29 Amazing Diy Birdhouse Ideas To Try Right Now

by craftyclub

So many people across the globe love bird watching. It is a relaxing hobby, and fun at the same time.

For those people who can not go hiking through woods and pastures to find the birds, installing birdhouses around the property gives them the same opportunity to see multiple species of birds.

In this article, we will show you many different ideas for DIY birdhouses. These can be created in your spare time for a minimal amount of money.

1. Simple DIY Birdhouse

DIY Birdhouse
DIY Birdhouse (via 100 Things 2 Do)

Bird houses do not need to be totally elaborate mansions for your feathered friends. Sometimes a simple and basic idea is the best.

This Simple DIY Birdhouse needs just a few items; 1 x 4 planking, saw, hammer and nails. A drill to drill out the entry for your friends will be needed also.

2. Pennies Are For The Birds

DIY Birdhouse with a Pretty Penny Roof
DIY Birdhouse with a Pretty Penny Roof (via Dream A Little Bigger)

Along the same lines as a simple diy birdhouse, this gorgeous little birdhouse has built on equity.

You will need simple 1 x 1 planking boards, drill for the entrance to the bird home, hammer and nails. When the building is complete, all those pennies you have collected can be glued down on the roofing.

This adds some beauty to the birdhouse.

3. A Mid-Century Styled Home For the Birds

How To Build a Midcentury Modern Birdhouse
How To Build a Midcentury Modern Birdhouse (via Dunn Lumber)

If you are like me and have no knowledge as to how to make the roof actually fit the bird house, Mid-Century is the style to DIY for your feathered buddies.

Four equal sized pieces of 1 x 1 planking and two pieces cut an inch smaller in width. Since it is a mid-century style, there is no need to worry about angles and slopes.

4. Easy DIY Birdhouse For Beginners

DIY Birdhouse Plans: Easy Tutorial for Beginners
DIY Birdhouse Plans: Easy Tutorial for Beginners (via First day of home)

This diy birdhouse may look small, but it is big in style. The diy plans will include a pole to attach as a perch, and you can decorate as you please.

Some have used shiplap styling and others have used wainscoting. Either way, you choose the wood you want and design it to match your home exterior.

5. DIY Birdhouses For Kids Handicraft

Homemade Birdhouses For Kids To Make
Homemade Birdhouses For Kids To Make (via Frugal Fun Mom)

Virtually any item can be used to design and create a birdhouse. Your kids would love to try their hands at some of these beauties made from simple household items.

You can use plastic milk jugs, cardboard cartons or even popsicle sticks, actually called craft sticks. Once they have created the home for the birds, they can paint and decorate any way they choose.

6. Scrap Wood Built Birdhouse

DIY Birdhouse Plans from Scrap Wood
DIY Birdhouse Plans from Scrap Wood (via The Diy Plan)

If you have scrap wood laying around waiting to be used, this is a plan that will work to make use of it. This DIY birdhouse will use about 6 pieces of wood. You will cut an opening into each slice of wood, making it larger as you move further to the back.

All these pieces are then glued or screwed together, a perch attached and decoration begins. If you are the handy sort, the wood can be cut into a unique shape before you begin. Shapes such as a bell, circle or even a hexagon.

7. Time for the Birds

Steampunk Birdhouse
Steampunk Birdhouse (via Running With Sisters)

This steampunk inspired diy birdhouse will be the talk of the skies. Birds will flock to your home hoping to be able to make their home in your DIY birdhouse.

All this takes is a simple birdhouse design, then the outside can be decorated with clock faces, chains, and gear wheels.

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8. The Simplest DIY Birdhouse

DIY Two Dollar Bird House
DIY Two Dollar Bird House (via The Shabby Tree)

Oh my, this birdhouse takes the cake in my book. Travel down to your local dollar store and pick up a bonnet. Yes, a bonnet, the type you wear on your head. Attach a pretty ribbon, cut an opening in the center of the top and attach to an outdoor wall.

You are best off using a staple gun to attach the hat to the wall, to ensure that it will not blow away.

9. A Duplex DIY Birdhouse with Planter

Cedar Double Bird House Planter
Cedar Double Bird House Planter (via Instructables)

What could be prettier than a plant box or a birdhouse? A DIY birdhouse that is a planter. This is a special style for the birds.

We all have that family that has to live close to us, birds are no different I am sure. With a birdhouse on either end and the planter in the middle, you have tons of beauty to set your sights on.

10. The Favorite Birdhouse for Birds

How to make a DIY birdhouse from a log
How to make a DIY birdhouse from a log (via Out in the Nature)

Birds love trees, they love building nests in the trees. I assume the tree gives them shelter from the weather and safety for their little ones.

When nasty weather tears down a tree in your yard, keep a chunk or two of the downed tree, The chunks should be approximately 1 to 2 feet tall. From the back, cut a square into the log. Then whittle away the inner side of the tree to hollow it out somewhat.

Voila’, trim the square piece to form a door type entrance.

11. Stenciled Design Birdhouse

DIY Stenciled Birdhouses
DIY Stenciled Birdhouses (via Craft Whack)

Once you have built the style of DIY birdhouse you want, the decorating is wide open. You can be unique and use the stencils you find at the local stores.

Paint the color of your choice and the birds will be happy coming home to their new home.

12. The DIY Mid Century Styled Birdhouse

DIY Mid-Century Birdhouse
DIY Mid-Century Birdhouse (via Hallmark Channel)

Think about the shows we watched in the 60’s and 70’s, those mid-century homes the families lived in were gorgeous for that time. You can style your DIY birdhouse to resemble the one in your favorite show.

The mid-century style has a flat roof, which makes it easier to build yourself. Adorn the outside to make it look homey and comfortable.

13. Tea for Two Birds

New Teapot Birdhouse
New Teapot Birdhouse (via Robins Nesting Place)

Here is a rather unusual idea for a DIY project. Many of us have inherited our grandparents’ tea sets and whatnot. A teapot can make for a cozy home for your feathered companions.

By attaching a rope through the top of a three-sided box, you can lace the rope through the handle of the teapot. For extra security, use a hot glue gun to affix the pot to the back wall.

14. Seeding A DIY Birdhouse

DIY Seed Covered Bird House Village
DIY Seed Covered Bird House Village (via Liz Bushong)

Birds need to eat just as humans do. Why not give them an interesting and unique home that is covered in bird food?

This birdhouse simply entails making a simple DIY birdhouse and then putting peanut butter on the outside and putting the bird seeds, bird food on top of the peanut butter.

15. Using Scrapbook Paper To Decorate

Decorative Birdhouse Using Scrapbook Paper
Decorative Birdhouse Using Scrapbook Paper (via 2 bees in a pod)

This DIY birdhouse would likely be best for those that use birdhouses as home decor. There is too big of a chance that the bird will consume the glue or modge podge used to put the paper on.

However, this is an adorable idea and turns out perfectly to match your home decor. You can purchase scrapbook paper at any craft store in your area. You can adhere coordinating prints and even make paper flowers to adorn your DIY birdhouse.

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16. Bird House DIY Security

Fake Security Camera Birdhouse Made From Scrapwood
Fake Security Camera Birdhouse Made From Scrapwood (via Instructables)

For those that want to feel safe, we offer the idea of a DIY birdhouse that looks like a security camera.

However, this is not a real camera, but the crooks do not need to know that. The feathered occupants may feel safer knowing they live inside a home that can pass for a camera. The tools and materials needed are simply 1 x 4 planks, drill, hammer and nails, glue and paint.

17. Martins Mingle In a DIY Birdhouse

Purple Martin House Plans
Purple Martin House Plans (via Sun Catcher Studio)

Even birds like to socialize, I guess. Made from 1 x 8 boards, a couple of hinges and closing clasps, a dowel cut into 8 pieces and a drill and other tools, you can DIY this very pretty Martin house.

The plans can show you each step to take to add this beauty to your yard and help out the birds.

18. Flea Market Style DIY Birdhouse

How To Make A Flea Style Birdhouse
How To Make A Flea Style Birdhouse (via Running With Sisters)

Everyone has odds and ends laying around. Whether it is jewelry, tools, craft items. Why not put these bits and pieces together and create a work of art?

Once you build the DIY simple style birdhouse you can start adorning it with any flea market items you have. You can make it look like a store, a playhouse, anything you want and you will use up items lying around also.

19. DIY Handmade Clay Birdhouse

How to Make A Natural Clay Birdhouse
How to Make A Natural Clay Birdhouse (via Hearth & Vine)

In many areas of the world, clay is abundant. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can create your own handmade clay birdhouse.

This is a simple DIY project that even the kids can do. Mold your clay into half circles and remove the inner area. Once that is completed, connect the two halves and pinch to seal. The DIY clay Birdhouse can be left as natural color or can be painted.

20. DIY Birdhouse with Plants

DIY Living Roof Birdhouse, Succulent Birdhouse
DIY Living Roof Birdhouse, Succulent Birdhouse (via Rebecca’s Bird Gardens)

When you create a birdhouse yourself, it can become what you want. Rather than a simple and plain roof on the DIY birdhouse, make miniature planters.

You could plant succulents or other small flowers and add to nature’s beauty. For the pedestal perch, it would be nature fitting to use twigs off trees.

21. Recycled Jug Birdhouse

Diy Milk Jug Birdhouse
Diy Milk Jug Birdhouse (via Big Bear’s Wife)

Kids or grandkids will love to sit with you and create their own birdhouses. This is also helping recycle and reuse items.

For these, all you need is a half-gallon plastic milk jug. At the lower portion of the jug, mark a square and put a line down the middle of the square. The adult can then cut along the line and use a marker to outline the doors or make them look like barn doors.

The milk jug, DIY birdhouse can be labeled with the child’s name. Tie a string around a small twig and lace it through the underside of the cap. The milk jug birdhouse can then be hung from a tree or deck.

22. DIY Log Cabin Style

Log Cabin Bird House
Log Cabin Bird House (via Instructables)

Do you remember playing with Lincoln logs as a child? Even building your own play house using sticks? This DIY birdhouse is along the same lines.

You will build a tiny log cabin using a tree branch. The roof can be made from wood planking and screwed on. You can then paint the roof and place twigs vertically at the front of the house to style a porch for the birds.

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23. Cover it With Flowery Material

Pretty Fabric Covered Birdhouse
Pretty Fabric Covered Birdhouse (via Running With Sisters)

When you want a birdhouse on your patio or deck for decoration, you can easily make a simple and basic diy birdhouse out of wood planking.

Rather than painting or staining it so it looks common, try using some pretty flowered material as a covering. Some squiggly trim, a couple of buttons and you have a beautiful birdhouse that matches your patio furniture.

24. Scrapwood Style Birdhouse

How To Build A Birdhouse With Scrap Wood
How To Build A Birdhouse With Scrap Wood (via My Weathered Home)

Most of us have a small pile of scrap wood laying around somewhere. This could be left over from previous DIY projects, or you may pick it up from friends or family. Pallets seem to be in project material lately.

The scraps from pallets will work great to build a DIY birdhouse. Even if the pieces do not all match up, it is okay. There is not a tree in the world where the branches are identical and birds are smart enough to understand how to build a nest on uneven branches.

25. PVC Style DIY Birdhouse

Blue Bird Nest Box Plans (Approved PVC Birdhouse Design)
Blue Bird Nest Box Plans (Approved PVC Birdhouse Design) (via Sun Catcher Studio)

Bluebirds, for one, love to have cylindrical homes apparently. You can fashion your own DIY birdhouse by using PVC pipe and a pipe cover.

You can glue a small wood planking for the roof, and cut a circle in the center of the pipe for the opening. Do not forget to give the bluebirds a stick for a perch.

26. Rustic DIY Birdhouse

How to Make a DIY Rustic Birdhouse
How to Make a DIY Rustic Birdhouse (via Homeroad)

What better way to use those idyllic old doors, old license plates and other vintage hardware you have laying around than to build your own DIY Rustic birdhouse.

The roof can be made from an old license plate bent in half. A hinge will make the perfect perch and an old door or two with doorknob holes will make the perfect front for the birdhouse. Some things old made new again.

27. Complex and Multilevel Dynasty DIY Birdhouse

Multi-Unit Condo for the Birds: DIY Birdhouse Plans
Multi-Unit Condo for the Birds: DIY Birdhouse Plans (via Felt Magnet)

I would believe that birds get sick and tired of other birds being able to see them in their home. Why not design and create a DIY project for a weekend.

Not much different than connecting multiple birdhouses together. This DIY project allows you to create different heights for the different houses. Unique and undeniably gorgeous.

28. DIY Bucket Birdhouse

How To Make A Bucket Into A Bird House
How To Make A Bucket Into A Bird House (via Blue Roof Cabin)

Instead of throwing out those 5 gallon buckets sitting in your garage, put them to use. An old bucket can be cleaned up, and turned into a DIY birdhouse anyone would be envious of.

The top can be made from a moss planter turned upside down. Old shelf holders can be attached as perches under each hole drilled in the bucket. If you really want to, you can use old tin scraps, wood or other plastic to make a divider inside the bucket to make it a multi-unit DIY birdhouse.

29. Clean Birdhouse Boot

Recycling Boots for Original Birdhouses
Recycling Boots for Original Birdhouses (via Lushome)

Rather than throwing out the work boots that do not fit or that the hubby did not like after you bought them, put them to work. With a clean work boot, you can make an awesome DIY Birdhouse.

You can nail or screw the boot directly to a wood plank and then to a pole or a tree. Build a roof and attach to the backboard. Then put the boot under the roof.

This will help keep the birds and the boot dry and safe.

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