom (via Simple Made Pretty)

Sometimes, that closet in your entry or foyer is just not useful. You can renovate that closet and make it into a useful mudroom instead. This makes for a great weekend DIY project for the family. However, it may mean more work. That is okay though, the extra work might include some demolition.

Before you begin, speak with a contractor who will be able to tell you just what needs to be done. He or she will also be able to tell if an area or wall you are destructing is a load-bearing wall. If so, what can be done instead.

Generally though, renovating a closet into a mudroom will mean removing the door and framing, a partial wall and one other wall. This all depends on the set up of the current closet and then the plans you have drawn up for a mudroom. Once demolition, if any, is complete, shelves and hooks, cubbies and other storage can be put into place. As always, measure twice before cutting!

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6. The Best Closet To Mudroom Transformation

diy mudroom closet transformation
Diy mudroom closet transformation (via The Orange Home)

This is one of the easiest closet renovations you can DIY. All this one involves is removing the door and filling in the screw holes and door latch. Clean out the closet and determine how you would like your new mudroom.

Do you want a bench or maybe just cubbies and hooks? Paint your walls before you add any hardware, this includes any trim or framing that you have added. Sometimes that awkward small closet will become the best mudroom you have seen.

7. A Stunning Mudroom Reveal

Mudroom Reveal
Mudroom Reveal (via BlueGrayGal)

It may be hard to see a fabulous mudroom come from a small closet or an area of the foyer before it is completed. For instance, you may think that closet cannot hold a bench seat, don’t be silly! A bench in a mudroom only needs to be between 15 to 20 inches. Anything bigger is just too big for the purpose.

The main factor of creating a mudroom is to turn wasted space into a useful and appealing to the eye area of your home. Repaint the area so it is fresh and bright, a throw pillow on the bench is always attractive. Placing wicker baskets in the cubbies and decorative hooks for jackets or coats make a very attractive mudroom.

8. The Important Mudroom DIY Bench

Diy Mud Room Part 1: Diy Mudroom Bench
Diy Mud Room Part 1: Diy Mudroom Bench (via Make It With Kate)

A bench does not have to be a difficult DIY project. You can make your own bench in very short time. Once you decide how long you want or need your bench, measure the distance. Then determine how many braces you will need to place. The braces will also act as divider in the cubbies for shoes, boots or baskets. Let’s, to save time, say that you want each cubby to be one foot, if your bench is along a six foot wall that is perfect for six cubbies. However, you will still need six pieces of ¾ inch plywood. Your cubbies will end up to be 10 inches wide, which is perfect sizing.

You will attach one 15” x 15” square of plywood to each end wall. Measure 11 inches and attach the next square to both the wall and the floor. There are L-shaped hooks that work for this purpose. Continue on until completed. The next step is to have a 2”x 8” piece of lumber for the bench top. Use a nail gun or screws to attach to the plywood in place. Paint or stain to your chosen design.

9. The Functional DIY Small Mudroom

Small and Functional Mudroom + My Favorite Storage Baskets
Small and Functional Mudroom (via Sarah Joy)

Even with small spaces, we want the area to work for us, not against. This is one reason why implementing cubby holes and hooks, maybe s four to six inch cupboard or closet in the center makes for tons of organization.

Nowadays, you can find virtually any type of basket you want. There are wood crates, plastic bins, wicker baskets or metal framed with material. If you are super creative you can make your own.

The point is that baskets will hold a lot of items and cover up the fact that the kids just tossed their items in rather than being neat about it. In other words, they hide the mess for you. My advice is to use baskets whenever you can.

10. From Blah to OMG! The Entry Mudroom Coatrack

Mudroom makeover: Entryway coat rack
Mudroom makeover: Entryway coat rack (via Shoe Makes New)

Imagine, if you will, you walk into one home for sale and as you enter it is so plain you have nothing you can say about it. The next place you enter has a WOW factor as you enter. The difference might be simply the second one is done up as a mudroom. The homeowner likely made a DIY mudroom to add value and that important WOW factor. Which place are you going to choose?

Turning that bland and bare entry into a useful room is a simple project for a DIY weekend. Design and build a small bench area, add cubbies and baskets, hooks screwed into the wall to hang jackets. One weekend from start to finish and you have the WOW factor to dazzle your guests with.

11. A Wall Locker That You Can DIY

Diy Wall Locker
Diy Wall Locker (via Shanty 2 Chic)

Simplicity is the key to a happy life. The less cleaning and organizing that needs to be done the happier we all are. So, I suggest this weekend you design and build a DIY wall locker that will keep your foyer well organized and much cleaner than it is currently.

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It takes a few materials and probably the tools that you already have. Find a blueprint or other printable plan that you like. Look it over closely and decide if there is anything that you want to change to make it unique to you.

Go to the home improvement store and pick up the wood and lumber you will need, stop in housewares while you are there and pick up a few baskets of some type that draw your eye to them.

Clean and fill in any current holes or gashes in the wall where you are putting your locker wall. Repaint the walls in the room so it is all fresh. To build the bench, measure a 2”x 4” piece of wood to the desired size and cut it carefully. Locate your studs in the wall and drill holes, insert the screw anchor and then screw the board to the wall. With the seat of the bench face down, use two pieces of 2” by 2” and attach to the inside of the outer corners. Flip the seat upright and then screw the bench seat to the 2” x 4” that is attached to the wall.

Then you are able to put up the walls for your lockers and create compartments for baskets to hold gear that does not hang up. Do not forget to pick up some really cool coat hooks that you will put in each locker section. If desired, paint a different color than the walls to create a designer appearance.

12. Create A DIY Mudroom In Your Garage

The Garage Mudroom Reveal
The Garage Mudroom Reveal (via RemodelandolaCasa)

No one enjoys the mud and dirt when it is brought into the house after a day in the garden. S weekend help yourself and your family by designing and building a brand new DIY mudroom in your garage. This can be put right next to the door, before anyone decides they are dragging dirt and mud into your clean house.

On the wall where your door is, purchase or make two closet type cupboards, decide what length of bench you will need and attach the cupboards on either side of where your bench is marked out. Then attach the choice of bench seating you want. Create an upper shelf area and make compartments to put baskets or decor of some sort.

This garage mudroom will change the look of not only your garage, but also the cleanliness of your entry. It will also amaze your friends, and make them want to design their own.

13. The Classic Farmhouse Wall Tree Coat Rack

Diy Modern Farmhouse Hall Tree
Diy Modern Farmhouse Hall Tree (via Shanty 2 Chic)

This will be the most delightful project you will accomplish in quite some time. Why delightful you ask? This is a simple DIY project that will transform the way you see your home. This will be an ideal situation if there are only one or two of you living there.

Print out a plan, this one is for a simple frame made from 2” x4” s and some 1” x 2” strips, a two foot piece of 8” x 1” for the seat. The feet can be any choice you want. There are some fancy round pedestal feet that would add charm and appeal to the farmhouse wall tree. On the upper level of the frame, you can attach hooks to hang items, compartments to keep your purse and other items in.

This project will only take one weekend from beginning to end and give you added space and storage, plus an appealing look.

14. One DIY Locker With Storage For Small Spaces

How to Build a DIY Entryway Locker with Storage
How to Build a DIY Entryway Locker with Storage (via The Diy Plan)

Sometimes there is no room to add a closet or build a fancy coat rack and bench seating as a mudroom. When there is so little room available, but you still need a place to hang your coats, make some free time to build yourself a DIY wall locker with a compartment for storage.

With a sheet of plywood, a clothes pole and a couple of smaller doors, you will have your very own coat locker at home. As always, measure once and cut twice. Never begin a project unless you know you have the needed tools and supplies.

15. Huge DIY Wall Locker Project

How to Build a GIANT Mudroom Locker
How to Build a GIANT Mudroom Locker (via COLwood Craft)

For those that have a large family, or are starting a daycare, this project is the one you really need to do. This could also work for those who want to build a wall of lockers in their garage. For this project, choose how many lockers you need at minimum. Eight is a good number to build. This gives you enough room for outerwear for each season. Plan out the amount of each type of wood you will need, plywood, 1”x2”, 2”x4”, hinges, baskets, hooks and paint.

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The lower portion of the wall locker will also be a bench type seating, so it will be wider than the lockers on the upper portion. When finished, you can paint in all one color, or choose multiple colors if you have a daycare center.

16. The Entryroom Two Wall Bench With Stylish Shiplap Walls

Mudroom Entryway Bench featuring Shiplap Walls
Mudroom Entryway Bench featuring Shiplap Walls (via Amanda Seghetti)

Imagine the pride you will feel when you complete this beauty in your entryway. There is plenty of room on the top shelf for baskets and whatever else you need, the lower portion has compartments to store more baskets, crates or loads of shoes.

The walls are completed using shiplap siding. Dress your shiplap walls and bench with fancy finials on the underside of the top shelf. A classic look and design. The two walls have enough room for plenty of coat hooks, hat hooks whatever you need. The dimensions will be ultimately how wide of a wall bench with walls that you feel is right for your space.

17. A DIY Mudroom Bench With Beadboard And Hooks

Diy Mudroom Bench (With Beadboard & Coat Hooks)
Diy Mudroom Bench (With Beadboard & Coat Hooks) (via Decor Hint)

Simplicity at its best. I imagine that every home must have one of those awkward areas where there is a section of wall just a few inches back further than the rest of the wall. Well, this easy DIY project will remedy the situation of inability to use the space. All you need is a sheet of beadboard, paint, some common boards and your tools, nails and hooks.

Within one weekend, if that, you can have a fantastic area to hang coats and place shoes and your purse or keys. All this in one area of the home that was virtually unusable.

18. A DIY Idea That Puts Simple In The Forefront

DIY Mud Room Design: When Less is More
DIY Mud Room Design: When Less is More (via Pursuit Of Simple)

There are not too many DIY projects that will accomplish all you need with very little space or equipment.

These items will provide you with the comfort and storage you need as a mudroom. A bench to sit on and hooks at the upper portion of the back wall, four cubby holes to place baskets of mittens and hats, scarves and hand warmers.

This all fits in one weekend as a DIY project in one small area of your home. Projects this simple could cost you hundreds of dollars to hire out, you can do this so much cheaper by doing it yourself.

19. The Board And Batten DIY Mudroom Project

Build A Diy Board And Batten Mudroom On Any Blank Wall!
Build A Diy Board And Batten Mudroom On Any Blank Wall! (via The Savvy Sparrow)

How gorgeous can a DIY project actually look when you do it yourself? Positively Perfect! This Board and Batten mudroom has a classic look, vintage style and yet is ornate enough to make it in a popular home design magazine.

The trimmed out squares actually have the appearance of being separate lockers for the coats that hang there. A shelf on the top to hold boxes or crates that store items not always needed, and a row of hooks to hang all the coats you own.

On one side, you can place a bench that allows you to sit while you put your shoes on or take off the winter boots.

20. The Simple DIY Mudroom Bench In Your Entryway

Diy Entryway Bench
Diy Entryway Bench (via From Jennifer Ann)

There was once a time when everyone seemed to have a bench in the entry to sit on to put on or remove shoes. Times changed and those went out of style. Years passed and the DIY Entryway bench is back in all its simple style. I tell you, people of old knew what they were doing back then.

This plan allows you to place a simple bench in your entry. This bench needs not be anything extremely fancy. This just allows guests or children to sit down while they prepare to leave or when they come home and need to remove shoes.

You can place a nice wicker basket next to the bench, maybe a decorative pillow on the bench. This makes for a simple, yet stunning design. Wire baskets underneath the bench make a convenient place to keep the shoes.

21. A Floating DIY Project

Build a Floating Bench and Shoe Shelf
Build a Floating Bench and Shoe Shelf (via The Schmidt Home)

The idea of a floating bench is not a new one. However, no one makes it look and work as good as you do.

Place a dark stain on the bench to make it pop. The bench really does not float, it is attached from the underside directly to the wall in a safe and secure way. The floating bench also has a floating shelf to keep shoes off the floor.

You can also add a stack of shelves on the side to hold other items and keep them from laying around.
Adding a decorative pillow to the bench make this all worthwhile!

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