7 Easy and Simple Landscaping Ideas

by craftyclub

A plot of land isn’t a complete home until you landscape it. Landscaping can be very costly when you call on the pros, but it can also be affordable and accessible for those who take the time to put a little bit of their own elbow grease into it.

It doesn’t take much to transform your property from stale land to an impressive piece of real estate. Here you’ll find some of the most inspiring and ingenious ways to give the land surrounding your home a much-needed facelift.

1. Window Flower Boxes

 How to Build a Window Box Planter
How to Build a Window Box Planter (via eHow)

While getting your front yard tidied up, many people overlook that the house is a big part to play in the landscape. Make it part of the scenery by adding a few potted plants to windows.

It’s the perfect way to tie in the flowers from your front or back lawns in with the main event: your home!

2. Edge the Garden with Rocks

 How to Maintain a Garden Rock Border
How to Maintain a Garden Rock Border (via On Sutton Place)

Another very simple landscaping idea is using the land to make edges more even. Your garden may be bursting with life, so just like a photo frame, it deserves a little bit of protection and focus.

Gathering rocks to encircle a garden makes it pop from the rest of the yard, keeps water in when it rains, and puts a silver (or otherwise!) lining on the work of your green thumb!

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3. Spread One Plant Around

How to thin, divide, and propagate overgrown hosta plants
How to thin, divide, and propagate overgrown hosta plants (via How To With Rhonda Bryant)

This particularly brilliant hack can also save you lots of money on your landscaping project.

You don’t need to buy multiples of a plant to make it one of the main events of your yard. Buy one or two choice plants and when you de-pot them, gently separate the roots. Plant the isolated roots throughout the yard or garden for a uniform, yet sprawling display.

It makes things seem well thought out and executed while helping you save in the long run.

4. Add Fairy Lights

Easy Diy Outdoor Chandelier
Easy Diy Outdoor Chandelier (via All Things Heart And Home)

Many people like to incorporate some sort of light into their yard or garden so it can be enjoyed at all hours during the day.

Fairy lights are an easy and affordable way to give your garden a perpetual touch of day time. String them along a path, around a plot of grass, or surrounding your garden for a chance to liven up your landscape at night.

5. Embrace Potted Plants

Embrace potted plants
Embrace potted plants (via Pinterest)

Most people consider landscaping to require breaking ground, but that’s not necessarily the case. Using your outdoor space as best you can is all it takes to accomplish good landscaping.

Use some beautiful potted plants to add an extra element of landscaping appeal. They can become a perfect centerpiece or act as bookends for a flourishing yard or garden. It’s all about where you place them, but they’ll surely be happy out in the sunshine, even if they stay resigned to the pot.

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As a bonus, potted plants also add the opportunity for decoration. Paint them to welcome guests to your home or create a personally-made mosaic to showcase your artistic ability to passerbys. There’s no reason potted plants need to be hidden in the house when they can be part of the main display!

6. Add Recycled Materials for a Rustic Appeal

Add recycled materials for a rustic appeal
Add recycled materials for a rustic appeal (via Pinterest)

Just like using a potted plant, other recycled material can help add additional elements to your yard or garden that improve landscaping.

This can be a wooden piece, like pallets and 2x4s, or anything else that can handle the elements. Pallets are great for creating very neatly organized gardens, or propped up against a fence to promote the growth of vines. 2x4s can function in this way too, as well as be easily painted to become a welcome sign or repurposed into a cute garden bench.

No need to spend money on new items when a bit of recycling goes a long way.

7. Use Logs or Tree Stumps as Planters

Succulent Planters | Rotted Tree Trunk Pieces
Succulent Planters | Rotted Tree Trunk Pieces (via My Repurposed Life)

In the spirit of recycling, finding ways to give old logs or tree stumps new life can instantly transform your garden. Rotted stumps can become pots of their own; just fill with soil and plant a series of flowers or succulents. Watch them burst with energy in a pot that’s from the earth.

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Logs can also be repurposed in this way, or very similarly. Use them to make natural planters, or sand them down to become garden seats. No matter what you do, an all-natural garden is the ultimate way to landscape the way nature intended.

Finding the money to landscape your yard can be hard, but inspiration lies all around you. It doesn’t take much money or imagination to spruce up a yard that needs a little bit of extra loving. Just as you’d neaten or reorganize the inside of your home, landscaping only requires a bit of patience and focus on the task at hand. Once you set your mind to it, you may find that all the tools you needed were present from the start.

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