20 Adorable Amigurumi Dragon Patterns, That You Will Go Gaga Over 

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As a child, we have all been obsessed with dragons and their powers. The same is the case with our kids these days. Dragons are charming, mythical creatures that we all eventually fall in love with them no matter how old we are. 

For over a thousand years dragons have been a part of folk tales. They are known for different beliefs associated with them. Dragons also represent culture for some parts of the world like China. 

Power, strength and bravery are some of the attributes associated with them. In some stories, they are the human’s best friend, while in others they protect treasures. 

Ahead we will be sharing some adorable, cute and easy to follow Amigurumi dragon patterns which will help you create an adorable gift for your kids or revive the beautiful memories of your childhood.

So, without further ado, let’s get started 

Drake the Dragon - Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Drake the Dragon (via Moji-Moji Design)

Check your yarn stash and grab the green and yellow color yarn from it because it will help you do some wonder with Drake the dragon amigurumi pattern. Drake is the most adorable dragon you will find. He is the best to cuddle with and is very loyal to his friends. Don’t dare to be mean with his friends, he would become angry.

Do you know the best part about him? He uses his talents to host barbecues and to toast marshmallows. Awesome, isn’t it?

A light worsted weight yarn and a 3mm crochet hook will help you crochet Drake perfectly.

2. Crochet Dinosaur Pattern

Crochet Dragon Pattern, Amigurumi Dinosaur Pattern
Crochet Dragon Pattern, Amigurumi Dinosaur Pattern (via GoozellToys)

How about crocheting a cute pair of dinosaurs for your kids? Dinosaurs are relatives of dragons. As much as dragons are adored, the case is no different with the dinosaurs.

This pattern is easy to follow and will help you make an adorable friend for your little one. All you need is some velvet yarn and googly eyes of desired color.

3. Blue Petite Amigurumi Crochet Dragon Pattern

Amigurumi Crochet Dragon Pattern
Amigurumi Crochet Dragon Pattern (via Supergurumi)

Fierce, petite and adorable are some of the assets that our mini blue dragon possess. It was sharp wings to fly and a cutesy small tail to attack the enemy.

The final size of the blue dragon is 5.5 cm and it comes with easy-to-follow instructions. The main stitches used are chain, single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet.

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4. Cutesy Green Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

Dragon Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern
Dragon Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern (via StringyDingDing)

Crocheting and cuddling this dragon pattern is as easy as it looks. If you are new to crochet, try out this easy pattern, which is particularly designed for beginner.

You can crochet it in any color but better follow the contrast provided by the write. You will be needing some yarn, crochet hook of 4mm and safety eyes of 9mm.

5. Fire Breathing Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

Fire Breathing Dragon
Fire Breathing Dragon (via Amigurumi To Go)

Can dragons actually breathe fire? Don’t know about others, but the fire-breathing dragon by Amigurumi To Go surely can.

These dragons look sleepy but they can be fierce. They are about 18 inches in height which makes them your kids bestest friend they could ever have.

The fire-breathing dragon has a nice tail, perfect fingers to grab things and short but strong legs to stand.

Try out this amazing pattern now.

6. Delightful Dragon Crochet Pattern

Dragon Amigurumi
Dragon Amigurumi (via Mary Smith)

Put a smile on your kids face by crocheting this delightful dragon pattern by Mary Smith. The delightful dragon surely knows how to make your heart happy with its adorable actions and face.

He is huggable and has the most adorable eyes. He is noticeable due to the horn on its nose and he loves himself.

All you need is worsted yarn and a crochet hook of 3.5 mm to turn this pattern to life.

7. Damian The Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

Free crochet dragon pattern
Free crochet dragon pattern (via Cuddly Stitches Craft)

Damian the dragon can’t wait to be a part of your beautiful family. He loves to give hugs. Damian doesn’t possess any fierce talents; he just needs to be loved as he is quite caring and sensitive.

The beautiful yet unique combination of teal and green color makes Damian so attractive. The finished size of this amigurumi pattern is about 9 inches and the pattern is loaded with plenty of photos and easy-to-follow instructions.

8. Baby Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

Dragon Amigurumi Pattern
Dragon Amigurumi Pattern (via Ami Amour)

The baby dragon has just come out from the egg and is ready to discover the world. This cutesy dragon pattern by Ami Amour is a treat to eyes and will bring joy to anyone’s day and life.

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Grab some yarn of mentioned color, your favorite crochet hook and you are ready to go my friend.

9. Charlie the Celestial Dragon Crochet Pattern

Charlie the Celestial Dragon | Free Crochet Pattern
Charlie the Celestial Dragon (via Hooked by Kati)

Charlie the celestial dragon is an amazing creation by Kati. Charlie is very talented, brave and need no wings to fly. And loves to wrap around the temples’ pillar. He brings fortune to the emperor.

This crochet pattern is challenging but fun to make. The body of the dragon has twists which helps him to stand on his tail. You can also wrap Charlie around your arms, he loves to cuddle.

Grab your crochet hook and unleash your inner artist with this amazing pattern right away.

10. Drew the Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

Drew the Dragon
Drew the Dragon (via IlDikko)

Drew is a cave dragon. He can be thoughtless at times but he loves to fly and goof around. Drew also loves collecting stones and making beautiful things out of it.

Drew just can wait to be crocheted by you. Grab your crochet hook and the bright color yarn to bring him to life.

11. Vincent Dragon Crochet Pattern

Vincent the Dragon | Free Crochet Pattern
Vincent the Dragon | Free Crochet Pattern (via Hooked by Kati)

Vincent is another beautiful creation by Kati. Vincent s basically a very thoughtful dragon and he loves to sit on your shoulder. He is the best friend your little one will ever get him/her self.

The pattern has plenty of pictures and instructions. Don’t miss out this one.

12. Alfie Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Alfie the Dragon Amigurumi Pattern
Crochet Alfie the Dragon Amigurumi Pattern (via KornflakeStew)

Alfie is the cutest guy in the town. He is quiet, shy and extremely loveable. The pattern of Alfie dragon is quite easy to follow and the best part is the head and body are made in a single piece only. The color scheme used is very exclusive.

Don’t miss out making Alfie for your kids.

13. Dıno Lucky Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

Amigurumi Dragon Dıno Lucky Free Pattern
Amigurumi Dragon Dıno Lucky Free Pattern (via Amigurumitoys)

Dino has a hidden talent. You know what? He can legit make anyone fall in love with him. All thanks to his eyes that can even melt the coldest of hearts.

To crochet Dino, grab some 100% cotton yarn along with crochet hook of 3.5mm.

14. Baby Dragon Crochet Pattern

Baby Dragon Free Crochet Pattern
Baby Dragon Free Crochet Pattern (via Vanja Grundmann)

The adorable baby dragon pair is ready to make your day. The color scheme used is enough to fall anyone in love with them. The eyes are crocheted so well that they deliver a soft expression.

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The smile, horns, everything about this pattern is just so good that one can’t resist creating it.

Moreover, the pattern is loaded with plenty of pictures.

15. Dirk the Dragon

Dirk the Dragon
Dirk the Dragon (via Hobbii)

Dirk will be the best hugging buddy for your kid. He knows how to spread joy and love around.

The cool ice blue color makes Dirk look awesome. But you can also crochet him in any color you want.

16. Crochet Miniature Dragons Pattern

Crochet Miniature Dragons
Crochet Miniature Dragons (via NansyOops)

The expressions, wings and other details of this miniature dragon pattern are amazing. Just look how adorable these two are.

The pattern is very detailed and has about 140 pictures in it. To make this miniature dragon pattern you must have a crochet hook of 2.5 mm

17. Chubby Dragon Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Chubby Dragon amigurumi free crochet pattern
Chubby Dragon amigurumi free crochet pattern (via Amigu World)

Chubby cheeks and squint eyes are what make an amigurumi look delightful. The chubby dragon pattern by Amigu World is the perfect example of this. Chubby loves to eat and make new friends.

Crochet him for your kids and enjoy the experience.

18. Little Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet pattern: Little Dragon
Crochet pattern: Little Dragon (via DollPatternsShop)

The little dragon is ready to be loved and spread happiness. The heart at the tip of his tail depicts how friendly and cuddly he is.

The little dragon crochet pattern is quite easy to follow and has plethora of instructions for new beginners. There are about 80 pictures in the pattern.

Excited? Bring out your chenille wool and start working on this stunning pattern now.

19. Baby Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

Baby Dragon Amigurumi
Baby Dragon Amigurumi (via Not Your Yiyas Crochet)

You know the best thing about crocheting baby dragons? They give the joy that nothing else would ever give you.

The eyes of baby dragon make them stand out in crowd.

They are handy, easy to carry. So, you can take them anywhere you want.

Enjoy the pattern.

20. Dragon The 12 Zodiac Egg

Dragon The 12 Zodiac Egg
Dragon The 12 Zodiac Egg (via Little Bamboo Handmade)

This beautiful dragon represents the fifth of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. It signifies the traits such as dominance and ambition.

The pattern is very detailed just lie the dragon itself. The length of this dragon is about 15 cm.

Let’s crochet a dragon for your kids that will help them acknowledge culture and history.

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