22 Cute, Sexy, and Beginner-Friendly Crochet Bralette Patterns

by craftyclub

Whether it’s your first project or the one you’ve been putting off, you’re inevitably going to run into the crochet bralette.

Crocheting a bralette is surprisingly easy, often involving the same stitches necessary for a simple scarf. The difference is that you’ll have to pay a little extra attention to counting stitches, but even this is a breeze when you get yourself a trusty set of stitch markers to guide the way.

So if you’re looking for a sign to undertake your first, or one of many, crochet bralette patterns, here is a list of stunning styles to guide you through the process. 

1. Classic Crochet Bralette

Crochet Classic Bralette Pattern for Beginners
Crochet Classic Bralette Pattern for Beginners (via TCDDIY)

If you want a classic look or you simply want to take it easy, this crochet bralette pattern is the best place to start. It’s basically made of two components, the ribbed band and the v-top.

If you’ve never done ribbing before, don’t sweat! It’s way easier than you think, and this pattern will give you thorough instructions for it. 

2. Halter-neck Crochet Bralette

Crochet bralette PATTERN
Crochet bralette PATTERN (via CozyCreativeCrochets)

Maybe you want something a little more eye-catching, in which case we present this crochet bralette pattern. It looks incredibly complicated, but an experienced crocheter might be able to see the simplicity of the pattern just by looking at the photo. 

Need a more guided approach? This pattern is available on Etsy. 

3. Hope Bralette

Hope Bralette (Free Crochet Pattern)
Hope Bralette (Free Crochet Pattern) (via What About Yarn)

For a classic look with a twist, try this. The Hope bralette builds on the standard crochet cup that you’ll see in many other patterns but adds a cut netted edging.

It’s great for sunny days or even to wear as a bikini top!

4. Basic Crochet Bralette Cups

Crochet Bralette Cups Tutorial for Beginners
Crochet Bralette Cups Tutorial for Beginners (via Ashten Stitches)

Like we said, you’re bound to see the bralette cups appear on plenty of patterns in crochet, like bikinis, bodysuits, tank tops, and dresses.

Start here to master the basics. Once you master this, any crochet bralette will be both easy and beautiful.

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5. Tie-neck Crochet Bralette Top

Bralette Top pattern Crochet Top
Bralette Top pattern Crochet Top (via AlexmyblackcatStore)

At its core, this crochet top begins as a simple bralette. From there, the edging really makes it into something exciting. It’s really easy to do, but the pattern can give you the guidance, trips, and ticks to truly perfect it. 

6. Halterneck Crochet Bikini Top

Crochet Bikini Top Crochet Bra
Crochet Bikini Top Crochet Bra (via CozyCreativeCrochets)

If you’d like a little more coverage, this crochet halter top takes a slightly different approach to a bralette. It has a strong, tight stitch around the bust and gives a little excitement up the neckline–another perfect piece for beach days or hot summer nights!

7. May Flowers Bralette

May Flowers Bralette
May Flowers Bralette (via Lambent Crochet)

For a fabulous bralette that uses basic principles, you’ll love this pattern. Believe it or not, the components are really common pieces in crochet. Make sure you master the bralette cups and then let this pattern guide you through the flowers. 

8. Curvy Crochet Bralette Cup

Curvy Crochet Bralette Cup That Actually Fits
Curvy Crochet Bralette Cup That Actually Fits (via Crafty Madness)

If some of you are reading thinking the standard bralette cups will never cut it, this is for you. These crochet bralette cups are made to actually fit, so plus-size and curvy crocheters can perfect these patterns to fit as they should.

9. Bernat Crochet Festival Bralette

Bernat Crochet Festival Bralette
Bernat Crochet Festival Bralette (via Yarnspirations)

Crochet bralettes are seemingly synonymous with festivals. If you want to make your own crochet festival ‘fit, this is a simple and super cute pattern to try. Plus, it’s free! 

10. Basic Bralette

Basic Bralette
Basic Bralette (via Regina Weiss)

This basic bralette will certainly make you feel like you accomplished something extraordinary. The classic look includes a chain detail in the front with a strappy back. Both sexy and sweet!

11. Crochet Bra Cup Tutorial

Crochet Bra Cup (via CroChic Styles)

Video tutorials can be super helpful while your hands are tied up in yarn. This video offers up a free crochet pattern for bra cups in video and written pattern format.

What makes this different from the other crochet bra cup? Well this one specifically teaches sizing, so you can always get your crochet creation to fit just right. 

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12. Meadow Tie Top

Meadow Tie Top Bralette Crochet Pattern
Meadow Tie Top Bralette Crochet Pattern (via THNLife)

This bralette top is more bandeau than bikini top. It’s super easy to make, and the free crochet pattern walks you through all the little details. From the buttons to the bottom bow, you’ll love how simple and sweet this creation can be.

13. Lined Crochet Bralette

Crochet pattern for top Bralette
Crochet pattern for top Bralette (via CROCHETBEACHDesign)

For those who love a more polished piece, this crochet pattern is intended to be lined in the cups. The back also uses hooks to secure, so you don’t have to worry about laces and ties (this is great news for those who hate making crochet chains!)

14. Chandria Crochet Crop Top

Chandria Crochet Croptop Pattern
Chandria Crochet Croptop Pattern (via HookloopsPh)

This pattern is where the bandeau bralette meets the crop top. Super simple ribbing makes up the bodice while the straps are nice and thick, making for a true crop top style. 

15. The Viper Bralette

The Viper Bralette Crochet Pattern
The Viper Bralette Crochet Pattern (via IndigoMadness)

Crochet naturally makes a statement, and this viper bralette is a true standout. It has just the right amount of coverage while the halter top design leaves plenty of space for attractive cut outs. 

16. Tropical Crochet Bikini Top

Crochet Bikini Top Crochet Bra
Crochet Bikini Top Crochet Bra (via CozyCreativeCrochets)

Going on a tropical vacation? Put this on your project list! This crochet bikini top is a beautiful way to show off your skill while you chill by the pool or the beach. 

17. Sienna Bralette

Sienna Bralette Crochet PATTERN
Sienna Bralette Crochet Pattern (via PurlsPHPatterns)

This bralette takes on the bandeau style. Because of this, it can easily become longer to transform into a true tank top if you’re looking for that. The pattern is easy to follow and offers plenty of flexibility for sizing and creativity.

18. Pattern Tie Back Crochet Bralette

Simplex Bralette crochet pattern cross tie back beginner friendly
Simplex Bralette crochet pattern cross tie back beginner friendly (via TangledPaws)

This classic bralette puts its own spin into the mix. The two cups cross over each other in the front, and the back uses a criss-cross design to tie up. It’s very beginner-friendly and is a great way to practice your bralette cups.

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19. Marnie Crochet Top

Marnie Top // Adjustable Retro Crochet Pattern
Marnie Top Adjustable Retro Crochet Pattern (via ShopDaisyAndDime)

This summer-loving top looks like a one-of-a-kind vintage piece. In actuality, it’s really easy to bring together for even beginner crocheters. It’s also a great practice in making ruffles, which you can add to almost any crochet bralette pattern!

20. Dolly Ruffle Crochet Top

Crochet top pattern, dolly ruffle top
Crochet top pattern, dolly ruffle top (via Jenny And Teddy)

If you happen to be a fan of the ruffles, you’ll love this top. The dolly ruffle top uses the bralette cups (which, if nothing else, you will become an expert on!) and adds a long flowing body for the perfect summer top. Wear it on a date or to a barbecue and you’ll be sure to impress. 

21. Easy-to-follow Crochet Bralette Tutorial

Crochet Bralette (via Krystal Everdeen)

Krystal Everdeen is a crochet queen, and she shares the knowledge with her community on YouTube. This crochet bralette is a great way for you to get the practice of the cups with her friendly voice helping you along.

Be warned! She tends to unravel what viewers feel are masterpieces, so make sure to press stop before the end if you can’t endure the heartbreak.

22. The pretty Picot Bralette

The Pretty Picot Bralette
The Pretty Picot Bralette (via Carroway Crochet)

The picot is a must-have skill when it comes to crochet patterns. It adds a touch of texture to any edging, and it’s wildly easy to do. If you already love it or want to practice it, this pattern is a great project to go picot crazy!

Final Thoughts

If you learn one thing from this article, we truly hope you leave ready to tackle any crochet bra cup you come across! Many of the patterns will help you do that and so much more. So whether you’ve got beach plans or simply want to partake in the joys of slow fashion, none of these crochet bralette patterns will steer you wrong!

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