20 Resourceful DIY Recycling Bin Ideas

by craftyclub

With so much conversation around pollution, global warming, and climate change, it’s important to do what we can to keep our planet beautiful. Recycling is a great way to respect the environment, but recycling bins can get expensive!

If you’re looking to save a little money and DIY a recycling bin, you’ve come to the right place! Many recycling bins can be made out of materials you have at home, which makes for a recycled recycling bin. 

Who knew saving the planet could be so easy?

1. DIY Wood Compartment Recycling Bin

DIY Home Recycle Bins
DIY Home Recycle Bins (via Salvage Sister & Mister)

Kicking off our list is this simple DIY recycling bin!

Made out of wood and so easy that it can be built in an afternoon, there’s no excuse not to recycle now! 

The compartments make for easy organization and sorting. 

2. Colorful DIY Recycling Center

Easy D.I.Y. Home Recycling Center
Easy D.I.Y. Home Recycling Center (via Laura’s Plans)

Looking for an entire organization system? 

This DIY recycling center provides a space for all of your recyclables, including your plain trash! 

It’s easy to recycle when all you have to do is take the bins to the dump. No more trying to sort everything at the last second, it’s already done! 

3. DIY Rustic Pallet Recycling Bin

Diy Pallet Recycle Bin Makeover
Diy Pallet Recycle Bin Makeover (via 99pallets)

You can get free pallets from so many places nowadays. Why not grab some and recycle them? Better yet, why not recycle them and use them to recycle other things?

This rustic recycling bin is perfect for any farmhouse kitchen!

4. Simple DIY Recycling Storage Tower

How to Build a Storage Tower for Your Recycling Can
How to Build a Storage Tower for Your Recycling Can (via Family Handyman)

A recycling storage tower is a great solution for a busy family. Just add labels and suddenly everything is well organized.

Even the smallest members of the household can recycle with this handy tower!

5. Vintage Filing Cabinet Recycling Bin DIY

How to build a home made recycling bin
How to build a home made recycling bin (via Grow and Make)

Have you gone digital with your important documents? Are you now left with a big empty filing cabinet that you don’t know what to do with? 

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Turn it into a unique recycling bin! 

It conceals your recyclables without being an eyesore. It can even be painted in fun colors!

6. DIY Bright Farmhouse Recycling Cabinet

Diy Kitchen Recycling Bins Cupboard
Diy Kitchen Recycling Bins Cupboard (via The Carpenter’s Daughter)

If bright and rustic is your style, this white cupboard is the recycling bin for you!

The sleek design fits in with any farmhouse decor and the wood top gives room for sorting and cleaning.

Put a candle or a vase on top and no one will ever know it’s a recycling bin!

7. DIY Easy and Simple Container Recycling Center

How to Build an Outdoor Recycling Center
How to Build an Outdoor Recycling Center (via HGTV)

Maybe you prefer to keep all of your recycling outside. That’s okay! 

This easy to build recycling center is the perfect solution and keeps everything outdoors yet easily accessible. The sturdy frame contains it all while the bins provide storage for individual items. 

The best part about this system is that it can be easily hosed down if it gets dirty!

8. DIY Classic Pull Out Recycling Bin/Trash Can Combo

how to make a pull out trash can
how to make a pull out trash can (via Chatfield Court)

We’ve all seen these pull out trash/recycling bins in other people’s homes, but how do you make them?

You’re in luck, because we’ve linked a simple DIY tutorial that will make you feel like a master carpenter.

It’s much easier than it looks! 

9. DIY Rae Dunn Crafty Crate Recycling Bins

DIY Wooden Recycling Bins You'll Want in Your House
DIY Wooden Recycling Bins You’ll Want in Your House (via Sunny Day Family)

Simple, cute, and practical! These are the most important qualities of any recycling bin, in my opinion.

This crate storage stack checks off all of these boxes and then some.

If you’re looking for an easy idea that still goes with your decor, this one is for you.

10. DIY Secret Recycling Bin Cover

How to Hide Recycle Bins. A DIY Recycle Bin Cover.
How to Hide Recycle Bins. A DIY Recycle Bin Cover. (via The Art of Doing Stuff)

Sometimes you have to use the recycling bins that your trash company gives you, even though they’re ugly! 

A DIY recycling bin cover is the perfect solution. Place your bin behind it and take it out only on pickup days. 

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It blends in with your decor and everyone is happy! 

11. DIY Metallic Tin Can Recycling Bins

DIY Outdoor Organization: Recycle Bins
DIY Outdoor Organization: Recycle Bins (via Sweethaute)

Looking to decorate instead of build?

Grab some metal trash bins and some paint! These recycling bins are an easy DIY for anyone that wants to do something different but doesn’t have an entire weekend to dedicate to it. 

12. Renter Friendly Recycling Bin Compartment DIY

Recycling bin solution for renters
Recycling bin solution for renters (via Ikeahackers)

If you’re a renter, you probably already know about the all powerful and mighty Ikea. Is there anything you can’t use their furniture for? The limit doesn’t exist!

This renter-friendly hack is an awesome way to incorporate a recycling bin into your kitchen space without sacrificing your aesthetic.  

13. Easy DIY Pull Out Recycling Bin/Trash Cabinet

DIY Recycling Centre
DIY Recycling Centre (via 100things2do)

This recycling center is perfect for anyone that doesn’t have the under-counter space for a traditional pullout trash system! 

By disguising your trash cans underneath this cabinet, you keep everything looking nice and organized which in turn makes everyone happier.

Grab your screwdriver!

14. DIY Simple Wood Garage Recycling Bin Hangers

Garage Organization: Create Recycle Bin Hangers
Garage Organization: Create Recycle Bin Hangers (via Family Handyman)

This may be the easiest DIY on the list and is perfect for the person who wants organization but wants to save money and time. 

All you need for this DIY is wood and nails, it’s that simple. 

By stacking your recycling bins, you’re saving space and making them less of an eye sore.

15. DIY Cabin Wood Recycling Sorting System

Recycling Sorting Bin
Recycling Sorting Bin (via Kreg Tool)

This DIY system looks like it belongs in a cabin in the mountains because of its gorgeous natural wood finishes! 

It’s simple, it’s attractive, and it boasts three compartments which ensures an easy and stress-free sorting process.

What more could you ask for?

16. DIY Rolled Up Recycling Bin

DIY Rolled Up Recycling Bin (via TerraCycle)

This rolled-up recycling bin is something that anyone can do. You could even get the kids involved!

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Aside from craft supplies that you probably already have on hand, all you need is newspapers and a five gallon bucket! 

This is an easy and budget-friendly option that is really unique. It also uses recycled materials, which is a win win! 

17. DIY Spooky Monster Recycling Bin

DIY Monster Recycling Containers
DIY Monster Recycling Containers (via Hello Splendid)

Speaking of getting the kids involved, this spooky scary monster recycling bin is sure to get your kids excited about recycling!

Make it a game and feed the monster recyclables. Something as simple as a recycling bin can turn into a lifelong memory for your children! Why not make it fun?

It’s never too early to teach about saving the planet!

18. Boho Recycling Bin Baskets DIY

DIY Recycling Bin Basket Storage
DIY Recycling Bin Basket Storage (via House & Home)

Untraditional yet adorable, these boho baskets make the perfect recycling bins! 

The best part? They come with handles for easy moving! It doesn’t get better than that.

These cute baskets can match any decor.

19. DIY Practical Plastic Recycling Center

DIY Recycling Center
DIY Recycling Center (via From Under a Palm Tree)

This recycling center has it all and makes for a really easy sorting process! 

The bins and shelves are often used in daycare settings, so contact local centers to see if they’re getting rid of any that are broken! Often you can find some that just need a few new screws and paint to be as good as new.

Just make sure you sanitize it first!

20. DIY Farmhouse Pretty Pallet Recycle Bin

How to Make a Wood Pallet Recycle Bin
How to Make a Wood Pallet Recycle Bin (via Saved by Love Creations)

Perfect outside or inside, this recycling bin is absolutely adorable!

It’s important to find recycling bins that flow well with the rest of your decor, and this one does that flawlessly!

Paint it white for a bright, beautiful look that will really stand out from the rest.

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